20190531 - D's 1st Wood Bat Game

20190531 + Up in the am and in to work. Busy coding most of the day. Finished the day on a call and then swung by the house to get L. D worked a bit today, J went to a couple of pools and G ran some errands with L. After work I ran home and got L and we headed to D's baseball game at Otterbein. Good to see D on the field having a good time and playing baseball. it was a good game and our team had tied it up and they called it due to it getting dark. LD&I met up at North Star Cafe for a nice dinner and then headed home, J went to a buddy's house for the night and G was alone. Home and making plans for a very busy weekend.

20190530 - 2 Beauties

20190530 - Up in the am a bit later than usual as boys are out of school and I don't need to head the wrong direction to start my day for a couple of years now. Headed to the new office (25) this morning and had a couple of meetings. Then headed to the big office (7575) to finish out the day.  Home and had dinner with L&J and then L&I hung out on the back porch and watched some Game of Thrones. D went to work and J went to the high school with JGF1 to kick a soccer ball around until late. We stayed up and watched the National Spelling Bee, they had 8 Co-champions. 

20190529 + Last Day for J&G

20190529 + Up in the am and dropped J off at HS for the last time ever (providing he gets his drivers license). In to work at the new building to get some things done. Wrapped up at 25 and headed to the big office to finish the day. Finished things off and headed home. D at practice, J&G upstairs on the Xboxes and L&I watched some Game of Thrones while we waited for D to be done with practice. D was on his way home so we loaded up and headed to City BBQ for an end of school year dinner. It was good and we headed home and all watched Marwen together, cute movie. Headed to bed in good time.

20190528 - Left to Right

20190528 - Up in the am and road seem deserted compared to an average work morning. Dropped J at school, only 1 more trip like this with him. On in to work and got the week rolling and cleaning up last week. Got a bunch of things done and finished the day a hair early and headed home. Home and D ran G out tot he baseball field. LJ&I got something to eat and then headed to the field for G's game. No umps showed up so D stood behind the pitcher and another helped ump bases and we got the game underway. The first couple of innings were not pretty... Finally our boys figured out what was goin on and got in the game to beat the boys from Clearfork 14-3. Home and hung out a bit before getting the boys to bed for their last day of school. I stayed up and watched a couple episodes of Game of Thrones.

20190527 ‡ Last Party & Tornadoes

20190527 ‡ Up late in the am and did some work on the PC paying bills. D working at D-Bat today, J in his room and G and his buddy starting to move around from being up all night. L&I got around and went to a graduation party. This boy is heading to the Marines 6/24 :-o It was a nice party and we got to chat with some of the other guests and with Carin to make sure she was on-board with Scott's new job working for a non-profit where he has to raise the money to pay his salary (https://www.ifipartners.org/team/scott-holahan). After the party L&I headed to the post office and then the pool to pay for the membership. G and his bud showed up kicking a scooter and bike to hang out at the pool with a cooler (full of ice cream). Home and I finished up paying the bills, L ran to the grocery and flower store, D home, J still shut up in his room... L home and then G called and L went to rescue them from a kid that isn't so nice... She dropped G's friend off on the way home. I cooked some brats on the grill and LDJ&I had dinner on the picnic table, G zombified by the TV and exhaustion. L&I played cornhole while D&J cleaned up dinner and then one of D's friends, Quincy, showed up to hang out a bit. All the boys played wiffle ball until it started raining. It cleared up a bit and D made a fire so L could roast some marshmallows and we all hung out on the back porch watching PBR Rodeo and chatting. Headed in as it got dark and preparing for the last couple days of school. Got everyone to bed and then out of bed and to the basement when the tornado sirens went off until about 1am. All good and all back to bed. I stayed up a bit longer and finished season 1 of Game of Thrones.

20190526 - Party and Up Late

20190526 - Up late and L got us all ready to go to anther graduation party. We all headed to Blendon Woods for Cameron Varney's party. We checked in with the Varney fam, congratulated Cameron, and hung out and chatted for a while. Home and D helped me get the mower running and he mowed. J had some friends over and they headed out to some grad parties and to the pool for the rest of the day. G waited around all afternoon on his friend to come over and at the last minute he cancelled on G, not the first time this has happened with this particular kid... won't make that mistake again... L working in the yard and I finished restoring the gate. G found another friend, Maden, that could come over and hang out and this kid was a hoot. They jumped on the trampoline, rode to DQ when Maden dropped his ice cream on the way home, L sent D out to get gas and more ice cream. They beat the daylights out of me in Trouble and were up until 3am.

