20200731 + Relax Then STRESS!

20200731 + Up in the am and L down to the beach. I hung back and checked on D, he had a minute clinic appointment and they said strep throat or mono... but not enough to of the symptoms a to test for COVID-19. I woke the boys up, had a margarita for bfast and headed down to the beach to sit in the surf with L and cover myself with sand. We checked back in with D and he hasn’t got his prescription yet. The boys showed up about 1 and got a little wet but didn’t stay long. G&I stayed out and caught a couple more waves before heading up to the pool to swim for a bit. L brought the rest of the stuff up from the beach and G&I helped her get it to the room. We got cleaned up and then JG Larson and I walked 1.3 miles down through the heart of MB to get to Mount Atlanticus, a huge putt putt place. We played all 36 holes.

While we were playing I got a call from L that D had gotten worse and couldn’t swallow at all, hadn’t eaten and was planning to go to the ER... I scrambled and got ahold of my buddy Terrill the ER Dr. and made arrangements for D to meet up with him at baseball tryouts. The boys and I finished our game, D and Terrill met up and Terrill sent D to the hospital that he works at. We walked back and got to the room about the time D got to the hospital. Terrill had called ahead, had a room, IVs and test waiting for D. D walked in, was taken to his room and hooked up with no wait. Took a couple baseball calls and seems G’s team is defiantly done and no chance of putting together another Gahanna team... checked in with D and he’s been stuck and tested and getting filled with fluids for a couple hrs. L&I put in an order at Scatori’s, a cute yummy Italian place we found last year and ran out to pick it up. Back to the room for a feast and reviewed the statistics from the week of putt putt: 8 courses, 144 holes, 35 hole in ones and I hung on to my title!. Had a couple more baseball calls come in. Checked back with D, he came back negative for strep and mono so it is just tonsillitis, Terrill said it could be any of a dozen things causing it. We got D tested for COVID while he was there, he didn’t like that. After 2 bags of fluid, steroids and a bad of antibiotics D drove himself home. I stayed with him until he got home and made himself some food and headed to bed. I relaxed a bit from what started out as a relaxing day and ended in an incredible ball of stress. Got myself to bed late.

20200730 + Crab Legs & Fireworks

20200730 + Woke up for some reason at 6:15... the weather app said sunrise was at 6:21 and L for whatever reason was awake too so we went out on the balcony and watched the sunrise. I went back to bed for a couple hours. Up and the cleaning lady here an hour early so I had to rush the boys around and get them up to clean up their mess. I headed to the beach and met L under the umbrella and got some things done on the phone.

The boys showed up eventually and didn’t do much before heading back up. I caught a couple waves on the board and then then got some sand in my eye so L&I carried everything back up. J and Larson walked down to the main part of Myrtle Beach and hung out a bit. The boys got back and we headed to North Myrtle Beach to Boardwalk Billy’s for a good meal on the patio. We took a walk and looked at all the boats in the harbor and all had crab legs! On to 36 holes at my favorite putt putt, Mayday Golf. I won the first round and J won the second, L waited in the car. On to Barefoot Landing so I could get beef jerky and the boys went through a ton of shops. Back to our home and we walked to Ben & Jerry’s for a late night treat. Back to the room and LG&I watched Gemini Man. We had to stop the movie a couple times to go out on the balcony and watch the fireworks some guys were setting off right outside out balcony. They came up to the 8th floor and exploded right in front of us, so cool. I had a couple calls about baseball next year trying to arrange a spot for G.

20200729 - Waves, Glider & 18 Holes

20200729 - Up in the am and headed out to the parking garage to get some cash. Then to the beach where I got L&I an umbrella and chairs from the lifeguard. We hung out on the beach and chatted with another couple from OH for a bit and then relaxed until the boys came down. We hit the waves for a couple hours and got some good rides. We headed up to the room and in the late afternoon headed out to Surfside Beach and Dagwood’s Deli where we got a huge glider to sit on outside and had a feast. After dinner we headed to Gilligan’s putt putt and played 18 holes. It was a very hard course but I held on to my win streak by one stroke. Back in the car and to Pelican’s for a shaved ice treat before heading back to the room. L&I got a movie, Holmes & Watson and watched it with G and gave D a call to check in on him.

