20150228 + Pizza

20150228 + Up and doing things around the house. G&I took J to his magic shop meeting he has every week. Then we checked out the stores around it, sampled the chocolate at Anthony Thomas and ended up buying a pizza for lunch :-)

20150227 - Baseball Player

20150227 - Up in am, still feel like crap. Dropped D off at school on way to work. Held an all hands meeting this morning that went well. Lori was a dental assistant today and helped the dentist replace a filling :-o Finished day in office medicated and exhausted. Left a bit early to pick D up from his last day of baseball tryouts. I waited and waited in the car and after 45 minutes he emerged with a sealed envelope in his hand :-s He opened it and it said 'CONGRATULATIONS'! He made the Freshman baseball team. Home and we ate and then to J's basketball game, they won. Home and the boys and I hung out in the basement playing video games.

20150226 + Monster Drink

20150226 + Up work kids finally had school. Dropped D off on way to school and bought bfast for one of the Pettit boys in the gas station (Monster drink and a candy bar:-). Feeling like crap but worked full day. Home and ate, took G to scouts. Home and watched some American idol, boys to bed. Up playing Titanfall.

20150225 - Work Shot

20150225 - Up in the am feeling hit by a truck. Dropped D off at school and dragged into work. Had to leave a bit early to get to the tax lady and do 2014 taxes. Then stopped by my buddy Dave's candy factory for a visit. Home and L was frazzled.

20150223 + With a Cough

20150223 + UP in am, no school for kids today.  Buys day at work.  Home and ate, J&G home from the farm with Gma&paW.  DJ&I headed to Scouts, I dropped them off and then hit the Athletic Boosters meeting, back to Scouts and then Doc and I headed to Bible Bangers.  We are having some really good meetings with the new pastor that joined the group.  Home and up late with a cough...

20150222 - Player

20150222 - Up in am Gma&paB headed out, and I got some things done at the desk. D's GF2 showed up and I took them shopping for jeans... Home and we all went to J's piano recital, Gma&paW came down, he did really good, not nervous at all. Then all out to dinner at Max & Erma's. J&G went home with Gma&paW. Home and L&I chatted with DGF2's dad, really nice guy. Vinnie over to watch Walking Dead. Up late watching Oscars with L.

20150221 - Brigadoon

20150221 - Up late, to lunch with Barkers and Coles, then went to a couple of stores to find gun stuff for GpaB.  Home put a puzzle together with Lena, Played Titanfall with G.  In the evening went to a play with LJ and Gma&paB "Brigadoon".  It was good and J really liked it.

20150220 - Blue and Gold

20150220 - Snow day so boys home from school. I headed in to work. L had a dentis appointment today and D to batters box with his baseball team. I left early to set up for Blue and Gold Banquet. We had a lot of folks there, the presentation was good and the crossover was AWESOME, like nothing anyone had ever seen. I was doing very well until I spun around and saw all of the boys and their parents, then I got emotional. I spent a lot of hours with those boys and their families. It was a really great night. Very proud of J!

20150219 - Prep

20150219 - Up, boys no school snow day.  I stopped and ordered food for Blue and Gold, to scout store and got all awards.  to work.  Home and prepared for Blue and Gold.  Up late playing titanfall

20150218 - Jump Rope

20150218 - J had jump rope for heart after school

20150217 - MINUS 2!

20150217 - Baseball practice with G.  We had a Mardi Gras party at work, cooked outside with Dave and mike, COLD

20150216 + Walk the Plank

20150216 + Up to work, home, scouts.  Julie did an art project, I finalized Blue and Gold stuff, D&J made plan, practiced walking plank at scouts, will be fun, no school for boys

20150214 - Agressive

20150214 - to G's game, tie, very aggressive game ended in a tie.

20150213 + Too Cold

20150213 + Up in the am and dropped D off for merit badge weekend. IT IS COLD OUT! Only 10 degrees!

20150211 - Clinics

20150211 - D&G to baseball clinics, left G there for both, he did awesome

20150210 - Family Divided

20150210 - Up, work.  G to practice with John.  D&I to board of review, D got his LIFE rank.  J had Lego club.

20150209 - Scrubbing

20150209 - Up, work, home, scouts we did a math lesson and practiced waling the plank. G washed dishes tonight.

20150208 + Tapped

20150208 + Up in the am and all to church, it was Scout Sunday: the lady preacher's prayers are waaay to long and J's Sunday school routinely goes 15 minutes longer than it should... sorry had to get that off my chest...

Home and D's girl friend #2 (to keep it simple I will assign a 3 letters and a number to each girlfriend the boys have: Dgf2 would be D's girlfriend #2)
 came over for the afternoon and a bunch of their frinds appeared in our backyard and migrated to our basement... I was in the office much of the day. Came out to start the black car, tap the maple trees in the backyard, for dinner and then to run the big boys to church youth group and on to my final adult Cub Scout leader meeting :-) home and the Pettit boys over to watch The Walking Dead. Then down to play Titanfall.

20150207 - Last Second Shot

20150207 - UP in the am and to G's basketball game. He did amazing and had a last second shot from behind the 3 point line that spun around the rim like 7 times before finally going in; the crowd went CRAZY! Gma&paW were down for the game and took J&G out for lunch. L went shopping and D&I hit the bank and then I dropped him off at the baseball clinic. Gma&paW then dropped G off at the baseball clinic and took J to a magic shop. I got some things done at the desk and helped Doc with his furnace. J got dropped off at his buddy's house. Went to pick G up at the baseball clinic and he is staying for another round with the bigger kids so home to get more done :-)

20150206 + Puzzling

20150206 + Up, D to school and on to work.  Busy day stuck in the front office all day.  Got a bunch done, but never enough.  Home and apparently fell asleep for a spell... then to J's basketball game with everyone + Sam & Lena.  Home and worked on a puzzle and watched a movie with the kids.

20150205 - Hammer Head

20150205 - Up D to school, on to work. J had lego club and basketball practice today. I took G to Scouts, D went along and studied.

20150204 - Looking Sharp

20150204 - Up, D to school, he had to dress up today, on to work. Long day, stayed and went out to dinner with folks from work. home and played Titanfall until late.

20150203 + Drawing

20150203 + Up D to school, in to work. Good busy day drawing on the board and then straight to baseball. J had his 1st LEGO club meeting after school today and G got home very scared J was not waiting for him after school and called L in a panic :-) Ate and then bed early.

20150202 - Mad Scientists

20150202 - Up, D to school and on to work. D had practice at the Batter's Box this afternoon. Home, quick change and took boys to Scouts. G went with us as Mr. Clay came in to do science experiments with the boys, super cool! Home and got Doc for Bible Bangers. Up late playing Titanfall

20150201 - Gormay Meal

20150201 - Up in am and all to church. Home and D&I continued to K-Roger to get lunch supplies. Home and D cooked the entire lunch including mushroom sauce and grilled the steaks. J&I shipped ebay sales. We sat down and had a gourmet meal, all prepared by D. G&I played Titanfall for a bit and then we all headed to Ian and Vinnie's bday party.  Home for a bit the boys and I played Call of Duty until they had to go to a Super Bowl Party at the church.  i ran them to the post office, to pick up a buddy and dropped them off at the church.  Back home and LG&I had our own party.  Picked the boys up and delivered the friend.  Home to watch the rest of the Super Bowl.  Up late catching up