20171021 -

20171021 - Up in the am, L heading out to get groceries, D&G headed to a baseball camp the HS was putting on, J hangin out helping me, I planning and getting things ready for our big football party next weekend.

20171020 - Markers Maker

20171020 - Up in the am and slow into work, stopped at gas station, messed with car... In to work and got started, gave a tutorial on an app and walked the floor. Back to the desk to get some things done. Finished the day with calls and data scrubbing. Home and D off to do something with DGF7 and LG&I dropped J off at the last home football game and then headed to dinner at the Rusty Bucket. We had a slow but good meal and headed home. L retreated to her her heated bed to watch TV and do some paperwork, D&DGF7 watched baseball on the big screen and picked J up after the game, G was busy making scented markers from a kit he bought with his bday money and bouncing back and forth between the baseball game and the funny 'Sidekick' movie I was watching in the living room. Eventually Netflix took over and kept me company as I scrubbed more data until 3am.

20171019 + Punkins

20171019 + Up in the am and in to work. Had weekly call and it went well. Got caught up with Justin and working hard on planning app. Home and ate fast then back to the school to catch some of G's practice. G&I then headed to the Pack meeting where it only took him 4min and 35 seconds to carve his pumpkin. There were tons of pumpkins and Chris Emmons and I named them and helped pass them out which allowed me the opportunity to make sure G's was the last one (he was happy about that :-) Home and talked to D a bit about getting his own cell service and showing him how much data (10GB) and text messages (17 pages) he send each month... To bed watching Netflix and doing things for ebay.

20171018 - Short Walk

20171018 - Up in the am and in to work. Out to the shop floor trying to solve some issues and then back to the desk for some planning development. Home a bit late and took a short walk with LG & Lilly looking for colorful leaves. Home and G shot his BB gun in the backyard. In and had leftovers for dinner and J&I watched '10 Cloverfield Lane', it was a good suspense movie. Boys to bed and I stayed up late working on the planning app watching Netflix.

20171017 - Driving Mr. Daisy

20171017 - Up in the am and blew the horn and scared J and his friends while they were waiting for the bus. In to work and right to the keyboard for the morning. Took Justin to lunch, he made me chauffeur him to McD's. Back to the conference room to finish out the day. I took a final call on the road while heading to Pickerington to meet LJ&G to see the new Blade Runner movie. We got a couple of pizzas and settled in to the big leather recliners for what was a beautiful yet LOOOONG not so fast moving movie. 3 some hours later, all exhausted and not that entertained we headed home. D was home so we chatted with him a bit about his day and all to bed. I stayed up late watching Netfix and figuring out a better way to plan repairs.

20171016 - G11

20171016 - Up in the am today is G's bday and we watched G open his presents from L&I. He got a BB gun, his main present from us and he really liked it, bummed he had to go to school and not stay home and shoot everything up. In to work at the desk knocking things out. Finished up the day and headed home. G got to pick dinner tonight and he picked Steak n' Shake, so we headed there for dinner. G got double cheese on everything and we had a good meal. After dinner D&J headed to Scouts and LG&I headed to GFS to buy stuff for the upcoming OSU Party. We then swung through Payless to pick up some shoes for L&I. Home and got G off to bed, then I got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers. I cant believe G is 11, so big!

20171015 - G's Top Shot Birthday Party

20171015 - Up in the am and J&I headed out to get the last items needed for G's party. Home and we finalized the set up, putting everything in its place ready for the kids. Soon the backyard was swarming with little boys and we got the Top Shot party started. It started with a Frisbee challenge, then football toss, yard darts and then the backdrop Brady and G made last weekend got a work out. The first event was an Annie Oakley Shoot where the boys had to use a mirror and hit a target with Nerf guns and Velcro darts. They then had to shoot ping pong balls off of a golf tees with squirt guns. Next they got to be creative and build marshmallow shooters out of 1/2 inch PVC pipe to knock the opposing teams cans off the board. This was followed by a plate break with slingshots and balloon pop with darts. We ended the party with cake and G opening his presents, many were gag gifts, poor boy. G headed back to baseball practice while LDJ&I cleaned everything up before the rain came. Surprised and thankful that the 80% chance of rain didn't materialize today.

I went back to get G from his practice and home for only a moment before heading to a basketball tryout. it was a long tryout with a ton of kids. G&I stopped at Taco Bell on the way home and got dinner. Home and we watched the original 'Blade Runner' while we ate, boys didn't like the movie so much.

20171014 + Homecoming 2017

20171014 + Up late and to the desk to get organized, L out shopping and picking up G, D put the big tent up and J went to a scooter park with his buddy Conor. All home and Gma&paB showed up to give G some of his presents and help us try and burn out some bees that live under the trampoline and make final prep for the big party tomorrow. Gma&paW showed up and G got more presents. D got all cleaned up and headed out for Homecoming. L, GmaB and Gma&paW met D at the park where they got photos of all the kids going to Homecoming, they look great! D, DGF7 and their friends went to El Vaquero for dinner and then to the dance. Everyone back to our hose for a bit, we watched some of the Buckeye game on TV before everyone headed out. LJG&I headed to the basement to watch the rest of the game. Up late working on Google Voice config.

20171013 - YUK Burger

20171013 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a full productive day and headed home a little late. D headed to some friends to work on the go-kart, they skipped the Homecoming game, L&I dropped G off at an overnight bday party and J at the football game. We then went on for a not so good dinner at the B Spot, YUK! We went on to Meijer to get some presents for G and picked J up on the way home. D home and we watched some TV before calling it a night.

20171012 - Squirrel Killer

20171012 - Up slow in the am and in to work through crappy traffic. Had the usual Thursday morning meetings and then headed to the Scout store to pick up advancements over lunch. L texted me today to let me know Lilly got a squirrel. L pulled her off before she was done so D& Jim had to finish the poor thing off. I Finished up the day and headed home and had dinner with the fam. G&I then headed out to Scouts for his Den meeting. After Scouts we came home and I did some email while he read, L was at Michel's craft store getting stuff to make flowers for homecoming, D went with DGF7 to buy flowers.

20171011 + Jack's Best Time 11:25

20171011 + Up in the am and had to get gas before heading in. The roads were a mess with traffic this morning so got in a bit late. Spent a full day busy in meetings and making things better. J had his closing ceremonies for CC today and L&G went and participated in the dodge ball game. Headed home and L&G headed to G's parent Teacher conference, J at soccer practice and D&I headed to the new D-Bats baseball training center to finalize D&G's membership and test things out. D helped them test the higher speed cages and was hitting 80mph fastballs :-o  Home and picked up G and took him to D-bats so he could check it out. They used G to align one of the smaller batting cages, and G was hitting 40mph, then 50, then 60 and they thought he would miss the 70mph pitches, but he hit'em :-o Home and everyone back from their activities. L&G gave an update on the conference and he is doing great in school. Up late watching the Indians lose.

20171010 - GOOD QBR

20171010 - Up in the am and in to work for a full day of QBR customer meetings in the big conference room. The meetings went very well, I ate a lot of candy to, and we got a lot reviewed accomplished and planned. It was the best QBR we have had with them in years. We went to dinner after work and had a nice meal and fun non-work related conversations. Home and caught up with the fam for a bit before all boys to bed. Up late working on the new Troop 98 Facebook fan page -> Facebook.Troop98Gahanna.info