20240428 - L headed over to Gma&paB’s to see a concert with Nicole. Up late and carried all the things I have to do out to the table in the porch. Stack of stuff is so big I decided to do none of it and took Hazel to the dog park. We stopped at Wendy's to get some food on the way home and then ate on the back porch while watching TV. I think thought I should go in and get a pad of paper to organize all this stuff I have to do... Then I thought, no, I need to put it in OneNote so I should get my computer. But if I use my computer I will have to run an extension cord. But I' haven't finished installing the new outlet on the back porch yet, so what if I add another outlet where I sit so I don't need an extension cord?! SO I started construction that took WAY LONGER than expected, but now i have an outlet right above where I sit, so no more extension cords needed! Then I noticed the bug zapper wasn't working and many of the lights we have strung up don't work... So I took down all the lights, ordered a new bulb for the bug zapper and started hanging new lights. L home, not impressed her new storm door wasn't on :-) but she helped be find lights and we got some new ones up and it looks great. It took in the stuff from the porch I didn't get done and couldn't leave outside and relaxed the rest of the evening.

20240427 +

20240427 + Up in the am and L&I headed to the ball field with a stop at Kroger to get weiners. Got the stand opened up and headed up to the pressbox. G started and played well today and the boys won. Perfect day for a game. Home and L started mowing, then scratch and BOM! A little old lady pulled right out in front of someone at the end of our road. I called 911 and observed for a couple min before starting on the license plate project. Got L’s new plate on and then started to install a new outlet on the back porch. L finished mowing and we headed across the street to sit and chat with Doc for a bit. He’s skinny as can be, hunched up a can’t see a thing. It was great to see him outside and catch up. L then wanted to go to Home Depot to get a new storm door for the front of the house. We picked up sandwiches from Popyey’s on the way home. Got things unloaded then sat on the porch for a bit. L in to color her hair. Hazel and I in. We turned on Netflix, another slow show, so tried another. I stayed up late researching CarPlay for L’s new car. 

20240426 - New Wheels for L

20240426 - Up in the am and at the desk. Took Hazel on a walk and made some calls. D stopped over so I had him go with me to the car lot to test drive the car we’re looking at. We drove it and they fixed the  brakes and shake. They had another nice car there that D and I took out and swung by the house for L to try, she didn’t like it.  Back to the dealer and started the deal on a car for L. D had to leave for a game so I took him home and got J to run me to TUFFY to get the license plate off of G’s old car and then to the dealership to finish the deal on a 2010 Mercedes Benz GLK 350. Got everything done and headed to G’s game in New Albany with the new (used) car. Got to the field and got the camera set up. Gma&paW were there to watch the game. G played well but the boys lost. Gma&paW, L, D, DGF13 & I headed to Rusty Bucket for a nice dinner. Home and L checked out her new car.


20240425 - Up late and headed in to work. Called uncle Russ on the way in to have him check out a car for me down in his neck of the woods. Got there and worked with the AT&T guys in the basement as they installed new fiber to the server room. Upstairs and chatted with Brian and CB a bit about a new project. At the desk, had pizza with the team. Russ called and gave a good report on the car, sounds very nice. Back tot he desk to finish the day. Headed home and stopped at the car place to check out the car and get a Carfax report, they got eh front rotors replaced today and the seat they ordered was the wrong color. Home and sat on the back porch with L and Hazel. J home and told us about his day. G home and chatted a bit. He took his car title to Tuffy and got the cash for the car, cleaned it out and taught the guy how to use the fancy stereo he had installed. Pretty proud of him for doing all that... In and L&I tried to watch a movie "Hold the Dark", it was supposed to be a thriller but it was slow and SUCKED! I filled our applications for car loan. Up late on phone scrolling through stupid stuff.


20240424 - Up in the am and G had last arrival at school today. I got to the desk and got all of my morning stuff done. Took hazel on a 1m walk. Back to the desk to organize the rest of the day. Headed to the ball field and got everything set up. L worked concessions and I was up in the press box. G out with his injury. I had a couple boys up with me for the game. We won. Home and got something to eat and watched some TV and stayed up WAY TOO LATE researching cars and watching Walking Dead.

20210423 - Sitting Out

20210423 - Up in the am and to the desk. Got some stuff done and showed Cory some things. Ran to the high school to pick up some programs for the concession stand. Back to the desk for a couple meetings. G home and said he’s not playing tonight. He hurt his achilles/lower calf and the school trainer has him sitting until he gets reviewed on Friday… Headed to Kroger to get some supplies and then out to the baseball field to update the concession stand. Home, got L and we headed to Chillicothe to watch the game and provide internet and video. We got some Rax for dinner on the way down and just relaxed and watched the game. We won but barely... Long dark rainy drive home. Home and J had some buddies over. I stayed up and waited for G to get home. His leg still hurts him pretty bad. Stayed up late and watched the fest of Shogun.


