20160430 - 5x Wet

20160430 - Up in the am and saw D off to his JV double header.  The rest of us got ready and headed to Grove City for G tournament. We got there just as it started to rain...  G was the starting pitcher and did good for s couple innings. Then he made an incredible catch on a fly ball in center in a dead sprint. They were run ruled 11-1. Second game wetter than the first... The boys tied it. On to Roosters for linner while we waited to hear if we were playing more... Texted with D and he pinch ran in one game and made the final out in his second game playing second. Home for a split second so J could change and they onto his soccer game, IN THE RAIN!  We got a pizza on the way home and then dried off, ate and hung out the rest of the night.

20160429 - Master of his own DEMISE!

20160429 - Up in the am and in to work. Spent the day in the office having meetings and calls. Ended the day late finishing an application I am building to track receipts. Headed to the ballfield to see D play, I got there as he popped out. He is now the starting catcher and is getting back in the grove of catching. They lost and I grabbed G and we headed to Home Depot to get some pipe fittings and then to Meijer to get some timers. We swung through KFC to grab dinner then headed home as G selected 'walk-up songs' on my phone. Home and the neighbor was over talking to L, G vanished to the trampoline with a little buddy and J&I started eating. D got home and ate his BWs then headed for the shower. After D's shower J&I headed to the basement where J cut out a 3 & 5/8s section of the hot water line.
We drained the water and then installed our new normally open valve and iDevices switch. We turned the water back on, tightened a leak and then J ran upstairs to turn on the hot water. All I had to say was 'Hey Siri, turn on the cold water' and she woke up, set power through the switch, and instantly the hot water to the bathrooms was OFF! No more long showers for the Winger boys }:-)

20160428 + Smokin Hot

20160428 + Up in the am and in to work. Pretty stressful day of future planning. Had a big department meeting at the end of the day. J to the eye Dr today, thinks he got metal shavings in his eye :-o Home and walked down to a neighbors to check out her mower with D. D stayed to mow, I headed home to have a beer. I ran into some more neighbors on the way home and chatted a bit. Finally made it to the back porch with a beer to unwind and relax for a second while L cooked dinner and J&G played in the backyard :-)

20160427 - Last Drive

20160427 - Up in the am and in for a stressful day of meetings and calls. At the end of the day I headed to meet the fam in Pickerington for D's baseball game. D played catcher the entire game and did a great job. He pulled off an awesome double play at the plate and got 2 hits. We all headed home and got some dinner. D&I then headed out for a long scary drive. I drove the Isuzu with hazard lights on and a half attached axle 5 miles up Morse Rd, D following close behind and witnessing the jumping and swaying of the car.  I thought at one point the axel waas going to spin out from under the car :-0  We dropped the Izusu off at a dealer that is going to work with Isuzu to see if he can get me a buy out for the recalled rusted frame. It was a good car for 15 years and 98k miles. RIP Isuzu...

20160426 + Downpour & Practice

20160426 + Up in the am and in to work. Had a long day of calculations and worry. Headed out about 6, driving through torrential rain and straight to the ballfield (not raining there) where D was helping with G's practice. L went tot he craft store and J went to a Clippers game with his buddy Donovan. Practice was good. Home and got something to eat. D tried shipping something in ebay and messed it up, he needs to slow down... Up late trying to do things, but PC crashed.

20160425 - Getting Things Done

20160425 - Up in the am and to the dentist for a cleaning, all good. To the post office to drop off a package. To the gas station to turn in lotto tickets, won $3. To Great Clip for a hairs cut. To the bank to order checks. Home to check on the boys that didn't have school today... for some unknown reason... To the Scout Store to get Scout awards. Finally to work. We had a customer in house today so meet with them for a bit and then working on a repricing exercise. Headed to D's game where he was playing in the outfield and then the catcher got hurt so he had to go in and catch :-o He did great and even got a hit tonight, his first of the season. After the game G&I swung by Scouts to drop off awards and deliver some camping gear a guy from work donated. Home and D&J picked out the merit badges they would take at summer camp.

