20220429 +

20220429 +


20220427 - Up in the am and had an early call and then headed in tot he Worthington office. Had a ok morning and then dove in to moving things forward.


20220426 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and did a couple things and then headed to the tint shop to drop off the car. Penn picked me up and brought me home. Had the weekly IT meeting and then did some mail. Took Hazel on a quick walk and then at the desk for the afternoon. Ran to the trophy place with Andy to line up senior gifts for he baseball players. Had to send a bunch of baseball messages because of all the changes... L home and she took me to Penn's and then she headed to G's game. Penn carried me to pick up the car, IT LOOKS NICE!. I headed to the ball field and G was playing left field? I headed up to the press box and L came up too, with Tom and Terrill. G got a K on a bad call, got on base with error to short and then got hit by pitch, but stole 2and 3 in one go. The infield played awful and we stopped counting the errors... They lost 16 to 3... Home and J was acting up. G&I ate, L and Hazel took a walk and then L&I watched some TV and I got some things done for Boosters. Not to bed late.


20220425 - Up in the am and L&G at school, J off for some weird testing schedule. I got around and L called before I took off to let me know G was walking home. Apparently his Chromebook, or the 4 loaners they had ready wouldn't work so he couldn't do his state testing today and would have to make it up on Wednesday... I headed in to work and got a couple things done. Cory and I walked to lunch at Jet's and then ate. Back to the desk getting things done. I headed out a bit early to get home and get L and we headed to Grove City for G's game. We got there, got our chairs set up and it POURED, game cancelled... We headed home and ran through Rally's on the way to get some food. We picked G up at the school and headed home. Home and ate and watched American Idol. 


20220424 - Up in the am and L&I headed to Giant Eagle to get some things. We dropped it off at home and then went to Home Depot and looked at stuff and got a couple of things for the Grad party prep. Home and got the mower started and L mowed. I got the pump put on and sprayed the weeds in the sandbox. Talked to Riley the new neighbor and gave him the trimmer to get his grasses cut down. G showed up with pretty much the entire Gahanna Baseball team in our backyard and played wiffleball. The boys helped me get the TV out of the basement and set up on the porch. L&I did a couple more things and then hung out on the porch. We grilled brats and she boiled sweet corn and we ate on the porch. D showed up for dinner and we shipped a baseball glove he sold on ebay. L&I hung out until after dark on the porch and then in to finish watching American Idol. Not up late.


20220423 + Up in the am and L had volunteered for the choir stuff going on in town this morning. I got to the desk and got some bills paid. G&I headed out (he drove) to see if we could get him a checking account open, they told us to come back at 1 so we headed to the baseball field to see what was going on. Met up with a bunch of friends there and watched the game for a bit. Back to the bank and G got his checking account set up. Home and Got L and headed back out to the baseball field where G's buddies Landon and Brady were playing against each other. We hung out with Bill & Tiff, Tom and a bunch of other friends and watched the game. Home and got a couple little things done and then headed over to Bill & Tiff's to hang out for a little bit. It was great to catch up with them. Home not too late, figured out where all the boys were for the night and got to bed.


20220422 - Up in the am and working from home. In the afternoon L&I headed to Grove City to watch G's baseball game. We ran in to Clint and Theresa Shrek from our baseball team last year and caught up with them and I talked to JD a dad of a boy that is on G's team for this summer. Home and got some Wendy's on the way. Picked G up and headed home for dinner. Hung out a bit and then JGF6 showed up and we headed to J's choir concert. We met up with the Mallonns there and the kids did great, got all 1s. Home and J called, he locked his keys in the car.. I ran his keys out and then home to bed.

20220421 - Lotsa Walking

20220421 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel and I jumped in the car and took it back to the place I bought it and they are going to detail it for me. Hazel and I walked home. I wanted to stay off the main roads and couldn't walk through the school so it was a 1.6 mile hike. Home and to the desk to get things rolling. Had a couple meetings and did the normal stuff. After work I ran G up to a track meet at the HS and dropped him off. Home and L Hazel and I took a walk to Rita's for a treat. Everyone got something yummy and Hazel got a pup-cup. Home and hung out making plans for the busy weekend.


20220420 + Up in the am and L at school and J&G in bed because it of some weird testing schedule for school.  I got around and headed in to the Worthington office. My first meeting got pushed back to 2 so I hit the desk and started knocking things out.


20220419 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel and I headed out with the new car to get it detailed but they wouldn't be done with it until tomorrow and I need it tomorrow so we headed back home. I got on the PC and did my morning call and emails. Hazel and I took a walk where we ran in to Nate the neighbor and he told us he got a new golden doodle puppy we need to meet. Back to the desk and had to cancel all the baseball games for the day. I jumped on the afternoon call and finished off my list for the day. Threw the ball a bit and then sent out Booster raffle tickets while L was cooking. LG&I had dinner. L ran to the store and then L Hazel and I took a walk when she got home. We watched TV the rest of the evening.


20220418 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and headed in to the office. I was tied up on the phone most of the morning and ran over to meet CB, Cory and Brian for lunch at the Old Bag of Nails. We have a nice lunch and then walked back to the office. We headed out back so the guys could check out the new car. Back to the desk to finish off the day. 


