100930 - Blue day for J

100930 - Up and I got to spend the morning with J.  We went to his Dr. for an evaluation.  After the appointment we found a park with a bike track, a geocache and a huge play crawly thing.  Home and to a baseball game for D.

100929 - Soccer Goalie

100929 - D to the dentist for some major work...  J had a soccer game tonight and did really good at goalie.

100928 - Up saw the boys off to school.  I took g to school, then chained to desk all day.  Our handyman stopped by to get paid.  L to Dr. and then pick up prescriptions.  We watched the 1st half ironman

100927 - Up, worked all day.  J out of sorts today... Dinner, took J to soccer practice.  Gave the boys baths and played with GI Joes.  Boys to bed.  Bible Bangers

100926 + Travel Ball

100926 + Everyone up and out to church and then Sunday school. We ran home for a quick change and then on the road to Newcomerstown. We got there and hung out, played some baseball, painted pumpkins and watched some TV. D had a rough day, he got hit in the butt with a plastic wiffle ball and cried and cried. GpaB had to go to choir practice so D&I ran and got Chinese for dinner. We ate and played a bit more, then home, showers and bed for all.

100925 + Games Caches & Knights

100925 + Up and out to D's baseball game with G. D was up twice and got two hits: a single & a double! L&J to J's soccer game. J is playing more offense and likes it, but no goal today. All home for lunch, then back out... JG&I headed to the office supply store and then went hunting for and found the next 2 geocaches closest to our house.

L&D got groceries. We all met back home again to watch to OSU game and eat snacks.
After the game DJ&I headed to our Raising a Modern Day Knight, Back to School dinner; there were 15 of us! We ordered the pizzas and then D gave his presentation on Knighthood, he's did very well.

The pizzas came and as we ate the Dads told stories of when we were kids in school and our memories and fears. I then gave a short presentation on how all the boys there were Pages and what we expected of them. I presented each boy with a composition notebook and related the pages in the books to the events/pages of their lives. I had a special present for J, I got him a leather composition notebook cover with his name pressed into it. It is really nice and will last him a lifetime. At this time the keynote speaker showed up, Doc.

Doc came in and talked to the boys about his life growing up and how the boys should act to become successful men. The all absorbed everything he had to say. It was a very successful event! Home and all boys to bed.

100924 - Jog for Jefferson

100924 - Up and to an early breakfast with Tom.  I guess I got a promotion today :-)  The boys had their annual Jog for Jefferson today and did miles of laps with their friends.

100923 - Up meetings and training all day.  Got a call from an upset fellow worker tonight and now I'm nervous as he'll about tomorrow.   Dinner with bob and Josh.  Up late working.

100922 - Up to the office for a training day.  Had an ice cream break.  Then a team evening with some golf, geocaching, dinner and collapse in the hotel.

100921 - UP, saw boys off to school, reading, Took G to school.  to the desk, stressed about trip...  Flight was good, got to hotel ok.  Nice dinner w/ boss

100920 - Work, Walk, Work, Eat.
Baseball practice for D, I took J&G, played catch and feed the ducks.  Home, showers, read book.  Bible Bangers and up working late.

100919 - Train Photo Pile-up

100919 - Up and worked on L's Google Apps, then down to the barn. GpaW, D&I walked around and inspected the barns and talked about rehab projects. Then we all headed down to a restaurant made from a train and rail cars. It was pretty cool.

Drove home and the D&I took J to get his soccer pic.

Home and D&I worked on his Knight report. Dinner and then all boys outside for some monkey in the middle.

Finished up the night with 'The Princess and the Frog'. All boys to bed and L&I planning the week.

100918 - Soccer Football & Oz

100918 - Up and ready, today is Lilly's 2nd bday! The house is loud and tired today... All loaded up and out to the soccer field. J had a GREAT game and got the first goal for his team, he even used his head for block! Home and Jim over to help me fix the grill. We cut out a steel plate and 'modified' it so it fit, put in new lava rocks and I was cooking brats for lunch in no time. The loudness continued at we watched the OSU game, not much of a game... Everyone back in the car and up to the Farm. GmaW got tickets for the crew to see a play put on by local kids on the 'Wizard of Oz'.

