20220404 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got up and around and prepared to head in to the Worthington office. Had to take an extra minute to wash Hazel's dirty feet. In to the office and got some things done with Cory. Cory and I took a walk to Jet's to get pizza and we had lunch by the TV with CB. After lunch I talked to CB a bit and wrapped up some things. I headed out to go home and to get L and head to G's baseball game, but it was cancelled. I got the word out and then headed to the field to pick him up from practice. L told me it was over at 4:15, I got there on time and they finished at 5...  Got G and we got home. L made us some dinner and we ate together watching some TV. J at work tonight, L&I watched American Idol. G came down and he and I headed to the basement to watch the NCAA Championship basketball game. It was a great game but NC lost :-( We headed to bed after the game.