20180430 - Flyer Pickup

20180430 - Up in the am and working from home in the am. DeVonn landed and I headed to the airport, picked her up, we drove through Subway to pick up some lunch and then in to the office. DeVonn and I had lunch and then split up to get things done. Headed to D's game and watched him not play. L ran to G's track meet. Then G&I ran home and G changed and I ran him to Scouts. Home and no Bible Bangers tonight. D ran and got G for me. Hung out and relaxed the rest of the evening and got a bunch of stuff done.

20180429 + CHAMPS!

20180429 +
UP early and LG&I to ball fields in Grove City
1st game @ 9, won it by run rule
Had a break between games, L ran with Tiff to get a bite to eat, I scouted the other teams.
2nd game @ 1, won it by run rule
3rd game @ 3 for the championship, won it by run rule.
Won the whole dang thing, headed home and G&I went on to BWs for dinner with his teammates.
All boys home, cleaned up and to bed in good time.

Love watching Grant and his buds playing baseball. They won the championship in their bracket today!

20180428 - Tag, Games and Prom

20180428 - Up and to the school for Tag Day and J had track. Bill got G took to baseball in GC. Met up with G at the field to score. L took pics of D & DGF7 for Prom. Freezing cold. Ran to get McD's between games. Game 2 FROZEN! Home got L&J. Dropped J off at friends house for the night, on to Kroger to get Amaya pineapple and carrots for her Bday. Over to McClains, not late D at prom.

20180427 - Walked Off On

20180427 - Up in the am and working from home. D brought some friends home for lunch. I had conference calls throughout the day.

L had retirement party at Signatures
J stayed home, took care of neighbors and mowed their yard.
L Gahanna Lions 11U vs Mid-Ohio Bullets in grove city

G's game freezing, very good, very close game, we had too many errors. G brought in to close line drive over head of 1st gave them the walkoff. Headed home, got J and headed out to meet the McClains for dinner, Amaya didn't feel well so we abandoned those plans and headed home. J&I ran to get Arbys and McD's for dinner. Home, ate, to bed in good time for early day tomorrow.

20180426 - NO HR 4 U!

20180426 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a customer in today so helped him get set up and then had the weekly calls and a good team meeting after the call. Finished up the day getting actions done and checking on things. Headed to Pickerington for G's game, D had a game, he got to pinch run... G's team had a pretty good game, everyone was hitting. G had a hit right back at the pitcher that resulted in an RBI and somehow G made it all the way around the  bases and back to home. G was like 'I got an in the park homerun!' I was like 'You got a single with an advance on a throw and 2 errors!' HAHAHA! poor kid. It was a good game, G came in as the closer and won the game 12-9.

G&I stopped at Steak n' Shake on the way home for dinner and tweeted his success. Home and checked in with everyone and to bed. Worked on publishing the new Gahanna Lions Stadium Blankets we got made.

20180425 + Sunny Cancelled and Cold

20180425 + Up in the am and had no gas so stopped at BP on the way in to work with one more detour through McD's for bfast. In to work and lining things up. In to the office and worked all day. G's game was cancelled tonight so I headed to New Albany High School to meet LG and G's friend Owne at J's track meet. The boys played while L&I froze and watched J run. J did great running, his legs are so long.  Home and J&I ran and picked up some dinner. Home, D showed up and we all had a late meal To bed, up late working on the PC.

20180424 - Sunshine Law

20180424 - Up in the am and to the Gahanna City building for Sunshine Law training. It was a fun 3 hours zzzzzzzzzz... After training I headed to the Old Bag of Nails where I met Courtland and a co-worker of his for a nice lunch and then headed home to finish off the day in the home office. After work I took G and we headed to D-Bats for practice and I met Andy there to review Booster stuff with him. After practice we headed home and had dinner with LDJG&DGF7. I then did a couple of things around the house and L worked on a project for one of her teacher friends that is retiring. We wound down the night and I got some things done on the PC watching Netflix.

20180423 - Soccer is Crazy

20180423 - Up in the am and in to work. Getting a lot of little things closed out this morning. Had  normal day at work. Headed home and all baseball games and track meets were cancelled for the day, but NOT SOCCER... LJ&I headed to Pickerington during rush hour to attend a freezing wet game. D took G to and from Scouts tonight. J's coach was in a car accident so I offered to fill in until he got the police report filed. Luckily he showed up before the game started so i was off the hook. We watched the boys play and sat by our friends and got caught up at the first soccer game of the season. After the game LJ&I stopped at Steak n' Shake for dinner. Home and got everyone settled.

