20220622 - L got me up too early again and we got to the school. The kids are in separate sessions today so we headed to another auditorium and more lectures started. L had it covered so I headed out and found a scooter. I jumped on and took a campus tour. I found the play where the shootings happened and a large stone brain. I met back up with L and the lectures were still going on. I sat outside a bit and then things wrapped up. We met up with J and headed over to the library to talk to the financial aid people. After our final meeting we ran J back to the dorm so he could get his stuff and we headed out. J reluctantly told us all the fun stuff they did last night and that they started a group chat with the kids they hung out with. he had a good time. On the road and we stopped at the Farm for a short visit and leg stretch. GpaW was there and we chatted for a bit. he hurt his hip somehow. it was a nice visit and we got back on the road and headed home. Home and got everything unpacked and Hazel and I got her pool out and hung out in the backyard. Trent came over and G&I worked on his bike before the boys headed to the pool. Not long after they left it stormed for about 30 min and cooled everything down. D & DGF13 stopped by for dinner and chat. Today was D's first day at Blue Raven Solar. He said it was kind of boring, we pushed him to ask more questions and learn while the guy they sent to train him was with him. After dinner I had to go to a Booster Board meeting at Edison Brewing. The meeting took way longer than expected, but we got a lot done. Home and hung out with L. JGF6 came by and we chatted with her a bit. G was out playing volleyball and got home late.