20150831 - Last of August

20150831 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work.  Got to work and Dave is out sick today.  Loaded with calls and emails, took a break to run and get  couple mushroom burgers and awards for the Scouts at lunch.  Finished the meetings for the day and headed home passing L&J on  the way to J's soccer practice.  I had some taco salad while D&G cleaned up the kitchen and then G&I rode with D to Scouts.  G&I came home, J was home, practice cancelled due to lightning and then L ran him to Scouts while G&I played with a chemistry set doing cool experiments.  We took a break to check out the tow truck and the car Doc had towed to his backyard.  I then ran to pick up D&J at Scouts and D rove Conor home and I tightened a water valve for them.  Home and Bible Bangers cancelled due to people being out of town  D&I shipped an ebay sale.  bed later than I had hoped, yawn...

20150830 - Batter & Plumber

20150830 - UP in the am and LJ&G to church, I worked at the desk for a bit and D got ready for his game.  J went home with the Mallonn's and LDG&I headed to D's game.  G was the bat boy and we had a super close game that lasted 10 innings.  D used his new bat and contacts but didn't get a hit.  the boys won 2-1.

Home and D&I pulled his toilet because it wasn't flushing right,  and put down a new wax seal, cleaned the shower drain and the light vent too.  His bathroom looks brand new.  I headed out to he back porch where I installed a ceiling fan and ran a new cable to the TV.  L cooked us some burgers on the grill.  All projects over for the day and in, cleaned up, little boys to bed and D&I watched 'Fear the Walking Dead'.

20150829 + Seeing Bi-Clear

20150829 + Up and with no sports in sight L locked me in the basement to clean up some of my junk.  L and boys to Lena's 6th bday party for the afternoon.  Around 4 I headed to the eye Dr. and L dropped D off.  We got our eyes checked I am officially old, i need bifocals...) and ordered a small fortune in glasses and contact :-s  After the eye appointment I got all my hairs cuts.  We then went to Jersey Mike's for a sub dinner.  D drove me to Lowe's in Whitehall where we picked up some supplies and a ceiling fan for the back porch.  It started pouring when we were in the store.  It was nice to have a chauffeur to go get the car so I didn't have to get wet :-)  Home and we all watched a movie in the basement.

20150828 - Loud Movie

20150828 - Up and dropped D off at school on be way into work. Worked, home and ate on the back porch and then took D and 3 of his friends to see Agent 47. The boys sat way in the back and were incredibly loud during the movie... We stopped at Little Ceasers on way home to get them pizzas to snack on tonight. They played glow in the dark wiffle ball and then settled in the basement. L&I up late with the boys noise so we sat in bed and watched a movie.

20150827 + Practice

20150827 + Up in the morning and dropped D off at school on the way to work.  Worked a full day and then rushed home to get D&G to go to G's practice.  Practice was good, D helps a lot and the younger boys like him and listen to his tips.  Home, boys cleaned up, snack and off to bed.  We got Grant's school pictures today.

20150826 - Sweet 16

20150826 - P in the am and D is 16!!!  Before we left he opened his stuff, a new bat and other goodies.  He is so big!  I dropped him off at school on the way to work and worked a full day.  Home and for D's bday dinner he wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  The whole family went and we had a good dinner.  We left G there mesmerized by by a game he was playing, he didn't even know we all left the table...  D drove us to get some bleacher chairs and then home for some homemade cake L made, DOc joined,us and then to the basement to watch a movie.

Happy B-day BIG D! 

20150825 + All Over Town

20150825 + UP, dropped D at school and in to work.  Full day and then home.  L&J to his soccer practice and DG&I went out to eat with Gma&paW that were in town for some training GmaW was taking.  We went to eat at a Chinese place and then D drop us to Staples to get a graphing calculator for school and then to a pet store.  Home and all boys in bed.  I was up late working on baseball stuff.

20150824 - Special Ceremony

20150824 - Up and dropped D at school and into work. Full day, ran home and ate dinner with D&G, L&J to soccer practice. D&G cleaned up the kitchen and then we stated putting the basement back together from the de-mold painting project. Then we ran to Scouts where I updated the Scout calendar during the meeting. L dropped J off and there was a special ceremony for him to get his pipestone that was lost when he passed out at camp... Home and dropped off the boys and to BibleBangers. Home and up late doing baseball stuff.

