20190723 - Up in the am, L ran J to XC and D headed out to work. I headed in and had crisis after crisis this morning destroying any dreams I had of getting things done today... Took a break and ran downtown to pick up the Scout awards that the Troop earned last week.


20190722 - Up in the am and J dragging, making everyone else late... L got J delivered to XC, D dropped off his car to FINALLY get the oil changed (free with the coupon I gave him) and to work. G up and ready for his XC and I headed in to work. The office had a handful of new folks today and was 80 degrees warmer. I got things fired up and started a busy week of planning so things run smooth next week while we are out. Home and no baseball! L made us dinner and we all sat down together and had a good meal. After dinner D&J vanished as usual and G&I played rummy until it was time for Bible Bangers. D&G went with us tonight and we picked up Doc and had a short meeting. Home and couldn't sleep, up tossing and turning until 3am being the last time I looked at the clock.

20190721 - Last 9

20190721 - Up late to a very quiet house. L ran to pick up J's from his friends, D at his baseball game, G sleeping like a bear in hibernation... Got some things together and L&I headed to D's game, J&G in slug mode. It was incredibly hot and the outcome of the game didn't matter, the boys are done after this game win or lose, so they had blast chatting it up and being goofy. They had the lead at one point but then a couple more injuries and things headed the wrong way. Boys didn't care, they were there to have fun playing a game they love and this is the last game of the season.

 After the game we headed home. I installed 3 Nest Protect smoke and CO detectors, D helped on one and J helped on one. Wrapped up the install about 9pm, ate my left over Chipotle and then headed to bed after a busy weekend.

20190720 + J's Prank

20190720 + Up at the crack of dawn and on the road. Attempted to swing through the McDonalds on the edge of town but that was as expected, a complete disaster and loss of 10 minutes: I got on the highway with no food and will NEVER go to that McD's again. 2 hour and 45min later I arrive at camp. As in years past I head back to the campsite to hurry the boys along. As I arrived at the camp I ran into Roger and asked how camp went, he replied 'Good fro some of us, not so good for others'. I asked if he was referring to my boys and he just made a sound like 'Eh'. Uh Oh what did one of my idiots do??? In to camp and immediately Rob, the Scoutmaster, said he needed to talk to me, this is not how i expected this morning to go... Rob called me over and Jack and another boy to let me know that Jack and his friend decided to do nothing all week, got no merit badges and failed to get their Pipestone. Several explanations were made and blah blah, but J was about to die when he pulled out his 5th year Pipestone and let me know it was all a joke and everyone, all Scouts and adults, were in on it. They got a good laugh as they saw me go from 0 to J Dead in a flash. Relieved, but still going kill J for doing that to me... Lowered the flag in the camp and then we hiked back tot he cars and everyone told talked of the week and how much fun they had, how good the Winger boys were... Got my boys int he car, gave them their clean clothes and pop and candy bars and we headed to the Dutch Kitchen in Dalton for lunch. On the way the boys told story after story of the funny and goofy and good things that happened. To the restaurant and we got the tables reserved and claimed. Soon the others showed up and we had a feats. Back on the road and the boys got their phones so they went silent... To the Farm and stopped for a quick visit with Gma&paW, where the boys told them the highlights of the week. Back on the road before we all fell asleep with a quick stop to look over the woodshed at the Farmhouse; it is not savable... On the road, stopped for gas and then nonstop to church to pick up the blue cards and on home. Home and J loved his desk and the other things L did in his room. J&G got cleaned up. L at D's 2 games of the day in record high heat advisories... J&G, all cleaned up and glued to their electronics and I attempted to rest a bit. Eventually L&D got home and J&G retold their stories of adventure. L&I out to pick up some last minute things from Home Depot and swung by Chipotle & Cane's to get dinner. Home and we all sat down together and ate and more tales were told as we all got caught up on what happened over the last week. After dinner J decided it would be a good idea to spend the night at a friends... and the rest of us watched the new 'Shazam' before heading to bed.

