20230131 - Took Hazel to vet today, she shook like a leaf. Go her Wendy's on the way home.


20230112 - in to work, had Occularist appointment likes my eye mods, swung by to pick up some auction wins. Dropped off some pizza boxes I won at auction to my buddy that is starting a pizza business. Home finished the day, had dinner with L. Penn picked me up and we went to Take Flight Ohio and did a simulation in a 737 flying from Seattle to Portland. It was amazing!


20230111 - Up in the am, L to school and J&G in bed. I was at the desk and had some pretty good movement on some of my projects. Made couple trip upstairs throughout the day to feed pill to J&G. Finished up my day and headed to city hall for the first Landscape Board meeting of the year. I was elected secretary again… after the meeting I headed to Signatures to meet L and Jennifer. We had some dinner, won some bingo and chatted, a nice evening. Home and L made soups for the boys and then sat down to watch the last episode of Only Murders in the Building before calling it a night. 


20230108 - D went to G’s basketball game, said the kids were acting like idiots. L&I went to Joe Dixon’s 50th bday party in the church he helped start in Whitehall


20230109 - Up in the am and I drove J&L to the oral surgeon. They took J back and in about no time came and got us. We went back and J was woozy and missing his wisdom teeth. He was a good patient and I asked for his teeth. We got him home and he was a bit goofy, he asked for vodka hahaha. We got him settled and I headed in to the office for the longest day ever. Finished work and LJ&I headed to the basement to watch the Georgia and TCU championship game. Hazel and I ran and picked up the pizza for the blow out. 

20230110 -

20230110 - Up in the am and L&G at school, J in bed getting meds and food every 3 hrs and I’m at the desk. Took Hazel for a brisk midday walk. Back to the desk. G home from school shaking with a high fever. Got him meds and sent him to bed. L home and checked on everyone. Then L&I headed to the high school and helped open the concessions stand, it was WAY slower than the last 2 Friday nights we did.  Home and hung out taking meds up periodically. 

20230105 - 101

20230105 - Today L’s gma Lorene Kraft turned 101!!!


20230102 - L up early and took her Christmas decorations down. 

Later my girls watching the dog show


20230107 - Up early and I convinced L that she was helping check kids in at the baseball clinics at the high school this morning. We got to the high school and went in and I checked in with Cathy, Coach Shade’s wife and we made sure we had our lists in sync. Cathy had help so L didn’t have to stay, so L&I headed to Meijer to return stuff that I got her for Christmas that she didn’t like… get some groceries and I found a couple clearance items. Home and L cleaned the house a couple times and then L Hazel and I took a big walk through the neighborhood, down through Creekside and home. Later in the evening we headed over to Easton to their dine in theater and had dinner watching the new Avatar. It was a good movie, very long. Home and got the boys home and headed to bed. 


20230108 - Lori and I headed to Whitehall to the church that Joe helped get opened for the community for his 50th birthday party! Joe gave us a tour and it was nice to see a room full of people there to celebrate knowing this awesome guy.


 20230101 - LDJG, DGF13 & I headed up to Shelby for a really nice Winger Christmas party