20170430 - 2 Feather WE Day

20170430 - Up in the am an d all to church. Home and L had to run back to school for whatever D working on his Eagle packet, D&I showed J how to use the riding mower and he mowed the backyard, G melting down because he doesn't know how to play with toys or by himself, I mowed the front yard. L left to go see GpaB at his choir concert, D had to stay home to work on Eagle stuff, J went on a 20 mile bike ride with a couple of buddies from his soccer team, G&I swung by the 10U Gahanna baseball game to say high to everyone before heading to his practice in Granville. During practice I tried to find a geocache and couldn't. Headed home after practice, we stopped at Home Depot to return some stuff and get grant a fan for his room. We then got a video and some grub from Panda Express. Home D had taken DGF7 out to eat, G&I had dinner on the back porch. J showed up and got some food. After we ate JG&I headed over to the school to throw G some balls, my pitching was pretty bad, J's was a bit better. D&DGF7 showed up and did much better pitching to G. D was playing infield and making throws to J, which had us all laughing, baseball isn't his thing... D got up to bat and hit some home runs, eventually G melted down and we all dispersed. Back home, watched a bit of TV, L finally home, got J&G to bed. D&I in the basement working on his Eagle packet and application and watched the newest 'Underworld'.

20170429 + Rainy Day

20170429 + Up in the am and a rainy crappy day. Everything cancelled for the day so it is a lazy get things done kind of day. D&J cleaned their rooms while LG&I watched Kubo and the Two Strings. Then L potted some plants for a teacher appreciation day, D worked on his Eagle Packet and school stuff, J farted around, G on the Xbox and I am trying to get organized for the next round of getting things done. G&I post office, gas station, car wash, Dave's whs and Good Will. home and hung ot getting ore things knocked off the lists until we all headed to the McClain's for Amaya's 8th bday and 1'st communion dinner. We had a good time and got home in good time. 

20170428 - 1st Base Coach

20170428 - UP in the am and in to work. Spent the day in the big conference room with the customer and building an app for planning. Headed out to Pickerington to watch D coach 1st base }:-( LJ&G in Lancaster at a track meet. After D's team lost I headed home and swung through Burger King to get myself some dinner. Home and ate, D home and we watched Wormwood, a B zombie movie. L&G home, D ran to pick J up, they got rained out. All home, to bed in good time.

20170427 - Still No Goal

20170427 - Up in the am an d in to work. Customer onsite again today. We took the team and the customer to lunch at Panera. After lunch I introduced them to the game of cornhole and got my but kicked. Ran home and went with LG to J's soccer game. They won and J ALMOST got a goal: I have yet seen him score...

20170426 + About Time

20170426 + Up and in to work. A more relaxed day and still getting tons done. Ended the work day and headed to J's track meet, he did really good in the 800. After the track meet J&I headed to Arby's and met D there for dinner. L&G had at G's practice tonight.

20170425 + FAI Onsite

20170425 + Up early and got food for the customer that is visiting today.  In to the office and everything set up and ready for an all day tour, meeting and a dinner afterward.  From where we started in December this was a 180 turn around, a GREAT meeting, best they ever had ;-)  out for a nice dinner after the long good day.  Home and EXHAUSTED!

20170424 - D's on 2nd

20170424 - Up in the am and in to work. Had the early arrivals of the customer team onsite today for some preliminary stuff. Justin and I took customer to lunch at Blystone Farm, a cool little place in the middle of nowhere for a great lunch. The day went smooth and things are looking good for tomorrow. After work I ran to D's baseball game where he actually got to play! After the game I ran downtown to meet up with Dan, Jack and Carolyn at the Haufbraugh House for dinner and prep meeting. Stopped by Bible Bangers on the way home.

20170423 - Finally CHAMPIONS!!!

20170423 - Up and in to work.  I meet Art the customer from Canada and helped scan in SNs.  We got everything done we needed to and I helped out a bit in another area before heading out.  I ran through Subway on the way to Pickerington to G's tournament to grab some lunch.  I got there and sat through 3 windy games.  G did really well today, starting to contribute as the team starts to mesh, fun to watch.  The boys won all 3 games!  so they are finally CHAMPIONS!!! LJG&I headed to dinner at the Pizza Cottage with another family after the game and had a nice meal.  Home and everyone getting ready for a busy week.

W - Ohio Elite (8) vs Big Katz (8)
W - Ohio Elite (8) vs JABC (4)
W - Ohio Elite (11) @ Jackson Storm (0) CHAMPIONS

20170422 - EAGLE PROJECT

20170422 - Up EARLY and D&I to the ball fields at Academy Park. We carried the supplies to the shelter and then installed a helmet shelf on field 1 so the volunteers had an example in no time at all. Early on there were very few people and D thought we may be in trouble for getting everything done. As the day warmed up and the sun came out more and more people showed up. There were lots of people showing up, family, friends, scouts, teammates (about 45 volunteers in total). D handed out the work and there were folks everywhere doing all sorts of jobs. We had lunch brought in and didn't have quit enough as people showed up after we ordered the food, but it all seemed to work out and EVERYTHING GOT DONE! We were all cleaned up by 2:30 and his project is DONE! 