20160424 - Rock Jumpers

20160424 - Up and D home from his friends. We all got ready and headed to church, good to see everyone. After church J came home with us so we are all back together. I headed into the office to get things done, L&G headed upstairs to put a Playmobile zoo together and D&J ran and got gas for the mowers. D home and in a tizzy because he now wants to go see DGF5 but has things to do... D ran down to the neighbors to mow, J mowed the front yard. D home and out to pick up DGF5, didn't return as expected... L cooked us some lunch and LJG&I ate on the back porch. D home with DGF5, introduced us, L out to eat with her friends. D took the rest of us up to the HS to see Brady and Conor playing lacrosse. Interesting sport and of course now G wants to play; told him I didn't care what sport he played, but he gets to choose only 1 a season... D ran DGF5 home, no return... Eventually D came back to the HS to get JG&I. He dropped us off along the street on his way to youth group. JG&I went to J Gumbo's for dinner, G way too picky... We then walked around Creekside a bit, the boys running around like crazy, J being a teenage jerk to G... Walked home and G gave J a shower of thistle down, LOL it was really funny. The boys tried to do chin ups, home to finish working at the desk. D stopped for a min, then to Creekside with the youth group to play hide and seek. L home from dinner, Little boys to bed, D late... All finally home and to bed. Up late getting things on the PC in the office.

20160423 + Team Banner

20160423 + Up in the am and to J's soccer game in the freezing cold. L headed out to see one of D's games. J's team won and then J&I headed home. I headed out to see some of D's game and ended up working in the concession stand. Before the game was over L&I headed home to pick G up and take him to his baseball game. A mom was texting L while we were at G's game and in the second game of D's double header he was called in to catch! G had a good game but they lost. We didn't have time to make it back and see D play, but heard he did good at catcher. All home for a bit. D&J went to a friend's overnight. G&I headed to the McClain's so G could play and Bill, Tom and I could talk baseball and drink beers.

20160422 - Left Field

20160422 - Up in the am and in to work. Just another crazy day at work... After work I headed to D's baseball game, a nice short drive tonight as they are playing in Grove City. I hung out with L as J&G played on the soccer field. D got in to play some outfield tonight and they won. Home and watched a movie with the boys.

20160421 + Kick Diner, PIs

20160421 + Up in the am and into work. Long day crunching numbers... Headed to Pickerington to see J's soccer game with L&G, D at a baseball game in Olentangy, he got to play second today. J's played a lot in the 1st half and a bit in the second half, but they lost. After the game we headed to the Nutcracker Diner for a fantastic meal with 2 grumpy tired boys. Headed home and D was on the way to his girlfriend's and he popped up on the 'Find Friends' app right in front of J&I on the way home so we followed him. We tracked him down at a Wendy's were we got to meet his new girlfriend (DGF5). Home and got the boys to bed. Up late working on the PC and watching 4400.

20160420 - Lunch @ Lilly's w/ Lori

20160420 - Up in am and into work. Got some things done around the office and then L showed up for our insurance biometric screening. I gave her a tour of the plant, we got our blood drawn, blood pressure taken and other checks done. We then headed to downtown Grove City for a nice lunch at LIlly's Diner. 

Back to work for a bit and then left early to head to Lancaster to Watch D at his baseball game. John & Betty stopped by to see the game and D was not playing so we had a nice chat. D's team was losing by 1 and there were 2 outs in the top of the 7th. A guy got on base and then coach put D in as a pinch runner... :-o The first pitch D took off like lightening and stole 2nd, just beating the ball with the slide and popping up right on top of the base 'SAFE'! Ready to run with 2 outs, and a crack of the bat, D was already in motion rounding 3rd and flying towards home with the ball on its way... He slide under the catcher, across home, popping up jumping in the air pumping his arms coming down in a sea of his players yelling and screaming as he just tied up the game!!! Bottom of the 7th and the Lancaster team got a run and a walk off win :-( D's coach was pretty upset and made the boys run, he hasn't lost a game until now for the last 2 years... Drove home, saw the little boys for a minute. Up on the PC and watching the 4400.

