100731 - First Rays

100731 - Up before dawn and we went to the beach. In all the years L&I lived in Wilmington NC I always wanted to see the sun rise on the ocean and never did. Today we got to the beach and this red ball slowly rose up out of the water. What an amazing sight. If you did not know the world was round what would you think? Endless water that had a ball of light come out of it every morning...

The boys played and we had to force them to look; I hope they remember it... Back to the condo and rested a bit from the early 6am rise. Then back to the beach where the boys raced, we flew our pocket kite, rode the waves, jumped the waves, built a castle, buried ourselves and enjoyed our last day at the beach. We all said goodbye to the ocean and headed back for lunch and dip in the pool. Then another rest break. All back up and out for dinner and then some final shopping. J got a water toy, D&G had already blown all there $ PLUS the additional $ I gave them and had their noses out of joint... We got some ice-cream

and then headed home to ply with the pets L bought the boys... hermit crabs... :-o

One last night trip to the pool! We played and swam and had a good time. We took this photo

Which we compared to another vacation photo from several years ago. These boys are growing too fast and there are not enough vacations...

Back for a snack and bed. A long day I wish was longer......

100730 + Lizard Men

100730 + Up a little later today and ventured out to a local pancake joint that had six trillion people waiting. So we bailed out and found an ihop. Full now we head to a Veteran memorial park to find a geocache.

Grant and I left the others looking over the marsh and dug through an overgrown path and Grant found the cache 'I fwound it! I twold you it was dere!'

It was hot and we headed to an alligator pond to find another cache. Reportedly there is a LARGE gator in the pond where this cache is and it is recommended to have one person in your party be a look out and don't take your dog. The boys are a bit bigger than a dog... Jack found this one, but because everyone was afraid the gator was in there Dylan had to risk his arm to reach in and get it.

On to a skateboard park to check it out and found another cache. The at was starting to overheat :-o so we headed back to the condo. We relaxed during the hot hours. JG&I went to the pool to grill our dinner and take a dip. After dinner we all got on the bikes and rode to the ocean to play in the sand and tide pools of the low tide. Jack and I connected a couple of tide pools by digging a channel. A nice ride back and L&G took a nice bath, had a snack and played while DJ&I headed to the pool. We found a little friend (video) and swam. Back for a snack and bed. We plan to get up early and see the sunrise tomorrow :-o

100729 - Legs & Golf

100729 - Up and out to the beach. It was REALLY HOT (118 degrees!!!) today and we all got a bit too much sun. Back to the condo for lunch and naps for J&G while D&I headed out looking for some stuff he could buy (he is out growing the cheap beach toy store items :-( We didn't find anything suitable on our trip and headed back to pick up the nappers. L&I wanted a good seafood meal so I found a place that had a playground close and we sat under a awning and ate while it rained off and on and the boys ran back and forth to the playground across the courtyard. We were there early before the dinner crowd and it was easy and pleasant meal. If you look in the photo you can see the huge pile of crab leg shells Lori left behind.

After dinner we did the ONLY THING Grant wanted to do on vacation! Pirate Putt Putt!!!! The boys had fun and loved the skeletons and ghost cavern. Grant was thrilled :-)

A stop at Walmart of all places... and D finally found something to make him happy, a LEGO set. Back to the condo and suited up and off to the pool for a night swim. It was a fun time and LD&G headed back early so D could build his LEGO thing and J&I stayed and swam like fish for a bit longer. Back for a snack and G smashing a glass and bed.

100728 + Grantacus

100728 + Up and a different schedule today. We had bfast and then went to then pool. Back to the condo for a quick rinse and then to a different area of the island for a good seafood lunch.

A stop at the toy store and then a couple of hours on a big boat dolphin watching, seeing HUGE houses and a trip out on to the ocean.

Back to shore and climbed the light house.

It was really really hot so we found the Salty Dog Ice Cream Shop and everyone got a cool treat. Back to the condo for dinner and Grant tried on his new gladiator outfit and felt pretty indestructible as he attacked his brother in his full armor.

After dinner we went to the beach and played in the waves until it was too dark to see.

We had some glow stick things to throw around a bit and then headed to back for snacks, TV and bed.

100727 - Swim Sing Bang

100727 - Up early and to the beach...

And then back to the condo and a visit from our gator and turtles.

A fast lunch and then to the pool and back for naps then out for pizza.

We took a walk to a nearby outdoor mall with a stage and participated in the 'Shannon Tanner Show' where the kids got to dance around and we all got to sing and embarrass our boys.

After the show, cut short by heat lightening, we watched the Hilton Head fireworks on the way to the car.

They were good but the heat lightening was just as cool.

Back to the condo for a snack and all boys to bed.

