20220918 - Up in the am and the neighbor girls came down to get the SnoKone machine. LG&I loaded up and headed to G's double header. Bill wasn't there so I had to do GameChanger. The boys got the crap beat out of them the first game. G started off pitching the second game and only allowed 1 run in 4 innings while our boys racked up 5. The rest of the game was pretty scary as the relief pitching allowed 3 more runs... Top of the 7th and a ball hit to G and he let it fall right in front of him so he could make the double play and end the game, pretty sweet move. Home, took Hazel on a walk and let her loose in the baseball field and threw her ball to her a bit. Back to the house and ate, Nate returned the Snowkone machine, watched some football until 9 when L&I watched the House of the Dragon before heading to bed.