20190525 + Run Party Work Party

20190525 + Up late and got a couple things done at the desk. G&I out to run some errands, Post office, gas station, bank, TSC in Pickerington to get mower blades and a belt and Home Depot for a spud bar, air filters and cement. We got our stuff done and swung by the house to pick up L&J to head to Mansfield for Jake Loughman's graduation party, D was working. It was great to see and catch up with all of the Loughmans and Gma&paW were there for a bit too. The party was at Forest Hills Golf Course and JG&I stole a couple of golf carts and rode all over and even got a couple holes in with a golfer that I knew that was willing to teach G how to not swing a golf club like a baseball bat, he better stick to baseball... We hung out a bit more, I lost my magnetic sunglasses somewhere and then we headed back towards home for a cookout. 

Home and had a bit of time before the cookout so I got the air filter changed int he furnace and got the AC on, G&I then realized we got the wrong mower blades... so we leveled up and secured the gate post and poured cement around it. D home from work and J&G on the Xboxes so L&I headed back to TSC to swap out the mower blades and then swung by an auction house to pick up some wins. On tot he McClain's and D drove J&G over and we had a cookout. We hung out in Bill's workout room hiding beer cans so they would show up on his Instabook posts and then the boys went outside to play games until they were annoyed with each other. Good just sitting around chatting with them. Home not too late.

20190524 - Extra Labor

20190524 - Up slow in the am, J slow too. Think he barely made it to school on time... In to work and a quiet day in the big office lining things up to get organized. Had a busy full day and headed out a bit late. Home and L asking about the mower and broken gate post as I walked in the door... so I just started working. I got the mower completely taken apart, deck off, belt off, blades off. Gma@paW down for an eye appointment so they swung over for dinner. I then got the 'impossible to get out' stub of the broken off gate post out while J&GpaW picked up Panda Express. We all hung out on the back porch and had a nice dinner. Hung out on the back porch until late trying to plan the weekend.

20190523 - Swinging Cats

20190523 - Up later in the am as J didn't have to be to school at the usual time today. Dealing with no data, thanks D for using 33GB of data in 14 days... In to work and a very busy day of getting things done. Went out lunch with Jason and finished off the day. Headed home, ate with L and then relaxed until time to go to G's orchestra concert. LJG&I loaded up and off to the concert. We sat closer than usually and listened to the kids swing cats around by their tails for an hour. Afterwards J and I had headaches, L thought it was good... OMG  We made a stop through UDF to get ice cream on the way home. Home and D back from practice and left to go to a friends house, not sure where he is getting gas money...??? Up late working with AT&T to get on a new wireless plan because D used all of our data (33GB in 14 days) for the month in 2 weeks and our phones aren't working... D home late. I was up late going through pics from as far back at 7/2018.

20190522 - D Too Many GB

20190522 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to the new office. Worked all day getting things dead on. Headed out a bit late. Got home and shipped ebay with J, ate with L&J D and a buddy at a Gahanna Varsity Baseball playoff game, and G at baseball practices. J worked on his speech final for a bit and then I headed to pick up G and swing by the post office. Home with G and his buddy Owen, they headed to the backyard to play wiffle ball with JD&D's friend. Finished the evening up watching some TV.

20190521 + Practice Visit

20190521 + Up in the am and dropped J off at the normal spot and then I headed to the high school main lobby for a meeting with the Athletic Directors of the both the high school and middle school. We had a meeting about Team App and that they want to make it mandatory for all sports...  After the meeting I headed in to work and came up behind Bill on the highway, so I called him and 'politely' asked him to get out of my way before blowing past him ;-) in to work and working on numbers all day. Transferred to the new office midday to make communication easier. Stayed a bit late for discussions and then headed to D's baseball practice. These boys are big and throw the ball hard. Watched practice and talked to the coaches a bit and then headed home. Had some dinner. L going through the gifts kids brought her for last day of school stuff, J at JGF1's soccer game and G hanging out on the couch watching TV with me. G&I wrestled a bit while I was attempting to collect tax and spilled some ice cream on the couch that made L happy... So the evening wound down and we all headed to bed.

