20220609 +

20220609 + Up in the am, L down on the beach for a couple hrs. I made some sandwiches and headed down to join her. We hung out under the umbrella, walked in the water, drug our chairs down to the surf, ate lunch, waded out, relaxed. Boys didn’t come to the beach, but headed to the pool. 

Captain George’s for dinner
Headed back to Broadway at the Beach so the boys could shop some more. L forced me to get a pair of 'Hey Dude' shoes, that I love. and we got some other things along the walk.
Jungle Lagoon for 18 holes of putt putt. 
Drove back to the room and passed a hung country music festival being held on the beach. Back to the room and L&I got stuff packed up, the boys headed out and walked up to the festival. L headed to bed and I stayed up and ate and played cards with the boys.