061031 Trick or Treat

061031 - The boys are ready for Trick or Treat as their favorite Star Wars guys.

061031 - Great Grand Parents meet Grant

061031 - Kraft Great Grand Parents meet Grant.

061031 - Jack's Halloween Parade

061031 - Jack's Halloween Parade at his school. He is Yoda this year.

061029 - Helpin Doc

061029 - J&D are helpin Doc gather up the leaves and drag them to the back of the yard.

061028 - Karate Birthday Party

061028 - Up and out today. Went to Helen Smalley's calling hours, ran to the bank then home to get the boys. Took D&J to the drug store and then the Dr. to get flu shots. Hit the Home Depot on the way home and picked up lunch at Long Johns. Home ate, did some paperwork then took D&J to a karate birthday.Tags: Edit Tags

061027 - Movie Night @ Howdy's School

061027 - Movie Night @ Howdy's School

061027 - Grant won't wake up

061027 - J&D try to wake up G, but he is too use to all of the noises of our house and just sleeps through the chaos.

061027 - Howdy's Halloween Party

061027 - Howdy's Halloween Party. He is the Star Wars guy...

061025 - Grant settles in

061025 - Up and Howdy off to school escorted by Gma. Then Gma watched J&G while lori went to the store and I got TONS of stuff done. Gma took D&J out shopping after school & I snuk out to shops as well. Home for a crazy dinner and then some games befor the boys melted down. Gma read to the boys and put them down. L is exhausted but still going. Grant is getting into a grove and still screaming and sleeping a lot.

061024 - Relief

061024 - Up early and everyone ready. Gma Farmer walked Howdy to school, then we took Jack to school; he had a bit of a melt down... L, G & I to Children's Hospital to get his kidneys scanned. G did good, didn't even cry. The tech said everything looked normal as did the resident Dr. We need to get the same news from G's pediatrician... Home and GmaW & J back from school, he had a good day! Did stuff around the house and the cable guy showed up. He installed my digital box with the High Def channels... WOW!!! I ran off to look at a house and get some groceries, GmaW & D went to the toy store and karate. Had a call from Mexico, things are still mess... Good to hear from them though. Jack helped me set the table; we are waiting for D & GmaW to come home for dinner.

061022 - Day out

061022 - Up and everyone ready. D,J & I headed out for some errands. We went all over town & ended up at a Chucky Cheese! L&G hanging out at home resting...

061020 - Grant's 1st Dr visit

061020 - Up, cleaned up then fed Grant, played with Jack for a bit then L&I took Grant for his 1st Dr visit.061019 - Pretty chaotic day. Picked Jack up from school, he had a bit of an accident today and had on some way to small sweat pants (his extra clothes were in his back-pack but no-one knew). Jack & I ran some errands and then headed home for lunch. Playing with the boy upstairs after Howdy got home & Howdy melted down over some little plastic piece... Had dinner then took Howdy to CVS to get some stuff and then to the movie store. Home and D&J had to fight about which movie to watch... Stayed up late with G, we fell asleep watching a movie in the basement.

061018 - Grant is home

061018 - Pretty exhausting day... Started @ 4 am when I was summoned back to the hospital with gas drops, Grant has lots of gas.... I watched over him the early morning so Lori could grab some rest. Grant did much better during the day and they say he can go home tonight. Home took an afternoon nap with Jack, then we all sat down for dinner, then the boys and I in to bring the rest of our family home. Home and everyone adjusting...

061017 - Grant is famous

061017.2120 - Home checking e-mail and the guy from CNN sent me a link... http://www.cnn.com/exchange/ I am not sure how long Grant's picture will be on there but there he is, right next to the story of the 300M American!!! AMAZING!!!
Played with the boys a bit then read them books and tucked them in. Now trying to get caught up on the personal business of the day...

061017 - Brothers come to visit

061017 - To the hospital had lunch with L&G. Then they rested until the big brothers showed up for a visit. After the visit, L, G & I rested then I met the Boys, Gma B, and Nic and Rich for dinner at 'Big Boy'. Then I stole the boys and ran off for Howdy's karate prictice, and Jack & I ran some errands. Back to the hospital after karate to say good night to brother G.

