20220712 +

20220712 + Up in the am and ready for my day of calls. Got the morning call done and then ran the Mercedes through the car wash and then the body shop to get a quote on fixing the paint on the hood. The guy said you are doing it the right way, it will take more work but you will get there, or pay $650 to have it repainted 😲 Headed home and Hazel and I took a walk. Back to the desk for the afternoon call. The call went well and I finished up my actions and notes right at the 5bell. Out back with Hazel to throw the ball a bit. Taylor came over and L&I took Taylor and G to baseball practice up in Olentangy. We dropped the boys off and headed to the Alum Creek beach and walked around a bit. We also found a super cool dog park where the dogs can run in to the water. Definitely bringing hazel here. Back and picked the boys up and headed home. Stopped at a cornfield we were passing to et the knee high pic for 2022. On to Waffle House where we got so much food there wasn't any room on the table. Back on the road and dropped Taylor off and home. Hung out for bit before heading to bed. J home late.