20121130 + Caught

20121130 + Up and worked a bit then went to look at a house with Jeff.  Had a conference call with Arno about an app he came up with.  Did some more work...  All the fam together and out to dinner at BWs.  Then a stop at the Home Depot to get garland for the house.  All boys to bed and G up in the middle of the night.

20121129 - Dark Start and Stop

20121129 - Up and into work.  Drove home in the dark :-(  Caught the end of dinner with the fam.  J had a friend over after school and they had a good time playing.  L ran to the library and the boys and i played a shoot'em up against eachother on our iDevices.  All boys to bed.  I worked cleaning up the basement a bit.

20121128 - All Systems NO GO

20121128 - UP and was going in to work, but got an early email that the system was down...  So started making calls right away.  Finally got resolved by 1, then too late to go in.  Worked the rest of the day and then dinner with the fam.  D&I ran some errands while L took J&G with her to Zumba.  Home, all boys to bed.  Zombied out in front of the tv.  Up late ordering Christmas gifts.

20121127 + Jancer

20121127 + Up worked from home.  Slow day but organized.  Boys home, had dinner together.  L out for Zumba.  Boys dancing while we downloaded a game N.O.V.A 3 on our iDevices.  Once downloaded we blew each other to bits.  It was FUN!  L home, all boys to bed.  We called GmaW to wish her happy bday!  L&I up late planning Christmas.

20121126 - Three Amigos

20121126 - Up and into work.  Made some unexpected changes to the software quick and it worked very nice.  System running really slow so home a bit early.  Wrestled with G and then we had dinner.  Watched American Pickers with D, then off to Scouts with J.  Had an ok meeting.  Home and back out to Bible Bangers.  Home and up late messing on PC.

20121125 - Tree Up

20121125 - Up and L&J out to get groceries and then set up the Christmas tree.  D, his friend and G&I headed out to ship eBay times, deliver wreaths and look for a garage sale.  We went to a gun show in Jeffersonville and then found a few geocaches.  We stopped at a hotdog place in grove city to eat and then home for D and his friend to try out his new throwing knives.  I shipped more ebay things. L and the boys decorated the tree.  We had dinner and watched a movie about a mouse in a house and some goffy guys, then all boys to bed.  Chris over to watch walking dead.  Up late prepping for the week.

20121124 - Football Day

20121124 - Up, J& I out to some garage sales, stopped and got some beer and then over to Pettit's to watch the OSU game.  Home and D had a friend over to watch more games.

20121123 - Black Friday

20121123 - Up and L&I out shopping as usual.  We got many things off our list and had a relaxing time.  Back to the Farm and packed up and headed home.

20121122 - Farm Thanksgiving

20121122 - Up early and out on the hunt.  Dylan got a bird and I did too.  It was a beautiful morning and a nice brisk walk all over the Farm.  Pheasants cleaned up and us too, we met at the Farmhouse for a wonderful dinner and tons of family and fun.  It is always great to be at the Farm with everyone around.  After the exciting full day we headed up to Gma&paW's to relax and watch the Michael Jackson documentary: it was a huge disappointment.

20121121 - Sleeping Birds

20121121 - UP and delivered wreaths to work, up to farm.  Over to Ashland with GpaW for lunch at BK and then to TSC for feed and ran into Dale and Patty Dohner.  Back to the Farm and GpaW&D pulled fence posts, LJ&G cleared limbs out of the yards and I worked on the PC.  All in and GmaW home for dinner.  We watched a couple of movies and then to bed.

20121120 - PJ Day

20121120 - Up in the am and the best part of the day was seeing J dressed for school in his PJs :-)

20121119 - Possible?

20121119 - Up in the am and moving slow today... Got to the office an was introduced to a new change that took the rest of the day... Had a good call with a coworker from Kewill, Rick, it was great to talk to him!  Home and packed up an eBay sale while D&J were back at the playground and L&D were at the Dr. All back home and the report is that G now has strep throat!?!? How is that possible? He JUST FINISHED 14 days on penicillin on Friday... Answer = Magic Mountain ball pit. Our kids ALWAYS get sick after going there... UGH! Poor little guy. I ran D to Scouts and then back home to watch some videos on magic tricks with J while G attempted to ply his iTouch while it was charging... Got D and then out with the Bible Bangers to watch the new 'Lincoln' movie. It was very good, educational and interesting. Back home and updating the live system with the changes from today

20121118 + Recovery

20121118 + Up late, Sam & Lena here this morning, then L to church meeting and the grocery. JG&I hanging out waiting for D to come home from camping. We got D, got him some food an home and he unloaded his camping gear. We listened to some old 45s and just hung out until dinner time. We went to Logan's and it was, unfortunately once again, sub-par: it is now on the list of restaurants we don't go to... Home and boys ready for bed and we watched 'Fool Us' on YouTube. Boys to bed, Chris over to watch 'Walking Dead'. Up late working on software.

