20140831 + Lena Bday

20140831 + Up to old church, better pastor, nice to see folks.  Home ate, got things done at desk.  Lenas bday party in afternoon.  L&I played cards with G.  All down to watch season finally of falling skies

20140830 - Family Day

20140830 - Up to J's soccer scrimmage, he did pretty good.  Home for a few minutes then to the ball field, D umped G played.  G's team won.  Home, cleaned up and changed and on the road to Uncle John & Aunt Mary's in Shelby for a party for a chance to hang out with Frank, Jessica, Max & Sam, our cousins that live in Germany.  It was a nice visiting and playing with the cousins at the pool and the park.  The boys were a little out of control...  ugh.  Home and watched a bit of football before bed.

20140829 - Chilly Picnic

20140829 - College day at work and co picnic.  We did the ice bucket challenge to a couple of the managers for some good fun.  Home ate, D's girlfriend over.  All to high school football game.

20140828 - Germans

20140828 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school in his White ox outfit.  On to work where I had a busy day of catching up and fixing things.  We had investors in today and we gave them a tour.  Home for a quick change and to the ball field to coach.  Uncle John & Aunt Betty showed up with Max and Sam to watch the boys play and they got a good show.  D's team didn't do so hot tonight but G's team won and they all got to see G pitch.  After the games we headed to Dairy Queen for a snack and to chat.  Sounds like they are having a great time here.  I can't believe I didn't take a picture :-(  Home and all boys cleaned up and off to bed.

20140827 + Highway Day

20140827 + Up and ready D&I headed down for bfast at the hotel. We had a good bfast and then walked a couple of blocks to get on the Megabus at 9 to head back to Columbus. We thought we would have plenty of room and were caught separated wit strangers sitting next to us... The guy sitting next to D was playing his music so loud through his headphones that the entire bus could hear it, and the guy that sat next to me was on the phone the entire way from Chicago to Indianapolis }:-| when we got to Indy we all got off the bus to stretch. D&I got back on early and he moved up to sit with me. The talker was not thrilled he lost his windshield seat, but I just stated 'he is my son an he is sitting here', that was the end of that discussion... This put the talker and music man together :-)  On to a truck stop somewhere on 70 and we climbed out for lunch at Burger King. More windshield time and we got home about 5pm. 
LJ&G picked us up and we took an alternative route home to avoid the stoplights that were out due to no electricity... Home for seconds and L&J to his soccer practice and D to the ice cream place with his girl. I made G a pb&j and relaxed in the living room. D home and I created a hotspot so D can work on homework and G&I played some catch and then rummy which J joined when he got home.  All boys to bed and going to try and get some real rest for a big day at work tomorrow.

20140826 - Great Day 2 B 15

20140826 - Off the bus at 7am in Chicago. Our first stop was a tour of Union Station that was right across the street from where we got off the bus.  From there we took a short walk to our hotel where we changed and then were able to get our room and store out stuff. 

It was too early to do anything so we asked where a good breakfast could be found and were directed to Lou Mitchell's. We walked there and found it a great little local diner that is a regular stop for presidents and movie stars, and had a fabulous breakfast topped off by a happy birthday serenade and a huge piece of cake.  

On to the first destination, the Sky Ledge at the top of the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower.  We watched the video and then zoomed up 103 floors for a amazing views all around the city. The next part was a bit unsettling, where we walked out on a glass box that hangs 1353 feet above the street :-o  It was super cool but I didn't want to stay out there for long :-s

Our next stop was the Money Museum in the Chicago Federal Reserve. There were some cool displays and $3 MILLION in cash in there: a 4'x4' cube of 1 million $1 bills, a 1 million dollar pile of $20 bills and a briefcase with 1 million in $100 bills.  We got a bag of money from there (shredded) and headed down the road.

Our next stop was the start of famous Route 66.  One block over was the end of Route 66. Seemed like a short trip, don't understand why it is so famous ;-)

Across Michigan Ave and down a bit we came to a water park with great big monoliths that had water pouring over them into a shallow splash pool kids were playing in. The monoliths had screens that showed faces on them that moved, changed expressions and spit out a stream of water every now an then. 

