091031 - More Tricks

091031 - Up hangin out at home with everyone: first Saturday with no baseball or soccer in a long time. I cleaned out the shed and then in to watch the game and sort more LEGOs. The game was good, but the second half was pretty boring.
After the game DJG&I headed out for some flag football. After a couple touchdowns each we split off and I cleaned out the garage while the boys played war. I gave myself a haircut and got cleaned up while L got dinner. We ate and watched Batman. L gave Lilly a haircut and I got dressed up to go to a Halloween party with my buddy Jim. I'm going to try and sell some stuff tonight.

091030 -

091030 - School, Halloween Parade and Parties
D&J  End of grading period

091030 - Startled Start

091030 - It was still dark when her alarm went off, but she was excited to start the day. Today she gets to host Jack's Kindergarten Halloween party and she was anxious to get up and get the day rolling. Little did she know that last night while I was at Jeff's I found a new friend, and I brought this friend home with me, and let him spend the night in our bathroom. So when Lori bolted into the bathroom this morning she came face to face with my new friend, a 6 foot tall mummy! This was closely followed by a very loud SCREAM and some not so pleasant words pointed in my direction!!! MuuuHaahahaha! Trick-or-treat baby!

091029 + Candy Night

091029 - Up and a busy full day. L had a friend over today and they played and made too much noise (Jen)... I finished up in time to eat and join the trick-or-treaters! This year we had Indiana Jones, Ninja, Pirate, Monkeyboy, Ladybug. Will be staying up tonight filling my gut!  Over to Jeff's
091028 +

091026 - Hbday 2 me

091026 - Worked all morning
Down = old
Walk with LJG
Demo call 2 hrs
Played football w/ boys
Walked house
Watched movie
Bible bangers
Toss and turn

091025 - Phone help

091025 - Mom and dad down for dinner
D and I to house
Gand I home ldh to church
To johns ot look at his pre, blackberry way better
L&I watched tv and read

091025 - Line Up

091025 - Up, LD&J to church, G& I hung out at home. L dropped the boys off and then ran a couple errands. I did some cleaning between Nerf gun battles & D made lunch for us boys. Then we started lining up complete 'guys': that means all body parts connected. It took us quite a while, but here are our 306 LEGO guys, 8 horses, 1 croc.

091024 -

091024 - Jack soccer game
Osu game
Sorted legos til 4am watching football

091022 -

091022 - Walk to School Day
J soccer game, did real good
DG&I home played
D to scouts with Grossl's, G&I watching Elvis Viva Las Vegas
J&Lhome, J loved Elvis
Boys fighting in bed
Finished up and SOW and then Early night for me

091021 -

091021 - D, 10yr ck up, grant along w/ fever 102.8
L,D&J to soccer practice, G&I resting
I slept on couch, L & G in bed

091018 - Swine Flu...

091018 - mom and dad b's for church fire anniversary
Beat, fever, bed

091016 - 3 Candles

091016 - Up early to open presents w/ Grant. He got some cool stuff that we played with until time to go. Loaded everyone up and off to the Dr. for Grant's 3 yr check up and a surprise for all three boys: FLU SHOTS!!!!
Made stops at the watch shop, grocery and Blockbuster on the way home. D went to a friends and G&I played with all his new stuff until nap time.
L got everything ready and the party soon started. There were a bunch of loud kids having a good time, playing games and eating sugar cubes! After the piƱata we sang happy bday and had our cake. What a wonderful day our little man had. Thanks for all the gifts and well wishes.

Other events of note today:
Today was also my buddy Ivo's bday.
Jack's Dr. called and the blood work we have been waiting for came back, and Jack's results were negative for ALPS! That is good, but it still means we don't understand why his white count is so low. We have one more test next week...

091015 -

091015 - D&J No School
J had friend over
D scout meet

091015 - Carving

091015 - Up and a full day. No school today so it was a loud house! J had a buddy over and then D&J played real nice the rest of the day.
After work D&I headed to the rental, got the power on and changed the locks. We picked up pumpkins and dinner on our way home. A quick meal, L hollowed out the pumpkins and then out for Scouts. We carved our pumpkins and had a good time. Home for a movie to start off Grant's bday! Grant is 3 tomorrow!!!!

091014 -

091014 - Work
Exercise thing weighs a ton, boys carried it out piece by piece
DJ&I movie store, locks, toy store
Home movie

091014 - Bad place to stand

20091014 - Andre next to a suspicious can in Mexico City...

091013 -

091013 - Ransom stopped over in am
Inspected house with d&j
All played in playroom until bed time

091012 -

091012 - D&I, ck on roof, get caqble box
L&J - soccer practice
DG&I championship baseball game
Joe Dixon stopped over
Coffe w/ bible bangers
Evicted couple is OUT!
CREI Books

091011 + Real Ka-Nig-hits

091011 + Up L,D&J to church, G&I hung out
Lunch, Roof, Renaissance fair and Real Ka-Nig-its.
Shopping mall, bed early.

091010 -

091010 - LDG&I to see J soccer game, Gma&paW down for it
Lucnh with all
Home planted plants
Watched OSU
Played on phone watched tv

091009 -

091009 - D, field trip OH hist museum
party for JT's 40th birthday

091008 - Eye Dr.