J had a soccer game today so he wasn't around to help. L had G at his 2 games, they did come to help get the food and take care of lunch. G's team won both games so looks like baseball again tomorrow. Home and I cleaned out the garage and got everything put away.

W - Ohio Elite (9) vs Jr. Vipers (7)
W - Ohio Elite (16) vs Team Legacy Red (1)

20170421 + Bike but no J

20170421 + UP and in to work. Trying to make sure things here are ready for next week. At lunch I ran to Lowe's (met up with Tom), Ace Hardware and Home Depot to get the final supplies for D's Eagle Project rounded up. Back to work to finish up the day and then home to get some supplies and head to the field. D was at a game so Bill & Tom helped me go around to each dugout and mark out where the bat racks would go. On the way home L called me to go find J. We had let him go the track meet at the high school but he was not reporting in like he was supposed to and we could not locate him on his phone... I went to the high school and could not find him in the thousands there, but did find his bike... Home and D&I loaded up the back of the white car then over to Doc's to hook up to the trailer. We got all of the wood loaded up and then in to finish writing the work instructions. EVERYTHING FINALLY READY!!! J finally came home, so all good. To bed a bit later than planned.

20170420 - Rain Delay

20170420 - Up in the am and in to work. Headed out a couple min early to get G. L&J to J's game, it got rained out. D at a game in Worthington, he didn't play but coached 1st base... G&I to his batting practice in Pickerington and it POURED.  After G's practice we headed to the Home Depot to get supplies for D's Eagle Project. All back home. D&I up late getting things finalized for Sat.

20170419 - Warning Track

20170419 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a busy day and uncovered some scary stuff. L&G wet to J's track meet, he did good, won his 400 heat. I headed to Lancaster to watch D play. He played the whole game and had 2 nice hits, one was a HUGE bomb that was caught on the warning track. I tweeted during the game. We lost, headed home. Hung out with LJ&G a bit and caught up on their day. D home, talked more about things to get in line for his Eagle Project this week. Up late working on a presentation for next week.

20170418 - Under the Lights

20170418 - Up and in to work. Normal day. GmaW's xrays came back ok, just her asthma flaring up. D had a game, J had track practice and rode his bike to soccer practice. Headed to Hilliard to meet L and watch G play tonight. Stopped at a Chinese place to get some General Tso's on the way. G had a pretty good game, here he is catching a pop up at 2nd base. They won the game and G rode home with me. Home and caught up with D&J.

20170417 - Baseball Eagle

20170417 - Up in the am and everyone trying to get back into a routine. In to work, getting things lined up for a busy week. Worked a solid day. Met L&G at D's baseball game, he is coaching 1st again... J had track and rode his bike to soccer. Headed home and ate quick with L&G, D ran to pick up some $ donated to his Eagle Project and Scouts to get them excited about his project. GpaW texted me, GmaW went to the hospital because she couldn't breath, had xrays and headed home for the night with Dr/ appointment tomorrow. I headed to the Boosters meeting and then Scouts. Home for a min then got Doc and headed to bible Bangers.

20170416 + Easter Day

20170416 + Up in the am and we hung out at the Farm for a bit.  the boys played in the creek.  Then we all headed to John & Mary's in Shelby for a nice lunch. D checked out his heritage on the scrolling photos but was anxious to see DGF7 so we didn't stay too long. Drove home , got everything unpacked, hung out and started getting ready for the week.

20170415 - Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm

Up in the am and down to the  Farm House to meet Roger that had the sap boiling down already. Soon friends and family started showing up for the most beautiful day we have seen for one of these events in many years.  The sun was out the sky was blue and it was definitely time to get outside and start this Spring. Because it was Easter weekend we thought the attendance would be low, especially without the Scouts, bu about 100 friends and family showed up to stand around the fire to relax and catch up with a bit of maple syrup making mixed in there too.

No matter where you travel from.
When you get to the Farm, 
you know you're home.

Thanks to all who helped prepare, those who came to share, those that came to play. Because of all of you, it was a wonderful day. See you next year!

After the festivities we had everything cleaned up in no time.  We went out for a nice dinner at the Texas Roadhouse.  Home and watched some TV and relaxed

20170414 - Final Prep

20170414 - Boys no school, I took off work and we headed up to the Farm to do some final preparations for the MSD@F. J got a lesson on driving a tractor and my buddy Dave and his son Jake stopped over to help and we had a great time. We all had dinner together and played cards until late. Everything looks great and ready! All to bed in good time.

20170413 - Coaching Again

20170413 - up in the am and in to work. After work i headed to D's baseball game, he got to coach 1st again }:-| J had a soccer game and they won!