061017 - American 300,000,000?

061017 - Busy morning... Boys off to school, sent some more e-mail & made a bunch of calls. Had a call from CNN... I sent then a photo of Grant and they called me back to get permission to use his photo in the 300,000,000th American web page... Off to Barnes & Noble to get yesterdays Wall St. Journal for Grants scrap box. Got to the hospital and Grant just finished his circumcision... glad I missed that!
061016 - We, moved up to the maternaty floor where Lori can have visitors. Grant was able to eat and poo... all good signs. Lori got some dinner and I headed home about midnight. Stayed up til 2am getting e-mail out and arranging tomorrow. Both boys sleeping nice...

061015 - Walking

061015 - up early w/ J. Everyone took a long walk this morning... Played with cowboys and indians for a bit then Howdy & I ran son errands while J&L rested. Home Howdy & I watched an old war movie and then all out for another walk. Tyring to get this baby to arrive... Back at the playground and Jack injuried his hand...

061014 - Sara's 2nd bday

sara roser is 2

061014 - Selling popcorn

061014 - Out and about today. Howdy selling popcorn for cub scouts. Lori is 3cm dilated and contractions every 10-15 min... New boy #3 will be here any minute. Lori is cleaning, walking etc... anything to get the baby here...

061012 - Any minute...

061012 - nice paced day, getting things rolling on CustomerD and cleaning up CustomerH. Lori and Nicole heading over to Coshocton Hospital... Gpa Steve fell at work and has broken bones in his upper arm and dislocated his shoulder... OUCH! And as u can see from the picture Lori can't possibly stretch anymore...

061010 - 1st Scout meeting

061010 - Howdy home from school, we had dinner than J,D & I to karate. We could only stay an hour cause we had to rush home and change to get to his first cub xcout meeting. pretty cute...

061008 - Under the bridge

061008 - Howdy and I bored and L & J are sleeping so we took a bike ride. We went to the bridge by the house and went exploring under it. Then we rode to Creekside and walked all the way back to the golf course. Then we rode to Subway and got dinner. We rode home and they had just woken up from their naps and were ready for dinner...

061007 - He made it!

061006 - Howdy made it through the whole game! We won 35 to 7! He did great!

061007 - Howdy's 1st OSU game

0610070 - Up early everyone ready. It was hard wating all morning... Howdy and I hit the road about 1:30 parked at the Ohio State Fairgrounds and road the bus into the stadium. We got there about an hour early so we wento the pryamid monument in front of the horseshoe so he would know where to go if he got lost. We got a $4 bottle of water and then did some people watching. We saw a guy on a bicycle that had a electornic piano for handlebars playing buckeye songs riding around. We though Gpa Farmer would do something like that. We made our wat to our seats and I got to snap this picture of howdy looking out over the field. I got to watch the band come in, which he loved and then they did scritp Ohio! PERFECT start. He thoughthtat was pretty cool. I had taken my monocular and he spent much of the game looking at the players he knew, keeping score and playing with his army guys. The people around us complimented im on how well he did for such a long event. He really liked it! Thanks Gma & pa Farmer!

061005 - Conferences

061005 - ok day, actually got a lot done. Had Howdyls parent teacher conference and it was a very good report! After dinner the fam went to the Cub Scout store and loaded Howdy up! Up watching Survivor & Grey's Anatomy with L.

061004 - Hail...

061004 - After dinner tried to go get Howdy's boy scout uniform... store was closed. On the way home the sirens started screaming. Hurried home and got in basement, then the hail hit...

061002 - Clean-up

061002 - Up, Howdy to school, I hit the day in the new knee chair, I think it makes a dif. Got a ton of stuff done today. Took a walk w/ L,J & the dogs for lunch. Howdy home, had a fire scare @ his school today. Howdy & I took Jack to karate and then we all hit the bank & movie store. Home for dinner and then worked in the yard and clibed trees. In to watch a G.I. Joe movie. Off to coffee w/ Dan, Doc & Joe.

061001 - 12th Anniversary

061001 - Lori & I's 12th Anniversary!! To farm, to visit Great GmaW and then out on the Ashland drive it yourself tour. We got to meet some Alpacas!