070203 - Jack displays his OCD

070203 - Jack displays his OCD. He is only 3 and has his cars not only lined up, but sorted buy color... Earlier in the day I discussed with Louise and Dad about how we all count thing and they said Grandpa Winger use to count things.... Scary!

070203 - Afternoon in Mansfield

070203 - Afternoon in Mansfield
Got up this morning and headed went to the church pancake breakfast. Then ran to Meijer for some dog food and other supplies. Home, fed the dogs, everyone to the bathroom and then up to Mansfield. All the boys were sleeping so we went straight into the nursing home.

I went in alone to see Grandma Winger. She was sleeping so I didn't wake her. I sat with her a bit and thought of all the things she has done for me as I watched her facial expressions in painful twitches. I wrote a note in her book, gave her a kiss and said good bye... The last conversation we had was at the Winger Christmas party as she was leaving. I gave her a hug and a kiss, told her i loved her and she, through her fogged mind smiled and said 'I know you do honey'. For that to be our last conversation will be a good life long memory. What a great lady and what an impact she has made on my life. I will be traveling extensively here soon and probably wont see her alive again...

Very sad moment in my life....

Home to the farm. Went sled riding with my boys and then Mary and Martha, Burt and Louise stopped to see my family. Eating dinner now and then heading home.

070202 - Asleep

This is the first post on the new BLOG! Grant was playing hard all morning and then fell asleep standing up...

Grant asleep