20170228 + Not Caught Up

20170228 + Up in the am but exhausted.  In to work for an incredibly busy day.  Stayed at work after everyone left to try and get caught up.  I did get a TON of stuff done and feel a bit ahead now, but left work at 9pm :-o  Home and everyone in bed.  Exhausted so went straight to bed myself.  Storms and Lilly woke L&I up about 3am... So much for getting caught up on sleep :-(

20170227 - Booster Time

20170227 - Up in the am and in to work. Rough morning with calls. Left in time to get home, run J to Scouts and head to an extremely long Athletic Boosters meeting. Home and Bible Bangers cancelled for tonight so hit work early and didn't stay up too late.

20170226 + Sap Checkers

20170226 + Up in the am and all to church. D left early to head to work. Home and J&I headed out to run errands; bank, Home Depot, video store. Home and J worked on some of his fidget toy things. In the evening G&I headed to his practice. The WiFi was down there so I didn't get much done. Home and Vinnie stopped over to watch the Walking Dead with me. Not up too late getting things ready for the week ahead.

20170225 - G Hoops

20170225 - Barely up in the am. D had practice, came home change and went to work before I even woke up.  L went to Zumba this morning. L&J went to his soccer game, G&I replaced a head lamp in the white car and then headed to his basketball game.  Home and got a bunch of little things done.  Over to the McClain's for dinner and some fun in the PM.

20170224 - Tulip Time?

20170224 - up VERY SLOW this am and dressed in all Gahanna gear to celebrate D's making the team and in to work, TGIF!!!  Finished the day a couple min early. Headed home. Got the fam and headed to BWs for dinner to celebrate D making the baseball team. Ran into his coach as we entered the restaurant and talked to him for a min, let him know D was very happy to be playing for him again. He said D was a great kid and would see a lot more time playing for him than in Varsity. We agree as the starting cater has been Ohio baseball player of the year for the last 2 years...  we had a nice dinner then went home and watched Keeping up with the Joneses, very funny movie. The L&D headed to bed, JG&I stayed up to watch Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. Boys to bed at 1:30 and I worked till 5:30.  My buddy Bill texted then, he was just getting up...

20170223 - He's a Lion!

20170223 - Up slow in the am and in to work.  Home in time to see D off to tryouts.  Had dinner with LJ&G, we hung out watching some TV.  D home much earlier than I expected :-o  He was all smiles!  He was one of of the first people pulled aside and was told he was going to be on the JV A team as their catcher and super utility, for the same coach he had last year.  He was very happy with this as he knows he will get a lot of playing time.  D ran off to DGF7s.  Up til 4am putting data in watching TV.

20170222 + Trying to Stay Ahead

20170222 + Up in the am and in to work. Full day of calls and running. J had his first day of conditioning for track. Home and had dinner with L then hung out with LJ&G watching Heavy Weights, a cute movie about a group of chubby kids at fat camp. D home, pretty exhausted from tryout and nervous. Everyone one to bed in good time. I stayed up late trying to keep ahead of work email.

20170221 - Screen Time 4 J

20170221 - Up in the am and in to work. It was a day full of meetings and escalations. Home, exhausted, hung out with J in the living room.

20170220 - Reflection

20170220 - Up slowly in the am an in to work.  Making sure things are moving and had the morning call.  Unreal busy day, went fast.  Boys home from school today, L took G to the Bo Dome D&I were at yesterday for practice.  I headed out a bit early to get to the accountant for taxes.  I had most everything, only missing 2 things.  Finished up with the accountant, swung by Dave's to pick up a couple things from the warehouse an home for some dinner and to chat with L for a few minutes.  Down to the basement to sit with J&G while they watched Max Steel, fell asleep a bit.  Up and got Doc, headed to Bible Bangers.  Nice short meeting.  Home and up getting the 2 items for taxes and then a couple of things for work.

20170219 - Dylan goes to a PBR

20170219 - Up very early and D&I headed to Hillard for a PBR (Prep Baseball Report) invitational screening for baseball players.  He went through the stations and did very well.  He ran fast, had an awesome barhand play in the infield and had nice pop times while catching.  I learned a lot talking to other dads and a college coach that was there scouting.  Another dad and I decided for the next one of these we were going to dress in college gear and bring a stopwatch and clipboard ;-)  All done, all good.  Home and had a bite to eat, then ran to Dave's warehouse to pick up some stuff.  Hanging out getting things organized for the week.  L cooked us all dinner, we ate, D to DGF7, J to youth group laser tag night, G&I ran and got the movie Max Steele to watch.  After the movie the guys showed up to watch the Walking Dead.  I stayed up till 3am getting tax docs ready for tomorrow's accountant appointment.


