20220619 +

20220619 + Up late. Talked to GpaW a bit, wished him happy father's day. L made me some bfast and I finished up paying bills and things I didn't get done Friday. L ran to the grocery. Out of the office and in to the garage and took the side mirrors off the car. D showed up and helped. We got the turn signals out of the mirrors and put new blue and orange dynamic turn signals in. J&G up, J helped L with a late lunch. We all ate out back together and then I opened the cards and stuff L got me and I got myself :-)  We played some cornhole. We relaxed a bit and then LDG&I headed to see the new Jurassic Park movie. It was pretty goodm but pretty predictable. Home and J and JGF6 there, G had Trent and Luke come spend the night. To bed late.