20220416 - Up in the am and G&I headed across town so he could take his driving permit test. He passed! And I was able to get him a compliant driver's permit, the kind needed to get on airplanes. We walked out of the testing site and I headed tot he passenger's side of the car and G was NOT happy about that, saying 'I'm not driving home!' I said "Well lets go back in and give them the permit back then. Isn't this what you got it for?" Nervously he got behind the wheel, I took a Xanax and mapped out a backroad route all the way home. G took off and he did really good. It took us about 45 min to get from Morse Rd to Hamilton Rd., but he did it and we did it safely. We stopped at the bank to see if we could get a student checking set up for him but there were no bankers available... He drove the rest of the way home and L celebrated when he gave her the news. G then drove to Trent's to help spread some more mulch. 

I headed home, got a couple things done and then DaveB picked me up and we headed to the car lot and test drove the Mercedes. Mercedes is the only kind of car Dave has ever owned so he knows them and really drove the crap out of it. We stopped and climbed around under it and and looked it over real good. We drove it back to the dealership where they had the other Mercedes pulled out for me to test but I didn't have to. I like the big blue V8 one and told him I would take it.

Dave ran me home and L&I cleaned out the big old white car we've had for the last 15 years, I gathered up the title and my checkbook and headed back to the lot. They were closing in only a couple of minutes, but the guy stayed with me, we struck a deal and we got all the paperwork done and filed. I jumped in my new car, 2010 Mercedes E550 and headed to the gas station to fill it up. Then I took it through the car wash. When I pulled out of the car wash G called to see if I could pick him up and if he could drive home. I said I would get him but not sure if he could drive. I pulled in to Trent's and blew the horn. G and Trent came around the corner and G lots his mind seeing the new car. Trent's dad came out to check it out too. Home and I had to take L on a ride. when we got home J and JFG6 were there and they wanted a ride. As we were pulling out Conor and Vaiden Mallonn were driving by so we followed them to their house and showed Penn the new car. Home and rides over for the night. We had some dinner and then I went out and programmed the garage door opener, set up my phone to work with it and learn some of the features. Pulled it in the garage and headed in to watch some TV with L.  A busy transportation day!


20220414 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got up and got the day rolling. J home from school and then he left for work and I headed to the Dr. After my Dr. visit I stopped by a couple car lots on the way home. Home and had to move all the baseball games to tomorrow.


20220413 + Up in the am and L at school, J&G had some weird testing schedule so they were both home. I headed in to the Worthington office for the day. I returned D and Jeff's laptops and then made my way to the desk where I was busy all day with a couple meetings with CB & Lonie. Had to send out notifications tht all today's baseball games are pushed to tomorrow. Home late, had dinner with L&G, JGF6 over for a bit. L&I watched the news, Survivor and her new favorite On the Edge. To bed in good time.


D & DGF13 dropped of D and Jeff's DF computers and left his car at Tuffy for an oil change.

After work L&I ran to pick up D's car, home and ate and watched the news. D&DGF13 stopped to visit and get the car.


20220410 - Up late, slept like a log. G home and L cut his hair. I unintentionally got hooked on a movie L was watching. Finished the movie and shipped some ebay things and finished my bills.


20220409 - 

Maple Syrup Day @ Farm

Doc's 83, dropped off some syrup and mr.Goodbar candy bars for him


20220408 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel was outside all morning. I got email done and headed in to the office after washing Hazel's feet. J home for a bit and then out to work.


20220407 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and had a relazing work day worked from the 

20220405 +

20220405 + Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got up and around and got emails out of the way before my7 first call. Had our weekly staff meeting and then Hazel and I took a walk. Back to the desk to finish out the day. G's baseball was cancelled due to rain. L made us a big taco salad for dinner as we thought D and DGF13 were stopping by. We ate and then watched 'The Bubble' a long, not that great movie, but something to watch other than all the bad news on TV. I got caught up on some things on the PC. I retired early, J home late. to sleep late.


20220404 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got up and around and prepared to head in to the Worthington office. Had to take an extra minute to wash Hazel's dirty feet. In to the office and got some things done with Cory. Cory and I took a walk to Jet's to get pizza and we had lunch by the TV with CB. After lunch I talked to CB a bit and wrapped up some things. I headed out to go home and to get L and head to G's baseball game, but it was cancelled. I got the word out and then headed to the field to pick him up from practice. L told me it was over at 4:15, I got there on time and they finished at 5...  Got G and we got home. L made us some dinner and we ate together watching some TV. J at work tonight, L&I watched American Idol. G came down and he and I headed to the basement to watch the NCAA Championship basketball game. It was a great game but NC lost :-( We headed to bed after the game.

20220403 +

20220403 +

Chris stopped by and we watched the Walking Dead. Up to bed and finished watching American Idol.

20220401 - L's 51

20220401 - Up in the am and L was out to bfast with her friend Theresa.  I couldn’t smell or taste my toothpaste this morning... J up late and decided today, the last day of his Spring Break that he would take everything out of his room and do a proper cleaning... I took a covid test and it was negative, at the desk all day and made plans with DJ and their girlfriends to have dinner hereat the house because L being still a bit sick didn't feel like going anywhere. I finished up the day and L&I ran up to Olive Garden to pick up a feast. Home and DJ and their girls showed up and we sat down and hid a nice dinner. After dinner we all headed to the basement and watched J&JGF6 play a funny little team game on the Xbox and L and DGF13 worked on a puzzle L started at Christmas. It was a very enjoyable evening.