100228 - Baptism & Trophy

100228 - Everyone up and out to church. We met up there w/ Gma&paB & the Cole's for Lena's baptism. It went very well. We all then went to the Cole's for a good lunch and hanging out.

We had to bail out in a rush to get home and to the all afternoon basketball award ceremony. Jack got a trophy and Dylan won't get one unless they place in his age groups tournament that starts next week.

After the awards DJ&I stopped by the house and picked up L&G and we all went out to eat with the Grossl's. It was a nice relaxing dinnner.
Home and D&I finished cutting out his pinewood derby car and put a really cool snake skin paint job on it. Baths and some play time befor bed. L watched the Olympic closing in bed and I tried to catch up on my movies on the big screen.

100227 + Basketball Buffett

100427 + Up and out for a full day of basketball. We headed out to Jack's game and met Gma&paB & Gma&paW for a good game. Jack was really hustling and made 3 baskets! Here he is with his buddy Donovan.

After the game everyone came back to our house to hang some planes in Ds room, play some games and get ready for D's game. We all loaded up and headed back to the gym for the game. The Cole's met us there. They were short handed so I did the sats for the teams and it was a good game. Even though they lost.

Then the generations defended on the Hometown Buffet and we ate our fill. After dinner everyone headed home and LDJG&I walked through some stores and them drove through the snow to get home. We watched some olympics and settled down after a busy day.

100226 - Unreal Day

100226 - up and a full day of calls. We made the decision to do short sales on a couple of our houses, not an easy decission... And then only about an hour after that stressful decission, the very guy that is the main reason for the short sales calls and says his furnace is out... I have an old furnace that needs replaced... I have put it off for years... Now I am legally obliated to buy this guy a new furnace. He owes me THOUSANDS, and I am short selling the house... Nothing like being manipulated bay fate...
Took the family out to Logan's to get my mind off things. We had a good meal and then home for some play and olympics.

100225 - up and a full day of testing. Ran to the tax lady to finish that up. Finished work and then D&I out to the garage to get it ready for the scouts. We had about 20 people over and I gave a tool / safety lesson. Then we helped te boys cut out their pinewood derby cars.
This day has flown by...

100224 - Bones

100224 - Up and got some things done at the desk while Jack was at school.  When he got home LJ&I loaded up in the car and headed into the hospital.
We got there and Jack is so quiet and agreeable that is always goes so very smooth.  you can't see the nervousness or anxiety on him.  He just goes along with it.  We played some games as we waited and then back he went, not a peep.
L&I waited and in no time at all the Dr. came back and said he was done and doing fine.  It will be several days before we get the results back.
Home and Jack relaxing.  One of Lori's friends brought over some dinner so she wouldn't have to cook, so we ate and all of us pretty much took it easy all night.  Jack did have a couple friends stop over with a balloon and some cards they made for him. 
Sitting in bed doing some work watching a movie.
Days like today, even though everything goes well, are extremely hard.

100223 - Baseball in Feb.

100223 - Up and to a day full of STRESS!! Testing and calls then off to the Tax Advisor for 2009 taxes (YUK), and a stop at the bank on the way home.  Home to give a demo and do more testing. A couple more calls and before I was done it is time to go to baseball practice.

Had a good talk with Jeff during practice and then home for dinner.  GmaB showed up to spend the night to be here for tomorrow and help with the boys.  D&I went to the store to get him a new baseball glove.  His other glove was eaten by Lilly, so the rule is put your things away when you are done playing with them so the dog doesn't get them...  Then to pick up some wood for the Scouts that are coming to our house Thurdays...  I hope I can relax enough to enjoy LOST tonight (might have to fight Lori for the TV vs the Olympics).

100222 - Puzzling

100222 - Up and a full day.  Dylan went to basketball practice tonight and I hung out with J&G.  I think we did every puzzle in the house.  It was fun.  We even had one glow in the dark puzzle that was really cool.

100221 - Play

100221 - Up and LD&J to church.  G&I ran some errands.  We all met back at home for some lunch and then got ready to go see a play.
We got there good and early and got good seats to the local production of 'The Sound of Music'.  It was very good and the boys I think enjoyed it despite the 3 hour length...
We stopped at Subway to pick up some dinner.  Then home and ate, baths, Olympics and bed.

100220 - Great Games!

