20230630 - First Brisket

20230630 - Up in the am and checked on the brisket, it was nearly done. I turned it up a little bit to finish it off and headed in to the office. Around 10 the brisket was ready to pull and rest. At 11 it was right at 165 and perfect. We took it out and I was amazed that the bark that had formed, that wasn't there when I put it in the foil. We sliced it open and gave it the finger and stretch test, it passed both, looks perfect. The taste test was the best part... OMG IT IS AMAZING! I took a couple of piece up to G to try and he loved it. Took some to Nate the neighbor and he loved it. Not bad for our first brisket!


20230629 + Up WAY TOO early and L drove G&I to his baseball game in Mt. Vernon. It was another weird day with all the smog from the Canadian wild fires blowing down. G's team did good and they won. LG&I went to Southside Diner after the game for lunch; it was super good! We dropped G off back at the field as he is playing with a couple of his buddies on another team in the afternoon. L&I home. I got to the desk and worked the rest of the day. In the afternoon I headed out to the porch to do email and finish the day. In and L&I watched a movie. We took a break to trim and season a brisket, and let it rest. After the movie G&I put the brisket in the smoker and started smoking it. I headed in to the office and did some stuff until 1am. J got home just as I was heading outside to foil the brisket, so he helped me. We got it wrapped up and set the temp and let it cook overnight.


20230628 - L&I went to Signatures for dinner and BINGO. It was just us tonight and a new bingo caller. We had a nice meal and then headed across the road to listen to a live band that was playing at Creekside. We ran in to quite a few folks we knew and just relaxed, listened, sipped margaritas and played some Pok√©mon.