It was cold but love watching @w1nger_9 @W1nger_3 play, started short today!


20180323 - Up in the am dead tired and in to work. Had a couple hot ones this morning that got me going...


20180322 - Up and feeling tired in to work for a big day of calls. Made it through the day and headed home a bit late after an escalation. Got home and D&G at baseball practice, LJ&I had dinner and then waited for the others to get home. Everyone home and we caught up on the day. D&I up late watching basketball and I worked on the Scout site until too late.


20180321 - Up in the am to L shrieking as she went out to start D's car and was greeted by 3 girls with squirt guns hiding in the snowy bushes, J went to school today, I headed in to work for a spirited discussion morning. Made it through a thick day and headed home. L had a nice dinner ready for LJG&I and we ate together and talked about J's detention... After dinner G brought up a bouncy ball game and was bouncing balls all over the house giggling. One of them hit L right in forehead and we all lost it :-) D home and ate and ate. We settled in watching some TV and getting things done on the PC and I completely missed a baseball meeting I desperately wanted to attend... Up late staying ahead on work and organizing sports IT stuff

20180320 +

20180320 + Up in the am, J home sick, I headed in to work. Got to work and on the phone all morning. Dug into things in the afternoon and heads down until I headed home. Home and L had dinner made for us and we all + DGF7 had dinner. After dinner we headed to the basement to watch 'The Greatest Showman' on Amazon, we love that movie. After the movie I stayed up on the PC till 3.

20180319 -

20180319 - Up in the am and working from home getting email and other stuff done. Ran in to the high school to meet with the Athletic Director for a min. Home and got some more work done. DeVonn called so I ran to the airport to pick her up and we met Justin for lunch before heading into the office. In to the conference room to finish the day on calls. On the way out L&I talked, she picked up J from track and took him to the minute clinic to test him for strep throat... I headed to D's game and checked in with G to make sure he was ok to get to practice. I got to D's game, he got in at 2nd base in the 5th and made a double play. I headed to the Booster meeting where I had to give a big presentation, it went well and folks are excited about changes we are making! Home for a min and found my driveway blocked off by a car and 3 girls in beach towels surrounding D's car with him in it... The let me park, D rolled down his window and let me know he was ok, he was apparently their target for the night in 'Senior Tag'... I went in leaving D to fend for himself... I called Doc, headed out, the girls let me out of the driveway, D still in his car, Doc and I headed to Bible Bangers. L texted me shortly after that D came running into the house in his underwear :-) SAFE! Had a good night at Bible Bangers, all the guys there and good discussions. Home and up late doing things on the PC

20180318 +

20180318 + UP in the am and all to church. Home and working on the pc for Booster stuff. In the afternoon D headed to his first varsity baseball game. We go G off to his practice, J headed to the basement to conjoin with the Xbox and L&I headed to Olentangy to watch D play baseball. It was just a scrimmage but it gave me a chance to test out the new app. D got in the game in the 5th inning and played 2nd for 5 innings. He did pretty good!  GREAT TO SEE HIM ON THE FIELD! After the game L&I headed home, swung through KFC and picked up dinner and then home to eat with J&G. We got all caught up with them, I did some more work on the PC until the guys showed up to watch the Walking Dead. Up late finalizing things for a super busy Monday.

20180317 - First No Trap Year :-(

20180317 -

Up in the am and this is the first year in a LONG TIME we had no Leprechaun trap. I asked but noone wanted to build one with me :-(
Headed to Bank with everyone to get accounts figured out.
\Closed D's savings, moving $ to a secured CC for him.
D to work at D-Bats
LJG&I headed to Staples and the shoe store to get things for my work and J's track season, then rean to GameStop and L looked at stuff in a new furniture store. I hung out in the car and update the high school baseball calendars. Home, shipped an Amazon sale, J&G to the basement to play on the Xbox. I hung out in the office getting caught up, D home and cleaning his room.

20180316 +

20180316 +
Up early with D and headed to Wilmington College
College vi$it with Dylan at Wilmington College today! $end donation$ to 😜
G baseball practice
LJ&I to Piada for an expense mediocre meal
Home watched some basketball
Ran to pick up G
Home, D home, watched more basketball


20180315 - Up in the am and in to work and prep for call then on the phone solid. J went to school today even though he wasn't feeling well, we think he went so he could get his picture taken with the Track team for the yearbook. I had my calls and they were long... Calls over, getting caught up on mail and heading to the Scout Store.

20180314 -

20180314 - Up in the am and it is snowing like crazy! J not feeling well so home from school today. I made it into work and at the desk going through emails and piles trying to stay on top of things. Had a nice treat today, Justin took me to lunch :-) Back at the desk to try and finish off the day. Stayed very late to finish off the day and get a couple of reports ready for big meetings tomorrow. Got the reports done and headed home. Home and ate at the table with L, D&G at their baseball practices, J in the basement, still not feeling great.  Eventually everyone got home and we all caught up on the day. D got his warranty bat and it is the latest model, a $300 upgrade from the one he got for Christmas, G told us all about practice and J get relaxed. All to bed, i was up LATE updating the TEAMAPP for the HS.

20180313 -

20180313 - Up in the am and in to work, joined the Ops meeting this morning then chained to the conf room phone the majority of the day. L texted me in the middle of the day, she had to go pick J up from school, he was sick. Had a pretty rough call and then headed home through some pretty bad snow... Home and got LD&G and we headed to the Baseball Outback Dinner. Gma&paW joined us, D sat at the Senior table. It was the usual crowd and the usual presentation. The food was good and it was great to see all the boys. Nice Dylan stuck with it, strong boy. After the dinner LD&G had Gma&paW drop them off at home and I stayed to fill Tad Day envelopes with the Boosters. Home and all to bed, a good night. Not up late for a change, need to catch up on my sleep.