They headed out to the play and GpaW headed to a Class Party. I stayed at the Farm, got some reading done and rested. The play goers got home first and told me all about the play. Then off to bed for all of them. GpaW home next and we had a nice chat.

Location:Fleming Falls Rd,Mansfield,United States

100917 - GLHS Football

100917 - Up and at the desk ALL day except the break to pick G up at school (he wasn't there), I mean the sitters... :-o Everyone in the car and to Cane's for chicken, then Meijer to find parts for the rusted out grill, no luck. Then Home Depot in the search for parts... ended up buying some sheet metal, I'll make my own d%#n part! Home and everyone changed. Off to our first Gahanna Lincoln High School football game. We met the Brandts there and had a good time. Home and all boys to bed.

100916 + Graves

100916 + Up too early and down for meetings. It was a good session and I set up some appointments. We had lunch provided and I sat by my new Ohio buddy Brad. After lunch there was one more session then of to the airport. One thing I wanted to see while here was the above ground grave yards. The best the guys did for me was point one out on the way to the airport :-( But at least I saw one! Flights were good on the way home, despite the tornado warnings L& the boys had, and there was a spectacular lightening show visible from my seat in the plane as we flew in. Made it home, kissed all the boys goodnight and off to bed

100915 - Up early and a FULL day of meetings. I got to talk to my buddy Andre today as this was his last official day with the company. Huge projects and trips to strange places won't be the same without him :-( After the meetings we headed back out to Bourbon St for dinner. I had an awesome dinner at the Gumbo Shop: chicken gumbo, crawfish étouffée, creole chicken and jambalaya. All topped off with bread pudding and praline ice cream. Met up with about dozen proletariat from the conference and listened tonsils bands. Back to the hotel and of to sleep fast.

100914 - Gator On my plate!

100914 - Up in the am and saw D&J off to school. In to the office and finishing stuff up. L home from work with a fever to watch G that is home from school with the runs... They did muster the strength to run me to the airport and off I fly to New Orleans. The flights were fine and I met up with all my coworkers at the shuttle.
We got to the hotel and I took a little walk to find the geocache at the fountain right behind the hotel and sat on a bench on this beautiful day listening to the running water in the middle if the city.

I then met up with some of the team and we did some prep work for the conference. Then we headed to Bourbon St to have dinner. We found a place and I had French Quarter soup and a big old gator sandwich. Some walking around and we found a voodoo shop and another geocache.

We got sone dolls and gator heads and headed back with the moon over Bourbon St.

We got back to the hotel and I checked out the fountain all lit up.

Upstairs and off to bed.

100913 - Up but exhausted. Working and got derailed a bit with a couple required tasks for the bank. The rest of the work day went by Fast. Grant had an 'accident' at the sitters today and was laying on the couch all afternoon. L went to a Dr. to prep for J and testing IQ etc that he will go to soon. GmaW was in town and came to see D's baseball game. He struck out and got walked. It was their first loss of the season. A loud stop at Wendy's and then home to get baths, have J read us a book and off to bed. I got Doc and we went to see the Bible Bangers. Home and up late working.

100912 - Magic Jack!

100912 - Everyone up and to church. I went to a new class today and Dan, one of the Bible Bangers, was in there too; we made it fun :-)
After church we got home and had a bite to eat. Then D practiced hitting and his buddy Seth came over. All the boys played in the backyard until it was time to head back to church and set up for the festival they were having.
We got things set up and loads of kids showed up to play the games and jump in the big bouncy thing. Then we headed into the church for show put on by Curt Anderson a nationally known Christian Illusionist. During the show Jack was picked to help :-o he went right up and participated, here is a clip...