20170218 - Ready to Dance

20170218 - Up in the am, made us all eggs and bacon for bfast. D headed off to worrk, J tried on his clothes for his party tonight and G out back jumping on the trampoline. L getting things done around the house and I tried to optimize my time, have to meet with the accountant Monday afternoon... L&G headed to G's basketball game and J&I to H's soccer game. G's team won and J' team killed'em 11-1. All back home and getting things done at the desk. J helped me make a horse race game and then got all dressed up to head to his bat mitzvah. We dropped J off and then headed to the McClain's for some horse racing and pizza fun. We picked J up at 11 and all home to bed.

20170217 - Friday Escalation

20170217 - Up in the am and in to work.  Boys home by themselves... I had a pretty smooth day until the last minute when I got pulled in to a 4:45 escalation meeting.  G had a laser bday party today.  Stayed at work till a bit after 6 making sure things went out.  Headed home, swung by Long John's to pick up dinner.  home and to the basement with LJ&G to watch 'Arrival', it was pretty good.  All boys to bed, D home from DGF7s.  Up late doing email.

20170216 + One Good Meeting

20170216 + Up in the am and in to work.  It was another day full of calls; had one good one today!  Home and had dinner with the family, D headed out to work, L&J hung out at home, and G&I headed to CVS to get some stuff and swung by D's work to see him.  Home and JG&I to the basement to watch 'Trolls'.  They told me it was good, I fell asleep...  Up, but not too late working. 

20170415 - Big Picture

20170415 - Up in the am, just barely, and in to work.  Had another fast and furious day...  Made it home in time to eat and get D&G in the car and head to batting practice.  I took a spare projector with us and we set it up in the batting barn and it worked pretty good.  D didn't get a separate session tonight, but got to hit with G and one of his teammates, still good and he got some instruction; G did good too.  Home and all boys to bed.  I headed to bed, did some work until 3am zzzzzzz...... 

20170214 - L @ Stonybrook on TV

20170214 - Up and slowly into work.  L was on TV this morning so now she's famous.  Had an extremely full day with nonstop escalations...  Finally home got LJ&G and went to a Mexican place for dinner.  Home, dropped off L&J and headed to a Scout Board of Review.  Home and D rolled in from baseball conditioning and Ashley's.  Up WAY TOO LATE doing email (4:45am).

20170213 - Not safe & Double Trouble

20170213 - Up in the am and in to work. it was for sure a Monday... Stayed late for a call then headed home. Home just long enough to eat a bite. Ran J to Scouts, L at the high school learning about college classes D can take next year, D hitting with some friends and then to Scouts. Home and G&I played Trouble until folks started showing up. Got a letter in the mail that D got pulled over for speeding :-o

20170212 + Scout Sunday

20170212 + Up in the am and all to church with the boys dressed in their Scout uniforms for Scout Sunday. After church, LJG&I headed home, D stayed for the next service and to go to lunch with a buddy. We had leftovers for lunch and then dug into some projects, L&G finished up his volcano for school, J and I worked on making his mold for his fidget toys. And I got some things done in the office. I ran to Dave's warehouse to drop off some duplicates and pick up stuff we had sold. Home and finished up some stuff as L&G went to the grocery. D home and then to DGF7 and G&I headed to TAD Sports in Granville for his conditioning. I sat in the lounge and did some development. G&I got home just as a skunk sprayed our neighborhood. Soon after D and the guys showed up to watch the premier of the Walking Dead, good show tonight! Stayed up late getting things done.

20170211 - Time to Tap

20170211 - Up in the am. L on the road with some of the ladies from her work heading to a funeral in southern Ohio, D out to work, J playing the Xbox, G messing around and I tried to plan for the weekend. JG&I headed out, got gas and lunch from Wendy's. we dropped G off at home and J&I continued on to his soccer game. J's game was a great back and forth one and J saw a lot of action, but couldn't get a goal for me. We rushed over to G's game, Gma&paW were there with D & DGF7. It was a super close game and G's team lost in the last 10 seconds :-o G was NOT happy... J GmaW & I headed out for some errands, I got some shampoo and then we stopped at the hobby store where J got some more wood and a mold & cast kit. Home for a min, L back, exhausted but a good trip. We picked up GpaW and J & Gma&paW went with us, I dropped them off in Easton to get more ball bearings for J while I got a printing job quoted for work. Home and L&G were making a volcano, D&DGF7 went prom dress shopping, she found one. then everyone helped tap the maple trees, can't believe it is time already... J & Gma&paW ran to Panda Express and got us all some dinner. We had a nice meal and then then Gma&paW headed home and we all settled in for the night. I was up late getting notes put in and trying to figure out how to fix 2 more big problems at work.