20160419 + BIG DOUBLE

20160419 + Up in the am and into the office for a day full of meetings.  I headed out, swung by the house and then an to the ballfield for G's game.  It was a pretty close game and then G got up and BLASTED a ball to the fence for a double.  That started a rally where the boys went all the way through the order.  Gma&paW were down for a checkup on her eye and stopped by to see the game.  The boys won 29 - 6 :-o   Home and got something to eat.  D home from his game, he got to play outfield for a bit, but not bat.  Up late on the pc and watching the 4400.

20160418 - Cleared and Out

20160418 - Up in the am and in to work. Owner stopped by for a visit. It was an intense day. Jack's fever broke at noon. Headed straight to D's baseball game. He had a Dr appointment today and was cleared to play! I got there in the bottom of the 2nd and D wasn't playing... He did get in for the top of the 6th and got a grounder thrown to 1st for the game ending out. Great to see him back on the field :-) Next stop was the athletic boosters meeting. Then home for some dinner and hanging out with the boys. Got Doc and went to Bible Bangers. Home and J's fever back...

20160417 + Spring Cleaning

20160417 + Up late and to the desk to get a couple of things done. Had the boys clean everything out of the shed for our Spring cleaning. L&I out to put things back into the shed while the boys hung out in front of the TV, J still has a fever... D&G took all 3 cars to the car wash and checked the tires, then got all of the bikes ready for spring. I trimmed the grape vines and L got groceries and did some other year work. We had steaks for dinner. A beautiful day to be outside and get things ready for the year

20160416 - Double Double Header

20160416 - Up in the am and D&L off to D's double header, L worked in the concession stand. I eventually got up and got Grant around. J stayed home as he still has a fever. We were late and made a stop at the post office before heading to the field for G's double header. It was a pretty day for baseball and the boys were ready to play. Gma&paW and Amy McFarland stopped by to watch. G got to pitch and did pretty good. G's team won both games easily and had a blast doing it. After the game we had some folks over and D ran to pick up pizzas for dinner. It was a fun day!

20160415 - D Goes for a Walk

20160415 - Up in the am and in to work. Worked all day and then headed to the ballfield to see if D was going to get in the game. Stood around and talked to the other dads. D did get in to bat in the last inning and got walked... They won and I headed home with a stop at Chipolte to get dinner for D&I. Connor Barnette was there and I talked to him a little bit about his tennis match. Home and ate and we hung out as J was home from school with a fever. We watched the 'Princess Bride', a true classic.

20160414 + Stuck on the Road

20160414 + Up late in the am and to the accountant to get taxes done. In to work for a short but crazy day. Headed to G's scrimmage and parked on 270 for 30 minutes... Got to G's game late, but just as he was coming up to bat for the first time. He had a good game and it was nice to sit and watch the boys play, they did very well. We were in Pickerington and G&I stopped at a Stake'n Shake on the way home for dinner. Home late, little boys to bed. D filled me in on his game, he didn't get to play. All to bed. Watched a couple episodes of 4400.

20610413 - 1st JV @ Bat

20610413 - UP in the am and in to work. Had a customer on site today that went ok. GmaW had an eye surgery today that went well. Headed to the ball field after work to watch D play. He actually got up to bat tonight! He got walked and scored. Good to see him on the field! Headed to Dave's warehouse after the game to get ebay inventory, home for dinner, Hamburger Helper :-) Fell asleep on the couch... To bed, up late on the PC trying to stay ahead of things...

20160412 + 1st U9 Game

20160412 + Up in the am and had a discussion with D about his phone... into work. Busy productive day. D went to physical therapy, and then had to drive himself to his game in Newark. I Headed home and straight to G's first game of the season. He got to do some pitching and up to bat 3 times and hit the ball each time, no walks or strike outs, 1 pop out and 2 ground outs. I had to leave early to get to a Scout board of review. There were 3 Scouts in, 2 unprepared... Home and had a discussion with D about his school work... To bed.

