20181031 + Don't Skip Life

20181031 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way to work. In to the office and dropped some salt and pepper shakers off in the center area and put up a new saying in before heading in to the office. Had to make a couple of last minute corrections to the massive number of listings I put up on ebay last night as I was getting all kinds of low-ball offers on things. Dug in to work to make it a quick day. Had a couple of calls, one good, one ehh... Finished the day and headed home. Picked up the car and the parking brakes are no better, but the oil is changed and everything is ready to roll... Home and then immediately took J to his friends to help pass out candy. L&I headed out to end of drive to pass out candy, G decided he is not going this year... We didn't have too many kids stop, maybe 2 dozen. G walked down to the Barnette's, they had a bag of candy for him. He got back and L went down to see their new kitchen. G&I hung out at home, He did some Scout stuff and I did ebay shipping. L home, she ran to get J and took G, G melted down, upset he didn't go our to get candy tonight... All home and settling in for the night. Up LATE working on ebay inventory and watching Halloween.

20181030 - Trick or Treat

20181030 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. At the desk and getting things lined up for a busy day. L had trick or treat at her school today. I had a busy day and a vendor that came in for a 2hr meeting to discover how we do things. Finished the day strong, home the back way and exhausted. Shipped a couple of ebay sales, L&I out to ship things and pick up dinner at Burger King. We swung through Tuffy on the way home and J's car is done, so we will pick it up tomorrow. Home and we all ate together. The boys played on the Xboxs a bit and then we all headed to the basement to watch the latest Jurassic World.

20181029 - 2 McRibs

20181029 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Had my weekly IT meeting this morning and CB dropped in to provide an update. Back to the desk for the rest of the day to get things done. Had a good day with a bit of theatrics in it. Home and sent G to the neighbors to get 1 more wreath order. L made dinner and we all ate together. I finished up shipping stuff while L ran G to basketball practice. J&I then took off for Scouts where I did some data cleanup and planning for the Thanksgiving dinner. I hung out at Scouts and L picked G up. After Scouts J&I ran home and I got Doc for Bible Bangers. Doc and I swung by the Post Office to ship some stuff on the way and when we got there we had 2 McRib meals waiting for us YUM! I LOVE THE MCRIB! We had a nice short meeting where we all got caught up and headed home a bit early. Home and I listed the rest of the stuff on ebay. To bed late and finished up an old horror movie that was on TV.

20181028 - Returning Things

20181028 - Up late and in to the office. L&G headed out to return some of G's bday gifts and do some shopping. D headed out with DGF7. J helped me clean up some of the wires in the basement, ran to the neighbors to get their wreath finalized and returned Jim's speakers before playing the Xbox. I got things squared away and ran to the auto parts store to get a bulb and then G took a break from the Xbox to help me put a new taillight in L's car. I dropped G off at practice, and then home and listed things on ebay, J helped a bit. I ran to pick G up and we headed home. The boys got cleaned up, we got something to eat, listed more things on ebay. Took a break to watch The Walking Dead with J and Mr. Pettit. Back into the office to ship ebay stuff and list more things until very late.

20181027 - Repair Riddler

20181027 - Up in the am and Mr. Pettit picked J&I up and we headed to Jere's. Chris managed the transaction and notary duties and preso we now have another car! J&I got in the new car (2008 Pontiac G6) and headed to the BMV where we didn't have to wait too long and got the title work done and a temporary tag. We then went down to the auto parts store and looked up and down each isle at the things you can buy for your car, J has big plans... I made sure he had jumper cables and an emergency kit and a rubber floor mat and a new headlight. Home and we pulled the car into the garage and he got the headlight changed, tag on and cleaned the inside up a bit :-) I headed into the office to get caught up. Took a break to run G to baseball practice and then met L&J at Tuffy where we left his car for a full inspection and oil change. Home and doing more in the office. I got things wrapped up in the office and took a little nap. D came home and then vanished with DGF7. L&I got all dressed up and headed out to a costume party with some work folks, L was Cat Woman and I was the Riddler. It was a neat party in a cool old house. J&G were home entrenched in the Xboxs. We didn't stay too late and got home and watched some of the World Series and then D&G headed to the basement to watch it and J&I watched the end of Friday the 13th 2 and all of part 3 before heading to bed.

