20160331 - Pizza Spray

20160331 - Up in the am and into work.  L and the boys hung out and watched movies and hit the grocery today. I worked late and grabbed the fam when I got home to head out for dinner. We returned some videos and went to Cucinova to get personalized pizzas for dinner. I had a bit of a sneezing attack and sprayed a window with pizza particles due to an unstoppable sneeze :-o  Home and watched a movie and had some ice cream. D texted L right after midnight 'Happy birthday mom', it almost made her cry. Sometimes he's a good boy.

20160330 - Zoo Visit

20160330 - Up in the am and in to work. L took J&G to the zoo today. They had a good time but said it was packed. I got home and L was at J's soccer practice. G&I didn't like that we had no ice cream in the house so we headed out to correct that and get a bunch of extra toppings :-)  We then hit the video store and got the movie 'Inherit the Sea'. Home, made huge sundaes and watched the movie. D facetimed tonight and is having fun at Hiltonhead.

20160329 - G's 1st Home Run

20160329 - UP in the am and in to work. Trying to get a bunch done so I can get out early... LJ&G hung out today and she reported they were good enough to take for ice cream :-o I got home late :-( G was at practice and LJ&I watched TV abut before I headed to pick G up. I got there and the team was all a buzz aboutnG hitting a home run! G&I went to BWs with the team for a refreshment. Then we stopped and got the new Peanuts movie to watch. D facetimed us and gave us an update.

20160328 + Spring Break in 1 Day

20160328 + Up in the am and had a big breakfast. We headed to the Cleveland Science Center. The boys ran all over checking out the cool displays, we watched a movie on robots and had a good time. We got a ride to the World's Largest Stamp and on to the abandoned arcade to check out the architecture. We then walked to Flannery's for an awesome lunch. We got a ride back to the hotel and then zipped home. Lilly was glad to see us and we all got cleaned up and settled in for a game of 'Exploding Kitten', ice cream and a movie. D reported the day was very rainy on Hilton Head.

20160327 + Flying Winger Bed Test

20160327 + UP in the am and LJG&I to church, the boys had to sit with us and they were a mess... Home and we packed up and headed to Shelby for a nice lunch at John & Mary's in Shelby. John C, Lucia and Gma&paW were there. The boys had an Easter egg hunt, we ate, chatted for a bit and then we headed to Cleveland. We got to our hotel, the boys tested the beds, grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to the pool for some fun. I swam and played with the boys and we got hot chocolate and headed to the room to watch The Walking Dead. I stayed up to do some emails and the boys watched 'Hop'.

20160326 - Coloring Eggs with Crayons

20160326 - Up late, got bills done for the next 2 weeks. Took G to get his baseball pic then practice where Randy and I tried to fill in a low spot on the field. Home and then G&I to Coaches for some pizza and pool. Home, J back from his friends. LJ&G colored some easter eggs with crayons. We all loaded up and went to see the movie 'Gods of Egypt', it was really good. Home and crashed.

20160325 + My 3 Sons

20160325 + Killer day at work, the team got a ton pushed through. LDJ&G were at home on spring break today.  D had physical therapy and then trimmed the ornamental grasses and picked up his phone with the new screen.  I got home and we got D's things packed and headed out for dinner at panda express.  We then picked up a couple of movies before dropping D off at Drew's to go with his family for spring break at Hilton Head.  Home and we watched a movie.

20160324 - Perspectives

20160324 - Up in the am and in to work. It was an incredibly intense and stressful day with customers in town. I headed home and convinced L that she was capable of driving downtown and taking the boys to a Blue Jackets game. After some convincing the 4 of them went. I stayed behind and headed to a dinner with the customer. It was a really good meal. Hoe before the fam and they couldn't stop talking about the game when they got home. L was proud of herself for completing the expedition.

20160323 - Lost Dog!

20160323 - Up in the am and in to work for another day.  Home and expecting to find a house full and everyone was gone, including the dog.  D&G were at baseball practice and L&J were at soccer.  I called L to check with them and asked if she had the dog.  She didn't so I called and called and checked outside and finally after searching everywhere I went to change out of my work clothes and found Lilly hiding right in plain sight... 

20160322 + Break

20160322 + Up in the am and in to work. Long stressful day. D had his 1st day of physical therapy.  Home late and L cooked me 2 huge ham, sausage, mushroom and cheese omelets. YUM!  D was at a scrimmage, J had gone to a movie with his school, sat by his girlfriend, earlier in the day, and then did his homework at the counter and G was at baseball practice. I was camped out on the couch entering info for work, G came home and got his homework done. We all hung out a bit and then all boys to bed. I stayed up doing paperwork and watched 'Scouts, Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse'. 

20160321 - Alone

20160321 - Up in the am and in to work. At the desk finishing off my email most of the day sprinkled with trips to the floor and calls. Headed out about 5:30, home to an empty house, D at a scrimmage, L&G at J's soccer practice. I got a bite to eat and then headed to the Athletic Boosters meeting with a stop at the post office. After the Boosters meeting I ran over to Scouts to check in and see what advancements there were and check in with the committee. Home for a bit and everyone home getting cleaned up and winding down. I got Doc and we went to Bible Bangers for a bit. Home and trying to get caught up.