20160411 - Come Back

20160411 - Up in the am and to Waffle House for a 'Directos Meeting'. I LOVE meetings at Waffle House, steak & eggs! Then in to the office for a day of email and catchup. Home for a yummy 'Shake & Bake' pork chop dinner. Then DJ&I headed tonScouts where I got a ton done. Home and talked to L, a teacher friend of hers stopped by to chat tonight, I made a couple calls and then got Doc for Bible Bangers. We had a great conversation about 2nd baptisms (they arn't necessary). As we we're talking a man walked up to our table and said 'Do you remember me?', my great memory didn't allow me to answer, but a couple of the others did. He continued 'Back in December I was in here and heard you talking. I stopped by and asked you to pray for my mother Mary that was having an operation the next day. I wanted to stop by and let you know that the surgery was successful. She got out of the hopital right before Easter and is doing well, she can't walk yet, but she is getting better every day. Thank you for praying for her. The power of prayer works." We thanked him for letting us know and welcomed him to come back to the 'Church of the Golden Arches' anytime. He thanked us again turned and left. How awesome is that?! 

20160410 + Clean Up & Prayers

20160410 + Up nice and late and nice and warm. We all got suited up and headed out to meet the scouts that spent the night outside again last night and the temp got down to 16 degrees :-o We all gathered in the Farmhouse and the Scouts held their closing meeting that included roses and thorns of the campout and a prayer. As the scouts filed out they each got a little bottle of maple syrup. The Scouts did their final cleanup and hit the road. GpaWD&I did some outside cleanup while GmaWLJ&G got the Farmhouse cleaned up. After things got good a cleaned up we headed up for a nice lunch. As we packed the car the little boys turned in to demons (very tired little boys). We got on the road and all 3 boys were dead asleep in 15 min. Home, got things unloaded, cleaned up and settled in for homework. D&I ran to Giant Eagle and got some food. Home and found tiny 'X' pastas for L's class next week. We had some dinner and then D&I headed to a 'Home Church' parent night. I listened and and then asked questions about this Xenos based home church my son is attending. So far so good. I will have to do much more investigating before a conclusion is draws... I left D there and got home to chat with Lna bit about the meeting then Chris stopped over to watch 'Fear the Walking Dead'. Stayed up a bit longer with D to ship some Ebay sales. 

20160409 - Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm

20160409 - L woke up to find a clock in the hall, G was the 1st boy up and ready to go, he headed out with GmaW. J up and explained the clock was ticking too loud so he had to put it in the hall... D&I up and all out to a beautiful crisp snow covered Farm morning. We all headed out and met up with the frozen scouts that were busy making breakfast. D, directing the scouts and I helped GpaW get things ready and things look really good. Roger and Dale had the sap rolling in the old cast iron kettle and the steam melting the falling snow. 

Soon relatives and friends from near and far filled the yard, barn and house. Tours were given, maple syrup making lessons and stories of days gone flowed by while introductions and new connections were made. The Boy Scouts started their side dishes and lunch was prepared on the grill and inside. 

Soon the food was read and with the snow nearly everyone went inside to eat. I walked around and took pictures and thought how happy Great GmaW would be to see her house so full of wonderful people. We had 95 people here, 27 from Troop 98 that spent then night in the barn and tents on the South yard. 

After lunch the sap had boiled down to the right temperature to officially be Maple Syrup. We pour it off and filled the jars of the golden brown glorious goodness, we think it's the best we've ever made!

Things started wrapping up and the Scouts headed off on a hike up through the camp and to the falls peppered with continuous snowball fights. Cold and wet the hikers returned to the Farmhouse to warm up, eat some leftovers for dinner, play games and hangout.

We look forward to this day to start our Spring off with family and friends each year and this year despite the snow was no exception. We are ready for spring with our maple syrup reserves and hearts full ready for the warm weather and crazy busy schedules to kick in. 

No matter where you travel from.
When you get to the Farm, 
you know you're home.

Thanks to all who helped prepare, those who came to share, those that came to play. 
Because of all of you, it was a wonderful day. 
See you next year!

