070429 - Indians

070429 - I was woke by the yells of Indians. Then Grant and I stayed home to work while the natives went to church. I then spent several more hours working before I got outside to spread the 40 bags of mulch the church delivered. The neighbor kids were over so we had 7 kids runing around in the backyard. After a nice day in outside we ran to McD's and the boys played on the playset. Home for baths, books and bed. I fell asleep on the couch to wake up a couple hours later to again get on the phone to work...

070428 - went to the park for dinner & some games of chase. Then home for playing ing the backyard.

070428 - Initiation

070428 - Howdy & I out to get a birthday present for Jack, but had no success... Home Jack & I made wooden knives while L & D went to get his team pictures taken. Everyone home for lunch & to color our knives. Then out in the backyard where Grant was initiated with the customary piece of grass up the nose by Howdy.

070425 - Grant & I watch

070425 - Was up late working last night. Then quick sleep & back to it. All 3 of the boys home today. Grant had his 6 mo check up today: 60% in weight, 30% in height and head size... after work took the fam to a Chinese Buffet and then drove past our house in Powell. Home to play as Grant & I watch, then some movies.

070424 - Lice brother go to play

070424 - Another busy work day as the last 6 weeks of the project are in site. Everything was normal, as normal a stressfully possibly, until Dylan got home with an itchy head... Lori immediately went into clean mode and is washing EVERYTHING. The boys got a good scrubbing and lice comb and picking with screaming and crying all the while. So far Grant & myself are clean. I took the boys to the playground just to get out of the cleaning frenzy and get some air.

070422 - Dinner w/ GMA & PA Winger

070422 - Long day after the camp out. 2 hours of baseball, a bit of rest and then clean out the camping gear, some catch w/ Howdy and then Gma & Pa Winger down for dinner.

070421 - goodnight

070421 - We just finished a night hike and a talk about the stars. Heading off to the fire to end off the night.

070421 - Tent is up

070421 - Did some more chores then met up with the Grossel boys and headed out for the Cub Scout camp out. Got the tent set up and ready for whatever happens....

070421 - Haircut & Karate

070421 - Tent Brothers

070421 - Cleaning out the shed

Chair colapsed on L

070420 - 07 Baseball team, the Lynx

070419 - Sloppy Day

070419 - What a day... Stayed up till 2 to get email under control. Kids woke me u about 5 hrs later, argh... Then the day was strewn with spills. I think everyone spilled a cup of something today. Have another night of work ahead of me...

070418 - Bath time

070418 - Amazing that he was Born only 6 months ago. He has obviously been eating ever since... Lori off to church tonight, just us boys at home. Everyone seems to be healthy again. I am finally at a point I am caught up at work, well almost....
070417 - Lori not feeling well this morning so I took Jack back to school from break: he had fun. Worked all day. Took an Oreo break with Dylan. Went to Karate with the boys, then stayed up and watched a movie with L.

070414 - Family

Now this is what today was all about!

070414 - Playing

070414 - Well we had a great day! we had lots of friends and family show up and enjoy the Farm. We ended up with about 1.5 gal of PERFECT MAPLE SYRUP! What a fantastic day and those not here, especially Grandma Mary Winger, we certianly did this in your honor and missed you deeply. Thank God for Family & friends

070414 - Perfect day

070414 - Its Done!!!!

070414 - cooking

070414 - Lunch

070414 - watching

070414 - Boiling Down

start of process...

070414 - 2007 Maple Syrup day @ the Farm

A fun and enjoyable time was had by all at the 2007 Maple Syrup Day on the Farm. Family, friends and lots of children (13) were in attendance. People enjoyed fireside chats, playing in the barn, cats, pony, tasty treats, walks to the Falls and of course, the delicious maple syrup. This year we had some visitors from far away; Washington, Tokyo, and Dusseldorf! The weather was crisp but tolerable with good company and warm fires.

There are those that could not be with us today and those that have passed on. Even when not present, somehow we all meet up at the Farm on days like these. The spirit of Family and friends is what this event and the Farm are all about. Thanks to all those who attended.

070412 - Quiet Evening

070412 - Lo woke me about 11 after I feel asleep on the living room floor about 5am... Busy day at work till 6. Boys still not feeling well. Dylan & Grant sitting at the counter with Jack sleeping in the red chair.

070411 - sick boy

070411 - Up all night with 2 sick boys

070411 - April Snow Showers?

070411 - Arrived at Chicago's O'hare to a white out snow storm. Here are some planes getting de-iced

070409 - Long Day...

070409 - Lori up early w/ Grant, he was throwing up... I got the other 2 started before sitting @ the desk. Sat there cleaning up the project all day. Ran the boys to krate, then we hit McDs and Meijer where they looked for toys... Home got the boys to bed and out for coffee w/ the boys. TIRED

070407 - Cousins

070407 - Up in am put working on putting the new oven. Cleaned up then over to Dayton to see all the Haltead family.

070401 - Snow!?

070405 - up WAY to early! and on top of that it is like 30 out and snowing! What planet is this?

070404 - Up, usual morning at work. Rode my bike to the Gahanna Grill & FROZE (80 yesterday), met Derik for lunch and had some good discussion. Rode home and finished out the day. Played rough with the boys the to the basement to watch some TV while mommy went to church. Up till 2 doing work.

070403 - Basketball

0704003 - Up in got on the phone. Way behind at work... Played frisbe with the boys and then had dinner w/ the fam. Howdy, Jack & I to get a movie. Then home for some basketball & a bath.

070402 - howdy and ran to the furniture store and then got lost in a not so good area... Dylan had his first baseball practice tonight and the team looks pretty good. Home put the slot machine stand together and the boys to bed. Lori & I stayed up to watch OSU loose to Florida in the championship game. After that I stayed up till 4am doing work...

070401 - Lori's Birthday

070401 - Stayed up late with Dad watching 'Basic Instinct 2'. The boys were 3 the barn by the time I got up. We all met up a the house and headed out for a brunch. After brunch we went back to the Farm and got things ready for the Maple Syrup day. Everything looks great and we are ready for the event. Up to the house for cake and then heading home to let out the dogs.