100220 - Up in the am and everyone ready for a day of basketball!  GmaW showed up and away we went.
First was Jack's game and they did really good!  Jack got a basket and him and his buddy made up a couple of plays that helped them move the ball down the floor. 
Then a LOUD trip to Mcd's for lunch, and then home to relax and prepare for the next game.  LJG, GmaW & I played some games, G took a short snooze.   I got some computer work done.  D over to his buddy's house and we met up with him at his game.
 All of us to Dylan's game.  It was looking pretty bad when they were down 14 to 2 at half time.  Then our second half team charged up and came back!! with only seconds to go in the 4th qtr the ball was passed to Dylan, he was standing right under hte basket, frantically looking around to see who he could pass the ball to... I scream 'SHOOT IT!!!!', he looks up, realizes he is right under the basket, tosses it up gently and 2 points!!!!.  The crowd went NUTS!!! how cool is that?!  it went on for 2 overtimes and his team won!!!  VERY EXCITING GAME!
We then dropped GmaW off back at the house and went out to eat with some friends.  Here you can see how excited all this made Grant...

100219 - Snowmen

100219 - Up and tested all morning.  Then Jeff and I went to meet with an accountant to see it we need one or if our tax advisory is good enough.  Result = we dont need an accountant, but now we know one...

Home and Howdy wanted to show me the snowman he and his brothers built.

Fast night, up late working and watching the olympics.  Why is curling so fascinating?

100218 - Ice Houses

100218 - Full day at the desk. Outside to try and get some of the weight off the gutters by knocking the icicles down. I was wearing a hard hat and the boys thought that was cool. Dinner with the fam and then L out to J's Teacher conference. I stayed with the wild people and cleaned up after dinner.
I got G ready and he went outside to play with D. J&I played war until L got home with the report from him teacher: J is a kindhearted, soft-spoken little boy that can get too focused/spaced out at times. Yeah that's Jack... All boys in, watched some TV, GmaW called with an update on Dusty, Nibbles and the kitties, we had a snack, all boys to bed. I stayed up doing taxes until 2...

100217 - Snowman Bones

100217 - Up and full day at the desk. J's Dr called and we now have a bone marrow test for J next Wed... J looks pretty pale and the circles under his eyes seem to be darkening and growing...
When the boys got home from school they went outside and played splendidly together. Even enough cooperation to build a snowman!
Dinner and D off to basketball practice, J&I played war and G was just LOUD!
Gma&paW called tonight with the news that the shed next to the silo had collapsed! And Dusty and Nibbles were trapped inside :-o Lenard Dolce came over and helped them get the ponies out, they were scared but OK :-) The snow was too much for the roof. More work tomorrow to get the tractor out...
Jeff came over and we did some pretax business true/clean-up stuff. I stayed up late and balanced the CREI books for 2009, 3am...

100216 - Winter Shelter

100216 - Up and hanging out in Newcomerstown. Had some lunch there then got on the road. We took the big highways home, which takes a bit longer, and the roads were pretty clear. We got home and everything unloaded and the boys were bored... Huh, didn't we just entertain them for 72hrs straight???? So we bundled them up and sent them back outside. The boys were having so much fun I couldn't stay inside. I ran out, grabbed a shovel and in 30 min we had an awesome igloo!

100215 - Snowbound

100215 - Everyone up and out to the church gym for some basketball action. We played there for a bit and came out to a world gone white. Back to the house and G&I built an army guy castle while D&J did some homework.

We had some lunch sand then out for some sledding!

We all got cold and headed in except D&J who stayed out to play army guys in the woods.
When the big boys came in we checked the weather and realized there's no driving home today in this white-out. So we hunkered down with Bogart in Sahara and watched the black and white WWII classic. Time for dinner and the 3 energizer boys ate and I pushed them back outside for some night sled fun. They had a blast! When they came in L had a hot bath waiting for them. Somehow they all fit in there???
Downstairs for a snack, a bit more play, some snowboarding on the Olympics and then all boys to bed.

100214 - Happy V-day

100214 - Up, LD&J to church & G&I hung out watching TV, reading the paper & a couple light saber fights. All home for lunch and getting a couple things done before we packed up the car and headed East to Newcomerstown. We played rough and some football b4 a Chinese and pizza dinner. Everyone in to the den for more play time and to watch the Olympics.

Location:Cross St,Newcomerstown,United States

100213 + Basketball day

100213 + Up and hanging out, L&D out to get groceries. All back home and ready for J's basketball game. Jack did great, but he is playing defense even when he is on offense??? After the game we went to some friends and checked out their house, man-cave, Blue Ray... Then quick stops @ the library, USPS and Cord Camera. Back home and we watched an old Bogart Army show.
After our break we all suited up and headed out to D's basketball game. D Jada good game too, but like J he is playing defense even when on offense??? After the game we caught a bite to eat with some friends & the kids were a bit LOUD!!! Home and all to bed and catching some of the Olympics.

