20210831 - LJG to school, L meeting more kids today. 

My day was very chaotic and long

Took one break about 2 for a short walk with Hazel

Back to the desk until 4:45 and then ran to the high school to work on the hot dog machine in the concession stand, it had a leak and I didn't have the part. Picked G up from his XC practice and we ran to Gahanna Hardware to see if they had the part. The guy there was completely unhelpful. I found what I needed, and G&I headed back to the high school and got the hot dogs steaming. Home and L had dinner ready for us. After dinner I worked on getting the mirror hung and L figured out where she wanted the lights. Wrapped things up and doing stuff on the PC for work and Boosters.



Hazel and I took a short walk

L home and then sat at the school waiting on G for an hour.

L&G home and we ate and then hung out watching some TV. J home about 10 and JG&I watched American Ninja Warrior until late and headed to bed


 20210829 - Up and got some things done around the house and then G&I headed to his practice at the Gahanna JV field and it went pretty good. Most of the boys were there and they did ok for it being hot. Home and I dug in to the shower and after some reconstruction raised it so an 6' tall person could stand under the showerhead without an extension arm to lift it up. I tested it out and it was very nice. Chris came over this evening and we watched 3 episodes of the Walking Dead, we got a bit behind. We finished up late and that ended the weekend.

20210828 +

20210828 + Up and paid bills for the next two weeks. Headed out and reattached the flashing under the boys bathroom dormer and then got a coat of aluminum fiber paint on it. Got the ladders cleaned up and put away and then got myself cleaned up. D and his buddy's showed up and hung out in the backyard while I cooked some brats and burgers. The Cole's showed up, today is Lena's 12th bday, and Gma&paB. We had a nice lunch and hung out and chatted a bit enjoying the day. In the evening L&I ran to our fist movie in a year and a half, since COVID hit, and saw the Jungle Cruise. It was great and nice to go to the theater.


20210827 Worked brains out

L&I headed out to run errands, gas station and CVS and then met up with the Mallonns at El Vaquero for a nice dinner. After dinner L&I headed to Home Depot to look at our options to cover the bathroom walls and get stuff to raise the showerhead. Home and hung out a bit before heading to bed.


 20210826 - Up in the am and straight to the desk. I took Hazel on a walk after work while L cooked dinner. Home and ate and D stopped by for his bday. We chatted and gave him some presents and he took off. J home from work, he got to see D a bit and then headed to his girlfriends. I put the last coat of mud on the bathroom ceiling and then watched the rest of the Queen movie with L. Hard to believe D is 22.

20210825 +

20210825 + Worked a full day and after dinner put a layer of mud on the bath ceiling
G&I spent the evening ripping apart the riding mower and installing new transmission and drive belts. We put it all back together with no extra parts and IT WORKED!


Team app training
Booster stuff


 20210823 - Up in the am and everyone at school. I got some things done and then Hazel and I headed to pick G up from school for his orthodontist apt. We swung by the house so G could brush his teeth and put his rubber bands on. I carried the pile of scrap wood to the curb while waiting on him. We then headed out and did the ortho appointment. I then dropped G off at school and swung by the post office on the way home. Home and at the desk. Took a break to eat and take a walk with Hazel.


20210822 + Up in the am the idea to seal up the hive didn't seem to work as we had bees in the living room this morning... I got the front door tied open and investigated to find more holes to seal.  In and back to work in the bathroom. I got a layer of mud on and then started cleaning out the garage. Hazel and I ran to drop some things off at Goodwill and pick up an auction win. When we got home Gma&paW were here dropping off gifts for D's bday this week. We had a short visit and they took off. I got some more mud on the ceiling and did more cleaning, A LOT MORE CLEANING. I did a deep clean on the entire garage. L ran to Home Depot a couple times to buy bee stuff as we are realizing that sealing the hive was not the thing to do, I dug out the mortar drilled some holes so the bees can get out. And stopped by and replenished my Natty supply and Nate stopped by with some Cane's for dinner. We hung out and chatted in the garage while I kept cleaning. Garage done about 10:30pm and then L&I put 'Seven' traps around the bee holes. Headed in to get cleaned up and head to bed. Long hot productive day.



G's 1st Varsity XC Meet. Ran Varsity as a freshman. came in 242 out of 375, not bad for a freshman!


D brought my drill back and helped with some rafters

LG&I got the drywall up

I got fan and light installed

Showerd with no mositer on the mirror! 1st time in 20 years!

Ran up to our new remodeled and just reopened Burger King to get dinner for L&I.

Mallonn's over for a nice visit

G at big soccer event at the high school and then to Burnworth's for the night.

20210820 +

 20210820 +  Jack had JGF6 over so L&I could meet her.  Nice girl.  After work L&I ran up to Nazareth for some gyros


 20210818 - Grant and I installed vent from main floor bathroom through outer wall.



