20220605 - L got us up all way to early and we got in the car and hit the road by 7:20. L drove the first leg and got us out of OH. We stopped for gas in Charleston WV and changed drivers so I could speed through the WV go kart toll roads. We stopped in Wytheville at the worlds largest pencil and 7 Dogs Brew Pub for a good lunch. Back on the road and L drove us to the worlds largest strawberry for an ice cream treat. Back on the road and we got to our hotel about 5pm. LG and Hayden took stuff to the room, I got the car parked. We got our stuff put away and the boys headed out on a walk and L&I ventured out to get some groceries at a picked over Piggly Wiggly, and pick up burgers. Home and the boys helped L carry up the groceries and I parked the car. We had dinner and then took a short walk on the beach. Back in to the room and relaxed from a long day of driving. G, Hayden & I headed out to a beach shop. They were closed but opened the doors to let us in and we bought a TON of stuff, boggy boards, footballs, necklaces, knives... probably their biggest sale of the day... Back to the room with our treasures.