20200728 + Bocci Champ

20200728 + Up a bit earlier today and got myself around and headed to the beach where L had gotten us on of the umbrellas put up by the lifeguards and it was lovely. We hung out in the shade chit chatting and relaxing watching the surf and the people. We hung out on the beach and the boys eventually showed up Bringing us sandwiches and beer. We hung out a bit longer on the beach and then headed in to the room. After a short break JG Larson and I headed across the King’s Highway to play 36 holes of putt putt at Captain Hooks. All of us got 2 hole-in-ones over the 2 courses! G&I tied for the first round and G ran away with the win for the 2nd round. We stopped at the store on the way back to the room and got more pop and margarita mix. L had dinner ready for us and we ate and headed down to the beach for a round of bocci ball where I won again! Back to the room to finish off the night.

20200727 + 1st Full Day

20200727 + Up nice and late and went down to meet L on the beach. She had a nice spot picked out for us and we hung out in the shade and relaxed. We headed in to the water to cool off and then sat in the surf just watching the waves and people for a long time. The boys showed up around 1 and got the boogie boards and caught amazing waves, best we’ve ever seen, that carried them to the beach every time. L&G headed to the pool and J & Larson kept riding waves. Up to the room for a short break. JG Larson and I headed to the Lost Mine putt putt for a free round, comes with our resort, and played 18 holes where J got a hole in one and I got 2 back to back!  We stopped at a beach store for supplies on the way back and Larson got screwed on a Bluetooth speaker, but traded it in on a smaller speaker and headphones that he screwed G on by selling it to him. Hahahaha. On to the liquor store where I got the boys a bucket of margarita mix and some tequila and vodka for L&I. Back to the room and L made us some dinner. After a bit we headed back to the beach where L&I played bocci ball, she beat me, and then the boys hound for a game that we played until it was so dark we could barely see the ball. I beat the boys and they were furious! Back to the room to finish off the night. A very fun day!

20200726 - How Many Asses?

20200726 - Up and got the boys around and we got on the road. Our first stop was a little place called ‘South of the Boarder’, a huge conglomeration of giant animals and wild colors on both sides of the road with a store for everything, just across the SC boarder. We took some photos and got back on the road. We were getting hungry so J found us some food and we ended up getting Hardee’s and eating at a little park in Conway. Not too much farther and we were in Myrtle Beach. We got to the resort and checked in. We got upgraded to a 3 bedroom ocean front on the 8th floor and L and the boys went but and were all smiles as we walked in, this place is beautiful! Oh and there is amazing ocean right out there! We got unpacked and L&I watched JG and Larson run in and play in the ocean from the balcony. After a bit we headed down, checked on the boys and then out for groceries. We swung by a CVS for a glasses strap and then to Zaxby’s to pick up dinner. We called D and he’s doing ok. One last Stop at Food Lion and they brought the groceries and put them in the car for us. We headed back to our place and the boys helped L get the stuff up to the room as I parked the car. We all ate and then G&I headed out to a beach store where we found some slick bottom booth boards and other goodies. Back to the room and we all headed to the beach. G tried out the new board and said it was way better, J and Larson headed towards the boardwalk and L&I took a walk down the beach. We all met back at the room where I got the xboxes online and then LJG&I  played some euchre that ended with J&I victorious and L in her room mad at us. The boys got some ice cream and other treats and headed to their rooms for the night. 

20200725 + Hotel Change

20200725 + Up super early and on the road. We made great time and with our new E-ZPass zipped through WV and made it to Skeeter’s for some dogs in Wytheville in great time. We took a quick stroll down to the world's largest pencil before hitting the road again.