100726 - Surfping

100726 - Up early and straight to the surf. The big boys and I rode waves on our boards and then L traded me and G&I built a really cool sand castle with a moat and a tunnel door. Back to the condo for lunch and right back out to the pool where G is jumping in and swimming across the pool and the big boys doing fancy tricks.

Back for a snack and rest for all, except D who fought it by practicing his new ability to throw peanuts high into the air and catch them in his mouth. All back up and we headed into town and found some neat shops and a pub for dinner and beat the crowds. More shopping after dinner and all the boys got something that they could compare and argue over whose was cooler and faster and better... Back to the place into our suites and more swimming at the pool. One more snack and all joys to bed. L&I watching tv, checking email and relaxing as L put cream on my splotchy sunburn.

100725 - WATER!!!


100725 - Up had bfast at the hotel. back on the road and we made it to check in early so we went directly to the beach and the boys loved it. We got checked in, unloaded the car, went to Walmart to get some beach stuff & groceries and then back to the condo for dinner. Jack had a rough day, too much time in the car... for all of us really, but now we are here and ready to go!

100724 - Beetles

100724 - Up at the crack of dawn, loaded everyone into the car and off we go. L drove the first leg to in Newcomerstown to drop off Lilly for a vacation of her own. I took over and headed us South. L's job was to photo the State signs as we passed them and her picture taking ability lessened as we wizd through them.

She missed South Carolina completely...
We stopped at a rest area and found a geocache and a huge black beetle. Back on the road and soon we made it to our hotel. Here is the customary testing (jumping) of the beds, they passed.

We headed out for dinner @ Maurice's Pig Place for Carolina BBQ & sweet tea! We found a big green beetle outside the restaurant. A stop at Game Stop where some DS games were purchased. I took a detour so the boys could see The Civitas - Scandalous Statues: well worth the detour!

Then back to the hotel to test the games and the pool!

100723 + Knives Ready

100723 - Up and at the desk solid, fast and long getting ready for vacation. Gma&paW down today and took the boys to the pool so L could run a couple errands and stayed for dinner. We got the car all packed up, boys showered and off to bed ready to start our adventure tomorrow am!

100722 + Up and working hard to get things finished up. Out of the office for dinner, dropped of the chainsaw at Joe's and then home for several hours of knife throwing with the boys.

100721 - Bikes & Smores

100721 - Up and at the desk all day, ate dinner fast and then the boys and I out to trim the west hedge. The next task was to resecure the DVD to roof of the car and D helped with that. Then everyone got on our bikes and took off on a big ride all over the neighborhood. Home boys cleaned up and L had them roast marshmallows for smores. All boys to bed and L&I working on details for the upcoming vacation.

100720 - Up sat at the desk all day.  Out to the backyard to throw G some baseballs.  In for dinner then all to the library to get reading stuff for vacation.  Got a disturbing email from a bank and vegged out the rest of the night.

100719 - Tree Transport

100719 - Up and worked all day. Had a quick bite to eat and then out to cut up the tree that came down yesterday. It was HOT. The boys helped transport the bundles of branches. We worked and worked and got it done. Off to meet with the Bible bangers.

100718 + Fair but not the weather

100718 - Up and J had a bad bloody nose.  So J&I skipped church today while LD&G went.  After we got the nose under control J, Lilly and I headed out to to get gas and Target.  We all met back at home and L fixed an awesome lunch of brats, corn on the cob and fresh melon.

After lunch we loaded up in the car and headed to the Franklin County Fair.  We saw a big storm coming and waited until it passed, found a geocache, got some gas and then in to the fair to see the rabbits, chickens, horse races, displays, dog show, lemonade, bucket of fries, clown show, horse show, funnel cake and back to the car before the next storm rolled through.

We stopped and picked up a pizza on the way home and got home to find Lilly hiding in the basement...  Outside we found Lori's garden flattened and a big part of our cherry tree down against the play-set.

Nothing we could do with all of the rain so we ate, watched some TV, got the boys to bed and hopefully back on some sort of a schedule.

100717 + UP feeling better.  G helped me get the tag along bike thing attached to my bike.  We got G on it and he can help pedal and off we went...  DJG&I headed out on the bikes to get D's pictures developed from camp.  and then a stop at the Gahanna hardware store for water saving stuff.  We rode out bikes home and installed our water stuff and did experiments to see how much water the new things will save us.  The boys were amazed and I hope my water bill drops.  We headed back out to get the car ready for the trip, all cleaned out and fixed the seat.  We got all our music and movies loaded up and are ready for the road.  We ran some errands and had a huge dinner at the Hometown buffet.  We hit the playground to let the boys run off some of their energy.  Home and the boys played with toys as they packed their tool boxes for the trip.

100716 - Got them ALL Back!

