20150630 + Getting Ready

20150630 + Up into work, worked incredibly late getting ready for big boss tomorrow and vacation...  got home at 10 to tuck boys in.

20150629 - Thief

20150629 - Up worked till last minute, home and got D&J and took them to scouts, ate there. Got advancements done... Home got G and the boys and I went to Bible Bangers.  L got this shot of a little ground hog that has been eating her flowers.

20150628 + We have a Personal Driver

20150628 + Dylan drove us across town to the Iron Pig BBQ Grill for dinner.  He did really good.

20150627 - Seeing the Sites

20150627 - Up in the am with the news that all games for the weekend have been cancelled... :-(  Not wanting the trip to be a total loss I got out the trusty iPhone and RoadsideAmerica.com and we found us some sites to see!  We had D's friend Drew with us and we went all over Indiana looking stopping and looking at cool things.  It took us about 9 hours to make the 3 hour trip home, but it was FUN!!!
We saw what a group of teenage boys can do to a hotel room, the World's Largest praying mantis, an old style toy store full of cool things.  A gas station made of recycled materials, the WOrld's Largest sycamore stump, the World's Largest Steer 'Old Ben', The World's Largest Holstein Cow, the World's Largest candle, a giant flag and one of the Madonna of the Highway statues.  WHAT A DAY!!!

20150626 - Ray of Sunshine

20150626 - UP in the am and dropped D & Drew off at the McD's in Grove City, then I dropped the car off at Tuffy and Dave took me into work. Full day and Dave carried me to get the car. I got it gassed up and headed home, G's baseball was cancelled but D was already in Indiana for his tournament so I picked up the rest of the fam and we headed West. We got almost to our destination in the light and just as it turned dark it poured so hard you couldn't see the road for the last hour of our trip :-( We got to the hotel and it was a disater checking in... But we found D and Gma&paW and got settled in for the night.

20150625 + Rained Out

20150625 + Up to work.  Was looking forward to going to D's game tonight and of course it got rained out so I stayed and worked :-(

20150622 - Bad Loss

20150622 - Worked then drove to the middle of no place to meet the fam and watch some HOT baseball. They last in the last inning as Drew dropped 2 balls hit to him in left field :-( Boys pretty upset about the loss. Stopped at a Chinese buffet on the way home.

20150621 + Father's Day

20150621 + Up in the am and D drove us to Lexington where we met Gma&paW for a very nice Father's Day. We had a nice lunch, rode some go-karts, played some putt-putt and stopped at the farm for an evening snack.

20150620 - Driver

20150620 - All baseball rained out.  Went to see Jurassic World movie with some of the team. Then DJ&I ran some errands, D drove. We then met the McClain's at the Moose for a steak dinner and pool. I took the boys home and L stayed to watch Tiff Dance.

20150619 - My Boys

20150619 - up nice and early, good start, trying to recover from yesterday... was quiet and snuck out without waking anyone up, got in car, realized halfway to work I had less than 0 gas... made it to gas station, points card reader wouldn't work, went in made arrangements to pay after, back out to car nozzle wouldn't fit in tank (diesel has a bigger diameter nozzle, this pump had an old gas nozzle on it... so wouldn't unlock the diesel safety mechanism...), the people from inside called me and I tried again, no luck... Moved car up to next pump that i could see had the bigger diesel nozzle, back inside, back outside, pump wont start, girl out to try and help, no luck, after 20 minutes at the gas station with no gas, and now 5 min late for work, I gave up and headed to work, all the parking spots up front where i usually park were taken so parked way in the back, heading in to work and realized when i unpacked my stuff from last night i put all my chew on the shelf next to my desk, so i headed back to the car, called Dave and told him I would be back after I got gas and chew and would drive to Cleveland or until I ran out of gas trying to find it. Made it to a second station, got gas, got chew and in to work 30 minutes late. so much for a good start to the day. 
oh yeah it is raining here on the south end of town, where we are suppose to have a ballgame at 4:30, this is like the 8th day in the row of rain...  
Finally donewith work and to the game where we got beat?  Really?  What a day...

20150618 - FAIL

20150618 - Work, drove to Chilicothe D's game rained out in second inning FAIL, tried to go to a nice diner = FAIL, Tried to find a second restaurant a buddy recommended = FAIL, Lori ballistic from driving around in rain and getting dark and just wanting to go home so drove home, straight to desk and got some work done, talked to boys for 30 seconds today, and went to bed = FAIL.

20150617 - Downtown Dinner

20150617 - Up work, dinner with HR, home, tucked boys in, went to bed.

20150616 - Shoot'em

20150616 - Wwork, dinner with work at El Vaquero, to McClains to watch Cavs lose, looking for raccoons to shot with Bill & Tom

20150615 + Pizza

20150615 + G baseball won D baseball cancelled, rained buckets right after the game friends over for pizza.