Down the road a couple hrs and we found the US  National White Water Center. We parked a mile away and walked through blazing heat to find the oasis of amazing rapids and zip lines and obstacle courses. We walked all the way around the place to get some ideas of what we wanted to do. L was NOT having any part of the white water and the boys only wanted to do the obstacle corses so that’s what we did. The boys ran their brains out and had a blast. L&I tried a couple things too. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful place.

Back in the car and on to the world’s largest rotating metal head and the bronze bulls. Sweaty and hot we made it to our hotel and the pool was closed. UGH! So we looked for another hotel on our phones and were about to give up when we stumbled upon a water park just down the road. We went to check it out and L found out it was a members only place, but somehow sweet talked the ladies at the desk and got her and the boys in for free! I headed back to the hotel and checked in before heading back for a quick swim. After our swim we too our stuff in to the room. L was having no part of this place (it was definitely a smoking room at some point and the smoke detector was beeping)! I found us another place but it was another hour down the road... We packed back up, went across the road and got some carry out and headed further south. We got to the new place and it was amazing! Exhausted from a long day on the road we all crashed.

20200724 - Instructor

20200724 - Up in the am and D was already gone to work. Roger Wright stopped by for a chat with L&I. I headed in to the office and tying up any final loose ends. J headed to work. L&G mowed and then went to Academy to hit some balls. I finished my day up and then got to packing for vacation. L made sure J&G were packed and gave D last minute instructions on watering as he headed out for the night. J and Larson finally home and we got things packed up. L&I to bed and let the boys stay up as long as they wanted so they can sleep in the car tomorrow.

20200723 - Running

20200723 - Up in the am with a problem right out of the gate... J left for work I headed to the store to get an E-ZPass and L headed in to her work. Home and got the E-ZPass set up and then did a couple things and headed over to the office. Met up with CB for a bit and then swung by the Scout shop on the way home. Home and processed all the Scout awards and finished up my day. L ran Lilly over to Gma&paB's. Rob the Scoutmaster stopped to pick up the awards. J home from work and then went hammocking with some friends. G's friend that was going so we spent a lot of the day looking for another friend to go. I finished more stuff up and L&I watched some episodes of 'Space Force' before heading to bed.

20200722 - Errands

20200722 - Up in the am and on the PC. D at work early and L ran some errands after getting J&G up and rolling. I had an incredibly busy day tying up loose ends and finished a bit late. D home and right back out. J home and right back out. LG&I had dinner and then G&I headed out to pick up some auction wins. Home and went through our treasures and then on the back porch to make final arrangements for the trip until the skunk smell overwhelmed us. In and and up late for not sure what reason. Lilly sick a couple of times throughout the night so not much sleeping.

20200721 + Wet Old Dog

20200721 + Up in the am and L gave Lilly a bath and I headed in to the office trying to organize, complete and turn things down for next week to be easy. Had some baseball parent drama over the day that concerns L&I but whatever, it is kids baseball, not going to sweat it. Had dinner on the back porch with LD&G, J swimming with some friends. Spent the evening looking up things for us to do no vacation and planning.

20200720 + More Ball

20200720 + Up in the am and L had dropped G of at XC and taken Lilly on a walk. I got on the PC and L got D up, he was late for work. Bill stopped over to get his car and chat about baseball. I headed in to the office and got to work.  G home from running and J home for a minute before heading to work. I called my buddy Dave and wished him a happy bday and we talked for over an hour, good times. Finished up my day and L&I ran over to Dublin to watch D play some more baseball.  Home and relaxed, got to bed in good time.

20200719 - 1 Game & Coach's

20200719 - Up way to early and headed to the baseball fields in Newark. We got there and got playing and the boys were not in it... We got run ruled and it made for a short day of baseball. Home and D left to play baseball. G hung out to cool down and I headed to the back porch to get some things done. Bill & Tom came over and we hung out on the back porch discussing our options for next year and what we were going to do. We have somewhat of a plan... In the evening we all headed to Coach's for Tom Sr's bday and had some food and a couple drinks. Home and finished up some things before heading to bed. Neither L or I could sleep and we up for hours.

