20211231 - Happy New Year

20211231 - Up in the am and at the desk doing a couple of year end tasks and checking on things. I then paid the bills for the next 2 weeks and then balanced and closed the books on all our accounts. Out to the living room to watch Cincinnati play in their first big bowl game. Hazel and I took a big walk. back to the house and G Hazel and I ran to Hot chicken Takeover to pick up dinner. home and we ate. G then decided he wanted to go do something so he made plans and L ran him to the movies. L&I doing year end things on our PCs. We got J's FASFA filled out and they said we could contribute $47k to his college this year...??? L looking for resorts to try to nail something down for our summer vacation which we didn't get to use this year... We barely made it to the ball drop. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

20211230 + Pitching

20211230 + Up in the am and to the desk. L ran and picked G up. I took a break in the middle of the day to take G to a pitching lesson. G did good for being off so long. W guy from the Red Sox showed up while we were there and talked to g a bit. Home and I finished my day at the desk. I took Hazel on a walk while L cooked dinner. After dinner L gave Hazel a big hair cut and I held the bone to keep her occupied. We had football on and I was up too late updating things for end of year.

20211229 - G's Social Calendar

20211229 - Up late in the am and to the desk. L ran to pick G up. They got home and G had to go get ready quick to go the Harlem Globetrotters with the McClains. We got our recycling bin replaced that they ripped the lid off of today. J home and L Hazel and I took a walk. Back to the desk for the rest of the day doing year end stuff. Out of the office, J left, G home. Before dinner I ran G to the theater to see the new Spider-Man with Andrew. Home and L&I had dinner. I played with Hazel a bit, looked for picture frames and sneakers. G called after the movie, he’s spending the night at Andrews again. L&I watched a bowl game. J home late. 

20211228 - Boys Out

20211228 - Up in the am and on a call. Spent the day on the PC. L in and out running errands and picking up G. I ended the day late and headed out. L&I picked at leftovers and Hazel and I ran G out to a friend's house. I went in and checked out their kitchen remodel and see how the other half live. I have no idea where people get that kind of money... Home and J took off to a friend's for the night. L&I settled in a watched a couple movies while I got some email finished up. To bed updating the blog.

20211227 + Movie Night

20211227 + Up in the am and to the desk. Had a descent load but took it pretty easy. L cleaning things up and putting things away. She cleaned the car out from top to bottom and made it shine. J had JGF? over and  worked on setting up his room. After work Hazel and I walked downtown to ship a package and look at the lights. Home and L ran G out to a friend's and J went somewhere for the night. L made us some dinner and we stayed up and watched a couple good movies. 

20211226 - Scrub-a-dub Dog

20211226 - Up late and L been busy cleaning and cooking. I got around and did a couple things around the house. D here and had some bfast with us. Hazel and I got around and headed to Worthington. We made a stop at the gas station on the way to my office. To the office and we went in and got my laptop. We headed back across town and to the dog park. On the way we were passed by a police escorted group of busses carrying the Buckeyes to the airport. Hazel played with some of the dogs there. We headed home with a stop at Wendy's for a frosty. Home and D still here. L gave Hazel the muddy mess a nice bath. We watched some football and then ran to pick up a pizza. We had a nice meal and then D headed home. We relaxed and got ready for a new week.

20211225 + Christmas

20211225 + Up in the am got showered and had on of the cinnamon rolls L made all before the boys got up. This is way different than years past... L got the boys up and we gathered to open presents. We took turns and even Hazel used her paws and opened her presents carefully removing the paper and retrieving her toys. The boys got things they needed and liked, L got a new phone and I got 4 OSU hats. After the openings D&G worked on their Legos and J went upstairs and put his new bed together, L got the house ready for guests. Lonie showed up and then Gma&paW, JGF? and the Coles. We had a nice lunch and then headed to the basement to open some more gifts and play a game that had everyone laughing. Out guests left and we cleaned up a bit. J headed to JGF?'s, G up to the Xbox and LD&I watched the new Matrix in the basement. Praise God for such a very nice day.