20150614 - Not a Good Passenger

20150614 - Up in the am and to Gma&paB's church, very musical... Home for a big lunch and then we hung out and watched some shows, played outside and chatted.  We packed up and left J&Lilly there, D started driving us home on the back roads and L was not a very good passenger...  I took over driving in Coshocton and we finished up the drive.  Once home D&I headed out, him driving, to run some errands.  He drove all over northern Columbus and we got things delivered for the upcoming Heydinger Reunion we will miss while on vacation.  Home and had some leftovers and watched some of the NBA Championship, the College Baseball World Series and then the movie Interstellar.  All to bed late.

20150613 - Sparklers

20150613 - Up in the am, G's game cancelled, so I got some things done at the desk. D home with some buddies and tried to put up the batting cage that turned out to be a lacrosse backstop :-( L got everything packed up and we hit the road for a double header for D. We got notification that the game was cancelled on the way there. We pulled off the highway and waited for Drew's dad to get him and then we continued to Gma^paB's. The boys played, L&I chatted with Gma&paB and we had a HUGE dinner. After dinner we hung out, G played with some sparklers, I worked on updating the GJLS Rules and we watched a movie.

20150612 - Pole Smarter?

20150612 - Up in am to work, fast busy day.

Home and fam to Panda Express, Tom and Landon met us there.

We got some movies and headed home. The boys watched a movie while the adults hung out on the back porch. D had some friends stop by and they worked on the batting cage poles and then D went to spend the night with them. Movie over and JG&Landon played hide and seek in the backyard. Tom and I had to show them how to play :-) JG&I up late watching another movie, Jupiter Rising.

20150611 + Get me a Shake

20150611 + Up into work.  Frustrating day.  D had dentist appointment.  Home for dinner on back porch.  D home from ball field, he drove me to Johnstown to get a chocolate milkshake.  Stopped at Mallonn's to get batting cage on way home.  Up late watching the NBA Championship

20150610 - LONG DAY

20150610 - Up into work late.  LONG DAY...  Home and to G's game, Gma&paW down, we won.  To Max & Erma's for dinner.  D had a game, play a bit and hit in the winning run.  I headed to GJLS Board meeting to get some things done:  Check on creating new 16U & 9U teams, update the board on rewriting the rules, get D's Eagle Project signatures.  Home and up late watching TV with D

20150609 - Stay off the Roads!

20150609 - Up work.  L took D to take his permit test today, HE PASSED so the roads are no longer safe!  After work I ran to Baltimore to watch D play.  Home and met with Bill & Tom to come up with a batting order.

20150608 - Pretty Night

20150608 - Up and in to work.  After work I grabbed G and we headed to a Clippers game where we met up with Dave and his son and had a nice time at the ballgame.

20150607 - Double Header

20150607 - Up in the am and everyone to the field. D's Pickerington Travel team had a double header. Gma&paW came down to watch. D played about half of the 2 games, went 0-7 at bat, and had a couple beautiful plays at second.  We headed home and L went to eat with her girlfriends and DJ&I went down to Creekside for dinner with the ducks along the creek. Back home and Gma&paW headed home and the boys and I headed back to the school for a neighborhood baseball game that was thrown together.

20150606 + Chores

20150606 + Up in the am and NO BASEBALL TODAY!  When we all got up around I took D to ump a game and L took J&G to some shops with Gma&paB.   When we all merged back at home we did some work on the house, shutters, gutters and screens. We got a lot done and then hung out for some dinner and watched 'The Kingsman'.

20150605 - Dancer

20150605 - Up quiet morning, In to work. Mexican boys lunch. home, LDJ&G to Lena;s dance recital and pizza. I got home and worked on PC so not stuck inside all weekend.

20150604 - Bowl Game

20150604 - Up in am and to work. Long fast day. Finished up and headed to Lancaster to meet the fam at D's baseball game. He played the entire game at short! AWESOME! he went 0-3 tonight but had a good game. I took D& his buddy drew home with a swing through Burger King where we got some bacon double cheeseburgers I immediately dropped mustard and ketchup on my shirt the first bite :-( Home and watched the Cleveland Cavaliers game with a bowl of ice cream served by J. Up late messing around on the phone and watching TV.

20150603 + Strange Game

20150603 + Up work by self, no school, no D or boys in the am... hard to wake up with the silence...Full day, left 15 min early rushed to field got there by 5:30, damn game didn't start until 6:30 }:-| We got beat squarely due to coaching,... Coaches meeting after the game was a bit intense... Home and 2 other coaches stopped by for some beer and a recap, trying to figure out wtf is going on....

20150602 - 2 for 3

20150602 - Up in the am and into work.  Full crazy day. Jumped on the road and headed to Chilicothe to see D and Drew play their first game with the Pickerington travel team.  They played every other inning and did good. D played 2nd, got a K and singles to center and left and scored 1. The team had an early lead but ended up losing 9-5. I carried D & Drew home with a stop at a Chonese buffet. Home late. 

20150601 - $100 Bill?

20150601 - Up in the am to work.  Full day, home and J had a $100 bill from Sunday school teacher!  Found out he really got $210 from Sunday school teacher....  WTF!?  L called the church, sure enough he earned it by reading bible verses for 21 day... I tell you that boys going to be fine$! Had us plenty nervous though :-s....  Took D&J to scouts.  Home late and then to Bible Banger by myself, no Doc...  Short meeting tonight.  Bed after scrabble with Marko.