20200718 - 2 Games & Dinner

20200718 - Up early for a Saturday and headed to baseball fields in Newark. We dropped G off and L&I ran to bank to get cash so we could park. We didn't know it was the wrong field so we got the cash and hurried back to pick G up along the road. Finally found the field and played some baseball. The boys won the first one easy and then tied the second one. G was a mess, his mouth really hurts him so we swung through Panera on the way home and got him some soup. L&I colled down for a minute and then swung by UDF for some gas and then  headed to Dublin to watch D play, saw a blimp. After D's game L&I headed to the McClain's for a cook out. We swung through Kroger to get some stuff to take  and I forgot my watermelon. To the McClain's and had dinner. D showed up for a bit. Bill & I chatted while L& Tiff rearranged patio a hundred times. Stayed and chatted until G called in a panic because he heard a noise and the light were mysteriously going off. Home and relaxed the rest of the night. To bed early for more baseball tomorrow.

20200717 - No Dinner

20200717 - Up in the am, L went to bfast with a teacher friend that is moving away and I got started on my day. Woke D&J up at 11:15 when I headed out to pick G up. Lilly went with me. We got G and got home. L back and her and D were putting the AC unit in D's window. Back to the desk for me to finish the week. Got some bills paid and finished up the week. Tried to take L to dinner but she didn't want to go so sent D to UDF to get me some ice cream and we hung out around the house for the evening.

20200716 - Bat Breaker

20200716 - Up too early and J drove us to his annual Dr. visit. I met with the Dr. and J briefly and headed to the waiting room. J came out a min later and we headed home. D headed to work to see about future work and L ran J to Wendy's. L then ran to the Dr. herself as she is still not feeling well. I got on the PC and got a project finished off. D home for a bit and then headed out for a game. J got a ride home from work and then went 'Thrifting' with Conor, who just got his drivers license today.  I finished my day up and L&I headed out to see D play a bit. Gma&paW were there so we chatted with them. D didn't play but got in the last inning to hit and shattered one of the bats he made last year (see the barrel right in front of the water tower). After the game D went to dinner with Gma&paW and L&I went to check out the McClain's new patio. We hung out and talked baseball for next year. Got a couple more videos of G cliff jumping and texted with him, he's ok and having fun. Home and to bed.

20200715 - Cliff Jumper

20200715 - Up in the am and L had already ran to Terrill’s to drop off G’s mouthpiece at 5:30am. I dug in to find an issue in a database. D&J headed to work and L headed to Marlene’s to have lunch and swim. Got some texts and pics of G in WV, he’s having a blast. Everyone home, I’m still in the office fixing. D went to a ballgame, J cleaned out his car, L home and cooked us dinner. L not feeling well so she stayed home while J drove me to Newark to watch D play baseball a bit. We had a white skunk right under us in the bleachers but he didn't spray us. We watched D play one inning and they pulled him out so J&I headed home. J told me all about how vacation worked this year and I think we can make it work. Home and I waited up for D to talk to him about vacation this year.

20200714 - Brace Face

20200714 - Up in the am and J headed out running and L took G to the Orthodontist to get braces. I got on the PC and got to busy too fast. G home with a mouth full of metal and tried to eat and knocked one of his braces off so he had to go back. L ran and got groceries, G headed out on his bike with some friends that stopped over. L ran G back to the ortho and got the loos brace reattached. I finished up my day and LGJ and I swung by and picked up Owen and Trent on the way to G's game. It was a dusty good battle of a game and G pitched a bit and had a grand slam hit off of him :-( Our boys lost by 10 but it was still a good game. Home late and to bed.

20200713 - Cracks

20200713 - Up in the am and got timesheets approved. L cleaning up things from the weekend and D already at work. I jumped in to work and tried to clean up everything from over the weekend and get started. G went out and hit some balls off a tee and his new bat is cracked... D home from work and hung out for a bit before vanishing, J cleaned his car out and G over to Andrew's for some swimming. L&I out to the post office, stopped by Scouts to drop off awards and then to the Mallon's where I stayed and helped bury some electrical line and L ran to pick G up from his friends. L swung back to pick me up. Home and watched kangaroo Jack with L&G before heading to tbed.