20160320 - Things Done

20160320 - Up in the am and getting started. Gma&paW down and took J&G to the OSU basketball game. D got home and then ran some errands with me to Lowe's to see Tom and return stuff, to Play It Again sports (no one wants any ski boots in march...), GameStop to sell games and buy one, trying to raise enough money to get his shattered iPhone screen fixed... Home hung out getting things done. D&I broke G's touch trying to replace the screen... Fell asleep in chair for 20 min then JG and Gma&paW got back from game. OSU lost but they had a great time. Took G to baseball practice, it was freezing. Home cooked hamburgers on the grill, J&D to their different youth groups and I headed into the office doing bills. Some friends stopped over to watch Walking Dead, D home to watch with us. Up til 3am doing paperwork.

20160319 + 545

20160319 + Up in the am and in to work :-(   I sat out with the techs and worked on email from 8-2 and got through 545 emails!  Home and hung out with the fam for a bit. We then all headed to Popeye's for dinner and then got some movies. Home and some of our favorite people, the Varney's stopped by for a visit :-)   D headed out to stay with a friend, little boys to bed and L&I stayed up and watched 'Sisters'. 

20160318 - Backwards F 35?

20160318 - Up in am and in for a long day at work.  Got home with nothing on the calendar for a change.  I was planning on a quite evening But L had invited our friends the McClains over.  It was a welcome evening of laughing and relaxing with friends that I truly needed. 

F35? Must be a Democratic time keeping device giving digits to other less hard working clocks...

20160317 + Punched Out & Candy Cane

20160317 + Up in the am and G found that the leprechaun had punched his way out of the trap :-(  He searched all over the yard looking for clues as to where all his gold bait went :-)  In to work for a full day of meetings in the conference room. Home for a quick dinner and then G&I ran to my buddy Dave's candy warehouse where G got to hold an 8 pound candy cane.  On to Scouts with G to built a boat.

20160316 - Trap is set

20160316 - Up in the am and in to work.  We had a customer onsite all day and were in the conference room and shop floor on and off.  As the day wound down and dinner plans were discussed I let the team know I had to go home to build a leprechaun trap before I could go to dinner.  I headed home and G had his plans all drawn up and the supplies on  the table ready to go.  We went to it and built a trap that would for sure catch the little sucke this time!  We tested it a couple of times, set itt and off to dinner I went.  

20160315 - Code of Conduct

20160315 - Up in the am and into work.  Left late but in time to go straight to the high school and go to the Code of Conduct meeting with D.  We got home and were going over things with D who was grumpier than usual and then he broke...  Poor boy came to tears...  When he was getting out of the car the wire attaching his phone to the radio pulled it out of his pocket and landed it right on the door fram where the door was headed with force as it closed and shattered D's iPhone.  His girlfriend and him broke up, the recent car breakdown, falling off the ladder...  It was just too much for the boy.  He told us he hasn't been able to throw overhand since the fall...  L&I took care of him and settled him down.  Life is hard.  Keep going.

20160314 + Road Time

20160314 + UP in the am and into work.  It was a frustrating part day, but the new manager came in for some training today and we hit a huge number due to the Saturday work.  Headed out after the 5pm call, got home and ate, G at baseball practice and DJ&I headed to Scouts.  Home after Scouts and Chris and I headed to Dave's in Powell to get the car title notarized and had a good chat during the travel time.  Home and watched some TV and crashed.

20160313 - Cleaning

20160313 - Got up late, it felt fantastic... Cleaned the garage out all day. Had a neighbor boy that is into electronics come over and gave him a couple boxes full of electronics and gears for him to tinker with. Gma&paW brought G home. He was sick to his stomach from too much junk food... In and cleaned up and the guys came over to watch Walking Dead.

20160312 - Tag Day, Races & Ready

20160312 - Up in the am and to the high school and filled d's new car with baseball players and hit the streets for Tag Day. The boys went door to door and gathered money. We took a break to go see G at the pinewood derby. G was in heaven with the JV Baseball team coming in to watch him. His car did ok until one of the scout leaders dropped it... We finished up or tag day territory and then D drove us up to Farm with his new car. We stopped by Dulce's Sugar Shack to say hi and make arrangements for the upcoming MSD@F. Back tot he farm and walked around looking at things that need done and getting some of them started. We had a nice dinner, G stayed with Gma&paW. I drove home.

20160311 - New Wheels

20160311 - Up in the am and in to work. Found out that Dave from work is trying to sell a car from a coworker. I know that Dave takes great care of his vehicles and walked into his office and bought the car. Home and we all took G to his pinewood trials and then went out to dinner with the Mallonns. After dinner D&I drove to Powell, stopped at a Starbucks and then to Dave's to pick up the 2001 Acura MDX.

