20220718 - Up in the am and L left super early to head to FL with her girlfriends. I got around and headed in to the office. I was the only one there for most of the day. Got my stuff done, chatted with CB and then headed home to finish out the day. I read a contract on the back porch and did email. G home, I finished up my day and G drove me through rush hour and downtown to Berliner for a tryout with the Columbus Comets for 16U next year. I hung out with Chris Bowman and Hazel and I took a couple walks. G did good at the tryout and fits in pretty good with this team. We didn't get done there until 8:30. Home and J had made us dinner. It was so spicy that the smoke from it filled the house and burned our eyes and made it hard to breathe. We opened the windows and turned on the fan. We headed outside to let the air clear and facetimed with L a bit. We ate on the porch and it was good and spicy! In and watched some TV until late and headed to bed.