The entire show was great! We then headed outside for dinner. After eating we dropped Seth off and made our way home. D&I worked on a speech he has to give tomorrow about why he would make a good Student Council member and J&G got baths. Then upstairs to put together a race track and take a few laps before bed.

100911 - Time for Football :-)

100911 - Everyone up and back to the baseball field for D's baseball game. After the second inning J&I got Lilly and headed to J's first soccer game of the Fall season.
Jack did pretty good and his team won. Then J, Lil and I headed to Meijers to get football party supplies. We grabbed some Wendy's on the way home. Back home and got the report that D's team won today, but D struck out looking each time he was up today... Everything ready and our friends, the Varneys, came over to watch the game and eat and eat. All the kids played together pretty good and it was a good time and a good game. Got the boys cleaned up. Watched some more football and playing with the new iPhone 4.

100910 - iPhone 4 :-D

100910 - Up and at the desk. L @ work, D&J@ school, G@ the sitters.  Almost too quiet around here...  took a break to run to the accountant and pick up some tax stuff.  Finished off my day and then L headed out with her friends for dinner. I grabbed all 3 of the boys and we headed out.  Our first stop was the Apple Store @ Easton where we traded in D's iPod Touch because the day I bought his for his birthday they announced the next generation of iPods for release :-(  So we got D all fixed up with a new iPod with a camera and better screen.  And there is was...  Just sitting there staring at me... begging me to pick it up and take it home...  So I DID!!!
WOW what a device!  It is really cool!!!  We then went to Steak and Shake and had a good dinner with lots of cheese on everything.  Then home to get cleaned up and watched some TV in the playroom and played with stuff.  I then Got D's iPod Touch all loaded up and connected.  All boys to bed and now to play with my new phone.  I transfered everything over to the new phone and got it all set up, it is so cool!  Lori got home and told me about her night.  I got her old Motorola Razor and swapped its SIM card for my iPhone 3GS and powered it up.  We headed down to the basement and I loaded the 3GS up, put the pretty orange and pink cover on it, set it on her lap and sent her a test 'how do you like you new phone?'.  Her I lit up and she said 'YOU BOUGHT ME AN IPHONE?!?!?!!!!'   I had to be honest and said 'No, I GOT MYSELF A NEW ONE!!!!'  :-P   She was plenty happy with the hand me down :-)

100909 + 1000 Miles

100909 + Up early and G&I saw D&J off to school & L off to work. Then I took my littlest boy to his first independent day at school. We walked hand in hand almost all the way to the classroom and then he vanished. He just took off, in to his class, no goodbye, no cya, no look back. Just gone. I looked in as I walked away and he is doing fine.

To the airport and off to Atlanta for a meeting.

After the meeting I flew back and made it home in time to tuck in the boys. G reported a great day at school and is excited for more :-)

100908 - Hair cuts

100908 - Up and chained to the desk all day. Brian stopped over for break. In the late afternoon I grabbed J and we headed out, stopped at the gas station, got our hair cut and stopped at the bank. Back to home base for dinner and then all back to the ball field for D's game. J hung some toys on the fence and Connor B played ball and tag with G.

L&J went to soccer practice. D had a bad game hitting but got to play 2nd base. He had to run 3 laps for watching the 3rd strike, 3 times... Home and Joe brought D's pitching machine back and Doc brought over some onions. All boys to bed and downstairs to relax and watch movies.

100907 - Granny Goes to School

100907 - Up to see the boys off to school and today G went to school for the FIRST TIME EVER! I got his picture in front of the mailbox all ready to go.

I was lucky enough to get to go school with G today. We started by playing with stuff and as other kids came around I slowly backed out and he played nice.

I hung back a bit more and more as the time went on. He did great at everything and jumped right into the activities.