20160310 + Rusted Out

20160310 + Up in the am and worked all day.  Home and had dinner, then DG&I headed out to get some decals for G's pinewood car.  D drove us to the hobby shop and we only made it around the first corner.  The car had a funny shake.  We pulled over and checked things out.  The driver side rear springs rusted off frame!  We limped home and got the car parked.  We took my car to the hobby shop and got the decals.  Home and worked on car till late.

20160309 - Gahanna Baseball Dinner.

20160309 - Up in the am and to work. After a full day I ran home and Got J and we headed to the the Gahanna Baseball Outback Steakhouse dinner. L&G went to G's open house. J&I met Gma&paW at the dinner and sat with Drew's dad. We had a good dinner served by the baseball players. Here is a picture of the Sophomores Baseball Team.

20160308 - How to use a Bandsaw

20160308 - Up in the am and another day at work...  Home and a nice dinner to a beautiful sunset.  Then G and I took his plans out to the garage.  I got him all set up and he cut his car out all on his own!  He's so big and good at so many things.  I hope we get this car done before race day :-o

20160307 + Ear Piercing

20160307 + Up in the am and another hard working day at work.  Headed home and went to Jack's choir concert. Thought for sure it would be better than the band concert. Then 2 of their 3 songs were in foreign languages. So sounded about the same...

20160306 - Sooner or Ladder

20160306 - UP in the am and Drew came over to help at the house today.  We loaded things up and headed to the house.  LG&I stopped at Lowe's to get some supplies on the way and then pulled up just as D was climbing a ladder, that shot out from underneath of him, dropping him suddenly towards the roof grabbing for the gutter and spinning to the paved driveway with a loud crash.  I ran to him and told him to remain still, he looked up red faced mouthing 'I can't breath' while shaking his head no.  I held him still and said you got the wind knocked out of you, give it a second, thinking in my head if he doesn't start breathing in 5 seconds we're calling the squad and trying to remember how to do a tracheotomy with my pen from the movies I watched.  I heard a small gasp and told him to relax and get some deep breaths...  he got his wind back and we laid him there having him relax and access the damage.  Soon he was up with a soar shoulder and a numb hand.  Throughout the day the feeling returned to his hand, except the tip of one of his fingers...   After all the excitement we got some painting done, light plates on window installed, and odds and ends done throughout the house.  A handyman we use stopped by and walked the house with me to get a final list of things that need done, that he will finish up for us, I am just out of steam and time...  L&G left early so L could go to her teaching partners and do grade cards.  DJ Drew and I stayed and got a ton more done, the place looks awesome.  We packed up and headed to the Golden Corral for a feast, then home to drop some tires and a refrigerator off in Doc's backyard.  Finally in and cleaned up, D felling soar but much better headed to youth group.  LJG&I relaxed and watched some TV while I worked on lists and then the guys showed up to watch the Walking Dead.  Up late at the desk getting caught up and ready for a busier than normal week getting things fixed.

20160305 + Fixing It Up

20160305 + up and all to G's basketball game. Gma&paB were there, it was an intense game, with some shady coaching from the other team... G was upset, basketball is over. LJ&G went out to lunch with Gma&paB and then shopping. D, GF4 (I think we are up to 4...) and I headed to Lowe's to see Tom and get some more supplies, then on to the house to get some things done. looks really good and about at the end of the spectrum of what I have time to do... LJ&G showed up and we worked for a bit more. Home, cleaned up and we all, including GF4 went to the Mexican place for a nice dinner. Home and we watched some TV before bed.

20160304 - Crisp Morning

20160304 - Up in the am to a a pretty morning.  Nice drive in and the big boss in town, not a good visit...  need to get 1 customer straightened out...  stayed late, home and had pizza and movie with LJ&G.

20160303 - Burn Lane

20160303 - Up to work. There was a delay in my lane due to a car on fire :-o Bet that guy was really late for work...  Worked all day and stayed super late trying to get things in line. formulated a plan and headed home. Drove through Arby's to get a French Dip sandwich I had been craving all day. home and NO DIP! I was furious. Drove back, got the dip x2 and another free sandwich. Home and gorged myself before LJ&G got home from G's scouts. D at baseball. Watched The 100 and went to bed.

20160302 - Not the Smartest Winger

20160302 - Up in the am and in to work for a full day.  Home and got some food and then DG&I headed to the high school to turn in his uniform fee and pick up his hats, I snagged a couple too :-) On to Lowe's to get more stuff for the rental rehab.  While we were checking out G took off through the store like it was the mini-Indy 500 on a motorized shopping cart...  smart...

20160301 - Slow Going

20160301 - Up and in to work for a stressful day.  Still making headway but not near as fast as I would like...  The parts issues are now the focus.  Left late and skipped G's baseball practice.  Home and ate while J watched the Flash, L worked out and D was at baseball.  I watched an episode of the Flash with J and then L worked on laundry and J played the Xbox and I hit the PC to get tomorrow planned and bills paid.