20181026 - Costumes and Pies

20181026 - Up in the am and L&J wished me happy bday. I dropped J off at school got some gas and swung through McD's to get myself a birthday sausage McMuffin :-) Got to work and it is loud in the office today as it is the Halloween dress up pizza party with pies for dessert. We had our costume competition and some of the girls really went all out with elaborate costumes and makeup. We had a nice pizza and pie lunch and then I finished the day up and headed out. Home through hard rain and crappy traffic. Picked up LJ&G and we headed to Easton, a 30 min drive due to traffic... We got our seats ordered our food and had dinner while we watched 'The House with a Clock in the Walls'. It was a cute show and we walked around Easton for a bit afterwards. home and J&I watched a couple of the Hellraiser movies while G watched the World Series. After J fell asleep and headed up to bed I joined G in the basement to watch some of the WS and of course it ended up being 18 innings and the longest WS game ever..

20181025 + Pretty Tree

20181025 + Up in the dark chilly am and barely got J to school on time (J's fault, not mine ;-) In to the office and lining things up for a busy productive day. Got a bunch done today and headed home in good time. Home and we all had dinner together and then I helped G with some of his merit badge stuff. L&I then went through the costumes we have in the basement. We then got G off the Xbox and dropped him off at basketball practice, swung by the cable service center to drop off the extra cable box we got for the party and then on to the Halloween costume store to finalize our outfits for Sat pm. We found more than we needed so headed back towards home with a stop at Kroger to get 12 pies for me to take into work tomorrow. A quick stop to pick up G and then home to slow down for the night.

20181024 - Embarrassing...

20181024 - Up in the am and in to the office heads down getting things done. Got a lot done but didn't get far. Had a couple of calls and ended the work day in Pataskala at an IT company we are trying to drum up some business with as partners. I headed home after that meeting and got J&G and we quickly made it to the BMV where J got 'STUDENT DRIVER' bumper stickers and a rules of the road book to study. We then headed over to MSW where J&G did their running section of the Personal Fitness merit badge, running a timed mile. After that we swung by Jefferson Elementary so they could do pull-ups... how embarrassing... weaklings... Home for push-ups, sit-ups and a stretch test, amazed at how not flexible G is. L made us some dinner and we sat and ate together. I headed into the office to ship and work on ebay. Got called back to Jefferson for a uniform fitting for G and swing past the post office. Home and watched some of the worlds series, got the boys to bed and shipped some more stuff and worked in ebay until late.

20181023 + L Watching a Movie

20181023 + Up in the am and J&I barely moving but got out the door. I dropped J off at school and headed to work. To the desk to get ahead of the wave for the day. Focused on getting email cleaned out today and having meetings with software companies. Had a couple of calls and finished the day strong. Headed home, made myself a snack and then ran G to baseball practice. Home and L&I went to the gym. Home and cleaned up ebay, G home and LJG&I to the basement to watch Ant-Man and the Wasp. It was a good movie and a nice way to finish the day. Boys got to bed slowly.

20181022 - Two VERY Different Circles

20181022 - Up later in the am as the boys did not have school. Headed in to the office and getting things organized. Headed over to the new building and learned some processes with Lonie. Back to the office to finish off the day. Headed home the back way through thick traffic, passing L&G on the way to his basketball practice. I got home and J helped me clean up the trash and get it to the curb and load up the Scout tent to return it. We got a quick bite and then headed to Scouts. We delivered the tent and then went to the meeting and I checked in with the guys. Bailed out to pick up G and he came running over with a HUGE shiner on cheek... We headed back towards Scouts with quick stops at the gas station and post office. G joined the Scout circle that went on and on... We got home, started slowing down a bit, I said goodnight to the boys and then headed to Bible Bangers with Doc. Not home to late.