With the skies darkening was found the Bean and walked around it looking at our reflections and all the people taking pictures.  Now raining we seemed shelter and found some buildings that were connected so we could get to our next destination, the Chicago Tribune building that has famous artifacts from all over the world embedded in its walls.

The rain ceased and we walked all the was around the building. D's favorite rock was one from the beaches of Normandy (just under the light). From here we found a Microsoft store we ha to check out in a huge Nordstrom's complex. 


Then down under the city to the world famous Billy Goat's Tavern where we each got a 'CHEEZBORGER CHEEZBORGER' (double cheeseburger). It was good to sit and listen to the locals and read all the stuff on the walls. 

Next was a long walk on an empty pier. The Navy Pier was pretty deserted an not a lot going on. We made it to the end and D sat on a huge anchor. 

Back to the front of the pier where we grabbed a cab, D's first cab ride ever, to Wrigley Field. We got tickets for the tour and checked out the souvenir shop across the street made of shipping containers to kill some time before the tour. We took the tour and learned a top about the place, the team and all of the history. It was super cool and a really neat stadium. 

The tour ended on the field. It was amazing how perfect everything was groomed and flat. Not the dusty lumpy fields we are use to...  Looking across the field, right in front of me was a feather...  


Tour over and we jumped on the train to head back into town. We went to the huge fountain down in front of Lake Michigan.  

We got a drink and them walked to the Field Museum that was about to close and decided not to pay full price for an hour tour before it closed...  We walked towards the train again and found a neat headless and armless steel figures in a park. Onward to find a charger for D's phone and to the train to head to the stadium. 

We arrived at the stadium stop and took a short walk around to Gate 3, where Uncle Russ had arranged for us to meet 'a guy' that got us into the Scout's Lounge. The Scout's Lounge was a buffet where we could hangout and eat before the game. We had a nice meal and a lot of looks as we were the only Indians in the place :-o  up to our seats and we had a great view for the game. We took a break and went to the team store where D picked out a shirt and hat. When we got back to our seats we decided to move even closer and settled in the 6th row behind the dugout.  There was a group of Sox fans there that were very nice and we spent the rest of the game having a lot of fun with them, listening to the heckler and seeing D's name up on the scoreboard. The game went into extra innings and the Indians won!  A quick train ride back into the city and then what was supposed to be a short walk to our hotel that turned into a fence barricade jumping, six lane highway frogger crossing, cement wall jump detour.  Our detour did lead us to an abandoned building that was used in one of the Transformer movies :-)  Back to the hotel and exhausted we fell asleep easily.
What a great day with a great young man I'm proud to have as my son.
Happy 15th Birthday D, I love you buddy.

20140825 - Overnight Road

20140825 - Up with only one hour of sleep and in to work. Had a list of things I needed to get done today before I left and finished up right at 5:30. Headed home and got things packed up. Saw the fam for a bit when J got home from soccer and we had a mini bday part for D as the rest of the family would not see him on his actual bday for the first time since he was born (insert L crying here).  


Penn came over and carried D&I downtown where we waited for the Megabus. The bus showed up, D&I sat in the front seats on the top deck and we headed for Chicago.  Sitting up front and that high made us feel like we were going to hit every stoplight and bridge we came to :-s  the bus stopped at OSU and then on to Cincinnati. From there we went to Indianapolis and then on to Chicago.  We got use to the bouncing and pitching on the bus, like being on a boat, and were able to get some sleep.

20140824 - Zombie

20140824 - Up in the am and G had baseball practice and later turned into a zombie

20140823 - Dork Twins

20140823 - Up and got some things done at the desk.  To the ball field for the day, except J, he went with his buddies to a movie.  G had a game and they lost.  D had his 1st game and they won!  I ran to get a hair cut, Wendy's to get food, post office, gas station, Goodwill to drop stuff off, bank to get cash. back to D's second game, he caught for a couple of innings and they won.  Home and cleaned up and we all headed to the Clippers game with stops to pick up J and Stephanie's sweatshirt.  We met Tom, Landon, Bill, Tiffany, Brady and Amaya at the game and had a BLAST!  The Clippers lost but we we had a great time and stayed for the fireworks after.  Home about midnight.