100212 - Up and L in to school for the boys Valentines day parties with G in tow. Lori to the Dr. In the afternoon.
I finished up my testing, grabbed the fam and we went to the 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' movie debeut.
Arby's for dinner and then Home to watch the beginning of the 2010 Olympics.

100211 - Up and testing again... L&J in to the hematologist and his white blood cells are still VERY low (3000s)...
Everyone home and then L went to D's Teacher Conf. All good thing about D!
While L was @ the conference I was in charge dinner so 'every man for himself for dinner'. There were some interesting plates... But everyone was happy and ate everything on their plates!

D&I out then to Scouts. Home and work on a short sale packet for one of our rentals... :-|

100210 - Up and tested all day and all night...

Location:Cross St,Newcomerstown,United States

100209 + Haystacks

100209 + Up and snow snow everywhere! The boys were home with a day off from school. I was on the phone ALL day and missed the: sled riding, L shoveling our walk and driveway, L shoveling our neighbors walk, L giving directions to a truckload of Spanish speaking lost people, L shoveling Doc's driveway. What I didn't miss was dinner, playing Blockus and a bit of Wii with J.
We got a Valentine's day care package from GmaW today that had cool place mats, Pez and the ingredients to one of my favorite flavor in the world, along with the original recipe from my Grandma W for Haystacks.
While us boys were playing L attempted to replicate the candies that won the love of taste buds from an early age. Could she possible even come close to the perfection in confection that my Grandma honed over her near century of farm house cooking??? Here G, who didn't finish his dinner, is trying to steal a lick of the heavenly stacks... So could she do it? No! Never! But pretty close. Better make another batch for practice! ;-)

100208 - Hoops

100210 - Up and on task all day. Didn't get everything done, but a lot more then I thought I would... The house seemed a bit more relaxed today, compared to yesterday for sure. Maybe because the boys were in school.

Still we had our share of excitement; like when to police officer showed up today because 911 was dialed from our house...??? Grant and Jack were both taking naps when it happened and D had just gotten home from school. So at least the house was not in 'WAR ZONE' mode when the officer was here...

I finished the day and out to have dinner with the boys when I volunteered to take D and his friends to their basketball practice. And obviously completely out of all cognitive consciousness when I offered to take J&G along too.

What was I thinking???

I loaded the boys up and a small hoop and ball for G and we were off to practice. All of us played basketball for the full hour: running and shooting and running and dribbling and shooting. What a good time.

Home for a snack and some quiet time before the 'All boys to bed' signal.
I then picked up Doc and headed to meet with the Bible Bangers. It was good to sit and talk with them. Home for a little reading and to bed.

To answer my own question, 'what was I thinking'; I was thinking, 'I love these boys, no matter how much they fight, no matter how mean they can be to each other at times. They are my boys. I have to teach them, and show them that I love them and want to be with them as much as I possible can.'

100207 - Fighting Sons?

100207 - Up with all the boys and their sleep over friends. We had doughnuts for bfast, then L headed to church. They all played nice with eachother, just not with G... So I became a basketball hoop! You can see the intensity in Grant's face as he comes in for a shot, or is the Igor? (note the sweat bands on the wrists and knees)

The parents showed up and J's friend left. Then D went with his buddy to a baseball workout. This left JG&I at home watching shows, updating the blog from last December.
D got home and the 3 boys started asking: 'when are we eating?', 'can I have a snack?', 'when is mommy coming home?', 'let's do something, I'm bored!'. Holy crap! Is this a resturant? Am I a 24x7 entertainment coordinator?
L home and I'm stressed, the boys are hungry and cranky and TIRED! L got them fed. I got a couple of things done and then we all headed outdoors.
Well it was fun for a bit, then I was taking orders and had to make the ramp higher, find the ski poles, pick me up, push me, pull me... I did the best I could and then they started fighting about who's turn it was to go over the ramp, then yelling and screaming and pushing and pulling and swinging at eachother... Frustrated and not wanting to yell at them I abandon hope and go in to the garage and ask God 'what have I done wrong?', 'why do these boys do this?'. I just don't understand it?!?!?!?!
D sent to his room, J&G in shortly after and I sit on Dylan's bedroom floor ready to loose my mind trying to talk to him and figure out why he gets so mad so fast: at the same time trying to sort all the stressful things now going on in my life and business and work and how it is affecting all of us and how can I turn this all positive? I have been throuh WAY WORSE....
We pack up and head out to try and salvage the evening. We tried to get L to a store where she needed to pick up some stuff for J's upcoming Valentine's day party. While L was in the store I convinced D to climb one of the many snow mountians in the parking lot.

