060731 - Good Knight

060731 - Medievil Times, What a great show! The boys were mezmorized by the joust and the sword fighting with sparks flying and people dying. The went on and on about it... Back to the room then swimming, played monkey in the middle with a bunch of kids at the pool. Got the PC's out tonight and taught Rich how to play StarWars...

060731 - Lunch

060731 - Everyone up, L&I to the sales pitch, what a racket... needless to say we did not buy, but we got the free $100. Back to the room for lunch, Jack liked the brownies. Then we hit the pool for a couple of hours. We had loads of fun in the pool and the lazy river. Howdy learned how to kick and use his arms t the same time, he is doing great. The boys had rootbeer floats for a snack at the pool and then we all head to the room to get cleaned up for the evenings activity.

060730 - Atlantic

060730 - Up early had breakfast at the hotel then hit the road. The route mapped out was quite interesting , through run down towns and swamps of SC. We hit Myrtle Beach 3 hours ahead of schedule.. L&I took the boys to the ocean, They loved it!. Howdy didn't remember it and Jack thought it was the greatest thing ever. We got our room and settled in. Then Connie, Steve, Rich and Nicole showed up. After everyone was settled we headed to 'Broadway at the Beach' for dinner. Swung by the ocean one more time then headed to the room to relax from the long drive.

060729 - Vacation, leg 1 complete

060729 - Up early and on the road. The boys did great and we didn't have to stop as often as I anticipated. We arrived at the hotel in Winston-Salem and settled in. The boys had a great time jumping on the bed and of course we went swimming.

060723 - Jack @ the park

060709 - Racing stripes

060709 - Up, L to church. The boys & I stayed home and worked in the yard, level and seeded where the underground electric was put in. We played a little catch, had some lunch and transplanted some ornamental grass. Then all the boys got hair cuts. Howdy & Jack got racing stripes. Rinsed off the hair and everone took a nap. Took a bike/scooter/walk back to te playground. Hame for dinner and then made a toy station for the back seat for vacation. Had an icecream treat and the heading off to bed.

060708 - Expert Riders

060708 - Up way too early considering the time I went to bed... Got cleaned up then relaxed & played catch with the boys in the backyard. Had some lunch and then went on a bike/scooter/walk back to the playground for some riding practice and play. Home, tried to help dad figure out flights to Myrtle Beach & then everyone took a nap... Up and out for another round of bike/scooter/walk back to the playground for some riding practice and play.

060707 - Poker wit friends

060707 - Busy day at work. Allen and his family stoped by to look at a cabinet he is going to make for us. Jim Long stoped to pick me up and then off to Bryan Kicas' to pick him up, then headed up to Dave Loughman's for poker. Played 4 games I won 2! AMAZING!!! i wa hot tonight. Played until 4am then Bryan drove us home. Had a lot of fun but am exhausted.
060706 - Up early, Jack was up at 2:30 and Howdy up at 4:30: exhausted... Sat on first con-call then took Sparky and Bear to the vet. That was an expensive adventure: as always. Home had another call. Back out to my doctor to get my yearly check-up, 2hr process to draw blood???? Hurried off to the occularist, got my eye cleaned and adjusted a bit, another chunck of change $$$ home and L,D&J back from the zoo, they had a great time and met some friends there. Finished the work day and then headed out on errends with all in tow. Had some dinner and gave the boys a bath
060705 - Up late did some work. Spent a bunch of time today finalizing plans for vacation at the end of the month. Had a couple of calls and then dinner. Outside and played baseball with the boys and pushed them on the swings. Watched a little bit of the 'X Men' then sounded 'All boys upstairs' at 9:30, read them books and then back downstairs to the office to get some real work done. to bed VERY LATE...

060704 - Knee high on the 4th of July

060704 - Jack, Me and Dylan in the corn field on Flemming Falls Rd. For as many years as I can rember as a kid, Grandma Winger would make us go down into the corn field on the 4th of July and take our pictures. Let the tradition continue for many years!

060704 - More Fun with Family on the 4th!

060704 - Up and all down to the barn chasin cats. All of my Aunts and Uncles from my Dad's family were at the Farm this 4th. Even Jessica and her kids were here from Germany. The picture is Dylan, Sam & Max enjoy the beater from some homemade icecream. All the kids and Aunt Betty had pony rides and there was a great squirt gun fight that included everyone, willing or not ;-) , and ended the festivities with a hay ride. After a really fun day at the Farm we headed home and tried to see our town's fireworks, but the rain prevented it.

060702 - Family Fun for the 4th

060702 - L & boys to church, I hit home depot. Everyone met at home and headed to Crick & Jim's for a family event. Noelle, Shaw, Logan & Lacey. Gma & pa Barker, Ken & Suzzie there. We had a good meal, swam in the pool and talked. The picture is Lacy, Logan, Jack and Dylan having fun. Headed home and watched 'League of Extrordinary Gentlemen' with Howdy.
060701 - Worked in the yard, on the furnacereturn. Gary & Marlene's for dinner, furniture moving & fireworks.
060630 - Took the family to a movie 'Over the Hedge', dollar store and then had Wendy's for dinner at Friendship Park as we listened to a jazz band and the boys played on the playset.
060629 - Up decent day at work, got a couple things done today. Took Howdy to karate. Took some food home and the boys played football in the yard, laughing an giggling...
060628 - Bailed out early, made appointment at the window tint place and dropped money off for the coaches gift. It was hailing on the way home. Had dinner and then installed a new kitchen faucet and soap dispenser for L. Watched 'UltraViolet' w/ the boys then stayed up late finishing up project plan for CustomerH.