080831 - 2nd Try!

080831 - Up and at em, L&D to church and J,G&I talked to Doc about his encoumter w/ Obama in Dublin, he had a blast. L home, fed us all then headed out to get groceries. G took a nap, D,J&I clnd up the garage. Later in the afternoon Jack decide he waould try to ride Howdy's old bike. We adjust the seat, got him padded up and pushed him down the hill. On his second trip down the hill HE DID IT! He kept right on going and went and went. The boy can ride a bike!
080830 - Home after the game to relieve Gma Farmer from Grant the beast. Chated w/ the neighbors a bit and then all headed out for the usual chaotic dinner at Steak & Shake, pickles flying everywhere... Home, GmaW,D,J&I to Ritas for a treat and then stopped at the playground on the way home. Grammy left and Grant cried & cried! Down to the basement for a good olf movie and then bed! L&I up late removing more walls out of the house.

080830 - Script OHIO

080830 - Up and everyone ready for a BIG day! Grant gets to stay w/ gma farmer and L,D,J & I headed to the season opener for Ohio State football! This is Jack's first game and he had a pretty good time. Howdy & I were sitting in the sun and boiling, except when we were getting food or visiting L & J, whoe were in the shade. We left shortly after the start of the 4th qtr, it was just too much for J. Now we are on the bus headed to the car, everyone reports having a good time. GO BUCKS!!
080829 - Normal work day. Finally got he house in Whitehall rented! Went to vist my buddy Dave in the hospital, he just had back surgery and was pretty doped up, but recovering ok. Stoped at the grocery on the way home. Then home to play rock band w/ the boys. Got them to bed, then ripped 1/2 of a wall out between the dinning & living rooms. Jack had a good day, emails from around the world continue to come in for his support. Thank you!

080828 - Jack up-date

080828 = Dr. just called about Jack, but no real news...
He said that based on the blood test from Tuesday his neutrophils are 990 [they were 300 last Thursday, they should be 1500-2000]. 990 is still not good but better than it was. He is still waiting on more test before he can determine the next course of action and he wont have that information until Friday or next Tuesday....
Sooooo more hurry up and wait.
There is really nothing more we can do than hope the remaining results are good and do not point to anything...
So we will just continue to try and keep him safe and healthy.... this waiting around is killing me... i want to know the problem so we can start to fix it.... u know me...
Thanks for the support and prayers, keep them coming!!!

080827 - First Day

080827 - Up in the am and walked w/ Howdy to school, his 1st day of 3rd grade. Did some work and took a bike ride w/ L,J&G for lunch. After work we ate and then went to Meijer to get Jack some soccer gear that fits. Home and the boys shotting the bb gun in the back yard.
080826 - While L,J&I were at the hospital, Dylan, G & GmaB went to see Howdy's classroom. When we got home we gave the update and then headed out to Steak & Shake as requested by the bday boy. We then went to a soccer practice for Jack where chaos rulled the field. Home, baths for everyone & bed, just in time to haer Hillary seal our fate... Ugh

080826 - Jack

080826 - After lunch we headed to Children's Hospital, Hemotology/Onocolgy department.. We met with Dr. Ranalli who was very nice and explained a lot of things to us. The Dr. gave Jack a complete once over. The Dr. Was pleased with what he found and the spirit and energy Jack had. He recommened more blood work and chest x-ray so we can zero in on what is causing the low counts. He recommended that we continue to keep Jack safe from germs but keep his daily activities as normal as possible.
We went out and Jack gave his blood without a peep, we heard other kids screaming... The downstairs for the x-ray and then headed home. The Dr. is going to cal us with the findings Thursday. We feel a bit better.
Jack whisltled all the way home...

080826 - Bday pose

080826 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dylan!
Dylan turned 9 today!
We spent the morning assembling a huge lego thing, watching some 'Tom & Jerry' and then outside for some nerf target practice. Then I surprised him with his main present, a BB gun!!! I got him to pose w/ his new gun, like another infamous person...

