060213 - Vacation over & Gma Connie

060213 - Got up early and spent an hour in the pool. Headed home and stopped at the farm to pick up the dogs and have lunch. Mushka got out and I had to go out chasing him... Made it home, unpacked and settled in. Nicole and Gma Connie over for dinner. After dinner the fam played some games.

060212 - Brother has a big hand

060212 - After a long day, 2 trips to the pool, Dylan was wiped out. While Dylan was sleeping Jack was playing with his hand ans said to us 'brother has a big hand'. What a fun weekend: one day to go...

060210 - Great Grandma Winger

060210 - Grandma & pa home and we ran up to Mom's for dinner. Ran into Ralph Hewlit and his wife. Then made a stop to see Great Grandma Winger. Her spirits were good and she loves the boys! They drew pictures and had a quite the conversations.

060210 - Indians at the farm

060210 - Fast day of work. Got my teeth cleaned at 1, all looks good. Then got my hair cut. Back to the office and closed up the week. L&J got Howdy and we headed up to the farm. Everyone happy to be there, dogs and boys...

060208 - Playin in bed

060208 - Big brother showin Jack how to play StarWars on the Game Boy.

060207 - Clarification day at work, things coming together. To the Dr. Today: my heart it fine... The boys and I have been kicked out of the house: L is having a jewelry party.... Took Howdy to karate, then we hit Barnes & Noble (bought 'Getting Thing Done' for Dad), and Burger King. Finally went home.

060206 + Had a rough day at work. Thank goodness for all the really smart and caring folks I work with. Implementing the 'Getting Things Done' practices at work. Takes work but I know it is worth it. Took awalk with L andthe boys: FLIPPIN FREEZING OUTSIDE!!! Stayed up late gettin things done....

060205 - Birthday / Superbowl Party

060205 - L & D to church, Jack & I hung out. Everyone home for lunch and played games all day. To Lauren's Birthday / Superbowl Party. Home and finishedwatching the bowl.

060204 - Up and had a pretty cool day. Took the boys shopping. Watched some movies w/ L

060203 - Home from Mecixo, picked Howdy up from school and then worked in the aftenoon. Played rough with the boys: great to see them. I stayed up late reading and watching SciFi.