20121117 - Scout Feast

20121117 - UP and L took G to a bday party, J&I out for the day for bfast at McDs and then sales! We went all over town and got some great stuff. We got home in time for the buckeye game and watched most of it. Then we all got bundled up and headed to a Thanksgiving feast with the Boy Scouts. It was a descent meal and nice ceremony. We left D there for another night out in the cold and then we got the other boys home and to bed. up late watching college football and posting things on eBay.

20121116 - Santa Scan

20121116 - UP and into the office for a very thought intensive day. Home and we had to take D to his campout for the weekend and then the rest of us headed to Toys R Us for our annual 'Santa Scan' where we scan the barcodes of the toys the boys want into our iPhones and they magically show up on the list to the right -> Home and up EXTREMELY late getting caught up on everything I have purchased so far for OhiOOddities being posted to ebay. I only have a small box of 45 records and couple of books left to go, but they are a bit tricky.

20121115 - Whowillgiveme

20121115 - Up and working from home. The day went fast and soon everyone was home. We had a nice meal and L is feeling a bit better. The boys and I headed to Scouts for the annual Feller's Cake Bake and Auction. I got to be the auctioneer again this year and we had a good turn out. We raised $1,300 for GRIN the local charity Gahanna Residents In Need. Home and we had some cake, not near as good as J's, in fact we threw one out after tasting it :-s All boys to bed, up late working on software.

20121114 - Cube

20121114 - Up in the am and to the desk. Got some things done and then met Chris at the Columbus OBBA meeting. We learned about franchising today, very interesting. I stopped by the Scout store on the way home to pick up awards for this weekends ceremony. Home and back at the desk making changes to the system. L is coughing like mad and bound to the couch, so I took the boys out to the grocery to drop off ink cartridges and get baggies for the Scout awards. While there I thought it would be cheaper to get groceries for our dinner, than driving through a fast food joint. Back he and D took the groceries and cooked dinner for us while J&I started building and icing his cake. Had to leave that project to take D to Kroger to get groceries for the Scout feast. This was relaxing as I had an expresso while. And another Scout shopped. Then got 20 pounds of fresh green beans and 10 bags of potatoes! :-o back home and helped J ice his a&e and he did the decorating. The big auction is tomorrow and he is SO EXCITED!!! All boys to bed an I was up late configuring the system while the users are sleeping. Bed LATE.

20121113 - Mr. Mixer

20121113 - Up and into the office. Home a bit early for a nice dinner and then J&I mixed up and baked his cake. We got them all cooked up and they are yummy! Then D&I headed to the church for his First Class Scout board of review. I had to sit in the hall and wait for him... He passed! Home and at the desk getting some stuff done. Then down to the basement with the laptop to watch the new season of Doomsday Preppers :-)

20121112 - Sketchy

20121112 - UP and working from home today, G is sick, well claims to have an upset stomach... I got a lot done and then all home and we had dinner. We had a little talk to D about his grades :-s I took D to scouts and got some info for the upcoming program this weekend. Back home and did some surfing on the web while J&G drew cool pictures. Back to get D from Scouts and then dropped him off and I headed out to Bible Bangers. Home and up late working on the handout for the Scout event this weekend.

20121111 - Football Finale

20121111 - Up in the morning and a struggle to get the boys to church... It was a good service and good to see the folks in sunday school again. Home and changed and out for lunch and some shopping. Then back home to get ready for J's final football game of the fall. They got beat real bad, but they didn't care, they had fun and got trophies. Gma&paW came down for the game too and we picked up some dinner on the way home and had a nice meal. I had to run out to a Scout meeting. Back home and checked on boys and up very late getting things in order.

Today was the 13th anniversary of our accident. It was good to spend the day with the people that matter most...

20121110 + Cleaners and Super Dork!

20121110 + Up and out with D&J, L&G to her friends Father-in-law's funeral an to visit her Gma. DJ&I hit a fantastic sale first thing and bought a ton of stuff. Then we got bfast at McD's and hit more sales, stores for errands and dropped off more Scout popcorn forms. We got home about 2 and L&G just got home. L worked int he yard and I unpacked the car while the boys played.

