20121031 + Trick or Treat

20121031 + Up in to office worked all day system moving slow so made it hard. Got out of office late and passed the fam on the road as they started trick or treat. I parked and caught up with them for a bit but it was too cold and headed back to heat...  D came with me, no costume this year, too old :-(  everyone back home and the 'tax collector' took his share of the candy ;-)  Boys to bed and L&I stayed up and watched 'The Ward', a good spooky Halloween night movie.

20121030 - Snow Away!

20121030 - Up to SNOW! i guess that is better than all the flooding going on with the hurricane out east. Into work for a good but frustrating day. Could not get the system to do what I wanted... Home had a nice dinner with the fam. L to Zumba and the boys am I hung out and watched Ref Dawn.

20121029 - Scout Games

20121029 - UP and into work, home for dinner with the fam, we had D's pheasants, yummy!  then to Scouts with DJ&G.  we had an indoor kickball game using a balloon and shared health snacks.  Scouts over and to Bible Bangers.  Had a spirited meeting...  Home up LATE preparing for future Scout meetings...

20121028 - What Game are we playing???

20121028 - up and hung out at home with J&G while L&D went to church.  All home together for lunch and D helped me post things to ebay.  Then we headed out to J's football game.  They won but we were all frozen solid and soaking wet.  Home and met up with Gma&paW.  We all went to a nice place to eat for my birthday dinner and then to
get gas and ice cream.  Home and ready for the week.

20121027 + L has a Blanky

20121027 + Up super early, to see  off, he went hunting with Uncles Johnny & Roger today and actually shot a pheasant!  JG&I hit McDs for bfast and then the garage sale circuit.  We only found  a couple treasures. L got some Zumba time. Back to the house to regroup, all home for lunch and then J to a bday party, G got a nap, D helped me post stuff to eBay.   All home again and D and I ran out to get him some new hunting / hiking boots.  Back home and all down to the big screen to watch the buckeyes beat Penn St.

20121026 = 42

20121026 - Up in the am and in the office at the desk. L home and we went back to see J&G in their Halloween parade. J used D's leaf costume and G was Captain America. L ran J's party and I checked both of the room parties before heading back to the desk. Everyone home and we headed out for stamps and dinner. We had a great dinner at a new place, FMOhio.com We ran to the store and then back home. D off to a football game and the rest of us watched a movie. Today I turned 42. I got lots of cards, texts, emails and calls from family and friends from all over. Oh I got a job offer too. I'll say thats a pretty good bday :-)

20121025 - No Pea Lover

20121025 - UP in to work, home L to zumba, ate dinner with the boys, G DOES NOT LIKE PEAS!!! D back to the school, Ed over for ebay lesson, Tried to play football catch with J&G but too dark, played Sorry instead, G very dramatic... Lucia stopped over for a visit. Ran to the grocery, up late on the PC.

20121024 - Survival

20121024 - Up and in to work, rushed home, ate fast, all went to a survival course at Gahanna park, we were really the only people there...  home and ice cream snack.  Boys to bed, up shipping ebay things...

20121023 - All over town

20121023 - Up into work, had a good full morning.  Went to an interview in the afternoon and it went well.  Home and had dinner with the fam.  Then G&I took J to football practice.  G&I threw a football and played catch with a baseball for 40 minuets.  Stopped for gas and the bank on the way home.  Beat D up trying to get the name of his girlfriend out of him.  Tired and off to bed early.

20121022 - Squares Saws Hammers and Scouts

20121022 - Up in the am an in to work. Worked a good full fast day. Home and had dinner with the fam. L&G got me more ink, d to Scouts and J&I hosted 8 of the 12 boys from our Bear Den in our garage and each of the boys made a tool box to take home. They all did really well, no injuries and the parents all helped a lot. Cleaned up the garage, kissed the boys good night and off to Bible Bangers.