20181021 - Nearly Flat

20181021 - Up late, L had most everything cleaned up. Got D, Kyle, J&G up to help. We got the tents down and outside things wrapped up in good time. Kyle headed back, D ran G to his baseball game and came home with a nearly flat tire. L&I wrapped some things up and headed to G's game. I scored and it was NOT a good game; lots and lots of errors. We got spanked... Home and G changed quick and we ran to his basketball parent meeting. I left him there for practice and headed home to start shipping ebay things. Ran back to pick G up and them back home to ship some more. J had a friend over. Mr Pettit came over and J, his buddy, Mr. Pettit and I watched the Walking Dead. It is getting a bit more interesting... After the show I started shipping and shipped until 2am...

20181020 - OSU FOOTBALL PARTY!!!

20181020 - Up in the am and setting things up. L&I took a break and ran to the store to get last minute supplies. Back to the house and I had J&G unplug and come out to help. Jim from next door came over and helped the boys install some big flood lights on the shed. We then got all of the projectors out and other electronics hooked up and ready to roll. L got the food on at the right time and we got everything done with 20 minutes to spare before folks started showing up.

J&G used I don't even know how many cans of paint to create a football field and it looked pretty cool and they were happy with themselves. D and his roommate showed up and played with the boys in the backyard. Gma&paW showed up with more supplies and we were ready to roll. Soon friends and family started showing up despite the dropping temperature. We had a house full and some used the tents but we seemed to have plenty of room for the 68 folks in attendance. The food was great, the conversations and catching up were awesome, but we should have watched a different games as the Buckeyes played their worse game in probably the last half dozen years... As the gap in the score widened and the temperature dropped folks bailed out after halftime and with each Purdue score more gave up. We finished watching the game with only a handful of folks. A bad game, but a great night!

20181019 - 3 Screen Ready

20181019 - Up in the am and this is the first morning this season I used the remote start on the car, very cold. Dropped J off at school on the way in to work. We had a talk in the car about reactions this morning... In to work and getting things running right out of the gate so I can be done and get out of here in good time to finish getting things ready for Saturday's wet freeze fest. I headed out a bit early and got home to L getting things ready. She had a huge chunk of stuff done so I could focus on the tents and electronics. I had J&G helping with our tent and then Robby called and G&I ran to pick up the Scout tent. Back to the house and and Jim brought over his heater and speakers and hung around to help us set up the Scout tent and test the projector and speaker set up. L ran to Wendy's to get us some dinner and we finished up and made a  short list of things to get and do for tomorrow am.

20181018 - Fist Pump

20181018 - Up in the am, no alarms, L woke me. Dropped J off at school on the way in to work. He told me he has been walking home after school since XC is over. Had soap flavored coffee for the drive in to work... In to work and a very busy day. Headed out and hit some rough traffic on way home. Got some ebay stuff done and then Jason came over to finalize 401k roll over stuff and review Team App stuff for basketball team. J hiding in his room, Tom picked G up and took him to baseball .L&I headed out to GFS to get supplies for the party. Home and J&G out of sorts because they had to get off the Xbox for 3 minutes to help carry stuff in... I went into the office and heads down getting things done to avoid the boys and reacting to them... Up very late getting things listed and office cleaned out.

20181017 + Pumpkin

20181017 + Up and dropped J off at school on the way into work. Expecting an exciting day, but the morning was very quiet and I was able to make some progress on many fronts. Finished the day and headed home. Got the carpet stretched out in the garage and then lined everything up in the basement that needed to go up. LJ&G helped carry the supplies up and I got the projector set up and tested. We all had left overs from last night and then I got the basement TV programmed to work without the cable box. L&I left J&G at home in an Xbox induced stupor and ran to Kevin's in Grove City to pick up a second projector for the party. On the way home we got a call from another boys dad that wanted to know if G had told us about the morning events... Apparently a kid at school shoved G and the other boy defended G by saying 'pick on someone your own size' and then a fight ensued... G's buddy got suspended :-o Finished the night shipping more ebay sales and then woke up sitting up in bed with the TV on before surrendering.

