070731 - Fun Night

070731 - Returned to our camp and had our dinner and then off to the pool!!! We had a blast swimming for hours! We then tried our luck at put-put... Grant drew quite a crowd as he played and walked like godizilla. A good time was had by all. We then headed back to our camp and the boys got there jammies on and we went out to the gazebo with a bag of Oreos and a gallon of milk. We had fun eatin our cookies, listening to the waterfall and talking of all the days fun and tomorrows... Got everyone in bed, then ran out and got L some ribs and wings. We sat around munching and watching 'Perfume'.

070730 - 31 Long Day

070731 - Up early and headed to Newport News to LensCrafters. I called my optomitrist in OH and had them fax my perscription ahead of us. We got there about 10:30 and I had a new pair of glasses by noon while we hung out at the mall. We then headed for the Air and Space museum where we saw and played with lots of jets and saw a moon rock. We then went to a huge playground in Hampton and played. Then a quick stop at a beach on the James river. We also took some time to walk around the Virgina War memorial and see some cool tanks and guns! back on the road to 'our camp'...
070730 - So we settled in 'our camp' and got a bite and Grant a bottle then hit the pool. WHAT A BLAST!!! The boys are really loving the water and are getting good at swimming. We got home and when I took my snap on sunglasses off one of the lenses fell out of my glasses and of course it was the lense for my good eye... So I rigged them up to get through the night. We put the boys model airplanes together and let them play a bit before bed. L & I watched 'Zodiac'.

070730 - I am Clark

070730 - So we all got up in good time and got ready. It was raining pretty hard so we decided to head down towards Newport News to a hobby shop... We made the 20 min trip arriving about 10:45 to see that it was closed until 12: Damn. Knowing the boys wouldn't last waiting, We headed towards a gas station to refuel and find a local. I found an old dude and asked him what there was to do. He had loads of suggestions and rattled them off so fast I don't remember 3/4ths of what he said. But he did say the kids would love the maritime museum: so off we went in search of the museum. Good luck was with us we found it with no problem. Except there was a hand written note on the door 'Closed today only due to electrical problems' DAMN DAMN! But in the true Grizwald fashion I kept a smile and pressed on... We stopped for a bite in a Wendy's, in fear that any other establishment would activate Grants sreaming trigger. About this time it was noon, so no fear we would go to the hobby store... The hobby store was a hit. Each boy got an aitplane model to build tonight and as luck would have it the owner told us about a 'Great museum for the boys', the Army transportation museum on a real army base. So we headed off in the direction of the base and passed the inspection to get in. We found the museum and all the huge tanks and helicopters anxious to see them up close. We sprinted to the front doors only to read 'Closed Mondays'... DAMN, DAMN, DAMN (boys are pointing to this fact in the pic).
So today I am Clark Griswald. Every wonderful vacation activity we tried was a disaster... If there was a moose around I would punch it!
Defeated we headed back to 'our camp' stopping to buy some little pirate guys... Then home for a quick play, bottle and then hopefully swim

070729 - Captian George's

070729 - Went to a presentation that failed because the kids went nuts & they were not very family friendly [I let them know it >:-) ]. So we bailed out of there and went swimming for the afternoon! Back to 'our camp', as Jack calls it for an afternoon rest. Then out for dinner at Captian George's Seafood Buffet. Pretty crazy event as Grant has taken to screaming as loud as he can ever chance he gets in a crowded place, but the food was good! We left there in search of a candy barn and had to make an emergency restroom stop... Seem Lori ate something that was processed pretty fast... ;-) Well we drove all over, met some locals in the process and found the barn closed: but we will be back tomorrow! Stopped at a trading post on the way home and saw a fife and drummer there. Back to 'our camp' and everone crashed. I stayed up and watched a movie, but not to late, these boys require a lot of energy. I don't know how L does it while I'm on the road...

070729 - Welcome center

070729 - Everyone slept well. Up & ready for the day. Stopped by the visitor cntr & talked to a local kids to figure out what the boys would like. L & G are gaurding the car. Off for more exploring!

070728 - We made it!

070728 - We got up in good time. Jack & I had bfast b4 anyone else was up. Everyone else got ready and we were on the road by 8. Stopped South of DC for lunch and playground at McDs. Heading South on 95 took us 2.5 hrs to go 30 miles... Got to the resort about 5, gettin settled in and playin with sticky guys on the ceiling over the whirlpool tub.

070727 - VACATION!!!

070727 - We got things together early and a free night in a hotel so we left a day early! Pretty loud trip, but safe.

070715 - Swimming Lessons

070715 - Started the morning at work then ran over to see the boys at swimming lessons.

070714 - Baseball Party

Playin in the sand

070714 - Skate Park

070714 - I got home last night at midnight from a week in CA. Got a lot done out there, but still have loads to do. Getting errands done today & having some fun w/ my boys.

070705 - Rough Day

070705 - Rough day... Grant, now crawling, discovered gravity this morning. He found the basement steps open and a second later was on his back on the basement floor, not tumbling down the steps but falling off the side (about a 6ft drop). lori ran him to Chdrens Hospital and was there all morning. After 3 Dr.s visited Grant they all agreed he had a cut lip and will probably bruise up a bit, but that is all. We definitely have angels watch us! I worked in the afternoon and then played with the boys and watched 'Bridge to Teribithia'.

070703 - Bear gets a brushin

070703 - Worked in the am then ran to the movies with the boys to see Transformers!