20180422 + Twisted

20180422 + Up in the am and all to church. After church we headed home and out back to work on the yard. D&I finished edging the west side and L mulched behind us. Then D split off to go out with DGF7. J&G were monkeying around most of the morning not helping much. G headed back to baseball practice, and L&I took J to the Mallon's where he went with them to a dodgeball tournament and then youth group. L&I stayed for a bit and tried to get a printer working, no luck. On to Home Depot to get more mulch, stone and sand. We stopped at the gas station on the way home to get mower gas and grill propane. Home and G helped me get the sandbox cleaned out and then added sand. Gma&paW showed up, they thought G had a game, so GmaW helped finish up the edging and mulch around the playset and after all the decorating was done, GpaW &I got the mower running. L&GmaW got some grass seed spread, I mowed the high clumps and then put the pump on the well. We sat for a minute and then we headed to the Gahanna Grill for a nice dinner. Home and no Walking Dead tonight so we relaxed and watched American Idol until everyone got home and settled.

20180421 + Mulch Pitch & Question

20180421 + Up in the am and D off to a three-way baseball day. J&G got to stay home and help L&I get some yard work done, they were so excited. G had a buddy come over and they pretty much disappeared. J worked like a trooper and we got the front of the house done, around the porch and grape arbor done. WOW, never expected to get that much done. We then took a break and J headed to the basement and LG Theo and I headed to D's game. 

We got there just as his 2nd game of the day started. I got a report that he played 1 inning in the OF and had an at bat where he got walked... The current game was not pretty, they were getting beat bad and then someone pointed out D was in the bullpen warming up :-o Yes they were short of pitchers so D went in to pitch. He only knows how to throw a fastball and threw a couple good ones, got some strikes, only walked 1 kid and got 6 outs for the Lions, not bad for a non-pitcher... The temperature dropped like a rock so once D was out of the game we headed home to get a couple more things done.

J&I ran to 5 Guys to get $ome hamburger$ for dinner. D got home as we were getting home and we sat and chatted about the day and his pitching a bit. D headed out a bit early to school to meet DGF7 as she got home from their softball tournament and surprised her and asked her to Prom.  They came back to the house and D was all goofy excited... sore from working in the yard all day and to bed.

20180420 - Commit to Play @ Wilmington

20180420 - Up in the am and into the office. Got my morning things done and then in for a 4 hr call. Call went ok and I finished up some stuff so I could head out early. I got home and D&I headed to Capital university where we watched game 2 of the Capital vs Wilmington College baseball double header. The coaches saw D from the dugout and yelled up to him, thanking him for coming and letting him know they would be up to chat after the game. It was a chilly afternoon as the sun went down and the Wilmington team lost. After the game the coaches came up and I got to meet them and they talked to D and confirmed he would be playing for them next year. We chatted a bit, i asked as many questions as I could think of and it was all good. D&I headed home and met LJ&G at Massey's for dinner and we sat and chatted a bit about the day and then home to watch a movie.

20180419 - 1st Frozen Place

20180419 - Up in the am and in to the office. Lined stuff up and knocked it out today. I even got to spend some time on the floor doing some hands on work, which I like...  D's game was cancelled today and he had practice and then went to DGF7's for dinner. Home and got things together and headed back to G's game. L went to J's track meet and watched J's 1st race and then came to G's game. I scored the game tonight and played music for the first time this year and it all worked good.  G had an ok game, a little rusty, but being the first warm game of the year we have to work the kinks out. He played short and had 3 errors in the field, but got his first hit of the season which you could see boosted him. G's game waas short as the boys overall played well and won easily to a team that had beaten the crap out of 2 other teams so far this year. After G's game LG&I headed to J's track meet and met up with Gma&paW. It was VERY COLD. We all watched J run his second race and then Gma&paW headed home. LG&I stayed for the last event J runs in to watch. J ran like crazy and did his job in the relay and they came in 3rd, but they boys won the overall meet!  After the meet LJG&I hit DQ for dinner.  Home and caught up with D and settled in for the night. up late doing Booster stuff.

20180418 - 70 Bags

20180418 - Up in the am and no coffee so swung through McD's for some and a McMuffin. In to the office and prepping for the day. Day went pretty smooth.  Home and pulled up to the 70 bags of mulch that were delivered. Not a lot on the schedule tonight so hung out at home and watched a movie with L&G.

20180417 - Snow, really?

20180417 - Up in the am and in to work admiring the blooming cherry and magnolia trees through the snow and 33 degree wind! WHAT IS GOING ON? I am SO DONE with WINTER! In to the office and in to the conference room for a day of calls and catching up. I got a lot of things done and lined up to knocked out. Had a pretty frustrating call on the way to pick up G from baseball. Got G, said hi to the guys and headed home. Home and L had dinner ready for all of us + DGF7. We ate and then LJG&I headed to the basement to watch the new Maze Runner movie. It was looong... Show over, boys to bed, work till 3 on booster stuff.