20181016 - G's Bday!

20181016 - Up in the am and G up early on his bday to get to school for Bible study. He opened some of his presents and JG&I rushed out of the house, forgetting my coffee to get the boys delivered to their schools. In to work and at the desk.Had a busy day and got some things done that popped up. Finished up the day and headed home. L ran G to baseball practice and I crashed in a chair until it was time to pick him up. LJ&I picked G up, he changed in the car and we headed to the Texas Roadhouse so G could get a steak for his bday. G got an enormous steak and we all had good meals. Full we headed home and shut down for the night. I got some ebay things shipped and then was up late doing admin stuff for the Boosters.

20181015 - Bible Bangers

20181015 - Up in the morning to a gray rainy mess. J&G didn't have school today so I took my time getting into the office. I took a couple boxes of stuff from the garage to put on the free stuff table and started the morning. Had an IT meeting first thing and progress has been slow with an unexpected twist this morning. It was a gray rainy mess all day and I couldn't really get started. Managed to get some things done today and headed out a bit late. Home and sat with the fam, J&G home all day from school for whatever reason... Up and out the door for the Boosters annual coaches dinner. The dinner was nice and many coaches recognized myself and other new board members for all the improvements since we have taken over. After the meeting I ran home, got doc and headed to Bible Bangers. After the meeting I dropped Doc off and headed to Meijer to grab a couple of things for G to open in the morning.

20181014 + Running and Singing

20181014 + Up in the am to the sounds of J&G playing Fortnite... G's buddy got picked up. I got the furnace turned on and fired up the gas logs in the fireplace to make sure everything is working for the cold months ahead. In to the office to get some things done. Finished putting things I draft listed on ebay in to the proper places and finished organizing the office. GMa&paW down for J's choir concert. L&GmaW took J to the school and saved some seats. I finished up in the office, got ready and G, GpaW&I headed to the high school for J's concert. The concert was WAY BETTER then the things we had to sit through in middle school. J looked so big up on the stage and he did great. After the concert we headed home. J&GpaW headed out to get us some food, G got ready for basketball and I headed into the garage to clean up the wood rack and start party prep. I got a ton done, came in for dinner and then ran G to basketball tryouts. Dropped G off and ran home and had L&J help me reorganize the basement box area. Ran back to get G and we dropped somethings off at the post office and he told me all about the tryouts. Home and listed all of the drafts on ebay and have 241 items for sale now :-o  The guys stopped over for the Walking Dead.

20181013 + G Bday Party

20181013 + UP in the am and L had dropped J off at school for the his last XC meet and we tried to organize the weekend. D up and helped me by taking some things to Goodwill for me. I headed to Lancaster to watch J run his final XC meet for the year, he did great and it was a hilly chilly course. After the race I got J a tshirt and headed home stopping at Arby's for lunch and waiting for bus to pass, no buss, looked a phone, they went a different route :-o  Jumped in car met buss at the Hamilton Rd exit coming off 270. Got J and headed home for G's bday party. L had a nice Amazing Race party set up and the kids had fun, couple of stinkers in the crowd and G did his best to hold it together... We had hot dogs and L had made a nice cake and the boys seemed to enjoy themselves. Gma&paB and Gma&paW were here for the party. After the party one of G's buddies came back to spend the night. I set up a little TV in the garage and watched football as I continued to clean up the garage. L tried to watch with me but was too cold. Up very late getting things done and lined up for tomorrow

20181012 - Listing Fool

20181012 - Up in the am and moving slow again. Dropped J off at school and fought through traffic drinking my soap flavored coffee on the way in to the office. In to work and distributed some of the extras I had from the purge. Down to work to get the day wrapped up quick. I headed home a bit early to meet he cable guy. D home from school for a visit. he ran to get groceries with L. I ran and picked J up after his XC practice and we got back to the house just as the cable guy stopped by to install a box for the party. I started listing things and L ran and got us dinner at Arby's. Up very late posting more things on ebay getting the garage to a manageable state.

