20220522 - Up in the am and updated the plan. I jumped in the car and return Bluetooth device to the UPS store. Home and got the cars out of the garage and L started cleaning it. We got G up and I bribed him to climb the ladder to trim the side of the house. His legs were shaking :-) We got the trimmings cleaned up and the D and DGF13 got here. DG&I did some prep work on our driveway. We got Doc to move his car and got his driveway prepped too. L ran to get us some lunch and pick up more stuff at the Home Depot. We got everything ready and then got ours and Doc's driveways resurfaced. CB called me in the middle of the job, Lonie called him and was in the hospital for his heart racing. I called and checked on Lonie. The drives look great! Stood out at the road and talked with Doc a bit, D ran to pick up dinner at Golden China, the neighbors came over with their baby to chat and Chris Pettit stopped by too. Boys home with dinner so I helped get Doc back in the house and then headed over for dinner. We ate on the