20211224 - Different Christmas Eve

20211224 - Up in the am and was dizzy to the left...  I mean I was leaning to the left along the wall and then the dresser until I got my bearings and made it to the bathroom. I got myself together and then LJG&I headed to the Cole's for a late lunch. Not the usual crowd as Gma&paB aren't feeling well and stayed home. the usual aunts and uncles didn't come either. So it was a smaller crowd but very nice. D showed up and we had a very nice meal and then played a game, it was fun. I still wasn't 100%. Home, D came with us, and we hung out and watched some football. J headed to JGF? for a bit. D&I headed to the basement to watch a movie. L carried all the presents up and watched a bit of the movie. After the movie D headed upstairs to play on the xbox with G&J. 

20211223 - Retirement Party

20211223 - Up in the am and had a busy day trying to close things off to finish off the week. That kept me in the office until dark. The folks at Tastee apple had a surprise retirement party for Steve today. Out of the office and had some dinner. Hazel and I went on a night hike to look at some of the lights in the neighborhood. Home and L&G decorated some cookies. I worked on processing the last years photos. 

20211222 - Hazel Crash

20211222 - Up in the am and to the desk. Got a bunch of things moved forward this morning. Hazel and I took a cold walk and back tot he desk. D stopped over to get the HSA card to go get his finger looked at. I finished the day and we had some dinner. Hazel got the scare of her life... while 'helping clean the dishes' (licking the plates as L puts them in the dishwasher), her dog tags got stuck in the dishwashers lower rack and as she backed away the rack followed her and plates flew out clanging loudly on the tile and she broke free and ran to the basement to hide. We got everything cleaned up and got hazel calmed down and called it a night.

20211221 - Strange Sleep

20211221 - Up in the am, had a strange sleeping night' dead asleep by midnight, awake at 1 to ask about J coming home, dead asleep until 5 when woke up out of dream then wide awake unit about 7, up at 8 and had to work, what a mess... Got around and to the desk. L and Hazel up bugging me, J at Larson's and G still asleep. Got some things done and had my weekly call. Had a pretty productive day. Headed out to throw the ball to Hazel and D&DGF13 came over for dinner. We had a nice meal and then G headed back up to the Xbox and the rest of us watched football for a bit. D&DGF13 headed out. L&I watched some more TV while I processed last years photos. L to bed, I headed in to the office to get some more emails caught up and sell off some losing stocks and crypto. Up way too late.

20211220 - Errands

20211220 - Up in the am and everyone home for winter break. I got around and too the desk and dove in to work. It was a focused day of getting things done and making progress. At the end of the day L&I headed out. We went to the Post office to get more stamps and then the Home Depot in Westerville to pick up some drain supplies they didn't have at our store. We then headed to Reynoldsburg for me to pick up some Booster envelopes to ship baseball discount cards in. Home and we had some leftovers and watched one of our new favorites, Homestead Rescue.

20211219 - WATER WATER WATER!!!

20211220 - Up in late in the am and at the desk getting a couple things done before Hazel and I head out to pick up auction items and stop at the dog park, and L screamed WATER WATER WATER!!! I ran upstair and she wasn't there... Yelled for her and she was in the basement, so ran down there. We had water all over the utility room floor. We got the washer off and turned off J's shower midstream so the source stopped and then I took drain covers off and snaked and tried to figure out what was happening while L moved things and moped. At a loss and not messing with this I called CPR Drains and they could come out today. The guys showed up and the water was down, we ran every water source in the house trying to get it to backup again. We couldn't get it to slow down at all... L ran G to baseball practice. They did snake part of it for me and we buttoned things back up. L home and we put the basement back together and took Hazel to pick up G. We got G and some Burger King on the way home. Home and ate and then spent some time on the PC looking for drain supplies to seal the drains. J home eventually and up to late.

20211218 + Wrap it Up

20211218 + Up in the am and G&I out: first stop gas station, McD's for some bfast, Baseball place to get fitted for his uniform. We then headed across town through thick fog to a Buckeye store to look for some Christmas present. We got some stuff there and went to Target for more stuff before heading to the Varsity Club for a good lunch. We went to the Buckeye store next to it and found a couple more gifts. All the way across town to our Meijer and we finished up our shopping. Home and I went in the office and opened all the amazon boxes and sorted everything in to piles to be wrapped and L started wrapping and wrapping. We watched some shows and wrapped. Hazel and I ran out and picked up Taco Bell for dinner.

20211217 - Welcome to the Metaverse

20211217 - Up in the am and glad it is a Friday. L home, yesterday was her last day before Winter break and J&G only had partial days today. I worked a full day. G got picked up and went to the basketball game. L found the game on TV for us and we watched the game while I did stuff on the laptop and bought my first property with an NFT building on it.