20181011 - Banned

20181011 - Up in the am tired and stiff, got J to school and made it in to work. Looks like another day at the desk. Slow day, had lunch with Kevin and Derek. Home and listing things, had dinner with L&J and the J&I swung by the store to get some new undies and pick G up from baseball. Home an back at the listing. Had Fortnite meltdowns when it went off so I have banned the game from the house... Finished listing for the night and then started going through the Eagles stuff until way too late.  Up in the middle of the night with the hard-drive of my PC making loud noises...  doubt this will be good...

20181010 - Not Pretty

20181010 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school, he has a big test today. In to work and we now have access to build a new tool on a new platform and Lonie and I dug right in. Busy day cleaning out email and organizing, left in good time. Home and started listing things right away. Took a break for dinner with J&G, L headed to McClains to work on a chair. I finished listing stuff and then JG&I headed to MSW so I could time them running the mile, but there was a football game so we went to MSE and they ran with barely any light left, J got 6min2sec, G got 7min10sec. Then we headed to Jefferson so they could do pull-ups, not pretty... Home for push-ups and sit-ups and a stretch test.  They need some work... L home, boys to bed late, I stayed up and sorted stuff out in the garage until way to late.

20181009 + Heavy Lifting

20181009 + Up in the am and don't remember sleeping... Got J to school and in to work, morning going pretty quick trying to get things done before heading out for a lunch meeting. The meeting went well and we might be able to partner with these guys in the future. Back to the office to finish the day off with some meetings. Home and ran to get J, we had dinner and then hung out for a bit before L&I headed to the gym. Home and I worked int he garage getting some things sorted out to be listed on ebay. Not up too late and have a plan to get the garage cleaned out before the party.

20181008 + Calling for Dinner

20181008 + Up in the am and carried a grumpy J to school on the way in to work. In the office and all systems appear to be working! Hold on, not so fast, we have some pretty critical systems only partially working... Spent the day inquiring and worrying about them... Headed home and stopped at Doc's for a couple of beers before L called for dinner. Had dinner with the fam and then I ran J&G to Scouts. After dropping them off I ran to Home Depot, the bank and the gas station. Back to pick up the boys and took a call waiting for them. Got J&G and swung by the post office on the way home. Home and got boys to bed. No Bible Bangers tonight, but Chris stopped over to watch some of the game and chat.

20181007 + BRUTUS

20181007 + UP in the am and L&J downtown to run Spirit Sprint 5k. It was a BIG DEAL with tons of area high schools, marching bands, cheerleaders, Brutus and Gahanna XC won the grand prize of $15,000!! D took off for bfast with DGF7 and G&I ran to Home Depot to get the stuff we didn't have time to get yesterday and the home to unloaded and take off the back steps leading out of the dining room and then G went to play on the Xbox for a bit while J&I went to look at a car. We took a test drive and I even had J drive a bit (it made him smile). We went back to Jerry's (a guy I work with) to return the car and made a deal. Back home to grab some stuff and L&I headed to G's baseball game. D showed up to watch G's game and it was a horrible game. The other team was rude, trash talking and driving our kids crazy...  Their catcher was the worse offender making comment to each kid while batting, dancing around and being a punk, upsetting all our boy. G went up to pitch and swiftly struck the kid out, pointed at him and then their bench and told him to 'SIT DOWN'. Not appropriate, but epic! The 8 inning game was too much for our boys but it was a good slap in the nouth to teach them not to get pulled into to a trash game. We went to Flanigan's after game for some bad food and bad service. We finally got out of there and L&I ran D to the outlet mall where he was met by roommate and buddy. Home through some thick traffic and watched second half of walking dead with J.