20170412 + Cute Group

20170412 + D had a game at grove city i drove over for, he wasn't playing so i left and went to G's game in Pataskala. I wore my Maker's Mark Ambassador pin and the team was glad I made it! ;-) After the victory we headed across the field to do some geocaching. Home and chilled out the rest of the night.

20170411 - Much Else...

20170411 - Up in the am and in to work.  J had track conditioning this evening, can't remember much else...

20170410 - Cup Glasses

20170410 - Up in the am and in to work for a normal day. After work D had a game and I went to watch him sit the bench again. The boy makes the best of his situation and has such a positive attitude. Here he is with some cup glasses checking out the game. Home and finished off the day.

20170409 + Rough Day 4 G

20170409 + Up in the am and G&I got our hair cut to kill some time.  We got to the field and started playing.  It was a pretty crazy back and forth game and we were down by 2 in the last inning and G was up to bat...  he struck out.  He threw his bat and helmet and the coach yelled at him for that and made him put his gear away before coming out to shake hands, and almost missed the line.  They had their meeting after the game and we left.  We met up with coach as we were leaving and he gave him a talk about sportsmanship and how we don't act like that.  G made it to the car and then lost it.  Poor little guy devastated at being 'the last out and everyone was mad at me'.  Hard to explain to a little fella that though he was the last out, that out didn't cost the team the game...

Trying to ease his spirit I let him cry it out while I drove to the world's longest go-kart track.  We went to check it out and there were a gazillion people there, so we left.  We did find a waffle house where we got steak and eggs and had a nice meal.  We got back on the road and found an ice-cream stand in the shape of a giant barrel and  had a treat.  One more stop at a putt-putt place, where we tied, put a bit of a smile back on his face.  Back on the road for a LONG drive home.

20170408 - Ambassador & Prom

20170408 - Up in the am and had a practice at a park. After the practice G and a buddy went looking for a geocache, it was a really cool one way up in a tree hooked to a tape measure you had to pull down. Back tot he hotel for a bit and then G&I split up, G went with his team to a Louisville University baseball game and I headed to the Maker's Mark distillery. I took a tour, dipped my own bottle of booze and just barely made it back to see the start of G's game, and I had his gear, all good, all the dads jealous they didn't go with me. I am now a Maker's Mark Ambassador and hold the title for the team. The boys won and G&I headed to dinner. We took Brady and his family with us to a little greasy spoon for a fantastic dinner with a bit of geocaching afterwards. Boys up late in the pool and running around. Dads outside for a couple drinks and having some hilarious conversations. Back at home J had a soccer game and D& DGF7 headed to Prom. They look so nice dressed up!

20170407 - Intro to Caching

20170407 - Up in the am and G had a practice in the morning. After practice G&I found a geocache and met some folks for lunch, I had to sit at the little kids table. After lunch I took G and one of his teammates hunting for a geocache, but no luck on the first one, but we found the second on. Back to the hotel for a quick rest and then headed to the beautiful fields of Elizabethtown KY for their first game. The boys won easily and we headed back to the hotel. G&I stopped at Arby's and ate before getting back, good thing too as the pizzas the team ordered didn't show up for hours... boys up late farting around and being loud, having fun.

20170406 - Louisville U Baseball

20170406 - Up and to work. Wrapped up a bunch of things and headed home to pick G up from school in the middle of the day. We got all our stuff packed and headed south. We met G's team in Louisville where we got a tour of the baseball stadium and facilities, pretty neat. After the tour we all headed to the hotel, G&I stopped at Wendy's and ate before checking in. Then G went swimming with his buddies. J had track practice, and D had a game.

20170405 - D Hitting It

20170405 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a normal day and then headed out. J had a track meet that L&G went to. I headed to D's baseball game and actually got to watch him play a bit!

20170404 - Handsome Fella

20170404 - Up and in to work. Worked a full day. After work I headed to D's game.  D only played a couple of innings and they lost. Everyone home and DJ&I headed out to get D's tux for prom. he looks so big and handsome!

20170403 - Didn't Play

20170403 - Up in the am and in to work.  J had track conditioning today and D playing in Reynoldsburg, but didn't play...  Home and took Doc to Bible Bangers.

20170402 + 2nd Place

20170402 + G's team ended up being 2nd seed so we started baseball a bit later today. They beat the 1st team, then the second game was our Gahanna friends, beat them this time. Then in the championship we had a dad thrown out and we lost.  Home, tired and stayed in the rest of the evening.

W - Ohio Elite (8) vs Triple Crown Royals (0)
W - Ohio Elite (15) vs Gahanna Lions (1)
L - Ohio Elite (5) @ Steel City Select (7)

20170401 - Priorities

20170401 - Up in the am and its a cold morning for baseball. G's team won the first game easily and then we had a break. We headed home and several of the families from G's team that are from out of town came over to our house to kill some time and have some lunch. It was a surprise Bday party for L ;-) After the break we headed back to the fields to play our second game against G's old team and all our friends. It was a fun game and miraculously ended in a tie :-) We stopped by the McClain's after game for some socialization and to celebrate L's bday.