20170210 + Behind Bars

20170210 + Barely up in the am and drug myself into work. Did the data and hosted the daily call myself today; It went fine. I got my desk set up and somehow made it through the day. Home and LJ&G ran out to the car and we headed to the theater to see the new Lego Batman movie (D was at baseball and then DGF7's). It was an ok movie. L claims I fell asleep a couple times during the show... We went to the noodle place for dinner and then headed home where everyone got cleaned up and headed to bed. D home eventually and told us about his day. I was up doing email.

20170209 - Smoking Jacket

20170209 - Up and in to work. It was a crazy day with many escalations. Home, ate and then G and I played rummy and he skunked me. D was working, I waited up to chat with him. Up doing some work, woke up sitting up in my office chair at 11:30. Laid down in bed for a minute then wide awake at 1 am so back to the desk. Got a ton of work done and back to bed at 5:45am...

20170208 - Mirror Images

20170208 - Up slow in the am and in to work. Hosted the call for day 2, went much better. More calls and meetings throughout the day. Worked late and got home just in time to grab D and head to the GJLS board meeting to give them an update on his eagle project and ask for some $. He asked and they gave him the $ he asked for! We rushed home, picked up G and headed to Pickerington for batting practice. G did good tonight and D loves it. Very interesting to watch D getting coached: the coach is 100% baseball and their conversations are amazing. 

20170207 - Murphy Day

20170207 - Up slow in the am and headed into work.  It was a day where if it could go wrong it did.  VERY busy, day flew by.  L had channel 10 TV crew in her room today where they interviewed her about local preschools, she now thinks she is a celebrity...  Home had some dinner.  L&G out to G's basketball practice, D at conditioning, J building his fidget toys, I crashed on the couch for a bit.  D home with DGF7 and I got some paperwork done.  L&G home and we finished off the night.  I stayed up in the office tonight until 3 doing development, I finally figured out how to build my app!

20170206 - Up 2 4

20170206 - Up in the am and in to work.  Went through the daily reporting that is being handed off to me; not real confident on the data :-s  Long day, headed home, ate, D at batting practice, I ran J to Scouts, G&I played some rummy.  I tried to do some reading, fell asleep...  L got me up for Bible Bangers.  Got doc, went and had a good meeting.  Stayed up till 4 trying to figure this app out.

20160205 - Fidget Toys

20160205 - Up in the am and all to church.  Home and everyone doing their own thing.  L ran some errands, D messed around then headed to work, J out in the shop making fidget toys, G being loud and bored, I finished up a ton of stuff at the desk.  Tried to get some reading done, fell asleep for a restless nap.  In the evening G&I ran to the store to get Lilly some dog food.  home and L prepared a snack-a-palooza for us to ingest while we watched the Super Bowl.  We watched the game, it was good, first OT in Super Bowl history.  Up late doing some programming.

20170204 + J SCORED TODAY x3

20170204 + Up in the am and sorting things out. D in to work, L&J to his soccer game and G&I to G's basketball game. J SCORED TODAY!!! FIRST TIME EVER!!! Not once. Not twice. THREE TIMES!!! Where did this kid come from? They won their game and headed home. G's team onthe other hand had an off day and lost. G was not himself, think he is getting sick. Gma&paW down, they had lunch at D's work and then came to G's game. All home and J, GpaW & I headed out; we got office supplies, J bought some bearings and wood and we met up with LDG&GmaW at Bellacino's for dinner. We had a nice dinner and then home. Gma&paW headed home, G got cleaned up and to bed, J worked on his new project and headed to bed, D had some plans and then to bed. Up late getting caught up.

20170203 + Great Steak

20170203 + Up in the am and moving like a snail into work. Got a lot done today After work I headed to dinner with Gary, Justin and Brian at Mitchell's Steakhouse downtown for a fantastic meal and some good bonding. L had a challenging night with the J&G, D was at work. After dinner I headed home and we hung out a bit before calling it a night. Not up late, fell dead asleep quickly from an exhausting week.

20170202 - Cold Treat

20170202 - Up in the am ad sluggish. In to work a bit late. Getting morning reporting done. Had a very quick meeting today, numbers look good. had another big call in the afternoon that went well. Home on time and had dinner with the fam. D off to work and the rest of us hung out for a bit and then went to his work for ice cream (yes I now it is 31 degrees out). After our treat we headed home and LJG&I played Rumikub, L won. Little boys to bed, D home and I helped him ship some ebay things. To bed and stayed up very late, 3:30ish messing around for work.

20170201 - Swing Away

20170201 - Up in the am and in to work. The day flew by and left about 6. Got gas on the way home. Eat quickly, D home early from baseball conditioning, DG&I headed to G's batting practice. G did pretty good tonight, think he was showing off for D. After G's session D had one. Coach Brain worked with D for a solid hour and it was amazing. In that hour D hit 165 balls and he improved his hit velocity by 10mph :-o   D was chatty the whole way home about how cool that was. Home, J was back from skiing and up doing homework until late.