20190719 + Blue Light Special

20190719 + Up in the am and D at work, headed in a bit late, on a con call on the way. In to the office and not as cold as yesterday but still freezing. Finished the day and headed home. Picked L up and D was at mandatory hitting practice, only 6 players showed up and D called off work to go... L&I went to the Greek place for a nice dinner and then over to the Home Depot to get more supplies. Home and D helped L&I get J's new desk installed. D&I then got his Eagle Rifle mounted to his wall. Hung out for a little bit and called the police to come and investigate a car parked out front of our house for an extended period... they were there quick and helped the folks out. To bed in good time expecting an exhausting day tomorrow.

20190718 + New Office

20190718 + Up in the am and D ran out for work and I headed to the new office, today is the day we are all starting at the new place. I got a new office and spent the morning setting it up. Once set up I dug into the days stuff. The new office is freezing and I had to borrow a long sleeve sweatshirt from Lonie. Finished the day and my glasses steamed up as soon as I walked out the door.... Home and picked D up and we headed to Academy Park for another round of tryouts for G's team next year. After the tryouts I sent D for food and Tom and Bill swung over to discuss our options on the back porch. After they left LD&I started to put J's desk on the wall and ran into a couple issues... I then dug into the ice maker and worked on that until 1:30am...

20190717 - Cheating

20190717 - Up in the am D @ work and L&GmaB hanging out. I headed in to work and got right to it with a couple calls and cleaning things up. Had a busy day and when I got home I entered through the garage and helped L&D with a desk project they are working on for J's room. Shortly after L&I were picked up by the Mallonn's and we headed downtown to the Red Hook Grill a Caribbean place that was really good. We had some great conversation and it was a nice evening. Home and D and 2 of his buddies were there so I played some UNO with them. I was cheating horrible and they couldn't stand it, it was a hoot. To bed, not up too late on PC.

20190716 - Dark Clouds

20190716 - Up in the am and D not working today, L&GmaB hanging out and I headed in to work. Incredibly busy day as Cory was in my office all day and we did database building and clean up stuff all day. LD&GmaB went shopping in the afternoon and met up with the Coles. After work I headed to Academy Park where I helped Tom and Bill with tryouts for next year's baseball Gahanna Lions 13U team. We got rained on a bit and there was not a bunch of new talent... I swung through the gas station on the way home and then home for dinner with everyone as D's game was rained out. We hung out in the living room a bit and then all headed to bed. I stayed up late on the PC.

20190715 - Spinning Wheels

20190715 - Up in the am and D off to work and I headed in to the office. At the desk trying to do too much today and getting very little done... Finished up the day a bit late and headed home, L&GmaB at D's baseball game. I stayed home long enough to grab my PC and headed to the Booster meeting. It was a quick meeting and not too many questions for me so out of there in good time. Home and checked in with everyone for only a minute before grabbing Doc and heading to Bible Bangers.

20190714 - Scout Delivery

20190714 - Up early and LJG&I loaded up the car and headed off to 7Ranges Scout Camp! We swung by the meeting place and checked in and then headed to the gas station to fuel up the car, McD's to get some bfast and then hit the road to the Farm. We got to the Farm and J&G did a couple of things with GmaW and GpaW and I looked for some parts to the Shopsmith. We got the text that the Troop was close so we jumped in the car and headed back to the highway with a quick stop in the corn field to get our 4th of July pic taken. On the road and to the Dalton Dariette for a good lunch and then on to the camp. We got to camp and I helped organize and boss people around and it was the fastest we have ever gotten registered. L&I hiked back to the camp site with the boys and then watched as they took their swim test. We then hiked back to he car and headed to the Farm where we went out for a nice dinner with the Gma&paW. Back home and exhausted from the day we checked in with D and headed to bed.

20190713 - FIRE & Family

20190713 - Up in the am and G&I out to the fire station where a young man gave us a tour of the trucks and explained things to G&I. It was super cool and as we left G said 'I think you liked that more than I did!'. I did, those huge trucks a re cool! We thne swung through Kroger to get supplies for the weekend and headed home. We unloaded our groceries and all of us headed North to Delaware for a family picnic with L's family. D got to go too as his games were cancelled for the day, too many injured players... We had a good time and ate a ton and G&I played a lot of cornhole with other family members on the board we made. After the picnic we headed home and finalized things for Scout camp starting tomorrow. L&I ran some errands picking up last minute things for the boys, dinner and some things at Home Depot. Home, ate and watched a movie. All to bed in good time for a busy day tomorrow.