20140822 - Where I want to be

20140822 - Work, stressful final preparations.  Submitted, 4 second left, more to do, missed it!  Got it submitted... Relief.  Met fam + D's Girlfriend + Mallon's for a really nice dinner.  Home and watched Divergent.  Up until 5:30 am working....

20140821 + Ice Bucket

20140821 + In early, stayed late.  Home and J did the ice bucket challenge today.  Out for a baseball meeting.  Home late.

20140820 - Knee Up

20140820 - D to school work frustrating a lot to do not getting the audience we need. Rushed to G's game. We have a 'challenged' team...  Bases loaded and G slammed a natural triple! 3 RBIs! In the last inning he was catching and dove after a foul ball to get an out :-o  D umped a different game and L took J to his first soccer practice. He did good and has 4 buddies from school on the team.  Home, little boys to bed, D watching baseball on the big screen. L&I trying to stay awake on the couch.

20140819 + Its a Hit

20140819 + Up and dropped D off at school on way to work. Very full busy and productive day. Straight to the ball fields and checked in with a new ump, then over to D's game. They won again!  Took a while to get out of the park, stopped and chatted with everyone. Home and ate, hung out with boys a bit. Up late (3am) working.

20140818 - 2 Apples

20140818 - Work, to ball field to check on a new ump.  To scouts, to collect cards for merit badges.  Home up til 2am working on a web tool for work.

20140817 + Bike Jumble

20140817 + Up in the am and D&I over to Towler's to let the dog out.  Back home and got the rest of the fam and headed to church.  home and L&I went through all my clothes and got rid of 1/2 my stuff while D did home work and J&G vegged out with iTouches and the TV.  Doing some things at the desk.

20140816 - G Walking the Dog

20140816 - UP in am, G&I ran D to the ball field to ump this morning. We chatted with a bunch of folks there and watched the start of some games.  Then we headed to the gas station for some supplies and McD's for some grub.  Home and got started on some desk work, L&J getting groceries.  Then I had to go pick D up from umping and make sure the other umps showed up.  Stopped and talked to a bunch of folks and then back home at the desk getting caught up.  D mowed, J&G went to park.  All home and L took J to a sleep over bday party.  D had his girlfriend over and they jumped on the trampoline, watched TV...  L a nervous wreck the entire time...  G&I went to a friends to let their dog out, dropped supplies off to J for his sleepover, swung by the bank and picked up pizzas.  We had dinner and then I took D's girl home.  Home and we watched the football movie 'Underdogs'.  A late night trip to let my buddy's dog out and then home to bed.

20140815 + 'Fumes

20140815 + Up early and got D delivered to school.  In to work and got my morning desk stuff done and out to the floor, spent the remainder of the day there.  Left work at 6pm and just made it to the end of D's game.  Apparently D had an awesome catch that made both side cheer when he caught it over the shoulder ' Willy Mays Style'.  When I got there there was several extra people there, Gma&paW and Stephanie.  Stephanie is very nice outgoing young lady that is a 'friend' of D's...  D's team won and after the game we all headed to Max & Erma's for a nice dinner.  Home and all to bed in good time.  It looks like the 'fumes are kicking in...  Perfumes & sooon Gas Fumes...  I couldn't sleep, up till 6am trying to get a project done for work.

20140814 - Day 2

20140814 - Took D to school, in to work, spent half the day in the back.  Home and ate then took all the boys to G's baseball practice while L went to meet J's teachers.  It was a good practice, home and doing some work watching tv with L.