After singing we got his stuff and headed for a special happy-meal lunch at McDonald's where one of his new classmates showed up and they played together on the outdoor playset.
Back home and L met us there, returning from her first day of work at the school. She had a great day too! I sluffed back to my desk and had an incredibly busy day. Before I knew it I was back at D's baseball game, J had a bloody lip and thunder and lightening forced the game to stop. Back home and the neighbor helped D&I water and mulch in our new plants. J then read us all a couple books and all boys to bed.

100906 - Backyard Woods

100906 - Up and J&I out on some errands. We got home just as the Woods family pulled up. Mike, D&I headed over to Doc's to get his big mower running then back across the street for some good grub fixins and then outside for the rest of the day. All the kids played and played and has a good time. Doc stopped over with some ribs and shot the breeze with us. I helped Mike and Amy get their new Google Apps account up and on their devices. We then played and ate some more.

Our friends left, we got the trash out to the curb, put in a new shower rod, got the boys cleaned up and off to bed. L is ironing and I am getting ready to pick up Doc and head to the Bible Banger meeting. I have to be home early because I get to go with G tomorrow for his first day of school :-)

100905 Flea Wagon

100905 - Up in the am and all to church and Sunday school. After church we grabbed a bite at Wendy's and headed to the HUGE Johnstown Flea Market. They had 750 vendors this year and every third person was carrying a gun, the boys think that is cool We met Gma&paW there and walked and walked. There were many amazing things and everyone got something cool, I am sure L will post load of photos... After 5 hours of neat finds, guns, dust and trinkets we headed home. We picked up pizza on the way home and Gma&paW joined us for dinner and play time with our new stuff. Darkness overcame us and we headed in to get cleaned up and ready for tomorrow. (sorry, no pics today, iPhone was acting up :-(

100904 - Practices

100904 - Up and back to the school for D's 9am baseball practice. Then home and D practiced climbing out his window fire escape and them out back to take over mowing from L. Then J&D practiced their fire escape and did it all by themselves for the first time ever!

YouTube Video

We had lunch and then J&G got some rest while D&I headed out on errands. We got my bike tire fixed, a bunch of burning bushes and I was able to teach D about the essential food groups at the grocery (chips, bacon, beer and Hostess cupcakes). D&I got home as J&G were getting up so we had some help planting our 18 bushes. Everyone pitched in, even a couple neighbor kids, and we were done lickity split.

As soon as we were done planting L got
Us cleaned up and it was off to an evening at the Curran's for food and fun.

Home and got some tired boys in bed.

100903 + Loud

100903 + Up and saw the boys off to school. I had scheduled a bunch of time today for catchup and worked my butt off listening to loud music. Right after work DG&I headed over to the Grossl's to go to the Clippers game. Jeff had won a suite in a raffle and it was pretty cool. The boys had a BLAST!
Home and J told us of his adventures with his buddy Donovan that came over for a play date.

100902 - Fast and furious day...  I worked like crazy,  took one break to spray paint home bases back at ball fields with D.  Out of the office and ate really fast then straight out to the ball field.  D got 2 hits.  I watched J&G and they did pretty good.  After the game I had a 'discussion' with the coach about D's hitting and playing eery other inning...  >:-|     We regrouped and headed home only to rush to apple store and then best buy.  Back home watched the 2nd qtr of the osu game with boys.  L home from parent orientation night, boys to bed.  L& I Watched rest of the game.

100901 - September?

100901 - First day of September and I will be working like crazy the couple nights to get the blog updated with all the fun things we did last month. It has just been too busy to think...
Up with the boys and saw them off to school. Started off the day with a pretty good call with the boss. Them calls 9hrs straight...
L&G went to her classroom and decorated today and the second part of her physical.
D went to Cole's to play after school. I had to run and pick him up. Home and D straight to baseball practice. I hung back and ate a steak at lightening speed before G&I went tithe ball field to practice with D. L brought J back, I popped a tire on my bike, so J&I had to walk home. Took J to soccer practice. My buddy Brian stopped by to chat. Home from all practices, boys cleaned up and to bed. I'll be up working all night... It was a hot pretty day

Location:Granville St,Gahanna,United States