20190712 - Short on Players

20190712 - UP in the am and L ran J to XC, D headed to work, L out on a walk with Lil and G at Brady's. Swung by Meijer on the way to get some mint and headed in to the office. At the desk and going through my stack trying to cleaning things up and organize before I go back to heads down mode. Headed home and picked up LJ&G and we headed to MOD pizzas for dinner. After dinner L&I dropped J&G off at home and we headed to D's game. We got there about an inning before it ended... After the game D&I chatted with the coaches and got an update on the weekend schedule. Home and watched a movie and then I stayed up late doing more stuff for work.

20190711 - Last Resort

20190711 - Up in the am and D gone to work and J&G had XC cancelled. In to work and had a pretty frustrating morning... Got my head down and started building another app and the day was gone before I knew it.  Home for a minute and then I headed solo to D's game, it was a total beating event... D went in to pitch the last 2 innings and did really well. After the game we hung around and chatted with some of the coaches and then D&I headed towards Long John Silvers for dinner... CLOSED! But lucky for us there was a White Castle close and we had a feast before heading home. Home and checked in with the fam. G spending the night at Brady's, and couldn't sleep, so I played games with him on the phone until 2:30 when he stopped responding.

20190710 - Tubular

20190710 - Up in the am and L took J to XC, got D up 5 min before he was supposed to be at work, ran G and his buddy to XC. I headed in to work, took 13 min to get through Cherry Bottom & Moris Rd, another 9 minutes to get from there 14 miles to my office... To the desk and Kevin got me a better chair. Had a busy day with a lot of progress. Home a bit late and D at his game, J on an adventure with some buddies and LG&I had dinner. After dinner L went to D's game and G&I got his pipestone wood bundled and then played cornhole, I finally beat him! After a bit L home and J called done with his adventure: At XC this morning J thought it would be a good idea to go tubing down the Big Walnut Creek. So Jack and 5 of his buddies got themselves some tubes and headed to Academy Park and spent the next 3 hours floating down the creek, swinging on a rope swing they found, going through rapids and splashing around. They had a BLAST! All home, D won and D&I working on finding him a student loan for school this year.

20190709 - Jack has a Life (badge)

20190709 - Up in the am and in to work to a surprise meeting about a change that they wanted that we didn't need and we won't do until August. I hope that confuses you as much as it did me... Had a pretty busy day and headed out a bit late. Home and helped L cook dinner. J home from the pool and LJG&I had a nice dinner. After dinner J&I headed to the Scout Board of Review where we had to split up in to two rooms tonight due to everyone wanted to get their rank advancements done before summer camp. J got his Life Scout rank and now only has his Eagle Project to do to become an Eagle Scout! After the BOR J drove me to CVS to get tanning bed burn aloe... Home and watched some of the All-Star game and applied a lot of aloe... Up late reading a book! yes an actual paper book!

20190708 - Sleepless

20190708 - Up in the morning and way more burned than I had thought I was. L ran J to XC, D up and heading out for work, G and his buddies getting around for their first XC run and I headed in to work, taking a couple calls on the way; definitely a Monday... Had a day of getting caught up on things from 4 days out. Headed home a bit early and hung out with G a bit while L cooked dinner. LJG&I had dinner together and heard all about G's first day of XC conditioning.  After dinner L went to D's baseball game and JG&I went to Scouts. After Scouts I got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers for a bit. Home and tended my tanning bed burn and watched the rest of the 'Dark' series, couldn't sleep...