20211216 - More Phishing

20211216 - Up in the am and LJG and Gma&paB all to school. I got up and jumped on a pretty frustrating morning call. Locked to the PC fighting a phishing attack until about 2 when Hazel and I took a walk. Back to the desk to finish out the day. D and DGF13 stopped over, they were Christmas shopping at Easton. We ordered pizzas and they went to pick them up for us. We had dinner together and watched some TV and the kids took off. L&I watched TV the rest of the night.

20211215 - Here Comes Santa Claus

20211215 - Up in the am and LJG and Gma&paB at school. I got up and around and on some calls and blew threw my HUGE backlog of email while fighting the phishing attack we're having. On and off calls all day. Took a short walk with Hazel and then at the desk until after 5. Went out and threw the ball to Hazel a bit while L made dinner. LG Gma&paB and I all had dinner together and they talked about the kids seeing Santa and they went shopping afterwards and G told about some things that happened at school. After dinner J and JGF? stopped over with the puppy and so she could meet Gma&paB. Hazel and the puppy played in the backyard and made us all laugh. After a bit I headed in to the office and GpaB joined a little later for an OHCrypto.club online meeting. We had a handful of guys and it was a good meeting. After the meeting I headed out and chatted a bit before everyone headed to bed. 

20211214 - New Pose

20211214 - Up in the am and LG&J at school. I got to he desk and had a day full of calls and fighting more IT issues. Headed out and threw the ball to Hazel until dark. In to eat and then Gma&paB showed up and are spending the next couple of nights so they can go in to L's school. Up late watching TV.

20211213 - Swab and 50th Bday

20211213 - Up in the am and in to the office a bit before heading to the school to get G and take him to his orthodontist appointment. It was a quick visit and we had some discussion with the Dr about getting braces off, but G needs to actually wear his rubber bands so things get where they are supposed to go... Dropped G back off at school and headed home, phone was blowing up the whole time I was on the road, still having massive connection issues at work... Back to the desk for a bit, overwhelmed with the things that have to get fixed/done. Took Hazel on a walk and was on the phone the whole time. Back to the desk, J home, L home and we got notifications from the school that J was in close proximity to someone that has tested positive for COVID so L ran all over town to find him a test. L home with the test but our home internet was down... I got that working and J got online with a nurse and took his test, it was negative. L&I packed some stuff up and headed to Sunbury for her friend Steph's 50th bday dinner. It was a good time and a nice distraction. After we ate L drove us to the office in Worthington so I could set my laptop up so they could access it and and use it for testing tomorrow. Home and L&G took out the trash and J is home tonight playing on the Xbox with G. L did a late night bathroom cleaning and relaxed a bit.

20211212 + BAD Game

20211212 + Up and at the desk trying to catch up on personal stuff most of the day, L cleaning stuff, decorating and working in the yard. L ran to get G and then Hazel and I headed out to drop off some stuff at the post office and Goodwill. Back and picked L&G up and headed to pick up Jeremy, G's buddy and then to his basketball game. The game was BAD and they lost big time. Home and dropped Trent and Jeremy off on the way. Home and I finished up in the office and came out to watch some TV with L and finish our Christmas shopping while watching Miss Universe.

20211211 - BIG Screen

20211211 - Up in the am and L headed out shopping and to meet her girlfriends for lunch. Lonie stopped over and drove G&I to Micro Center where we got me some new monitors. Home and Lonie stayed to help me modify the monitors and get them installed, they look pretty good. Jeff stopped by to pick something up he left at work. Lonie took off and I have to run G over to UDF to pick up Jeremy and Andrew and drop them all off at Andrew's house to spend the night. I talked to Terrill, Andrew's dad whos an ER Dr., a bit about COVID and he said it is WY WORSE this year than last year, but the news is saying nothing about it... Hazel and drove through Burger King to get a late dinner and headed home. L was there, We ate and I stayed up to late trying to get some things done.