20200712 - Last Out

20200712 - Up in the am and G, Trent and I went to bfast with the team. We went back to the hotel for a bit and then to the game, it was HOT!  G got the 1st hit for the day and then got picked off trying to steal home and caught some crap about that. we were way behind and started to make a come back and then with 2 outs G struck out and they called the game due to time. G was devastated... We packed up and headed home. We stopped at Farm on way home, we had Trent with us and Terrill & Andrew stopped too. The boys took a rid on the pug and swung on the rope in the barn and fed the cow. It was a nice visit, Terrill got the full tour. Terrill and Andrew headed home and  G, Trent and I went for a nice dinner with Gma&paW at Applebee's on the way home. Home and got things unpacked. Chris came to pick Trent up. Chatted with D about his weekend and Pirates Scout... Chatted with J a bit. To bed exhausted

20200711 - 2 Good Wins

20200711 - Up late and L&G down to the pool and then to the beach with some of the boys from the team. I hung back and got some things done for the Boosters. Everyone back to the hotel and L headed home with Janel and Trent is going to stay with us. We headed to the game and picked our dugout, but the other team wanted it and it was a stressful mess with the coaches arguing over it... We conceded and moved to the 1st base side and the boys played their best baseball yet this year. We stomped them 18-0 and it was a good win. One of the new dads came to the dugout and yelled at the boys 'FOOT TO THE THROAT!!!' over and over and I told him to stop, we had already beat them 18-0 and he did not like that. Not to mention how inappropriate it was to say that after George Floyd was just murdered by a knee to his throat and all the riots that happened... NOT GOOD and there was tension, he was mad at me. I didn't care, I was right...  Gma&paW were there for the game, they picked a good one to watch. Game 2 was also a great game! The boys played awesome and secured us the number 4 seed for the tournament. Back to hotel, everything fine with the shouting dad... To bed in good time before things got out of hand.

20200710 - Baseball Weekend

20200710 - Up in the am and LG&I said goodbye to D as he headed off to work and to J and we headed North to Sandusky for a baseball weekend. We got there and met up with the team in the 3000 degree sunny day. The place was very nice with all turf fields and restaurants and things for kids to do, very well thought out park. The boys played really sloppy and got beat by a team we should have managed easily... Storms were blowing through so we headed to the hotel and then a bunch of us went out to eat at Danny Boys. The food was amazing and we got our fill. Back to the hotel and the boys swam and hung out in our suite while the adults hung out in the lobby. Up to the room and looking for J... He had a bunch of kids at our house...

20200709 + New Baby

20200709 + Up in the am and headed to the Endocrinologist for a regular visit. D headed out to a friends baseball game and J had a square of cheese on his car door we made him get up and clean off. Had a good visit at the Dr. Everything is really close to normal range so just a slight adjustment in meds and I'm good to go. Home and hit the office. Got a ton of stuff done today and finished up late working with Lonie trying to solve a problem that has been bugging the crap out of us. L got a call from the neighbor and was asked to watch their baby for a bit while they ran an errand. The baby go picked up and L&I jumped in the car and ran across town to watch D play baseball. We ran in to some parents from last year and had some good conversation. Home and made sure everything was packed and gave final instructions to D&J and headed to bed.

20200708 - Only RBI

20200708 + Up in the am and D at work, L running G to and from XC and J headed out for a run before work. I got coffee and did some email in the living room in the morning quiet before heading in to the office for calls. Got stuck on a coding issue... L took G to practice, D went to his game, J at work. I got to a stopping point and L&I headed to Dublin to watch D play. He did good tonight and drove in their only run. Home and had some dinner and watched some TV. up VERY late working on teh coding issue. No solution at 3:30am when I gave up...