080825 - Prepared

080825 - Up and at work. Contacted those people I know well from around the world for their prayers and support. Had one fellow tell me he would pray to his god for my son tonight. A reality check for me to realize that even thought this world is small we don't all believe the same... It was good to get the support from all over.
Children's Hospital called and we have an appointment for Tuesday at 1:45.
After work the boys and I headed outside for nerf dart gun wars and some bad-mitten. Back in for a movie and a couple songs on the Wii. Then stared baths and ran off to Tim Horton's to meet w/ the guys; only Dan and I tonight, but it was good to talk.
Home and Martha reminded me that people will want to know what is going on with Jack, so I figured I better get caught up on the blog.. :-p
080824 - L up and to church w/ D. I stayed home and cleaned up the party stuff w/ J&G as we are trying to avoid J going places w/ germs. L&D home & we headed to Deer Creek St Park, but when we got there it was just too hot and all the playgrounds were out in the blazing sun. We did walk to the base of the damn and throw rocks in. The AC in the car was not working so it was not the most pleasant ride.
we ran past Meijer on the way home and picked up a present for one of Howdy's friends and some AC coolant. Dropped Howdy off at the birthday party then home to charge the AC. Turns out the back of the car the AC works just finem and the kids were freezing all day, while Lori and I were boiling... Charged it up and think it is now fixed... Played the Wii with Jack and then went to pick D up w/ Grant tagging along. Home for baths and bed.

080823 - Bday party

080823 - Up and out preparing the yard for 'The Amazing Birthday Race'. L had created an 8 station race, like the TV show for Dylans party, clues and all. Everyone had a great time and there was lots of noise... Howdy cleaned up in the present department with a new bike and a Wii Rock band front spoiling them rotten grandparents he has :-D
080822 - Late tonight I got my list of things L wanted yet for the party and headed to Meijer. I got the piƱata, candy, and compasses she felt would make the gift bags complete. In fact I had to go way up to Westerville to get enough compasses as I bought all they had at our local store and it wasn't enough. But it was a good drive at 1am. It gave me a chance to break down and sob and plead with God to let Jack be ok. I had quite a talk with God and could actually feel him in the passengers seat listening to me blaber. I did ask for Jack to be ok, but I also asked that he help me be strong for Jack, L and D&J. The last thing they need is for me to fall apart. I agreed w/ God that I would:
A - Raise my boys to grow up and be good, respectful, productive and responsible men.
B - Teach them about God and prepare them to go to heaven.
C - Make sure they know I love and support them and they have the best lives possible.
I asked for a lot of strenght and support from Him to do these things. I know he was in the car and he did hear me because on Saturday there were feathers in my path all day long...

080822 - Blur

080822 - Oh Jesus. What is going on?
Today Jack's Dr. Called and wanted to see us about his blood test. His neutriphiles (a type af white blood cell) count is HORRIBLY LOW, 300, instaed of 1500. The Dr. is setting up an appointment at Children's hospital for us first thing next week...
When we got back from the Dr. I immediately looked this up, and for the most part it is really not good. There are some reasons that his count would be low that are not nightmarish, and we are hoping Jack's reason is one of those.
I am in a complete haze. Life over the last couple weeks has been an undesired blur...
080821 - Busy day at work. This evening we had some friend and their kids over for dinner and to play. The kids were horribly loud, but they had a blast. Up late watching the olympics and the working till 4.