20211210 + J Accepted

20211210 + Up in the am and LJ&G to school. I headed to work, i took the back roads so I didn't have to drive on the highway in case I felt dizzy. I got a bit anxious but made it and had a good day of meetings and getting things done with CB and Cory. We had Jet's for lunch and Cory ate 2 calzones and made himself sick, hahahaha. I got my new laptop and headed home . Home and threw the ball with hazel and took a call in the backyard. L&I jut hung out and watched part of a movie. The BIG NEWS of the day is J got accepted in to Kent State! Looks like he's more ready for Mad Max than college...We dropped G off at a buddy's so he could go to the basketball game and then headed to the Gahanna Grill for dinner. We ran in to an older couple that lives a couple houses down from us and talked a bit. Home and finished the movie. and watched another. G home to get stuff to go to Andrew's to spend the night. L&I shut down and watched another movie in bed, well I did, L saw about 3 minutes of it before she fell asleep.

20211209 - SPAM

20211209 - Up in the am and to the desk. Had another frustrating morning. I took a break and cooked a very tasty grilled Spam, pepperoni and cheese sandwich. In the afternoon Jason, our financial advisor stopped over this afternoon and we talked about numbers and crypto and retirement. My goal is 6 years, he said I'll be 240K short... hope that crypto takes off...

20211208 - Ground 0

20211208 - Up and to the desk, tried to get some things done but we are having all sorts of network issues so didn't move forward on anything today... so back to ground 0...

20211207 - Wreath Pickup

20211207 - Did not work again today. Got up and around and installed a new light in my office, fixed the bathroom door, cleaned up the garage, got gas in the car and filled the extra gas cans, getting around a bit better today. G&I had to run to the baseball field to pick up wreaths this evening and took Hazel to see Andy and Mike. Home and relaxed the rest of the evening. D and girlfriend over find DGF13 and we all got Chipotle

20211206 - Otis and Hazel

20211206 - Up in the am and headed to the Dr. told him about what went on Friday and he also believes it is anxiety and gave me some meds to use if I start feeling numb and dizzy again... I took the rest of the day off and didn't do much but try to rest and get some things organized. G brought Baseball Discount cards home tonight. He said Coach Shade was handing 20 to every player and G was the first freshman in line and he said, oh I have your stack here and handed G 100 cards ;-) (I sell these online for the baseball program). I immediately took the cards to the scout meeting and sold a pack and dropped off some uniforms to donate. Home and relaxed watching TV with L

20211205 - Dribble and Sing

20211205 - Up and L ran to pick up G and Andrew. I got around and we headed to G's basketball game. I was feeling a bit numb and dizzy. G's team did good and won, bunch of goof balls. Home and I rested the majority of the day. L went to the high school to watch J's Christmas concert and met Gma&paB&W there. D showed up with DGF13 and they took G to baseball practice. I took Hazel on a short walk. I relaxed some more and then L and Gma&paW came home. I helped GmaW with some things on her iPad and then G called thinking we were going to pick him up. We all left in a hurry and L&I ran to get G. Home and LG&I ate and then G headed upstairs and L&I watched some TV and relaxed a bit more.

20211204 + Washer We Didn't Need...

20211204 + Up in the am and L&I went on a washing machine hunt all over town, stopping at about 6 different places. There is a shipping shortage and supplies are limited and these things are way more expensive than they were the last time I bought one... We picked one, swung by the house and J&I ran out to pick one up. D over with his roommates to get the old washer out, and the new one in. G home and then headed over to Andrew's house for the night. I headed down to the basement and got the new washing machine installed and didn't work, drain was clogged... worked on that for a while. Probably didn't need a new washer... UGH!!!! L&I at home alone, I ran and got pizzas from Tom and L&I had dinner and watched football and took care of J's robo baby a bit...

20211203 - Panic Attack

20211203 - Really bad day at work, was only supposed to work a half day, but things went wrong and I think I had a panic attack, in fact I now think that is what happened last July... Didn't end up going to the wedding, but felt better not going... Rested the rest of the day and evening. J brought home a baby from school he has to watch over the weekend and take care of. J&JGF6 stopped by with her new puppy Otis to meet Hazel.

20211202 - Spam Attach Day 2

20211202 - Up for another day of spam attacks and follow up, got nothing else done... Have no idea where today or tonight went...

20211201 - 1st OHCrypto.club Meeting

20211201 - Horrible spam attack today at work, consumed my whole day and evening... Had about 12 guys show up tonight and another 4 join online for the first OHCrypto.club meeting. It was a good meeting and the guys liked it and learned a lot. To bed late.