20190520 - Many Meetings

20190520 - Up in the am, very tired, and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Took my time getting to the big office today and started planning the week and catching up. Got a call for G from school, he wasn't feeling well and couldn't get a hold of L, she is busy with last day of school events with her Monday classes. I was able to wake D up and he went and got G from school. Finished the day and headed home. D @ baseball practice, J mowing (he had to repair the mower twice and ran out of gas:-), G on the couch. L made us some dinner, J&I planned when he would start drivers ed and then we all split up. I headed to an Athletic Boosters meeting, L&J to Scouts. After Boosters I ran to Scouts. J drove me home and after only a couple min I got Doc and we ran to Bible Bangers. Ran into Jeremiah there, I had invited him before and he is the guy J bought his car from. I introduced him tot he guys and he sat around and chatted with us for a bit before we started our lesson. Good short meeting. Home and fired up the laptop and got the tasks I absorbed from my earlier meetings done so I could get some rest.

20190519 - Long Drive for Local

20190519 - Up in the am to too many people asking me to do too many things... Got to the field on time and got things lined up for the game. The first game was good against a local team and our boys were on and did their thing for the W - GLBLUE 12U (8) vs Knoxville Fire (3). After the game we left our stuff at the fields and headed to Quaker Steak & Lube for a long lunch. Back to the fields for game 2 against JBAC, a team from Mansfield OH and the curse of the between game delay set in and we were done... L - GLBLUE 12U (2) @ JBAC (17).  The game was not good and we were out of the tournament so we packed up and headed home. But this was a great experience for the boys.

Got on the road, stopped for ice cream and gas, one more stop for gas and to eat dinner. Got American Idol playing in the car for L and heard of huge delays on 71 so went home up through Wilmington and Washington Courthouse to get home around 11pm. Checked in with D&J and heard about their weekends: D had practice and J had his big end of year choir concert that GmaW took him to. Headed off to bed. Up 3 times in the middle of the night.

20190518 - Beautiful Baseball Day

20190518 - Up in am and we headed to bfast. Then we split up a bit, L hanging out at pool with the girls, G went tot he field with the team to see the other Gahanna team play and check things out, I hung out int he room and got some things done. Terrill wanted to go exploring and I am all for that so G&I joined him and 3 other boys and we went to see a new sky bridge, line too long. We then stopped along road to explore river, G leading the way, he only one to fall in up to his waist hahahaha! Went to visitors center got directions to another park that had a waterfall. We got there and took a short hike to Cataract Falls and the boys climbed and explored and the boys did OHIO on top.

Back to the hotel and rested a bit before heading to the fields. The place was AMAZING. It had a brilliant layout and the setting was amazing. The 1st game was delayed twice for lightning and then a downpour. The boys made the most of it and G put cups on his ears, a trick he learned from his big brother and they played tic-tac-toe on a baseball with other team. Once we got back to a game it was a good one and the boys won W - GLBLUE 12U (7) @ Knoxville Smokies (2). After a short break and move we started game 2 which was a bit more intense... the game was a bit closer than we like but the boys pulled it off W - GLBLUE 12U (12) vs Derby City Dragons (11). We got done about 10pm and the plan was o to Dave & Busters but too late for us so I spoke up, G not going, others spoke up immediately too, so all back to hotel and got pizzas and ate together in lobby. It was the better choice for many reasons. Long nice day.

D had a hot 3 hour baseball practice today, Nicole took J home and GmaW came down and took D&J out shopping for J's bday. They got some Cane's and came back to the house to eat on back porch and watch the Indians game. J had his girlfriend over for a bit.

20190517 - Dinner and Putting

20190517 - Up late and L had taken J to school and G is off to school, L at work and D still in bed. I am taking the day off today so we can drive to Pigeon Forge. I finished syncing and updating the phone as I got things ready to head out. I got D up, had a little 'talk' with him about getting his butt out and finding a job as he drove me to pick up the car. I then ran and got G out of school. Home and L was there. We packed up the car and got on the road to Pigeon Forge. We avoided some bad traffic and stopped once for lunch and to gas up. Then the rest of the way, checking in to the hotel and meeting the team for dinner. Most of the dads by this point had consumed way too much and it was a bit out of control... We finished dinner and headed to play some putt putt, L won. Back to the hotel and settled in for the night. I was exhausted from the drive.

20160516 - Jack is 16!

