090531 +

090531 +  L - Nashville, G blow up place screaming, office store, grocery, lunch, nap, doors, grasses

090530 - J's Broken Leg

090530 - The boys were all up before me. Dylan was making them breakfast and doing very well. I got them ready to go out and about. Noticed Jack was still limping on his right leg a little so I thought we would swing by the xray shop while we were out. We hit the gas station, the dry cleaners, and Lowe's. Then a exceptionally nutritious chocolate shake and chicken nugget lunch from McD's as I was on a con call and drove to the Children's Hospital... We got there they took a couple of pictures of Jack's right leg and sure enough there is a little crack in his tibia. Good thing is that it is nearly a week old, so that means it did NOT happen after Lori left town! That is VERY important to remember :-p Jack told the Dr that it only hurts when he jumps off the playset, the Dr. looked at me like 'he's not real bright is he'... We got him an air cast that he has to wear for 2 weeks. and then met up with Gma&paW for Dylan's baseball game. They played the thoughest team in the league today and tied them. Howdy got walked once and struck out twice, but he struck out swining and had another foul tip. He'll straighten them out sooner or latter. After the game D&J snuck out and went home with Gma&paW. I went upstair with Grant and he didn't seem to mid the attention and quiet... We play a bit, ran out for bubble bath and beer and then home for a dinner on the back porch. We then played baseball on our diamond until bath time, read a stack of books and to sleep he went. I am now going to plan for tomorrow, get clnd up and get some rest myself.
090529 - Well I was up until 3am diong testing and flows for work... Lori didn't make it to Nashville until 12:30 AM, but the boys were good and had fun staying up late without mom around ;-)

090529 - BUZZ!!!!

090529 - Up and on calls until 2pm, then did some Flows, so behind on mail, testing... too much for too few... Took L & Steph to the airport w/ the 3 monkeys, then through McD's to pick up our picnic dinner. Had dinner, some neighbor kids over to play while DJ&G took turns getting their heads buzzed! They look great! outside playing kickball, will have to work more once I get them to bed...

090528 -

090528 - Due to being stuck in my office I missed Dylan's Field day relays at his school.  Then I did find time to take Dylan to karate, but was on the ph @ work for 30 min of it.  On top of that he was not ready...not ready.  Dylan baseball game

090526 -

090526 - Dropped off 3 day notice, then off to PA to meet Boss.

090525 +

090525 + sealed dorrs from inside, nicoles for lunch, home watched land of lost 70's, rested, chinese, bed

090524 -

090524 - D - Acolyte, Lowes with fam to return and get supplies, luch mexican, trimmed outside.

090523 - It's in

090523 - Up and at it. L got ! signed up for safety town. Big John showed up first, then Adrian, Rich, Doc, Jim, Mark and we got the new french doors in. All the boys were in the mix... L&J met Gma&paW @ Dylan's baseball game. Dylan swung away and struck out a couple times and got a foul ball. But he's swinging! Cleaned up and some dinner with the fam. Will do trim tomorrow. Up watching 'Repo! The Genetic Opera': a bit odd...

090522 -

090522 - J - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL/Swimsuit and stickers, Meet Dylan @ Friendship park for lunch
Craft night for the girls here

090521 -

090521 - D - Scouts, Final pack meeting, got doors, J rode w/ doc, jim helped unload.

090520 -

090520 - pitching machine, Dylan baseball game away vs THunder Diamond 1 = SNACK, swung 2twice, jeff window out.

090519 +

090519 + friendship park with landon/ pack lunch..
Sean home with Dylan to play

090518 -

090518 - Dylan baseball game away vs rockhounds diamond2


090516 - up and Jack had opened his presents already. I took D&J & we ran a couple of errands. Home for lunch and then rush out for D's baseball game. They lost, but Dylan took his first swing of the season! On the way home we stopped and got J's favorite wii games. When we got home I blew up Jacks last present for the day, a Giga ball u can get in and roll around in! the boys are having fun, little bit of sharing isues going on, while Lori is getting ready for Jack's party tomorrow. Tonight it is Max & Erma's for Jack's favorite dinner: tortilla soup!

090515 +

090511 - Last Game

090511 - Up & got G some bfast, he came down the stairs this morning in his cowboy boots and hat, he means business... Total fast day at work, things flying apart at the seams, bailing the boat with a net... Did manage to get the house refi closing done today. Jack had his last soccer game tonight and he got a bit physical w/ a couple of kids from the other team... They were being a bit too pushy and he pushed right back, coach had to step in. Looks like I will get my money out of those karate lessons after all! We then had icecream w/ his team. Everybody home and in bed. I got to meet the bible bangers and work most of the night...

090510 - Mothers day

090510 - Up, L&J to church. D,G&I stayed home & got stuff ready. When L&J got home we headed up to Camp Mowana where we met Gma&paW Louise & family for a nice brunch. Then some play time at the barn. Back to the farm house and John, Mary & Lucia Terry stopped over. We all headed up to the falls for a hike.

090509 - Games

090509 - Up and out! Met Gma&paB at Jack's soccer game. Jack got 1 goal & played whole game. After the game DJ&I headed to the store & got J a bakugan. Home for lunch & some mulching. Back out to D's baseball game. Played poker with John, Mark and the guys.

090509 -

090509 - D - Progress report, all good, Dylan baseball scrimmage W, Jack soccer game.           

090507 - Hike

090507 - Up and a whirlwind at work, made the day go fast... Ran and picked up some other scouts then off to Highbanks Metro park for a hike. We got to see some cool things and the boys got to RUN off some energy. Drove past one of the rentals on the way home. Helped Jeff with the muskrat trap and his PC. Home got D to bed and watched some tv w/ L. Up too late updating my family tree on GENi.com

090506 +

090506 + L&G - Mother Daughter Dinner - Newcomers town

090505 - Mulching

090505 - LDG to petting farm, saw snakes, horses etc, rented edger, lilly ran away.

090504 - Garden

090504 - Garden pic, J - Soccer, Dylan baseball, Star of Bethlehem movie

090502 - Poker

090502 - showin some chumps how to play poker!

090502 - Frogmen

090502 - Up and everyone to J's soccer game. Jack did great and one time when the other team got to kick it in he blocked it with his body. The ball hit him square in the gut, his eyes bulged out and he had a perfect mud imprint on the ball on his shirt. Good save Jack! Home and all 3 boys helped me clean out the big car. Fast lunch and then to D's baseball game. They lost pretty bad... D struck out each time. Home and batting practice until Jack found a frog. Then digging trenches, filling them with water, while L worked in the garden and G took a nap. Guess I need to start spreading some of the 80 bags of mulch... 1 more beer first while I enjoy this beautiful day.

090502 - Around the house

090501 + May showers

090501 + Up boys to school & a full day of work. D,J&I to a movie 'Battle for Terra'. After the movie we got outside and had to run for the car through the pouring rain. The tornado sirens started as we got in the car. We rushed home, played, had some dinner and watched 'Hotel for Dogs' in the basement.