100716 - BAM!!! I woke up hit by bus and a 102 degree fever.  I was slow starting but got to the desk and got going.  I had a great presentation with a potential new customer today.  Then did some testing with Lee and took it easy.  LJ&G home, the noise is returning...  J had a good time at Gma&paB's and I really missed the little guy.  Good to hear his voice in the house!  I working until time to get D.  I miss him.  L didn't think I should go because of the fever, but I wasn't going to miss him another minute.  We drove up to Mansfield and picked up GmaW and on up to Mowana.  We got there and D was very quiet, offish and ready to leave.  We ate outside with all the parents and campers, but D had had enough...  So we got his stuff from his cabin and skipped the sing along and bailed out.  We stopped at the farm for only a minute as D HAD to get to McDonalds.  We drove home and he did open up a bit in the car and shared some stories and songs with us.  We found out that one day he did not swim because he woke up not feeling good and was too cold to swim...  He had the same fever, G had and I got...  Poor boy that would not be fun at camp...  When we got home, he is very tired, got his things put away, watched 'Baby Geniuses' and all to bed.

I was a bit disappointed that D was not a bit more upbeat and excited about his stay at camp.  I could tell he was pretty homesick and his buddy said D really missed his Mom.  I was proud that he did it and even more happy to have him home and Jack too.  Although it got exponentially louder the instant we walked in the door... I wouldn't trade it for a mound of gold.

100715 + Only Child

This week Grant is our Only child with D at Camp and J at the Gpts.  We had a lot of fun and it was a BIT quieter...

100715 - Up and to the desk and then sudden full Quiet...  L&G left to get J and spend the night.  I worked and worked and got LOADS of stuff done.  I took a break and Jeff stopped over and I spread the remainder of the mulch from the driveway, that will make L happy.  I went back to the desk and worked late.  A buddy stopped over and I set up domain for him.  But I had to stop early as I didn't feel so good....

100714 - Up and working.  Took a break in the afternoon to run to the Dr to have him check out my wierd stomach pains... apparently at Lisa's wedding I pulled some muscles while busting out my Michael Jackson like dancing skills.  I will have to remember to stretch next time...  On the way back to the office I stopped in for a quick hair cut.  Back to the desk and finished off the day.  Had a nice dinner and then we took G to a park.  Home and let G pick a movie he wanted to watch.  After we got him to bed I finished watching the series Spartacus, it was awesome!

100713 + Up and worked all day.  Came out and L had me cook some steaks.  MAN these steaks we got from Doc are GREAT.  I played more cups with G :-|   J called me and he is having a good time.  We are wondering if D is having fun...  I did some reading about knights and to bed early.

100712 - Up and to work, D at camp, J at the Gpts.  G had some friends over today to play.  L had a good dinner and we watched a movie and played and G took a nice bubble bath.  I headed out tonight to meet with the Bible bangers and Joe stopped in, it was nice.  Doc and I took a quick trip to Meijer.

100711 + Camper

100711 - Up and G still sick so I stayed home with him while L&D went to church. G&I looked through the paper and had to stack more damn cups and pitch him baseballs... L&D he and we got a quick lunch then met the Brants to deliver D & his buddy Seth to Camp Mowana. We got the boys delivered, they passed their swim tests and their moms made their bunks for them. Good Luck fellas!

Back to the farm where L&G rode the pony and went to Dave's to get a bike thing. Then Gma&paW took us to the worlds slowest restaurant for diner. We had a good meal while some questionable patrons attempted the 'food challenge'. We were glad he didn't barf all over the place. Home and it is QUIET.

100710 + Up and J off to Newcomerstown with the Coles to spend the week with Gma&paB.  G wanted to do baseball pitching so D&I threw the ball with him a bit.  Then LDG&I headed out for some errands and visited the house we have on the market now to install a dehumidifier.  We then hit some stores looking for supplies for D to take to camp.  We stopped at Walmart and the clerk told D his gift cards were empty and threw his cards out...  D was a bit upset and told me he thought he still had $ on his card.  SURE ENOUGH $12 BUCKS Walmart tried to screw D!!!   We hit a DQ for lunch and then to 3 book stores to find some owl book...  Home and we had a lot of fun packing D's stuff for camp.  L had him packed for 3 months at sea and I kept hiding things under the bed, the poor boy...  We headed down to watch a movie and then all boys to bed.

100709 - CUPS!!!

100709 - Up and worked.  D&J stayed home while L took G to the Dr.  I burned my favorite tunes (302) to CDs to listen to on our long drive for vacation.  L&D out this evening to VBS.  G&I dropped J off at buddy's to spend night.  Then on to Home Depot to get a dehumidifier and dinner.  Home and ate and played with cups for 3 hours...
L&D home, boys to bed and I'm up late updating the blog and naming photos.