20160516  Up in the am and J opened the few presets we got him. I then dropped him off at school and headed in to the new office for the morning. There was an issue with our DataMiner that was unexpected and took the whole morning... In the afternoon I ran back over to the big office to get some things done before I headed out for a long weekend of driving and baseball. Home and got the rest of the fam motivated and we headed out for J's bday dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. J ordered a 23oz T bone couldn't eat it all, and had to sit on a saddle and had the whole place sing to him! After dinner we Headed home and relaxed and packed for the rest of the evening. He is so big, hard to remember him little.

20190515 - Crushed Speeder

20190515 - up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Still taking the back way to the big office today. In early and it is quiet so getting things lined up and knocked out. Left a bit early to get to Morango for G's baseball game, middle of no place... Gma&paW showed up for the game and it was s stinker... The same kids that beat us last Sunday crushed us 12-2... G did come in to pitch when the rial were already off, but there was no stopping this wreck... After G's game J&I headed to Hebron to pick up a pullover I left at the poker party. J got to drive my car and it is very fast and sensitive, he was not use to that and tended to speed a bit more :-o We got there go the pullover and J wanted me to drive the rest of the way home. We got home about 9:30 and got shut done for the evening. Up late on the PC getting email done.

20190514 - Wrong Uniform

20190514 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in tot he big office today. Spent the morning fixing things and working on reports with others. Finished the day up with a couple meetings and got out in good time. Home and worked on some Booster stuff until dinner with L&J, D&G at their baseball practices. I finished up the Booster stuff and ran to pick G up. I went to the wrong place... got the the correct place just on time and got him and ran back past the house so he could get his Scout book and on to the church. I sat in one one Board of Review and then it was G's turn so I had to leave the room. G went in and went through the steps and got his Tenderfoot rank tonight. He has 1 more to get before heading to Summer Camp. Home and we hung out watching some TV before heading to bed.

20190513 - Many Meetings

20190513 - Up in the am and got J to school and headed to the big office for work. At the desk all morning trying to get things lined up for a short week. Got some stuff done but not enough. Headed home and L cooked us dinner. We ate, D was at work and then J drove me to the Cross Country meeting and L ran G to Scouts. After the meeting J drove one of his friends and I to Scouts. Got some things done at the Scout meeting. After the meeting J got G&I home safely and then we checked in with D and his friends on the back porch. I got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers, it was a small crowd but good to get Doc out of the house.

20180512 + Mother's Day

20180512 + Up and LG&I to baseball fields as the #1 seed. D&J stayed home and put L's Mother's Day gift together, a new gas grill, and then joined us at the fields. G's game was tight against a good team that caught everything we hit. An interesting statistic = no one our team struck out during this game, there were a few walks and we only had 4 hits, the rest of those were fielded for out by the other team... We battled back but then got in a pickle where we had last inning and runners on base and G went in to pitch. They were able to get a couple hits off of G that went places we couldn't make the plays and we couldn't get caught back up and we lost. That ended baseball for the day... Frustrated we headed home. Home for just a minute and then LJG&I headed to see the new Avengers movie. it was very good and very long. Back home and I burned in the new grill and looked over the backyard. We cooked some brats and dogs and had a good dinner. We stayed up and watched American Idol and I texted the guys about baseball until late.

20190511 - #1 Seed

20190511 - Up late and got a couple things done before heading to the field. G&I went on our own and D drove L&J there later after letting the McClain's dog out. We had 2 really good games today and the boys won both of them! After the game we headed to the McClain's where we met up with some other folks from the team to relax and chat a bit. D&J put up a volleyball net and then worked on a new patio couch they got. I had to help J finish it. After hanging out a bit we headed home and all got to bed in good time ready for more baseball tomorrow.

20190510 + Bluehair Campfire

20190510 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school, got gas and bought bfast for one of his  friends. In to work the back-way to the new office for the morning. L had an emergency visit this afternoon to the hairdresser with her friend Tiffany because they turned her hair blue... Had a busy productive day and got all the numbers for April tied off. Home and we had some left overs and built a fire int he backyard. The McClains came over later and we sat around the fire and chatted, J had his girlfriend Katie over to watch a movie :-)

20190509 + Rainy W

20190509 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school. In to the new office and then over to the old one for an all morning meeting that lasted all day... Finished the day and headed to G's game through some pretty heavy rain and horrible traffic. The 30 min drive took an hour tonight and I made it to the game just in time for it to start raining... we played anyway... Playing against New Albany Gold, that have spanked us by run ruled the last 2 times we met them, the boys fought hard in the rain and G got called to the mound when were down 5/4 and held them. The boys battled back and pulled off the win! Home and had leftovers and we slowed down for the night. D over to a friends and home late.