080820 - Goin 4 a spin

080820 - Morning with boys so L could go to the Dr. all was ok. Jack to Dr to get blood drawn to check how his anemia is doing. He did fine, it was grant that screamed because people were messing with his big brother... I took some time today to go shopping w/ Jeff. We hit all the thrift stores and I got 2 sport coats for$12, I like it! Then I stoped at the taylor in downtown Gahanna. He fitted the sortcoats and is going to charge me $230: Holy $H!T!!! But this guy know his stuff and threw a suit coat on me that felt like just another layer of skin. He said 'that fits u perfect', and it did, but it was $825... someday, maybe... Home and loaded the gang in the car and headed west to Madison Lake St Park for a Burger King Picnic dinner and some play. We are trying to get some last minute fun things inn before this summer ends.
080819 - Jack had a little friend over today and they played & played, howdy was 'bored'... L took the boys to the pool for most of the afternoon and Grant was sound asleep draped over her shoulder when they returned. The boys and I headed out to the west side to a TSC to look for closet door hangers (sick of the old ones always breaking, I was going to get barn door hardware: WAY TO EXPEN$IVE...). stoped at Rita's for ice cream on the way home.
080818 - Up and at desk and work PC is dead, will only run in safe mode. AARRGGHHH! Just what I needed, something else to not work... Normal long Monday... Went for coffee w/ Jeff, Doc & Dan and froze. Jeff & I got the biz organized, up till 5:30am creating and updating a general ledger.

080817 - Ball game

080817 - up and put another coat of mud in the kitchen. L,D&J off to church while G&I hung a new light and solar system in the playroom. G really like the tools. Everyone home for lunch. I ran to one of the new rentals and got the lease signed, dropped off smoke detectors and put in a new airfilter. Home, got the family, ran them past the new properties on the way to the ball game. We went to see the Clippers tonight. Grant was a hoot. He had a blast yelling and screaming and pumping his arms.at the players. We had hot dogs, peanuts, chips, nachos and ice cream. Home and watched a funny movie w/ the big boys.

080816 - FREE

080816 - Back to the farm and the boys played, dusty got a bath and I measured beams. To a buffet for dinner where Howdy handled food and put it back in the serving trays... After dinner we went outside and I tried to pawn Grant off by sticking him in a newspaper box...
Eventually Lori forced me into retrieving him...
The big boys said goodbye to Gma&paW and we hit the road. Howdy said he was kinda sad to leave Grammy Farmer, he really likes it there with her. Loud trip home, bath and boys falling asleep on the coach w/ their mom.

080816 - Trail

080816 - Up and out running errands. The morning is a total disaster and nothing is working out... Headed to Lextington for a parade and to see dad on the campaign trail. Jack & Howdy rode on the truck and kept the walkers supplied w/ candy & flags. We met up w/ them and went to the blue berry festival for some more healthy fair food.

080815 - Only Child

080815 - Friday went by too fast. put more mud in the kitchen where the cabinets were. Took L & G out to get supplies for Dylan's party. Grant doesn't seem to miss his brothers and is enjoying being an only child. Steak & Shake for dinner then home to watch more olympics. Lori tried to help me fix the kitchen faucet, but it broke into pieces, with some help...
080814 - Another busy day. GmaW down to get the big boys and headed to the Farm. Grant was asleep and thankfully didn't see them go... L headed in to a church meeting and G&I were on our own. We ripped out some of the kitchen cabinets and went shopping. I got G some tic-tacs and he ate the whole pack on the way to the next store: oops!

080813 - Out for lunch w/ Jeff and I got to go inside the 2 houses we bought last week.

080812 - Got to bed 4.30am after finishing up the P SOW and then, shit day at work! made it through it.

080810 - 60

080810 - Up and Gma & pa W down. Today is GpaW's 60th birthday. We headed out the Ohio State Fair. We celebrated with elephant ears, greasy fries & vinegar, icecream, gyros, mini doughnuts and slushies. Grant loved the horse & rodeo show and we all enjoyed the animals in and out of the cages... After an exhausting day we got some pizza for dinner and Doc joined us. It was a nice day in the midst of the several weeks of shock. Glad dad made it to 60!

080809 - World gone Mad

080809 - L&I stayed @ the farm last night. Up and off to Burts funeral. It was a very nice service and very sad. Family from all over were there and we had a dinner after the cemetary.
I really don't know how this happened. Burt was sick for like 4 days, then gone. How is this possible? Why do things happen like this? Louise... I donalt what to do or think, all I can feel is helpless.
080808 - GmaB over to stay w/ the boys. L & I to Mansfield and Burts calling hours. The number of people that showed up was unbelievable. It was very hard. Steph, Michael, Weezer and the rest Burts family were coping in the midst of the horrible shock.
L&I got some food w/ Dave & Misty and then met up with the aunts and uncles for some conversation. Pretty devistating, unexpected and scary.