A nice dinner at Steak & Shake and then a quick stop at Meijer to exchange some shoes. Home to catch some of the Super Bowl and the commercials. D fell asleep on the couch and up to bed before the others. JG&I downstairs and played the Wii for a bit. I then got them to bed and hung out with L on the couch. We watched the rest of the Super Bowl and updated our Blogs and tried to figure out how to stay calm and help the boys get along better...

Let's see how tomorrow goes...

100206 + Glasses and More Boys

100206 + Up and the boys out to play in the new snow we got overnight. Columbus airport reported 10 inches. Then Dylan broke his glasses. Not a screw falling out, BUSTED. So D&I got the 4 wheel drive warmed up and plowed our way to the eye dr. I got am eye exam, where I messed with the poor assistant claiming I couldn't see anything she wanted me to read with my right eye.. I eventually said "well I always do have a problem seeing out of my glass eye. :-)". So we both got new glasses today, D got blue ones, and I had all the ladies narrow it down to their 4 favorite pairs and then D took pictures of me with the final four and emailed them to L to get her final vote. D got to wear his new cool blue glasses with magnetic sun glasses home and I will get mine in a couple days.
D&I then hit Meijer and got some windshield wipers, milk.... Then we picked up lunch and headed home.
D had a friend over to play outside. An the other followed them out. Soon jacks friend came over and we have 5 boys forthe night instead of 3. We gotthem fed and now they are playing and running all over the house!

100205 - White Out

100205 - Got home about midnight and a decent nights sleep. Up in the am and worked a full dat and getting home stuff done too. I had to take a couple breaks today to watch to big white flakes fall and fall and fall all day. After dinner the boys couldn't stand being indoors for another minute, so the suited up and went out for some fun in the backyard. They had a blast, until the typical ending of Jack being pummeled in the head by a high velocity semi solid di-hydrogen oxicide shpere (snowball), and entering the house crying...
Everyone dried off and in for a game, Blockus, and some shows. All boys to bed and everyone else too.

100204 - Jack GOOD! Presentation & Flights

100204 - Jac had a Dr. appointment as a follow up to his surgery today.  Everything looks great, he is release back to full activity (watch out, her he comes!!!).
Up early and met with Tom & Lee that both have me seriously outdressed today looking dappper in their sport coats. We got to P in San Jose and they were expecting not so much in person but on a call. Good thing we were there as we gave a killer presentation.
Got done and headed to the airport where I jumped an earlier flight and hope to get home yet today before the snow shuts Columbus down. Now to Dallas!

Pick is of a giant guy with a hammer, ready to hit a mouse. One of the attractions on roadsideamerica.com

100203 - Slides & Caches

100203 - Up in the am, bfast w/ Lee and then we worked on slides for tomorrows presentation all morning. We took a lunch break and went for a walk to see if we could find some caches. First one found fast.

We took a moment to admire the view across the San Francisco Bay, watch the planes land and see the city across the water.

With no time to waste we had to take a very long detour to get to the next cache, a tricky one hanging around. But we found it.

Back to work after the fun and finished up. Tom and I ran the rental car back to the airport and Lee picked us up to take us to dinner.
L calledand she had a good but stressful day getting the Winger team suited up and to the OSU basketball game tonight. She at one point lost all 3 boys when they did not return from making the tunnel for the team... But all boys found and the bucks won so a good time.
Lee, Tom and I went to Kincade's for dinner and each of us had and outstanding meal. We rolled out of the resturant and back to the hotel ready for the big day tomorrow.

100202 - Make it simple

100202 - Up for a 7am call and non-stop until 7pm: redefining a definition I have redefined many times in many directions... Tom and Lee sit here in our mobile office. A nice dinner at the Elephant Bar and back to the room to see the season premier of LOST!!!

100201 - Impossible Fast

100201 - CRAP, do you mean to tell me the dirst month of 2010 is gone already?

Up and trying to get a million things done in no time at all. Work consumed too much of the time as I struggled to find time to spend with the boys before I leave for the week: I get only minutes with the ones that matter most... Off through Phoenix and in to San Fran. The lights on the runways are cool.