100708 - Up and worked.  D watched G when L&J went to his Dr.  Then LD&J to VBS, leaving G&I home as G has a 101 degree  fever.  We Played a bit of catch, I made him dinner and an AWESOME hamberger for me.  Gave him a bath and all the noise came home and got them to bed.  I stayed up WAY to LATE on itunes getting all the songs I remember loving growing up.

100707 + All Star

100707 + Up and a full day at the desk.  A fast dinner and then all out to the scorching hot ball fields for the All Star events.  the boys had a home-run derby and fastest base runner competition and then the main event.  They announced each of the players, and of course 'W'inger is last... When they called Dylan's name he raised his arms, shouted and ran to his team, what a hoot.  A flag was then presented and the nation Anthem was sung.  The lights popped on and 'batter up'  Gma@paW made it for the game and it was a good one.  Extra innings, D played a different position each inning and it ended in a tie.  All the boys were happy and got medals!  Good job this year Howdy.  You have come a long way...

Home and up until 5am with the team overseas working on a LIVE issue for Mexico...  yawn

100706 - Not my cup of tea...

100706 - UP, worked, walked, worked.  To VBS with L&boys, we had dinner there again.  I tried to help with VBS because Lori's usual partner was not there. NO.... That was NOT a good idea...  Last time for that...  I walked home and Denis stopped for a visit.  I got some work done while the house was quiet.  The noise got home and got ready for bed and we watched The Karate Kid.  Got them off to bed and watched Spartacus.

100705 - Exploring

100705 - Up and had the day off!  Did have to sit at the desk for a bit and get some stuff done, but then out we went!  I got the boys and we walked up the street to the creek.  We got in the water and the adventure began.  We took a two hour hike upstream through the neighborhoods and backyards and saw things you never would from the street.  We caught fish, got wet, laughed and had a good time.  D's buddy Seth joined us about half way through and we ended up so far away that Lori had to come pick up is at an apartment community.  I guess that is what happens when you creek hike for 2.5 hours :-o

Oh but we arn't done yet!

We grabbed some grub, got on our suits and hit the pool.  no better way to get rid of creek scum than the public pool ;-)  Home changed and to the church for dinner and the first night of Vacation Bible School or VBS I am told...  I left L and the boys there and walked home.  I then got some supplies and headed over to Joes house and we took down a HUGE tree in his front yard, piece by piece without hitting any houses, cars or mailboxes...  to our amazement.  Joe's little boy worked with us and I can only imagine the damage we did to him ;-)  We did manage to burn our Joe's electric chainsaw with just the trunk left to cut down.  So Joe came over and got mine and stayed a bit to see the boys ride over the ramp they built and talk with Doc.  I got the trash out and then headed to McD's to meet the Bible bangers...  LONG FUN DAY!!!!

100704 - Happy Family 4th of July

100704 - Up and LJG&I to church. Then we packed up and headed to Tiro OH for the A.C. Heydinger family reunion that takes place every 5yrs. We met D there w/ Gma&paW and about a hundred other folks we are related to... Here is Jack on the trampoline with the Flag flying high and the relatives lining up for pictures.

There was great food and lots of games, rock toss, swimming in the pond, digging for coins in the corn, a greased watermelon in the pond for the men and then one for the kids.

It was great to see every one again and I was lucky enough to get appointed to the planning committee for the next reunion :-o
We drove home, unpacked and got our traditional 'knee high by the forth of July' picture taken. This year we thought it would be cool to get our picture taken with the corn in Lori's garden, as the field corn around us is already in tassel this year.

Up late with the boys watching the 50's version of The Fly.

100703 + 4th on 3rd

100703 + Up and out early for the Gahanna 4th of July parade with the Coles & Marlene & Sara.  It was good parade and the boys got way too much candy.  We walked home with some neighbors and GmaW was there to get D.  She took him to an Indians game.

LJG&I grabbed some KFC and meet Gma&paB and the Coles at Dillion St. park.  We had a nice lunch, played some catch and then got in the green ass water...  :-o

After that J&I took off after some close geocaches and found 2 of them and a deer that jumped up and scared us, we thought it was bigfoot...  On the way out of the park L&G joined us for one last cache find on way out.

We got home and went to our neighbor Joe's party for a bit and then to our neighbor Jim's party for more fun.  Then D called us from the game and was having a blast!  They were 3 rows behind home plate and he is the little boy in the white shirt in this photo.

We went outside and all the neighbors joined in our front yard for the fireworks.  I am glad the neighbor cut down his one tree as now we can even see the low fireworks this year, and G didn't have to cover his ears this year and actually liked the fireworks.  It was a great show and another great day!

100702 - Up and at the desk, took a walk with Lilly and more work.  After dinner we all went to the part for some music and basketball.