20140813 - 1st Day Back

20140813 - Up early and the boys all up and excited for the first day of school. I took Dylan to his first day of High School :-o I dropped him off at that gas station and he ran across the road to school. I then went back for another day of offsite meetings. After the meeting I ran to the Scout Store and got all the badges the Troop earned at camp. Home for a quick bite to eat and have the boys tell me all about their first days. Good reports all around. Then the boy, Doc & I loaded up and went over to the Mallon's to help take some of their deck apart. Home and All boys to bed. L helped me divide up the badges and put them in bags before she fell asleep on the couch. I then updated all the umpire sheets.
Pic of D on first day of Pre-School & High School

20140812 + He Hit It!

20140812 + Up early and headed to an offsite all day meeting.  It went ok.  After the meeting I headed straight to the ball field.  D's first high school level game was well underway when I got there.  I got there just in time as D was up to bat and he got a hit!  He even eventually scored.  It may not sound like a big deal, but in this league the ball is pitched upwards of 92mph :-o  This is REAL baseball.  He played all but 2 innings ended up with 2 hits and 2 runs scored.  WAY TO GO D!  Home and we all relaxed for the rest of the evening.  Well as much as we could, tomorrow is the first day of school! And I relaized 2 hours after the fact that I missed a Scout Board of Review :-o

20140811 - Good Day and Knight

20140811 - In for a stressful day at work. The RIGHT thing was done and I and made preparations for a couple of days of offsite meetings. I got home just and L walked out, I took her back to the school for G's school orientation night. I then dropped D off at Scouts and ran home to get a couple of things done. I then loaded up the stuff, got Doc and headed to the church to meet some of the Gahanna Modern Day Knight dads. We set up for the Knighting Ceremony in a pavilion behind the church. Pretty soon the 4 boys heading to high school in 2 days showed up. They went to the 3 stations of Truth, Knowledge and Faith. They took the Oath and were knighted and presented their swords. Very Cool! We all headed back to our house to sit on the porch and chat for a bit (found another feather). What a really nice evening and great boys.

20140810 - 66 & J's Dad & Me Day

20140810 - Up in the am and we had a bday bfast with Gma&paW.  GpaW turned 66 today and we got to watch him open his presents.  Then J&I loaded up and headed to Cedar Point for his Dad & Me Day.  He picked it, he wanted to ride roller coasters and man did we!  We got to the park in good time and decided to get the Fast Pass for a couple extra bucks (this is a GREAT IDEA if you ever go, it knocked HOURS off waiting for us).  We got through the gate and went counterclockwise around the park hitting every ride that wasn't a 'kiddie' ride.  Some I was scared to go on, some J was scared to go on.  But we forced each other to accomplish our goal of riding every thrill ride in the park.  With our Fast Pass bracelets we were able to walk right past people that were waiting for 1.5 hours and get on rides in no more than 15 minutes.

We ended up riding most rides twice!  IN THE FRONT ROW!!!  Our favorites were Gate Keeper, Raptor, Millennium, Top Thrill Dragster and the BEST was the Maverick. 

While waiting in one of the lines I looked down and there it was...  a feather :-)

In another of our short waits J enjoyed listening to a family playing word association games to kill the time.

We made two complete loops around the park.  Hitting everything the first time and then going back and getting the front car on our favorites the second.  We loaded the Maverick as the sun went down and it was a pretty sight.

We closed the park down.  Watched a light and music show and burned up every spare $ he could find trying to win a huge stuffed animal. 

Just look at his face.  Jack was thrilled with himself and had a wonderful day, using the new deodorant I had gotten him (for the 'talk' about how his body was going to start changing...) and having a great time, just me and him, having nothing but fun.  He is a great boy!  One of my favorite days for sure!