20150823 - Double Header

20150823 - Up in the am and at the desk getting paperwork done.  L ran and got J from his party, he's plenty tired and grumpy... we all got loaded up and headed to D's double header in Grove City.  We got our tent set up on the bleachers and settled in.  G was the bat boy and D had a couple really good games, he did his part, 0 errors, but they lost both games :-).  Gma&paW came down and Uncle Johnny stopped by to see some of the action.  We went to dinner with Gma&paW after the game. GpaW's glasses fell apart at the table. D drive Gma&paW back to our house. 

We got a couple more things done before calling it a done weekend.  Chris and Shawn Pettit came over to watch the the new series 'Fear the Walking Dead'.

20150822 - Shootin and Dancin

20150822 - Up in the am and D drove J&I to Splatter Park. We had a shooting fiesta! It was a BLAST!!!  Home and chilled out a bit.  L had painted the basement and was mowing the backyard.  J mowed the front, then the boys and I shot the paintball gun some more.  All loaded into the car, D drove, dropped J off at a bday party and then we headed to the McClains for their block party.  It was a lot of fun, we ran through the spray of a fire truck, ate some good food and played some games and danced!

20150821 + Pizza & a Movie

20150821 + Up dropped d off and headed to work. Didn't move from my desk all day. Home and d carried me to get pizza and we all watched a movie.

20150820 - Gas-r-up

20150820 - Up to work, rushed home, got G and D drove us to practice.  We practiced for a couple of hours and then stopped at the McClains on the way home.

20150819 + Foot Long Coney Dog

20150819 + Up into work full fast day taking over a new customer and helping an old one leave.  Home and had dinner with the fam.  I played Trouble with J a couple times, then L&I to the high school to walk through D's classes and meet his teachers.  It is a HUGE maze of a school... We went to Dairy Queen after the visit and had a treat.  Home and got the boys to bed.  I couldn't sleep, got hooked on some old movie that was playing...

20150818 - Meet the Teacher

20150818 - Up dropped D at school on my way to work.  Fast day at work.  Home and L to J's school to meet his teachers.  Our friend Tom and his boy came over to play and some help with his laptop.  L home, boys up late playing video game and watching TV.

20150817 + Meetings

20150817 + Up, dropped D off on the way to work.  In to work and getting things done.  Home quickly and ate, got D&J to Scouts, I headed for a Boosters meeting.  Back to the church to pick up the boys.  Home and then off to Bible Bangers for a quick check-in.

20150816 - Go Team!

20150816 - UP and got some work at the desk done.  Took D to baseball practice and got a bunch of reading done.  Home and D took me to G's practice and helped.  Home and D&I ran to Dave's warehouse to get more items for ebay and hear about his trip to Philmont with the Scouts.  Home and we ate and watched 'Hercules' before all heading to bed.

20150815 - Selfie Stick

20150815 - Up in the am and to Kroger to get ice cream making ingredients.  Got the boys together and we headed to the Cub Scouts Poles & Bowls event.  D made the ice cream while JG&I did some fishing.  I caught 12 fish!  L had packed us lunches so we ate, had ice cream for dessert and then headed home.  I mounted a TV in the living room and then moved one into the bedroom.  At the desk the rest of the afternoon doing paperwork.  Over to McClains for dinner and some fun.

20150814 + L & Me to Clippers

20150814 + UP work, owner in, good meeting.  Home after work, 4th day in a row it took an hour to get home on 270...  Got L and headed to the Clippers game.  We sat next to a couple of ladies I work with and it was an enjoyable evening.  Home late, picked J up from the Mallonn's on the way.  All boys to bed.

20150813 - D Goes & Safe

20150813 - Up took D to his first day as a 10th grader.  In to work and worked a full day.  Took an hour to get home...  Got D&G and we headed to G's baseball practice.  It was a good practice.  Home and watched some TV and got the boys to bed...

20150812 - First 2 Go

20150812 - Up and ready with the little boys.  G was first to go.  He stood proud for his pic and then jumped on his bike and vanished super excited and pumping like crazy for his first day as the only and last of the Winger boys to be at Jefferson Elementary :-) & :-(   Next up was J, he was nervous, his 'legs feel funny and I have butterflies in my stomach'.  He got his big boy picture taken and departed quickly hoping I wouldn't follow the bus down the road in my underpants.  L walked him to the bus stop and he got on without a hitch.  I got ready, headed south and stopped at Target to get L new pillows before work.  Long day at the desk at work.  Home, traffic a mess the second night in a row...  We had dinner and G&J told about their wonderful days at school full of smiles :-)  D told about his day driving L around at Easton for his last day of summer.  After dinner we went outside and put up a baseball net and L jumped on  the trampoline with the boys.  In and down to the basement to watch the movie 'Chapie'.  All boys to bed.