20181006 - Running and Hitting

20181006 - Up and L had dropped J off at school to go to a XC meet and then back home doing things. I got things organized and G&I headed out on some errands. We hit 2 banks and then swung by a house to look at a car for J. We then headed to Reynoldsburgh to pick up some auction items and then headed to Cedarville to watch D's scrimmage. It was the longest baseball game in history and just as it was time for us to leave D started playing... So I made arrangements with L to get the supplies required for the cookout at the college int he PM and G&I stayed at the game. D got up several times and did well and did good in the field. I was on the phone most of the time with the migration and it was keeping me plenty nervous... G&I bailed otu before the game was over to meet L&J at the outlet mall and then head down to D's college for the cookout. We sat with D's roommate's family and had a nice visit and I met some other players fathers that spoke very highly of D. If was a nice event and D went home with us, D&J drove my car home. Home exhausted, but tried to watch some college football before heading off to bed.

20181005 - Change IS GOOD

20181005 - Up in the am and dropped J at school on the way in to work. In to work to a whirlwind of how are we going to do things without the proposed changes???  Changed focus as the day came to a close and folks left early so we could start the migration to the new site. The migration had some hiccups and plan A didn't work... Then Plan B didn't work... nor did C or D... After some discussion a new plan was formed and we loaded a $32M server in to the back of my car and drove it to the new building... Then things started to work. We got the copying started and then headed home for the night. Got home about 10:30 and everyone already in bed. I crashed hard and was out quick.

20181004 + Crosswalker

20181004 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. In to the office and messing with stuff in the am and pushed a wrong button and messed up invoicing for the quarter.... Talked to CB about the potential changes and the huge price tag $$$. Played a shuffleboard game and still remain completely defeated... Had a good transition meeting to review the plan for this coming weekend. Finished the day up and had to make a couple of calls so did that on the road on the way home. Talked to the team from India and we are going to hold off on the changes for now... Called a couple co-workers too to keep things rolling. Home for only a minute and then ran G to baseball practice and then picked J up across the road from the school and we went looking at cars. J found a couple he liked and we had some fun looking. Home and ate, G home and L&I went to workout. I left L partway through to go get a haircut. Got L and headed home , got the boys to bed, up late checking on D.

20181003 - Cheater!

20181003 - Up in the am dragging with only 4hrs sleep in me... Dropped J at school on the way to work. In to work and getting things lined up for Bala's last day in the States with me. Finished the meeting and had sticker shock. Did my analysis and think it is too costly to move forward, even confirmed it with a couple of colleagues... Home and hung out a bit, L made us dinner and then we all played some rummy before heading off to bed. I crashed early, exhausted...

20181002 - Metal Roof

20181002 - Up and dropped J at school on the way to work. In to the office and getting things cleaned up from the several weeks of meetings. Had a very productive day. Headed out a bit late and it started raining as L dropped G off at baseball practice. I hung out on the back porch, had a couple beers, listened to the rain on the metal roof and relaxed until L made me get up and go to the gym. Tried to get my hair cut after the workout but they were booked. Home and finished my steak from last night, while J lost his mind about our wireless not working. Finished eating, got boys to bed and proceeded to be on the phone with Google support until 2:30am...

20181001 - 24 Years

20181001 - Up in the am and dropped J off on the way to work. Had my visitor in again today to start finalizing everything. The meetings went well and I headed home. Home and ran to pick J up from XC. After a short break, L&I dropped J&G off at Scouts and headed to The Avenue in Granview for an AMAZING dinner. It was a nice place, very relaxing dinner and great to celebrate 24 years with L.  Home about 10pm and J had just made himself an iced coffee and G was making a milkshake... Got them wrapped up, caught up on their merit badge work and everyone off to bed.