20190707 + Trouble Boys

20190707 + Up, church with L, Brunch with L, L&D to D's game, I ran to pick up J from friends and we stopped by baseball fields to get tarps. Home and J in room/bathroom for next 2hrs, G back at ball fields watching tournament, knows a lot of people there and brought various groups of kids home periodically throughout the day... I got things done in the office and prereqs clearly defined for J&G for upcoming Scout camp. Out to the garage and fixed the big black speaker handle and made 1 good folding chair out of two. Ended up on the back porch working on Booster advertising stuff and had lots of visitors throughout the afternoon. In the evening I headed out to get gas and then Planet Fitness to work on a base tan so i would get roasted when we get to the beach in a couple of weeks. The folks there really had no idea how to use the tanning bed and in 7 minutes I was burned like a piece of bacon... ugh... Home and played Trouble with G and this friends before they were aloud to play the Xboxes. Up late listing to the loud boys and watching more 'Dark'.

20190706 + Last game

20190706 + Up got the ladders out and started trimming vines. JG&I took a break and ran down to Academy Park to see D working the D-Bat tent and meet up with Jim Long and his family. Home and J&I finished the vine trimming on the West side of the house and Jim and his kids showed up to get out of the massive heat. We visited and the kids played and had a good time telling stories and looking at reunion pic and year books. We got seeded and had to rush out to the field where we didn’t get started quick enough and then we rushed by the weather and errors to lose our last game of the season... We swung through Wendy's on the way home and then I ran J downtown with some of his friends for a concert in pouring rain and horrible constructions. Home and got done paying the bills and hung out with LD&G the rest of the evening.

20190705 - Men in Tights

20190705 - Up in the am and took the day off for more baseball... We headed the ballfield, put our tarps over both dugouts for the tournament this weekend. Played, lost, team over to McClain’s for lunch. We stayed a while and then headed home to chill out for a bi before heading back to the diamond for game 2 where the boys run rulled the team quickly. Headed back home, I ran and got a haircut. and we hung our the rest of the night and watched 'Robin hood Men In Tights'.

20190704 + Busy Fun Day

20190704 + Up in the am and did a bit around the house. The McClains and Mallonns over in the am and we all walked downtown for the parade. We saw a lot of people we knew and had a good time. After the parade we headed home played cornhole for a bit, watched the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and then headed down to Creekside for a nice lunch with the McClains, celebrating Bill’s bday. After lunch LG&I headed to the pool and hung out a couple hours. G&I has fun playing a catching game we made up. Home and the McClains and Gervais over for a cookout and to watch the fireworks, it was a great show this year, right over our front yard. In and shut down for the night ready for baseball tomorrow. 

20190703 - Land of the Dumb

20190703 - Up in the am and in to work for a stressful morning... people not thinking before acting...  Got that all straightened out and trying to catch up. Worked on a new project all afternoon. Headed home, followed a moron most of the way... L&G finished up the cornhole boards today. J cooked a nice dinner for us and his friend Conor was over. We all had dinner together and then G wanted to try out the new cornhole boards but it was raining, so he set up the shade tent and one under the porch. We played a couple of games, then Jand the 2 kids that were spending the night played with us and then Jim from next door stopped and played a couple games. L&I hung out the back porch until time to head in.

20190702 + Sprayin & Paintin

20190702 + Up in the am and in to work. Had one meeting that ran into two and then finished the day at the desk. L power washed the back porch and patio today. L&G got the OSU stickers on the cornhole boards and a couple coats of poly on them. Headed home, D at his game, L wanted to go but alerts went off for T-storms and then D headed home in the downpour. We all hung out and watched the Dumbo movie. To bed and started a new series 'Dark'.

20190701 - Almost Done

20190701 - Up in the am and L ran J to XC, D moved his car for me but not working today and I headed in to work. At the desk and getting things done, continuing the momentum from the weekend. L sent me some pics of Her and J&G collecting pipestone with some Scouts. Finished out the day and headed home. Sat down for dinner with LJ&G, D ran out the door to throw with his friend as I got home. After dinner J drove G&I to Scouts. After Scouts G&I played cornhole on the boards in progress until I got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers for a quick meeting. Home and L&I watched the last Game of Thrones, except L fell aslepp and will have to watch the last 30 min on her own.