20180416 - G's Neckerchief

20180416 - Up in the am and in to work. Had an interesting meeting in the morning and plowed through the rest of the day. Home through blowing SNOW! Got home and L had cooked us dinner and we all were there and sat down and ate together. G waas home from school again today with a fever and L got J out of school early and took G&J to the dentist to get their teeth cleaned and di$cu$$ brace$... D had a short practice outside today and they all decided to stop practicing when they couldn't see the ball they were throwing from the snow. After dinner D worked on scholarships and then dropped J&G off at Scouts while I headed to a Booster meeting and left L at home. Booster meeting went well and I stayed after to help some folks get set up on the Team App. I then ran to Scouts to pick up J&G and walked in just in time to see J giving G his neckerchief. G looks so big in his Scout uniform. Home and dropped off the boys and picked up Doc and headed to Bible Bangers for a nice night. Home and watched some Lost in Space on Netflix while I did some Booster IT stuff.

20180415 + Chin Up

20180415 + Up in the am and waiting around to see if G had baseball = NO due to all the rain. So we packed everything up and headed down to Farmhouse and did couple final things, said goodbye to Gma&paW and headed home. D drove my car, passed up halfway home. Home and unloaded and settled in to get some things done. D vanished with DGF7, J&G fought over the Xbox, L did laundry and I dug into the PC. G&I ran to get his baseball pics taken and picked up dinner for J&G and then L&I left them to fend for themselves and we went out to dinner. Home and watched a little American Idol with L&G before J&I headed to the Basement to watch the Walking Dead, D home and couple of the guys over to watch with us.

20180414 - Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm


Up early and the Farm is already a buzz with Scouts and Roger and Dale manning the syrup. The Scouts cooked their own breakfasts and helped get final touches on things so we are ready to roll when folks start showing up. Soon folks from as far away as Washington state and the state up north started showing up. 101 in total + 4 dogs this year. There was a huge lunch in the Farmhouse and everyone had plenty to eat. We didn't have as much sap as in past years but we still made the sweet syrup that we all love. Many stories were shared and memories made.

No matter where you travel from.
When you get to the Farm, 
you know you're home.

Thanks to all who helped prepare, those who came to share, those that came to play. Because of all of you, it was a wonderful day. See you next year!

20180413 - Easy Prep and Dinner

20180413 - Up in the am and everyone off doing their normal thing. I took the day off hoping to get out of town early and head up to the Farm, but that didn't work. I got some things done around the house and then folks starting showing up. LJ&G were home, D hasa game in Grove City so he stayed behind and the rest of us packed up and headed to the Farm in the late afternoon.  We helped Gma&paW get a couple of things done, they pretty much had everything almost done... We did get some tables set out, climbed a tree, found a salamander, had a walnut fight, went to dinner with Mary, john, Ted, Andy, checked in with the Scouts and then D showed up. We hung out for a little bit but all got to bed in good time.

20180412 - J's Track Wins!

20180412 - Up in the am, L doesn't like anything she owns and D has another late start day. In to work and into the conference room for the morning. G home from school sick today... Finished the day and rushed home, checked on G and then headed to the ball field to score G's game while he rested at home. D stopped by the game after his practice. L at J's track meet where they won! Home and checked on G and settled in for the night.

20180411 + Headed to Wilmington!

Image result for wilmington college logo20180411 + Up in the am and in to work. Got a couple of things done and the network and email is dragging and there are people all over the office again with nowhere to go to take a call so I headed home. I passed D on the corner as he was waiting to cross the street for school on the way. Home and got things set up and rolling. G home and started his homework, L home and one of her toenails fell off :-o I finished my day and headed to D's baseball game, he did not play... Gma&paW met us at the field. I checked in with the Booster guys and then headed to the Landscape Board meeting. Meeting was good and headed home after. Gma&paW and G swung by Panda Express on the way home and picked up some dinner. L ran to get J from track. D&DGF7 showed up after DGF7 received he National Honor Society award and we all got something to eat. After dinner and folks headed out D&I headed to Starbucks to discuss college. Looks like we are going to give Wilmington a shot! Home and to bed.

20180410 - Cold Loss

20180410 - Up in the am and in to work. Worked with Justin and MikeL a bit and then had a call. The office was incredibly crowded today and I couldn't find a place to take my conf calls so I pushed them all out until tomorrow hoping space would be available then. Finished up the day and headed to D's baseball game. Went to the pressbox which was a bit warmer and took over scoring on the Team App, it was running horribly slow today. D did not play at all... The boys lost 13-0 in only 5 innings.., Home and walked in just as G was getting back from baseball practice. Soon L&J home from his track meet, his relay came in 1st! We hung out and L did her exercising until D got home and we all caught up. Up late filling out financial aid info for D to go to school.