20160408 - Pumping & Barning It

20160408 - Up in the am saw everyone off. I planned to head to Ikea in Cincinnati to pick up a sink for L and order a countertop for the kitchen. L and I talked about it for a bit and think we'll hold off. I got to the desk and got a Tom of things done. I ran out for some new carpenter pants for tomorrow and a couple other stops. Home, L home and we tried to do some things on the PC with our health insurance while she cooked some stuff for tomorrow: FAIL... G home and I forced him off the Xbox to run some errands with me. We got air in the tires, gas, dropped stuff off at the post office, got lotto tickets, dropped off donations at Goodwill and got back home before D&J got home from school. Everyone home so we all loaded up and headed to the Farm. We got there and Gma&paW have been very busy, the place looks GREAT. We helped with a couple of things, but not a lot left to do. We headed to the Chinese restaurant for a crazy loud dinner. Home and about 10 cars showed up full of Scouts. We headed down to the barn to greet them, lay out some rules and see that they have the lay of the land, or the barn...

20160407 - HAIL YEAH!

20160607 - Up into work day of meetings and getting things done. Met with a large team at the end of the day to get ideas like doing that. Home and D drove me to J's game where L&G were watching. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot it started hailing...  They waited for the hail to stop, smart..., and then called the game, J's team won!  We all headed home, had some dinner and then settled int the basement to watch the last episode ever of American Idol.

20160406 - Forward & Back

20160406 - Up in the am and in to work for a full day at the desk getting things done. After work I headed to the ballpark to meet up with LJ&G to catch some of D's game. He got in as a pinch runner and got forced out at second but got his hands up to break up the double play. It was raining and we stayed until the bottom of the last inning and then headed home to have left overs and catch American Idol.

20160405 - Big Steak

20160405 - Up in the am and into work. We had the Sales Team onsite today taking tours and learning about our operations. D&G both had games today that got cancelled due to extreme cold and rain, love Ohio weather... So I went out for dinner with Dave and the sales folks. Home late, talked to L for a bit, then downstairs to talk with D while he watched baseball.

20160404 - Big Scout Circle

20160404 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a long day of getting things done and lined up for the rest of the week. Snowing today so all games cancelled... Home a bit late, got something to eat and then headed to Scouts with D&J. D was fired from his Quartermaster position with the Scouts because he hasn't been to meetings due to baseball weightlifting. I got some merit badge info and hung out until the end of the meeting, it is amazing how big the circle has gotten. D ran me to the gas station after the meeting and then we headed home for some ice cream.

20160403 - How to Climb in a Barn

20160403 - Up late in the am and got a couple things done at the desk. Then we all piled on D's car and headed up to the Farm. We had a nice lunch with Gma&paW and then headed out to get some things done. D&J got the wood-house straightened out, LG and GmaW cleaned up the yards and GpaW and I fixed an electrical issue in the Farmhouse. We all headed out to the barn and covered some holes in the floor and put 'CAUTION' tape up. J climbed way up and cleaned up some wires. We loaded up and headed south to get G to baseball practice. D went to practice with G&I, he likes being around the little kids. It was a good chilly practice. We stopped by John's to pick up keys for Tuesday's game. Home and J&I gave Lilly a bath. We got Lilly all cleaned up and then got some dinner. D off to youth group and J got G&I some ice cream. Little boys to bed and the guys showed up to watch the disturbing season finally of the Walking Dead.

20160402 - Fur, Wind, Rain & Snow

20160402 - L up early to go get D from his vacation. D home and got ready for his double header, told us a little about his vacation and then left for the games.  Up and to the desk to get some things done. LJG&I to Lowe's to get some subway tiles for a backsplash and schedule an appointment for countertop measurements... Home for some lunch and to finish things up in the office. L started shaving Lilly and then LG&I headed to D's second super windy, rainy and cold game. Home L trimmed Lilly some more, D&I got caught up on stuff and then LJG&I headed over to the McClains through the SNOW for a relaxing evening. It was a lot of fun and good to relax. We followed Tom home because his brake lights are not working. Home and D was dead asleep on the couch in the basement with food from Wendy's still in the bag. Poor boy was exhausted.

20160401 + Happy Bday L

20160401 - Up in the am and into work. Got a bunch done and headed home a bit early. L didn't want to leave the house, living room, couch for her bday, so J and I headed out to get dinner. We had to go to Subway for J, Wendy's for G and L&I got great big burgers from the Gahanna Grill.  Home and Coach John was there, we got some things done for baseball and caught up a bit. After dinner we watched a couple of movies and watched D's progress on his return from vacation. I stayed up late to go get him and then he decided to stay all night there :-s