20150811 - Bad Traffic & Shipping

20150811 - Up early and in to work  Full day and then home through horrible traffic.  Had some dinner and sat on the back porch with L.  Then I had to go to a Scout Board of Review.  I got home just as the boys were going to bed.  D&I stayed up and got all our weekend ebay sales shipped.

20150810 + Gahanna Ka-Nig-Its

20150810 + Up in the am  and to work.  It was a super busy day trying to get the paperwork done for 6 people I was able to hire.  Home and grabbed the boys and we headed to Donatos for our annual Gahanna Modern Day Knights Back to School Dinner and a Movie.  We had a smaller crowd this year but it was still a good dinner and the boys enjoyed all the stories and tips.  After dinner we all headed to the movie 'Ant-Man', it was awesome!  Home called GpaW, today is his birthday and they went to the Richland County Fair for gourmet food on a stick.  I got the boys to bed and stayed up talking to L.

20150809 - Baseball Party

20150809 - Up in the am and all to church.  There was an emergency at work so I walked home, got changed, got gas and headed into work for a couple of hours.  L took the boys to D's baseball scrimmage.  I finished up and stopped at Target to pick some things up on the way home.  Got home and worked on scheduling a dinner for tomorrow night and then baseball stuff.  L and the boys got home, L took J to a youth group party and then hung out with G.  D got cleaned up and he drove me to his baseball teams after season dinner.  The coach said some things about each boy and had nice things to say about D.  D was invited to a bonfire after dinner so I left him there with his buddies and I headed home for a coaches meeting for G's team.  It was a good meeting.  D home late.

20150808 - Historic Movies

20150808 - UP and in the office almost all day :-(  But got a TON done :-)   L took D to baseball tryouts, I picked up J from the magic shop.  We watched 'Airplane' and D&I stayed up to watch 'Blazing Saddles'.

20150807 - All Over Town

20150807 - Worked, home walked to Massey's pizza, then Dairy Queen, then to Creekside to listen to some music, then home to watch a movie.

20150806 - School Prep

20150806 - Work, home, school shopping, movie in the basement with the little boys.

20150805 - KY and Back

20150805 - Up early and into work to meet some guys to head to Lexmark In KY.  It was a long drive, good meeting and a nice dinner stop at Fava's on the way back and a quick stop in the historical society to see a talking Crow!  Finished the drive home and then straight to a Landscape board meeting.  Finally home. D to the Farm for a couple of days.

20150803 - D Driving Repairs

20150803 - Work, Scout meeting, D drove me to Scout meeting and to Home Depot to get drywall to fix the hole we made in his room to put the fan in.

20150802 + Porch TV

20150802 + Up late, L&J went to church, I read the paper and got some desk work done then Tom and Landon stopped over and we did a couple of projects.  We got a new remote control ceiling fan installed in L's bedroom and a TV hung on the back porch.  It took a long time but the results were fantastic.  We sat on the porch watching TV until the bugs got too bad and then in for a couple of minutes before all boys to bed.

20150801 - A Lot of Scout Driving

20150801 - Up at 6:30 and on the road to Newcomerstown with the trailer. Got there at 8:15 and got the mower loaded, coffee refreshed and cookies and back on the road by 8:45. Had a nice up and down winding roads to 7Ranges to pick up D&J. I got there at 10:00 and both boys were still alive. I got good reports on their behavior and found out that J had a bloody nose everyday and passed out during the ceremony last night... :-o The boys got everything packed up and we caravaned to Das Dutch Kitchen for a buffet dinner. They boys talked a lot about all the fun stuff they did. On to the Farm for another break, Gma&paW were out shopping. Back on the road for the last leg... Home and unloaded the mower and all the boys stuff. G was very excited to see them and they told L all about their adventures. I took a bit of a nap and then D drove us to Home Depot for some supplies and then to Panda Express for dinner and home. We watched a movie, The Cobbler, in the basement and I stayed up late entering the merit badges all the boys earned at camp..