091008 - dylan to eye doctor
L to teacher conferences, both really good???
New spings and garage dooor opener

091007 -

091007 - Jack soccer prictice
D&G&I to meijer, plants

091006 -

091006 - Work
J&I out, cash, gas, roof permit, evicted talk, driverslicense, tuffy rodeo, walk home
Hung out watched dirty jobs
Up late watched movie, played on iPhone

091005 -

091005 - Dylan 1B, 1A, 3A+, baseball game, lost
Lori to Room Mother meeting

091003 + Soccer Furnace

091003 + J soccer game he got a goal
Furnace lit
Eviction stop
License too late
OSU game

091003 - Escape Artists

091003 - Everyone up and out to Jack's soccer game. J got the a goal and tied the game! Then his buddy Donavan got the winning goal for their team. Go Smashers! D&G played on the skate park during the game.
Home for a quick bite and the DJ&I ran some errands: went to renew my drivers license but the place closed 20 min before I got ther (D¥mn!), then stop @ skate park look for a lost Lego guy, then to the rental where we evicted the folks(they say they will be out mon or Tuesday...).
Home and J&G helped me light the furnace, change the filter, turn off the attic fan & open the vent in the secret room behind the wall. Then we did our fire drill with the new PEARL fire escape I installed before we left for Disney, it worked like a charm! I know it is a good idea now, but in anothr couple years I can see this being used as an 'unofficial' exit... I had to trim the excess off the ladder so D&J have installed their own fire escape in their fort.
L&G on the road to pick up Lilly. I am going to get a couple more thongs done before the Bucks game tonight.

090930 - Hoop-Dee-Doos!

090930 - Up and bfast for all at the cafeteria. Then we got some reservations figured out and caught the bus to the Magic Kingdom. We boarded the train and first stop this morning was frontier island. This is a fun little explorers island but half of it was closed. Big bummer, but not as big as the knot on GpaW's forehead as his navigation through the mines in the dark isn't what it use to be.

Back on the mainland we got fast passes for Thunder Mountain and went to the Country Bear Jamboree. D thought it was lame and G repeatedly, and loudly, reminded everyone in the auditorium that 'those are NOT real bears!'.

On to the shooting gallery (did you know it is the ONLY attraction that requires an extra fee to participate?). Then we split up into 3 groups; LG&GmaW headed for the Tea Cup ride, then after a bit more shooting D&GpaW went searching for the first group, while J&I went to use the fast passes on the coaster.

J&I were bummed, the coaster had 'technical difficulties' and he was quite upset we would not get to ride today. I promised him we would try It later, not knowing when :-0 So J&I ran to catch the train and met up with the others in Future Land. Here we all got to drive race cars and shoot Zs on the Buzz Lightyear ride, very cool. Now the whole group rushed to catch the train and then a boat to make our lunch reservations at Wilderness Lodge. We had a good meal and then split up again: this was my chance to get on the coaster for J&I.

J&I now headed off on our own. We floated a boat, chugged on the train and fast passed Thunder Canyon! As soon as we stopped moving in line Jack announced he has to pee (relize this is after passing 30 bathrooms on the way to the ride). So as any good dad would do; I knelt down and said 'sorry man, you got to hold it. I ain't missing out on this twice today. Oh and try not to pee your pants o the ride ;-)'. We got on and hands in the air J made it with ease! We then rushed to the bathroom and then back in line for another go at the coaster. Success! 2 rides in under 45 minutes, including the bio-break!

After the ride I asked if if there was anything else he wanted to do there??? He thought for about half a millisecond and pointed and said 'I want to ride that!' Splash Mountain! Oh crap now I am going to get soaked... So we went to check out the line, maybe it would bee too long? Nope, 20 min... So I ask the girl where I can rent a locker so my precious iPhone wouldn't get wet. Her reply 'you have to take everything on with you'. Ok so like any good dad would do, I knelt down and I explained to Jack the the water would not be good for my phone and we would have to do it another day. So we headed into the train station. Seeing the look of defeat on his face I quickly noticed one of the sixteen million shops close by and the people pouring out of them holding bags of $h!t. That would solve this! I said if you really want to go on that ride u have to find me a plastic bag. He ran into a shop and emerged with a bag in mere seconds! And Splash Mountain was conquered by us and the 5 story drop was taken by J with a giant smile of victory! We then headed towards the buses, with a quick stop for a game of checkers, a parade and a bag of pink cotton candy (it was explained to me that the pink, even though it was a girly color, simply tasted better then the blue)! J caught a nap on the trip to the hotel.
Back at the hotel we found the LEGO kits assembled and everyone rested a bit. We did a quick change and back on the bus headed the dinner show we booked. The timing was perfect. We arrived back at the Magic Kingdom minutes before the night light parade. We got seats right on the curb where it started! We watched the parade and the boys loved it. Mickey pointed right at Grant and waved, which really made his day and D&J got some love from a butterfly girl. Even GmaW loved it and said she had never seen anything like that before.
At parades end we spun around and ran for the water taxi that delivered us to the site of the evenings meal and entertainment: the Hoop-Dee-Doo show. For some reason our boys are mesmerized and thoroughly love dinner shows (must be the gene the got from L). The music started, the singing and clapping and some guy slamming a bucket full of chicken down in front of me got them all wound up. It was a fun and funny show for all and we all had a BLAST! At the end washboards were passed out and we got to play and sing along (G&J with spoons in hand in pic above). A quick bus ride home and carrying back 2 sleeping fellas means another fantastic day!