20171213 - Up in the am and helped L jump the white car so she could get to work. I headed out and had low tire pressure warnings... 17 degrees does a number on mechanical device... I swung down through Canal Winchester to pick up some products on the way in to work. In to work and focused on monthly metrics and actions today.

20171212 -

20171212 - Up in the am and it was snowing like crazy. Headed in to work and Justin and I are working on the inventory project. Home in the snowy dark to have dinner with LJ&G. J told us of his caroling adventure in the 25 degree afternoon. I crashed on the couch for a min before heading out to a Scout Board of Review. D was working at D-Bats. All home and D shipped a bunch of stuff. I helped him finish up and tried to figure out why I cannot connect to my home PC externally for a couple hours. To bed and up late working on monthly Dock2Stock metrics.

20171211 +

20171211 + Up in the am and in to work. In to Justin's office first thing to start knocking things out. In to the conference room for calls and there pretty much the rest of the day. Finished up a bit late and headed home. J was the only one home, L was delivering G to his basketball practice and D had worked and went to baseball. D showed up, changed and went to DGF7's, L home and chatted for a min before I ran J to Scouts and then to get G. Home for a min, D home and started shipping and I headed to Bible Bangers with no Doc tonight. Home and helped D finish shipping and then relisted some stuff. To bed and up late Christmas shopping.

20171210 -

20171210 - Up late and got ready. L ran G to baseball practice. J&I out Christmas shopping. J is such a thoughtful and thrifty shopper. We got all of his stuff done and swung by Panda Express for a late lunch. Home and Gma&paW down for G's game. LG&I headed to the game and I kept the book. G played very well today in another high paced game. Home and D&DGF7 were there shipping ebay items. Gma&PaW brought home some dinner and we had a nice meal and some catching up. In the evening the guys came over for the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. I made a late night run to Dave's to get more stuff. Home and shipped stuff, up late looking at things online.

20171209 -

2017129 - Up late and got a ton of things done at the desk. L ran and got groceries and then G&I headed out for his Christmas shopping. We went to a couple different stores and he got some stuff. He didn't seem too satisfied and still has a couple of things he needs to get done. Home and got L&J and we headed to G's game. The McClains came to watch and G has a good game, they won. After the game we all went to Bellacino's for dinner and then back to our house for some Rummikub. The Varney's stopped over with some Christmas candy. Every took off and we got ready for bed. I helped J write up his flyer.  I like that we get a bit of snow today and Jack start thinking of profit$!!! Up until 4am waiting for D to get back from Oglebay with DGF7 and her family...

20171208 ‡+

20171208 ‡+ Up in the am and working from home today. Got a ton of stuff done and more relaxed. After work LJG&I headed out and ran to Dave's to pick things up and then got food from Jordan's Deli. We headed home and to the basement to watch "Moonrise Kingdom" and have our meal. The movie was cute and we won't have to go back to Jordan's.


20171207 - Up in the am and in to work. Had the weekly call and then our on the floor helping Tim fro Kroger with Shawn.

20171206 +

20171206 + Up in the am and in to work. Walked around and tried to learn about our bin location system this morning and had a couple of calls. Worked with Justin in his office most of the day. Headed home and swung by Dave's to drop some things off and pick others up. Home and ate then hung out and chatted with L. D home and we got on a call with a college baseball recruiter.

20171205 - Low Tech Fun

20171205 - Up in the morning and in to work a bit earlier than usual. Sat with Justin most of the day getting inventory cleaned up. Headed out a couple min early to stop at 2 auction houses on the way home. L called about a suspicious car sitting out front of our house this evening, I called the police and they came to the house to talked to L as the car had already left. Home and D was working at D-Bats, J was at a middle school basketball game and LG&I dug through the auction purchases and wrapped a couple things for the boys. All home and settled in. Up late on the PC.


20171204 - Up in the am and in L was not looking forward to working with a sub this morning. I got J off to school and headed in to work. At work getting things done and the network died... Ended up getting a lot done with Justin. Headed out and to an auction house and then to drop off some iPhone cases to get printed off. Swung by Dave's warehouse and then over to pick G up from basketball practice. Home for 30 seconds, realized I left my portfolio at Dave's so raced back over to his warehouse, got the portfolio and and raced over to Scouts to deliver awards, check on advancements, pay dues and sell baseball cards. Got J from Scouts and headed home. D was there and we shipped the ebay sales for the day and got something to eat. The guys were all over the place tonight and cancelled Bible Bangers. Hung out on the couch until late doing odds and ends on the PC.


20171203 - Up and LJG&I headed to church, D headed to work. Home and G&I headed to D-Bats for his practice. Tom and I met with Coach Shade to get some insights on running more efficient practices. After practice we headed home and Tom, Bill and their boys joined us so we could do some work on the team, setting up GameChanger and TeamSnap and looking for tournaments for 2018. D got home and listed all of the stuff we got yesterday. The fellas left and L attempted to get a pic for the Christmas card... I dug in and helped clean up all the ebay posts D did today. D up in his room working on 'College stuff', J&G took a ride to Wendy's. Everyone home and hanging out until the guys showed up for The Walking Dead. Everyone to bed and I stayed up finishing up ebay, did a couple of shipments and looked for other stuff for sell.


20171202 - Up in the am and L out shopping with Nicole. J&G playing xbox and taking care of themselves while D&I did some ebay sales analysis over the last couple years and then headed to Dave's warehouse to buy some stuff. We made a huge pile of stuff and then negotiated with Dave to get it. They made a deal and D&I loaded it up and headed home. Home and DGF7 over to help us sort and count everything. I got it put into ta spreadsheet and ready to be listed tomorrow. We settled in to watch the OSU Wisconsin game. It was a great game and J&I designed iPhone covers while we watched. Everyone to bed very late after a winning the BIG10 Championship!