20140809 - Poles & Bowls

20140809 - Up in the am and took all the boys + Conor to the Scouts Poles & Bowls event.  The boys had a fishing derby (poles) and I made ice cream (for the bowls).  I ran to McD's to get us some lunch and we ate at the park and had wonderful ice cream.  Home for a quick change and then G&I on to baseball practice. Home for another quick change and then J&I headed up to the Farm.  We stopped at CVS on the way out and J got to smell and pick out some deodorant, and we got some candy for the drive.  We headed North and had a good talk about the deodorant and the changes to his body that are coming :-o  Then he reminded me I should have gotten him something for his sweaty feet :-)   We got to the Farm and hung out for only a couple of minutes before heading in to Mansfield to have dinner with Gma&paW and John and Mary.  Then we all went to see the play 'Peter Pan' at the Renaissance Theater.  It was a good play and we all enjoyed it.  Home and J and GmaW hanging out.  I spent nearly 2 hours writing an email about something that is bothering me very much at work.  I sent it and then got to bed about 1am.

20140808 + Big Smile

20140808 + Up and a stressful day at work.  Really don't like the direction we are heading.  I think it will be disastrous to our organization...  Home and had a couple of beers and trimmed my nails with Lillyo n the back porch while L had D and the other boys at Academy Park for D's baseball practice.  We all met up for dinner with Mallon's at the new burger joint 'B Spot'.  Then DJ&I went to Home Depot to get rock salt and tiki torches.  Home and relaxed.

20140807 - Modern Day Knights

20140807 - Up in the am and my buddy Arno called me on the way to work. It was a fun conversation and a good way to start the day. To work and a very fast day. I got some news I didn't like today about a guy they may bring in to help with a project.  L took D to the high school for orientation today. I sent him a text before he went: 'Please be extra nice to your mom. She is sad because u are getting so big and need her less...  Let her help you. Even if it is annoying.'  His response 'OK'.  Lori reported it went well...

Finished the and Dave and I sped to The Donatos in Gahanna for the Gahanna Modern Day Knights Dinner and a Movie. We had pizzas, a quick lesson on becoming a knight and then Dave and Doc gave speaches to the boys. It was a good dinner. Them we all loaded up and went see the new Planet of the Apes movie. It was a good movie. Event over and all home. I got a text from one of guys that attended for the first time that he talked to his son about the dinner and he repeated a quote Dave taught the boys tonight "The ax forgets and the tree remembers".  That's what it's all about!

20140806 -Antsy

20140806 - Up to work, things got a little heated today... GmaB here today shopping with L and the boys.  J went into school to record the morning news show for the first day of school, he runs the presentation that everyone will see.  I stopped at a landscape board meeting on the way home and got home at the tail end of dinner.  The Coles were here and we hung out for a while.  The kids are melting down, getting antsy about the upcoming school year...  so to bed early.

20140805 - Rare Event

20140805 - Up and in for a super fast day of work.  Home a bit late and had dinner with the fam.  The boys played and L&I relaxed, a rare event.

20140804 - In the Ear

20140804 - Work, L&J took D to his baseball, D got hit in the ear. I took G to his baseball and ran the practice. G&I took Owen home then stopped at Scouts about awards. Home and Doc & I to Bible Bangers to plan some events for the boys. Home and read some stuff for work. Called John about baseball. Bed

20140803 + Fun & Busy

20140803 + Up in the am and all to church, lunch at home, G&I took D to 15U tryouts, L&J got groceries.  Home and I finished bills and took DJ&G to the car show downtown.  Friends over for ice cream in the evening.  It was a fun and busy day.

20140802 - B Film, F Film

20140802 - Up in am and rainy day I did some things at the desk JG&I went to see Defenders of the Galaxy(B) while L went shopping. Back home for a bit and then picked D up from summer camp. He had a great time and told us all about it. We loaded up and went to BWs for dinner and then D and I went to see the movie Lucy (F).

20140801 - Split All Over

20140801 - Up work home and changed and to the ball field for fall ball evaluations.  Then John & I stopped at Wendy's for a bite to eat and strategy session and on to the draft.  We drafted an odd team, it will certainly be a challenge.  Home and Tom stopped over for a beer and to chat about the draft.  L and the boys home from the play, saw them for a minute before we all went to bed.  L told be about the day: she mowed and J had 3 friends over.