20031117 ? New Baby Long

20031117 ? Got an email this morning from my good friend that he had a baby!If you do not already know, Kerrie and I (well, mainly Kerrie) gave birth to Elizabeth Ann at 6:53 pm Monday night.  She is 6lbs 11 oz and 19 1/2 in.
Mom and daughter are doing great and they will be home Wednesday evening.

Kerrie did great through the whole 10 hour process.  I have attached a picture, but it was taken shortly after the birth so my hair is a mess and my shirt is not tucked in all the way. :)


20031111 - New Tradition for Me

20031111 - So four years ago today I was in a pretty horrific accident...  Not long ago L and I talked about the accident for the first time.  It was after that discussion that I decided that I was going to do something with my experience.  So this year, on this day, for the first time I am sending out emails, letters, phone calls and personal visits to people which over the course of the last year have done something to make me remember them, an action, a smile, a pick me up, or something that has left an impression with me.  My list will consist of one person for each year of my life, so this year there are 33 people, next 34... 

This is the message I send, it is sort of a chain letter…. except you only have to pass it on to one person [or more if you wish] and not by forwarding this or copying it or doing anything of that sort.  What I request that you do is contact someone special to you, someone that has done something nice for you, someone you appreciate, one that makes you laugh, shared a burden with, you love or can call when times are tough.  Anyone that stands out as contributing to your life in the last year and let them know you recognize the value they have added to your life, and you just wanted to call and say you too are special to me and thanks for the that thing that you do.

Not hard, but not done enough.  So on this day that I spend with my family and just look, feel, enjoy and interact with them all day to appreciate this second chance we were all given, I ask that you do this for yourself, because in an instant, you may not have that chance again…
I plan to do this each year on this day...