20121021 - Inked

20121021 - UP and all to church, home and L&J out for errands, all back home for lunch then DG&I out on errands. Jim Long over to get wheelbarrow then DG&I to J's football game.  J lost 13-0 :-o  D&I headed to get ink and dinner.  Dropped D off at church youth program.  Home and had dinner and fixed microwave.  Ran and got D and stopped at Giant eagle to get gift card to get MORE ink!  Home and watched Walking Dead with Chris.  BEAT

20121020 + Cya Later Paulette...

20121020 + Up early to see D off for his first hunt with uncle Johnny. The rest of herd ready and to Ashland for Paulette's funeral and lunch. As a dedication to Paulette the die hard OSU fan, we sang 'Hang on Sloopy' before lunch.  She would have LOVED IT!

Then to the Dohner farm for their apple butter event tour the barns and house very nice and me up with D. He got a pheasant.  Back to the farm. Chatted with John and Betty and GpaW about D's hunting and kids. GmaW at the barn with the boys. I grabbed a nap while GpaW got dinner. We ate, then a few more min at the barn and then home.

20121019 - G Sick and Sales

20121019 - Worked from home G still sick.  Got things finished up on the project.  Out w/ J to a garage sale and post office, then home and picked everyone up, headed to another garage sale and dinner.  Home played Stratego w/ J&G and then all to the basement to watch Snow White and the Huntsman, great movie.  Up preparing for the weekend.

20121018 + Company Outing

20121018 + UP w/ sick G at home, not getting much done.  L home and I headed into work, got a bunch done.  Went to a social event after work, then home.

20121017 - Short and Fast

20121017 - Up and to work, frustrating day.  Home for dinner and then just hung out with the boys tonight.  L to Zumba.

20121016 - 6Gs

20121016 - Up in the am to watch G open his presents before heading to school. Off to work and got a bunch done. I left in time so I would be home when G got there. We then headed out back for a game of kickball at G's request. G&I beat the pants off L&J. Then on to Arby's for dinner as G selected, I think for the curly fries. Next to J's football practice and then home to watch his new movie 'The Avengers'. All boys to bed. They sure grow fast. Happy Bday my little G.

20121015 - pRINTED

20121015 - Up, to wrok, home ate, to J's Den meeting.  Mr. Bill Varny in uniform came in and took the boys fingerprints.  It was a great meeting.  After the meeting we headed upstairs for the Boy Scout meeting and then headed home quick and off to Bible Bangers...EXHAUSTED

0121014 + Trees, Clays, Gone, Zombies

0121014 + Up and LD&G to church.  The guys came and took the big tree down, guys climbing like monkeys, D trying it with gafts I have in the shed.  They also trimmed the pear and apple tree, took down the cherry tree down over neighbors drive and in another tree they cut the dead out.  L trimmed the front pine, dogwoods and bushes out front and west side, D cleaned it right up.  D went clay pigeon shooting with Johnny, had a great time and did pretty good.  L&G to J's football game.  D home and helped clean up and fill in some holes in the yard.  I got a call the Paulette died... :-(  She was a good girl and always a lot of fun.  She really put up a good fight.  Finished off the day by cleaning out office, going to a Scout Adult meeting and then watching the Walking Dead with Chris.  Just a little busy today....  Exhausted!

20121013 - G Bday Party

20121013 - J gone for the weekend camping with his buddy.  Treasures found at garage sales with D&G.  While we were out running errands I noticed the oncoming traffic on 270 was GONE...  Then I noticed the police on the exit ramps blocking people from getting on the highway.  Then one police car and another and large black suburbans and then a huge bus with 'ROMNEY' on the side of it...  Home for G's bday party, Super Hero style!  I had bought a costume, WAY TOO SMALL...  I made the best of it :-)  Boys had fun doing all of the events that L planned for them.  Exhausted, but ran and got food with D, ate relaxed and watched the buckeye game and working on pc

20121012 - Gamin

20121012 - Up and at the desk. The boys home from school and SO LOUD!!! L got home and started getting ready for G's party tomorrow. I took a break and D&I hit the post office, insurance office, garage sale and finally the new scout store to pick up badges for the troop. Home to get LJ&G and to the new Firehouse subs for dinner. Home and D&G in the back playing football, L working of D cake and J&I playing Stratego. Everyone in and now playing G.