20180409 + Docs 79

20180409 + Up and in to work. It was definitely a Monday and a LONG cold one... Made it through the day with some progress and headed home. Home and D went to eat with DGF7, J at soccer and LG&I had dinner. After dinner G messed up and I solved a Rubik's Cube a couple times before we headed to Scouts. I checked in with the guys and then ran to get gas and pick J up from soccer. Dropped J off and went back to get G. While waiting on G I dug through some of the old Scout clothes and found a uniform for G. Home and got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers. Doc turned 79 today so we had a little party for him and he told us stories of his life.

20180408 + G’s 1st Games of 2018

20180408 + Up in the am to the fields for G's first baseball games of the season. It was BLASTED COLD and the boys did ok. They lost the first game but won the second, not enough to keep them in the tournament. G did ok and had an amazing catch got team fired up. After the game we headed to Buffalo Wings with the McClains and Tom for dinner. Home and got some booster stuff done on the PC, Guys over to watch walking dead. Had a discussion with D about the apps on his phone...

20180407 - No Socks

20180407 - Up late and sort of hung around all morning waiting to find out what is happening with games today due to all of the snow last night. All games cancelled and G melted down. I spent most of the day in the office came out to help G with Xbox that is having issues (no memory left due to screenshots and videos the boys have been taking). D had practice, came home and helped replace some trim in the basement. J home and in a super bad mood because he is grounded for bad grades. took everyone to Nazareth for dinner, can pretty frustrating day for everyone. L&G out running errands to the bank, grocery and video store. We dropped D off at DGF7s and the rest home and watched Pitch Perfect 3. D home, working on his baseball glove and watched Murder on the Orient Express with J and I.

20180406 + No Play

20180406 + Up in the am and in to work and right into the conference room. The customer was here most of the day and left in shifts as their flights were queued. I headed out a couple of minutes early to head to Pickerington to see D play baseball. It was miserable cold and D didn’t play. I left the second the game was over and headed home. Hone and had some dinner with the fam. We hung out around the house trying to stay warm.

20180405 - Men with Hats

20180405 - Up in the am and headed to Krispy Kreme on the way into work to get 3 dozen doughnuts :-) To work and into the conference room for the day. Had good meetings all day and a successful tour of the shop. After work the group headed to Eldorado Casino for a nice dinner. Home and checked in with the family. D home later after his game, he only got to pinch run again. Shut down for the night and chilled out watching some Netflix and learning how to solve a Rubik's Cube.

20180404 - 2nd Bday

20180404 - Up in the am and in to work. Sherry was onsite today and we took a tour and worked on things together all day. Justin joined us for lunch at the casino buffet that made us all latte for a call. Back to the office and finished out the day, staying a bit late cleaning up some last minute things. L had a guy come out and look at our windows to replace some of the glass that has torn film in them.  After work I headed to Rusty Bucket to meet LDJ&G, Gma&paW and DGF7 for dinner. It was a nice dinner and good to catch up. After dinner we headed home and G went with GpaW to get ice cream. All home, Gma&paW came in to watch L open her bday gifts they got her and then headed out. Hung out watching some TV and working on a flyer for Boosters.

20180403 - G Fixer

20180403 - Up in the am and everyone off to school. I worked from home in the am and plowed through a couple hundred emails I got while off for a couple of days and took a call. After my call I swung by the high school for some training on the Athletic Departments website before heading into work through the pouring rain. Made it in to work and hit the actions. All games were cancelled today due to horrible rains. Home and had dinner and then G&I fixed the dishwasher. Then relaxed and worked on cleaning up email and adding Boosters and Coaches to Team App.

20180402 - He Loves this Game

20180402 - Up in the am and last day off. Got a roster from the baseball coaches to put on the site and they had him listed as junior... I ran to the high school for a meeting, but the meeting is tomorrow... Home and got a couple more things done and then had lunch with Courtland to catch up. Home and getting more things done, J had track and then soccer practices tonight, G's baseball game was cancelled due to rain and L&G came out to D's baseball game. D was a pinch runner, stole a couple of bases and then scored the 1st run for his team for the season with an amazing slide out to the side of the plate. Everyone went nuts!!! Home after the game and G&I went to Scouts where I got some advancements and website work done. Home for a min then Doc and I to Bible Bangers.

20180401 - Easter Bday Fool

20180401 - Up and it's L's bday! We got ready and all + DGF7 headed to Gma&paB's. The boys got even more candy and ran around looking for eggs. We all sat down for a great dinner and then relaxed, played games and just had a nice relaxing day. We headed home in the evening and swung by our friends the Kaufman's on the way home for a quick visit. Home and guys over to watch The Walking Dead.