20220131 - Dorms

20220131 - Up in the am and got to the desk and getting things done. L home and took Hazel on a walk. A bit later I got to a stopping point and I took Hazel on a walk. In and finished the day and threw the ball a bit. In and ate. J eventually showed up and had a chat with L. I went to the bedroom and watched a show. JGF6 showed up and they looked at dorms at Kent. Up late watching a new series Snowpiercer.

20220130 - Free Throw

20220130 - Up in the am and L ran G to baseball practice. I got around and tried to start the white car, it was completely dead so got the charger on it. I did a couple things in the office and Hazel and I headed to pick up G. We stopped to get gas and then got G. We stopped a bunch of used car lots on the way home looking at cars and ended up at the dog park so Hazel could run with her buddies a bit. Home and the white car fired right up and only screamed for a couple minutes. L heated up some beef stew and we had a late lunch watching Buckeye basketball and then the start of the Bengals playoff game. We headed out with G to go to his basketball game in the stinky New Albany gym. The boys were playing another group of Gahanna boys they know that are a year older then them. They lost but had a lot of fun playing their friends. Home and L made some wings and snacks to have while we watched more football. J showed up late, after being gone since Friday afternoon and didn’t want to talk about where he was or why he didn’t come home all weekend… I attempted to have a conversation with him that didn’t go well… I came down and relaxed so the AFIB would stop…

20220129 + Stew

20220129 + Up way to early and printed off the baseball clinic online registrations. Hazel and I ran G up to the high school for the clinic and then swung through McD’s to get some bfast. Home and had bfast in bed with L. L up doing stuff, I fell back asleep for a bit. Back to the school to get G. We went to the bank and Kroger to get stew ingredients. Home and G tried some Mahi Mahi he heard people talking about, not his thing. I made a big old pot of beef stew. L headed out to pick up her grocery order. I tore the office apart to try another kvm configuration. G&I headed to Ohio Dominican for his pitching lesson. G did good pitching and we talked to the coach for a long time. Home and we had some yummy beef stew for dinner. I ran G to Trent's for the night. Home and watched a funny romcom with L. Got to bed in good time.

20220128 + Damn Ball

20220128 + Up late as the last time I looked at the clock last night was 5:09am… Got to the desk and started going down through my list. L home at lunch and took Hazel on a quick walk, too cold. I stayed at the desk all day and got done what I wanted to and next week organized. L ran G to D-bat to hit with the high school team. She brought G and Andrew home, Landon showed up and she dropped all three of them off for the basketball game. L home and her and I ran to a new Greek fast food place for dinner. It was ok, but not as good as our favorite Greek place. Home and watched some tv until I had to go pick the boys up and drop them off at their houses. Home and to bed watched some more tv.

20220127 - SPAM

20220127 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around to the desk and dove in. Got a bunch don’t in the am and then Havel and I took a long walk down to the drive thru and back. Home and made an awesome turkey spam and cheese sandwich with salami and pepperoni. Had a productive afternoon and got out out of the office a bit late and threw the ball to Hazel. In and L made bfast for dinner and we ate. J out to work out and then go to JGF6. L&I hung out and I watched some TV while I finished up some work. Up late watching Peacemaker and then Doom Patrol.

20220126 - Timer

20220126 - Up in the am and LJ&G in school. Hazel and I up and freezing, it is 8* today. At the desk and it is an email flush day. Hazel and I took a big walk and back to the desk all ready for tomorrow. Out of the office and threw the ball for a long time to Hazel  in for dinner. After dinner L&I joined a zoom call for the Vocal Music Boosters. If they had 100 people attend the music program would get $500. They were at 99 and I logged in on another pc as Hazel to hit 100 and it worked! A couple folks know Hazel and texted me to thank her for getting them to the $500 hahaha I headed to the school and picked G up from baseball. Home and jumped on an OHCrypto call with some guys to chat about crypto. To bed on the ox and watched some Doom Patrol.

20220125 - More Swinging

20220125 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got to the desk and got the day rolling. I had  busy morning and an incredibly annoying email came in so Hazel and I took a walk. L home and ran J to the dentist. I finished up my day and headed outside to throw the ball. L&J home and L made some dinner. We ate and and watched some Family Feud until G&I headed to his hitting lesson. Home and it is only 14* outside. Stayed up and did a couple things before heading to bed.

20220124 - Snow Dog

20220124 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and to the desk and started a normal day. Busy morning and Hazel and I took a very cold walk. L home and took Hazel to the vet for her yearly checkup, she did NOT like being there. I finished my day and it was snowing like crazy. I headed out to the back yard and threw the ball to hazel and chatted with the new neighbor girl. In and had some dinner. The Booster meeting was canceled tonight so I hung out and then went and picked G up from baseball. Home and hung out watching the new Bachelor with L. To bed and watched some Doom Patrol.