20121011 + Jack and Lantern

20121011 + up and to the desk all day, had dinner with the fam, helped J&G gut their pumpkins while D mowed.  JG&I to Pack meeting to carve pumpkins.  Boys had a good time.  Home and tired and grumpy boys got cleaned up and to bed.  Up late getting things done.

20121010 - Games Over

20121010 - Up, solid day of work at the office.  Straight to D's game, it was FREEZING COLD :-S  D got a big hit tonight that started off a rally for his team.  They played pretty good, but lost.  It was their last game of the season.  Baseball for the Fall is officially over for everyone in this house :-)  we still have J's football and in a couple weeks all 3 are playing basketball :-o   Up late getting things done.

20121009 - Coffee w/ D

20121009 - UP and boys off to school, L off to school, I off to work...  Home and had dinner with D&G, L&J were at J's teacher conference (all good).  J home and ate quick, L stayed for G's teacher conference (all good). I took J to his football practice.  Home for a minutes, grabbed D and headed to a Scout Board of Review.  A late night coffee w/ D and then home and up late working.

20121008 - Wheels are Spinning

20121008 - Up, boys off to school, L to work, me to work.  Home ate fast.  J&I met the Cub Den back at the school for a bike ride to the bike shop to learn how to fix a flat and how to lock up your bike (J's bike was 'stolen' during the flat tire repair ;-)  Home and off to get D at Scouts.  Then home to tuck everyone in and off to Bible Bangers... that was a fast day...

20121007 + ALL-STAR

20121007 + Up and L to church, the boys watched an old war movie and I got some stuff done. L home and we split off:  L took J to his football game and G&I took D to his baseball game. Gma&paW came to see D play and then G&I had to head to his All-star game. D's game went 12 innings but they lost, J lost his game too, but G had a great game and his team won!  Home and all boys to bed. Full day of baseball for me, cold and plenty tired of moving fast...  Up late getting ready for another fast week.

20121006 - More Oddities

20121006 - Up and J&I out for garage sales, we hit 6 on the east side of Columbus.  LD&G went shopping with GmaB.  When we got home J&I revealed our treasures :-)  We all rejoyed listened to some of the old 45 records J&I got at one of the sales.  Later D&I headed out to get his hunting license and some shells for his upcoming hunt with his Uncle Johnny.  Home and posting things on the new ebay store www.OhiOOddities.com.  Down to the big screen for the Ohio State football game with the fam.  WOW what a win!


20121005 + Unclear

20121005 + Not sure what happened today...  but I'm sure it was interesting.

20121003 - Ball, Scouts and Peewee

20121003 - Up in to work, home, ate on the way to the ballfield, was an ump tonight for a tournament game.  Home and D had some scouts over for a meeting.  JG&I finished watching peewee, and then some youtube.  L to zumba.  Boys to bed, up late getting stuff done.

20121002 - Introduction to Peewee

20121002 - In to work and then home, changed, to G's game and they played hard but lost.  G was quietly upset as it was his last game of the season...  or not, he was nominated to the all-star team that plays on Sunday!  Home, boys cleaned up and we had snacks and watched some Peewee Herman.  All boys to bed, up very late working on ebay store.

20121001 + 6574 Days and counting...

20121001 + Up and boys off to school. I sat at the desk getting things caught up and had a couple of calls.  Had lunch with L for our 18th anniversary, it was a very nice relaxing lunch in the middle of our hectic lives...  I stopped at shipping place for ebay advice and then home and back at desk.  I did some invoicing for last 2 weeks work and when the boys got home we went outside to play some football.  Later I took D to Scouts, then LJG&I went to a rummage sale at a church in New Albany and found some treasures.  Home and watching the short wedding video.  I ran and got D, then all boys to bed, L&I up watching TV.