20240422 - I worked from home today so L had a car. Lori to dermatologist, had wort removed

20240418 - Missed Game

20240418 - Up late and ran through Giant Eagle to pick up a prescription on the way to work. Got to the office and met with Spectrum about our new Internet service we are getting, and shortly after with AT&T about our backup service we plan to install. Hijgmout and chatted with Cory a bunch today. Spent time with Lonie and MattR in the basement doing IT stuff. Late in the afternoon 4:19pm I got some texts from parents asking if we had a game today. Apparently we do. I guess I’m out of the loop for sure. So I created the event in Team App to let the parents know. There was no way I was going to make it there by 5 and I texted G and he’s not playing, so I just kept working. Finished up my day, took out the trash and headed home. Home and J&I had some pizza and wings on the back porch while I chilled out and threw the ball to Hazel.

20240417 - Rain Out Bingo

20240417 - Up and J home for the morning to get his passport submitted. I had to wake him up so he didn't miss the window at USPS. On the PC on calls and working the P&L. Raining this morning. I forgot Hazel outside and she got soaked. I was at the desk most of the day. Took a break to take Hazel on a walk. Headed to the baseball field and got things set up in the concession stand and then headed to the press box. Got everything up, got the rosters 7 min before game start… and got things rolling. 1 inning in and lightning struck and the skies opened up with rain and hail. Game got suspended to another day and we headed for the car and got SOAKED! I dropped L off at home and then headed to Signature’s for bingo with Tom. D stopped by for a beer and the Ferguson’s showed up and we had a good time. Home, chatted with L a bit and then went to bed. Woke up at 2 and was awake until 4…

20240416 + Relaxed & Pulled Pics

20240416 + Up and G home for lunch. I got some things done at the desk then ran to Benchmark Bank to close my safe deposit box. After that I headed to the high school to pick up some stuff from the concession stand. Home and took Hazel on a walk and then back tot he desk. Got a bunch done and L home and we headed to Westerville Central for a ball game. I ran in to the dugout as soon as we got there and got GameChanger set up and then got the camera up. I showed Shane Ewald how to run the video so I didn't have to :-) I hung out with L and Tom and sat back in the shade and just relaxed as G is not playing... After the game L&I headed to Wendell's Pub to try their French Onion soup (not good) and wings. G upset he's got the best stats on the team and not playing. Home and talked him off the ledge. Sat out on the back patio with L enjoying the evening. I got some news sent out for the baseball team and then headed in to work on the getting all the pics and videos pulled from L&I's phones. To bed late 2ish.


20240415 - Up in the am and took L to work, dropped off a bag at David Cook's and then in to work. Had a meeting with Cory and Joe and CB joined us. Headed to lunch at Old Bag of Nails. Back to the office to get some more done. Bailed out a bit early and headed home to pick up L and go to Grove City to watch G's game. Here it starts, G not playing, one of the top 2 hitters on the team and leading in every other stat except # of home runs, is sitting the bench doing GameChanger. After the game L&I drove through Rally's to get mushroom burgers, which they no longer have :-( Home, dropped off L and headed to Bible Bangers for a good meeting on the Apocryphal book of Esther. Home and worked on recovering pic and videos until 5:20 am...


20240414 - Up late and tried to recover 3312 photos and videos = 1.5 years of our lives from the hard drive that crashed...  L cleaned off the back porch. Rental called and the water heater is out again... L&I took Hazel on a big walk. Home and I dealt with CJS on the water heater, they want $4,500 to put a new one in... I called around and got one for $2k... We relaxed on the porch, had some dinner and then inside to watch American Idol.


20240413 - Up, Tuffy called, they want $600 to put spark plugs in G's car... so we tried that, no change... So they are going to push it in Monday and do further diagnostics on it. Hazel and I took a load of stuff to the Goodwill and then went and looked at some cars. Home for a bit and then I ran to the gas station, took the Benz through the carwash and headed to Westland high school to watch an unbelievable beat down that shouldn't have happened to us... Chatted with Abby, one of G's friends and she asked about the blog and why I numbered the boy's girlfriends, hahahaha. Home and Hazel and I ran to Burger King to pick up dinner. Home and watched some TV. L home late, she went to her girlfriends to sit in the hot tub and blah blah all afternoon/evening.

20240412 + C230 Towed

20240412 + Up and to the desk. Went to lunch with my buddy Andy Reed to get caught up and get some baseball insight from him, he has 1 boy in D1 baseball, and 1 in JUCO. Home and finished the day. G lost his mind, his car wont run... L&I went to see the movie 'Civil War'. It was so good I fell asleep... I never fall asleep during movies... home after the movie and L pulled me in G's car to Tuffy to have it check out.

20240401 - L Bday

20240401 - DJG&I took L out for a bday dinner. It was a nice dinner and she had all her boys there. I got her a special present. I got her a bottle with a custom label for her. She doesn’t drink Maker’s Mark, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Went to Bible Banger and we discussed the book of Judith in the Apocrypha, GREAT STORY! Home and watched American Idol with L before heading to bed and watching videos on the next apocryphal book of additions to Esther.