 J&I ran and got the new Spiderman movie, we grabbed some snacks, watched some football and then Spiderman.

I was up late sending out my 'Happy November 11th!' emails.

20121109 - Vet Day and Turkey

20121109 - Up and I met with our new ins agent. Then I rushed home and walked back To G's school with Gma&paB to have a Thanksgiving dinner with him. It was a lot of fun and I got to hang out at recess with him a bit. Back home and worked a bit. L home and we all went back to G's school for Veteran's Day presentation by the kids. I love to hear them singing. After the program we went into J's room and GpaB answered Qs about Air Force and his time in Vietnam. Home and worked some more... We ran past the post office to ship some eBay sales on the way to dinner with Rich, Sam Lena at FM. Back home so D could change for his first ever school dance. He looked cute, L was a mess and we got him to his buddy's so they could go together. Back home and L moved J's bed around so he wouldn't be scared. He has been having fits at night about being scared, but can't say about what... I Picked D up from the dance, he didn't have much to say, but I could tell he had fun. Home and L interrogated D for dance details: he's saying nuttin :-)

20121108 - Hard Rest

20121108 - Up and to the desk, making progress... L home ran me to USPS and BP. Home and back to the desk and things went wrong in the system :-o Finished up what I could and then out to dinner with the fam. Hung out and watched Dinotopia with the boys. L gave them all hair cuts and then to bed. J up scared of ???? we have no idea... IN to the desk finishing up some work and organizing for the next week.

20121107 + Ohio AGAIN!!!

20121107 - Up in the am and getting ready. In honor of all the idiots that live in this state and voted for another 4 years of no forward progress I wore all black... In to work and made great progress. Home and had dinner with the fam. L off to Zumba, I shipped some eBay things and then got the boys showered and we played games. Up late listing stuff on eBay as most of my inventory sold over the last week.

20121106 - FAILURE

20121106 - Up and to the desk, had a bad error I worked on most of the day. Took a break to vote and ship some things. Finished up the day and out to the LEGO store to get the free thing they give out the first Tuesday of each month, but the line was wrapped around Easton so we checked out a new toy store and the Apple store for the new iPad mini. To Staples and then to Carsonie's for dinner. Home and helped the neighbor get his wireless working and then in to watch this election. Once again Ohio destroyed our future for 4 years...

20121105 - Fireman @ Scouts

20121105 -

Up and into work, definitely a Monday... Home ate quick and off to Scouts with D&J. We had a fireman come in and talk to the boys tonight, it was pretty good. The Bible Banger guys came over to watch a movie 'Monumental', VERY GOOD movie, and we all talked about the election :-s

20121104 + Cleanup

20121104 + Up and cleaned up the yard, garage and house. Everything back in order pretty easy and quick when everybody pitches in and helps. We are getting good at this. L to Zumba, DJG&I ran to some of our friends houses to deliver things they had left at the party and then on to J's football game. J got an interception, it was AWESOME!!!! More stops to drop things off on the way home. Relaxed and had dinner around the TV, then all boys to bed. A FAST FUN weekend! Up late watching 'The Walking Dead' and shipping OhiOOdities items.

20121103 - 7th Annual OSU Football Party

20121103 - Up and everything in place. DJ&I ran some last minute errands and then home for the final touches. Everything ready and the people started showing up. We had lots of friends show up, some for the first time and others who we missed. In total there were 115 people that showed up. We had an incredible spread of food, a piƱata, football games and kids everywhere. A really good time was had by all. Then too soon everyone gone.
 By 11:00 we cleaned up and all dropped, exhausted. I woke up at midnight in the basement in front of the TV with G curled up snoring against me. Took him up to bed, GREAT DAY!

20121102 - Tiger Tamers

20121102 - Up and ran errands to banks and returning things to friends.  Met L at home and we had lunch and got supplies for the party, it was fun.  Did some work on and off throughout the day.  Got the garage all set up.  Boys home and we went to dinner and the boys got to ride a tiger.  We stopped at the Cole's to pick up the projector.  Home and final touches on everything, ready for the party tomorrow.

20121101 - Tai Chi Try

20121101 - Up and in to work at the desk all day.  got the system ready so others could use it.  Home and ate with the fam, wrestled with G a bit and then off to my first Tai Chi class, home boys to bed, up late working so i can get house ready tomorrow for the party on Sat.