20170627 -

20170627 - Up in the am and in to work.


20170626 - Up and in to work.  Not feeling 100%.  Made it through the day and headed home for dinner.  We ate and then DJ&I headed to Scouts.  I had a conversation with D's baseball coach.  It was a 25 minute conversation with some really good dialogue

20170625 + A Sacred Purpose

20170625 + Up in the am and we all headed down to get some bfast at the hotel. We packed up and headed out. We made a quick stop at the Hopewell Indian mounds before we left Chilicothe, they are pretty amazing. Home and got unpacked. We had a serious discussion with D about baseball, college and work to try to come up with some plans. L&I spent most of the day outside on the porch reading and doing research online and I talked to some dads about baseball. D went to some of DGF7's softball games. L&G hung out playing the Xbox and doing stuff around the house. LJG&I walked downtown to have dinner and then around Creekside so the boys could do some Pokemon hunting. home and watched some more TV on the back porch. D home, all boys to bed, G had 2 big teeth under his pillow for the tooth fairy.

20170624 - 1 out of 3

20170624 - Up in the am and we dropped D off at the baseball field. We headed to Kroger and got food for lunch before heading back to the field. D played the whole first game in the outfield, got walked and had a nice hit to the outfield that was caught :-( The boys lost that first game and we rushed to the next field. Once there LJG&I made our subs and had lunch. We then watched the game, D on the bench for the whole thing, and the boys lost in a Texas Shootout ending. After the game we dropped D off at Roosters with the team and we went to an antique place where L got a picture and G got a boat. We tried to stop at a bike place for J to look at scooters, but they were closed. We then drove all over looking for ice cream. We ended up at a Dairy Queen. Back tot he hotel for just a minute, D joined us and we headed to the Minor League Paint stadium for the last game of the day. D sat the entire game... The boys won. We headed to Sumburger for a really good dinner. D was DEVASTATED that he did not get a chance to play in that stadium... G&I headed to the pool for a late night swim and fun. We got hot chocolate on the way back to the room.

20170623 - Jack in a Cupboard

20170623 - Up in the am and in to work. Justin and I working in his office all morning. I could hear the rain pouring down all day. The games for tonight in Chilicothe were first pushed back and then cancelled. I headed home and we decided to go to the hotel anyway so we were there for the games in the morning. We drove down through the rain and got checked in. We all headed to the pool to play around a bit and ran into some BIG boys from some other teams. Back up to the room with some hot chocolate to watch a scary show before bed.

20170622 - Transformers

20170622 - Up and rolled in a bit late to work.  Got all of the morning stuff done and smoothing out as the day went along.  Headed home and L went out to dinner with the girls.  I got DJ&G and we headed to the new Transformer movie.  It was a good action flick and we enjoyed it.  We swung through Burger King on the way home to get some dinner.  We ate and everyone to bed.

20170621 - Too Buggy

20170621 - Up in the morning and in to work. Justin & I in his office getting things lined up.  Had a pretty stressful morning.  Spent the rest of the day getting caught up on email.  Home and LDJ&I had some dinner, G was at practice and then spending the night with a friend.  D&I headed out and ran some errands.  Home and J made milkshakes and we all hung out on the back porch for until it got too buggy.  In and D watching baseball, J&I Nat Geo (until I fell asleep) and L her housewives show.  All boys to bed and up late on the PC trying to make arrangements for the weekend and buying jeans.

20170620 - Fire Hose

20170620 - Up in the am and in to work.  Had a morning full of stressful meetings.  D&G went to batting practice in Pickerington.  L said the day was pleasant as the boys had a no electronics today :-)  We had a yummy leftover dinner night and then LD&I headed to college planner from 7-9.  It was a long meeting and a fire hose of all the things we have to get done and by when :-o  Home and got everyone settled and to bed.

20170619 - J the Picker

20170619 - Up in the am and in to work. It was a crazy day trying to get caught up from being out on Friday. I sat back in our secondary office in back most of day trying to get caught up. Home and ate quick, L reported a bad day with all the boys... J&G headed to Scouts, and I headed to an Athletic Boosters meeting. It was a short meeting and then headed to Scouts to see if there were any advancements. J&I swung by the bank on the way home. Home and DJG&I headed to Bible Bangers, no Doc tonight, and we had a snack and hung out. Dropped J&G off on the way home to pick a neat rolling tray thing and bring it home. Home and stayed up way to late worked on setting up a new program on the boys phones that will limit their usage as that is a huge source of the discontent.

20170618 + Champs and Steaks

20170618 + Up and LD&G had already left, D dropped off L&G at G's batting practice and went on to see DGF7 play softball. J&I got ourselves together and headed to the field. We met our friends the McClains that came to watch the games too. G's first game was a good one and they were facing the team that G had the last out on in KY that crushed him. They won and he felt a bit redeemed. Game 2 for the championship was pretty windy, dusty and exciting. The boys played their butts off and pulled out a run rule victory and G scored the winning run! 10U STATE CHAMPS!!!

After the game we headed home, everyone got cleaned up and rested a bit. G&I headed to the grocery and got some food dinner and then came home and LJ&G prepared a fantastic salad, steak, mashed potato and gravy dinner, topped off with grilled pineapple and brownies and ice cream! We all hung out and relaxed the rest of the evening. What a long, fast and fun weekend.

20170617 - Baseball and Driving

20170617 - Up in the am and J&I hit Tudor's Biscuit World for bfast. It was pretty good. We headed back to the hotel and ran into D and the boys waiting for their ride to the fields. J&I got packed up and headed to the field. We sat in the press box again and kept score on the big scoreboard. D didn't play at all in the first game... We grabbed him and took him to lunch with us at T&L Hot Dogs, a cool little place the local guys suggested. After lunch we dropped D off at the hotel and J&I headed to the putt-putt place in Clarksburg. It was hot but we had a fun round of putt-putt. We headed back to the hotel where we just hung out, J did some swimming and we rested before heading back to the field. We headed up to the press box again to keep score. There was a local news team videoing the game that made it a bit more interesting for J. D played the entire game. The boys faced the team that was made up of mostly the high school team that just won the WV division 2 state championship. Their pitcher was crazy good and shut us out. This meant we were out of the brackets for Sunday, so DJ&I headed back to the hotel, packed up and headed home. We got home at 1am, got unpacked and to bed.

20170616 - Early Up and Lots o' Fun

20170616 - Up at 5 and J&I hit the road for Bridgeport WV to meet up with D at his morning baseball game. When we got into town we stopped at Kroger and got our food for the day. We had some trouble finding the field but got there just as the game started. We volunteered to help keep score so we headed up to the air conditioned press box and learned how to run the big scoreboard. They had a couch and Xbox in there too that kept J busy. We watched both of D's games and we made our sandwiches between games in there. D didn't play but the last 2 innings in the 1st game and he played all but the last 2 innings of the second game. He had a really good hit that got him to 2nd on one of his at bats, and a sac bunt. It was a good baseball day, wining the 1st and lost the second. After the game J&I headed to the hotel and got checked in and unpacked. We then headed out to explore a bit. J found a soccer simulator in the gym next door and then we went hunting for a putt-putt place. We found it, and a feather, played a round of putt-putt and J won a free game. We then went looking for the other one. We found it but got rained out. So we headed to King's New York Restaurant, a local Italian and Mexican place where we filled ourselves with fantastic Pizza and Mexican dishes. Back to the hotel where J&I hit the pool to cool down before heading back to the room to call it a night.