080807 - In a haze. Up all night writing the P SOW to get tomorrow off for Burts funeral.

080806 - Has the world gone completely mad? While on a con call today Lori came in and told me Uncle Burton died. What is going on?

080805 - Fast day, L & I took the boys to the pool. Jack went down the big slide and is swimming great.

080804 - Bought 2 houses today w/ Jeff. Stopped by CVS to get Burt some car magazines.

080803 - Hair Cuts

080803 - Up and Land the big boys to church. Nicole and rich over in the afternoon to watch our boys and L&I headed in to see Burton.
Burt is in pretty bad shape. He's got wires and hoses pretty nuch every where. He woke up for a bit to talk to us. We talked about our crazy boys, Casey at the fair, his ebay stuff and how his PC had a virus. He had his wits about him and was making jokes w/ us.
Stopped and bought a camcorder on the way home. Got home & L gave all the boys hair cuts & I did baths.

080802 - Zoo

080802 - everyone up early and out to the zoo. We met the Dayton relative at the zoo. We all walked around and got face paintings and played and stared at all the wonderful animals. we all had a good time.

080801 - Toes

080801 - Up and off to Delaware for GGMA Barkers funeral. It was a nice short serveice where her kids, Krick, Kenny & Steve (Gpa Barker) told great stories of their memories with her. GpaB & Nicole sang, Lori wanted to... We all went to the cemetary and said our goodbyes to GGmaB. We then joined everyone at at resturant for a nice lunch.
Headed home and got some more bad news... My uncle Burton thought he had pnuemonia and went to Mansfield General. Well the sent him straight away to The James Cancer Institute, he has friggin Lukemia! WHAT?
Lucky for Grant he doesn't understand all that is happening and is happy just to color his toes....

080729 - Martha Barker

080731 - work is crazy. I stayed up unit 4am to get a doc done so I could take tomorrow off for the funeral.
080729 - Got some sad news today. Lori's Grandma Martha Barker died. She was very old and had been having strokes and other problems for a long time. She was always very nice and was always fun and liked by all. We will miss her as she goes to join her husband Ralph.
080728 - Normal Monday. In the evening we had marshmellos over the stump the neighbor was burning out and the I taught the boys a new use for the yard waste tubs. They had fun takining turns spinning eachother.

080727 - Serpant

080727 - Up in the morning, got some b-fast and then on the road. First stop was the Serpant Mound. Very cool! Back on the road, stopped for some foot long hot dog and ate them at Siep Mound. It was huge! Fianlly made it home and relaxed the rest of the day.
080726 - Well we were not impressed w/ the creation museum. When they stated that dinosaurs were on the ark, and tried to explain where Cain got his wife from we realized it was a bit too odd for us. So we went outside to the petting zoo where they had a Zonkey and a Zorse... These were a donkey & a horse bred w/ a zebra... Very strange for 'Creation Museum' to be creating their own animals....
We then headed to Indian to pick up some food to eat at a state park in Ohio... The boys played a bit, then back to Indiana to see the movie 'Journey to the Center os the Earth'. Headed back to the hotel and stopped off at a mall w/ a playset, where Lori got faint... Ugh... I grabbed some food out of the food court and rushed back to the hotel so she could rest. After dinner we took the boys to their favorite place, the pool.

080726 - Creation

080726 - Up early, down to the lobby for somw bfasy w/ the boys. Then met the Dixion's & Shupe's @ the Creation Muesum.
080725 - Up, trying to get way too much done. Ran out and bought a new pc. Finished the crazy work day. Decided last minute to go to the Creation museuam with some friends, so we packed up and headed for Northern KY. Got to the hotel, settled in & then hit the pool!
080724 - Up, normal hectic day at work. Had one surprise, my main home pc is DEAD! not so handy. Stayed up late trying to recover the pc.
080723 - Got home at exactly midnight.