20220424 - Up in the am and L&I headed to Giant Eagle to get some things. We dropped it off at home and then went to Home Depot and looked at stuff and got a couple of things for the Grad party prep. Home and got the mower started and L mowed. I got the pump put on and sprayed the weeds in the sandbox. Talked to Riley the new neighbor and gave him the trimmer to get his grasses cut down. G showed up with pretty much the entire Gahanna Baseball team in our backyard and played wiffleball. The boys helped me get the TV out of the basement and set up on the porch. L&I did a couple more things and then hung out on the porch. We grilled brats and she boiled sweet corn and we ate on the porch. D showed up for dinner and we shipped a baseball glove he sold on ebay. L&I hung out until after dark on the porch and then in to finish watching American Idol. Not up late.