20190508 - ColumbusBraves.com

20190508 - Up in the am, not feeling 100% today. Got J to school and in to the new office for the morning working on #s. Waited and waited on others to the point we couldn't do anything so headed home early frustrated. Home and crashed in a chair in the living room. Somehow I woke up in bed about 7:30pm and thought it was then next morning and I had to get J to school... Woke up and had dinner, D&G had gone to G's batting practice and D landed a job while there. L&I on the back porch, folding laundry and working on D's summer baseball team's site (ColumbusBraves.com) while DJ&G played wiffle ball in the backyard. In when it got dark, all boys to bed and I stayed up adding games to the new site.

20190507 + Aliens Are HERE!

20190507 + Up in the am VERY tired today, so is J, we barely got him to school in time. Took the back way to 270 and in to the new office for the morning and then over to the big building for afternoon meetings. Finished up and headed home. Home, got J and he drove me to Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction stuff that ended up not being there... So we swung by Harbor Freight to get a new tarp for the baseball team. On the way home we saw D on the map go past home and head to the Gahanna high school baseball game so J wanted to go there. We got to the game and there were a ton of folks there we knew. We saw D and hung out a while and then J drove me to vote. Voting done and back to the house for dinner on the back porch. D home and we ran to Wendy's for an ice cream snack and so D could get some food. L&J helped D unpack the rest of his stuff and get it in to his room. Up late watching TV.

20190506 - A Lot of Running

20190506 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way to work. Still taking the back way as 270 construction is a nightmare. In to the new office today to observe the invoicing process. Spent a bit of time getting caught up from the weekend. Had a very busy day that seemed to never end. L called me on her way home from dropping G off at baseball upset with J... Home and had a talk with J, got things sorted and a plan for correction. J&I shipped some ebay things and fixed the listings he did over the weekend. I then ran J to Scouts, then to the post office, then to pick up G. Got G, he had a good practice and we ran to Scouts. The Scouts were outside playing a game and they had some fun. Home and hung out watching the Blue Jackets, they lost. Up late working on things.

20190505 - Last Game and Coach Chat

20190505 - Nice late start to the day. Got in the office and did a couple of things. Got J started on listing things for ebay and LG&I headed to Dayton to watch D's last games of the year with Wilmington Baseball. Uncle Russ was there when we arrived and we hung out with him and watched the game. D didn't play but it was nice to see all the guys there for Senior Day as it is their last game ever... We stayed as long as we could and then had to head home. We dropped G off at home and then L&I went to a meeting for D's new summer baseball team the Columbus Braves. Sounds like some serious baseball! The coach has been doing this for 44 years and was on the OSU Baseball team when they won the NCAA Championship in 1966. After the meeting we headed home and Tom & Bill stopped by with their boys. We hung out on the back porch and talked baseball and the boys went back tot he field to hit and practice. We had some good discussions about the team and have a plan. Everyone took off and we watched a bit of American Idol and then checked in for the night. I stayed up and set up a new Team App for D's Summer team --> https://columbusbraves.teamapp.com/

20190504 - W, Rain, L, Dinner

20190504 - Up early and LG&I headed to Berliner Sports Park for a game. It was a great game until one inning we blew the run rule lead and gave up 8 runs on 8 errors... OMG! Gma&paB showed up to watch and unfortunately it was one of G's worse games... Somehow the boys pulled out a W and we got seeded in the gold bracket. L&I headed back to the house with Gma&paB while G hung out with the McClain's so he could play. We got ready for the party tonight and I grabbed a quick haircut while LJ&GmaB went shopping for J's birthday. All back at the house and we listened to G's game, it was a rainy mess and they got beat bad... L headed to the party early to set up, J&Gma&paB headed out next and G got dropped off and did a quick turn around and him and I headed to the party at Brio in Polaris. It was a nice crowd, all of GmaB's sisters and their husbands were there, not sure the last time we have all been together. Great to catch up with folks and great food. J&I bailed out first so he could drive home in the light. We got home and hung out. Soon everyoe else got home and we chatted until late.