J went to his first concert, I mean BIG concert to see Interrupters, Weezer and Fall Out Boys, Green Day’


 20210816 - Up in the am and everyone at school, L just getting her room ready. I got on the PC and got my day rolling. L home, J home, then J left again. D stopped by to get some tools.

Booster meeting



Home Depot to get a 4 1/4" hole saw

Waited up for J to help cement in the bees, he didn't want to help...



Courtland, truck, andy, 4x4, L and Hazel, drop cb off, up to farm

delivered, arrangements for once over nice visit worked on CW phone

Had dinner

worthington, home settled up late on email


 20210813 - Up in the am and got a pic of J starting his senior year. G jumped in the car with him and they headed to school. I got around and got to the desk and started my day, still catching up.

20210812 +

20210812 + Up in the am and L&G took pics of G for his first day of high school! L drove him to school. I got on the desk and in to calls and further email cleanup. It was a long day and no where near catching up. I headed out and threw the ball to Hazel for a bit while L made dinner. G came down and ate with us and told us all about his day. Sounds like he did just fine. Hazel and I back outside and Andy stopped over to chat about Booster stuff until late. In and watched some TV before heading to bed.

Power out overnight


20210807 + Up in the am and J at work, G ran 8 miles, L mowed the yard, I sprayed the bees in the front step. G got himself around and he and I walked down to Creekside to check out the cool cars at the car show. We saw lots of them we wanted, but it was a Corvette show and G was in heaven. We headed home and L and Hazel we lounging in Hazel's pool. I hung out on the back porch trying to get more things done before a couple days off.


 20210806 - Had an incredibly busy day at work trying to wrap things up for a couple days off. After work I ran to the high school to pick up some t-shirts I had ordered. Home and had some dinner. L headed over to the Mallon's to hang out with a couple moms and Penn came here to hang out on the back porch and cathc up a bit. J home from a cook out and G off the xbox and JG&I headed ot he basement to watch the new 'Suicide Squad' movie that came out today.


 20210805 - Up in the am and J at work and G was at XC and I hit the desk. G home and L&G headed to the high school to get G's schedule and walk the halls so he has some idea of what's going to happen next week! I finished the day and relaxed out back with L and Hazel for a bit.


20210804 - Up in the am and J at work and G at XC, L ran G’s knee braces to him. I got to the desk and started a task that was going to take all day. G home from XC and made his qualifying time to make the team. GmaB showed up and Nicole, Lena and Sam. They all headed out shopping for back to school stuff. Everyone home and I finally got out of the office. D came over and DJL and GmaB headed out for dinner and G&I headed to a XC pool/parent meeting event. 


20210803 + Up in the am and to the desk. G had XC, J at work and L cleaning everything. I jumped on calls and in to work. L removed Hazel's bandages today and her foot is all good. I had a busy day at the desk. After work G&I headed to Westerville for a practice with Ed and his new team. It was a pretty good practice and Ed is old school making them run when they miss a play. Home and G&I ate and L&I settled in watching the Olympics. 

20210802 - Bloody Foot

20210802 - Up in the am and straight away on calls. G went to XC this morning and J is heading in to the school to get his schedule worked out, L is looking for spots where we might be able to squeeze a vacation in... J headed out with some friends to Goodwill before going to pick up his schedule and get his Sr. pictures taken... God hope he doesn't buy/wear something awful...L helped find a place in WV for a couple days of vacation next week and I got that booked for us.  L cut one of Hazel's toenails to short so she's walking around the house with a black sock on... I finished up my day and G Hazel and I ran to one of Ed's auction to pick up a bunch of stuff. Home and carried things in and had dinner. Hazel's foot still bleeding so L ran to the pet store and got stuff to help clot the blood and I kept Hazel occupied until L got back and then we got her fixed up. We headed in to settle for the evening and watch some of the Olympics.

20210801 - Out of Time

20210801 - Up in the am and did a bit around the house. L ran and picked up G and J showed up eventually. I hosted the Performing Arts Boosters on the back porch to teach them about Team App and how we run the Athletic Boosters. One of the guys here for the meeting saw the horse in the backyard and told us a story of when he was in 1st grade and kissed his best friend's girlfriend on the top of that horse. He got his picture taken with it and was going to forward to his friend. IT started pouring so we moved indoors. D stopped over and hung out for a while and had some lunch with us. Then LJ&I headed to Home Depot to get supplies for the next phase of the bathroom remodel. In the afternoon more changes to the baseball team and we went down to 4 players and then Ed got some commits and suddenly we were up to 10 commits. I scrambled around getting the offer letters put together and sending them out. As well as a practice notification for this Tuesday. L&I then sat on the back porch and tried to figure out how to squeeze a vacation in this year... Its not looking good with schedule pickups for J&G next week and XC and baseball practices and team meetings... We all headed to bed disappointed.