20220122 + Change of Plans

20220122 + Up late in the am got a couple of things done at the desk. L ran and picked up some groceries and I took Hazel on an walk and then we watched some football. G was going to have a buddy over to spend the night so we ordered some pizzas. Hazel and I ran to pick up the pizzas from a new place. Home and LG&I ate and then plans changed and L ran G out to a friend's to spend the night... The weather turned crappy and J home late.

20220121 - Tom's 45

20220121 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I had a busy day and was glad when it was over. L ran G out to D-bat for practice with the school team. Bill & Tiff showed up and we all headed to Signatures to give them another try. We walked in and knew a bunch of folks. We had a nice dinner and chatted the whole time, great to catch up with them. After dinner we headed to Coaches to meet up with Tom and his family where they were celebrating his 45th bday. We hung out with them for a while and then went over to Tom Sr's to see his house before heading home. Fun night.

20220120 - 2 Docs

20220120 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and headed to the dentist. I hadn’t been to the dentist in 6 years and it was good to catch up with him. Everything was fine. Home and jumped on a call. I left the call a bit early to head across town to the Ocularist. He checked everything out and it was all good. We talked about making a new eye since the one I have is from 2006. He’s going to see what insurance will cover and we’ll come up with a plan. Home and on the pc and getting things done. Hazel and I took a break and went out for a short very cold walk. Back to the desk and finished the day with a long meeting. d stopped by to pick up a check. Out of the office and threw the frozen ball to Hazel a bit. In and LJG&I ate dinner together and watched some of the ‘Indian Matchmaker’ on Netflix. The boys vanished upstairs and L&I continued watching and worked on our laptops. After a bit JGF6 showed for a bit. The night winded down and we headed to bed.  

20220119 - Indian Matchmaker

20220119 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school and I got up and around and headed to the Worthington office. Cory, Lonie, Erin and her daughter were there for our all day meeting. I had about 100 items we needed to go through. We dove in and got some things done. We also did a fire drill, a bomb threat, and a civil disturbance exercise. All required for our annual disaster recovery testing. We had Chipotle for lunch and got through everything on the list. CB showed up and Cory and I hung out with him and chatted until the end of the day. Home and L cooked some dinner. LG&I ate watched some TV. L&I found a new series on Netflix, Indian Matchmaker and watched a couple episodes before heading to bed.

20220118 - Skid Row

20220118 - up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and to the desk and had my weekly call closing out some things. Hazel and I took a big walk to the corner to see where we went off the road last night, it didn't look as bad as it sounded. Home and to the desk to have a frustrating but productive afternoon. Finished up a bit early and headed out to throw the ball. It had warmed up a bit and the yard was a bit muddy. Like covered in mud! I carried her in to the bathtub and L gave her a big bath. We had some leftovers for dinner and I finalized the plans for tomorrows meeting. Not up late.

20220117- Early Showcase

20220117 - Up WAY TO EARLY and G&I headed across town. The roads were a mess and it was a pretty stressful drive. We got the to Bo Dome in Hilliard for the Turn2 Prep Baseball Showcase and got signed in. Only 3 other older and much bigger kids showed up. G held his own and went first in every event. He looked good and controlled in pitching and did really well hitting. Home and I got to the desk. L headed out and started shoveling the drive. I texted J&G and asked them to go help her. When I took a break I saw L heading across the street to do Doc's drive and went up and got G and forced him out to help her. L&G finished their shoveling and G played int he backyard with Hazel and then headed out sledding with some friends. I got some things done and organized for tomorrow. Hazel and I went on a late walk and got back home when G and his friends were coming in through the back gate. I met the new neighbor, Riley and chatted with him for a bit. In and L had made hot chocolate for G and his buddies and had an extra one so I grabbed it. We had dinner and then watched some football and hung out. I decided I was still hungry so Hazel and I headed to Burger King to grab a late night snack. It was super slippery and icy and we went off the road at one of the corners and I just gave it gas and kept on going. It was LOUD and bouncy and I think it scared Hazel as she was pretty quiet the rest of the night. We got our stuff and headed home. Home and J finally home from being gone for 3 days. I talked to him and bit and took his phone and reinstalled some software on it. I then ate my cold sandwich. To bed, not up late.

20220116 + Jump Shot

20220116 + Up in the am and L took G to his baseball practice. I went to pick him up. Home and got the generator started in case we need it for the coming storm. Then L Hazel and I headed out for a big walk down around Creekside. It was a nice cold walk. Home for a bit and I started cleaning out the hanging files. G&I then headed out to New Albany for basketball, picking his buddy Taylor up on the way. It was a good game and G had some amazing plays. D&DGF13 showed up towards the end, some of D’s baseball players were playing on the other court. Home and D&DGF13 took L to pick up her groceries. Everyone home and we had a nice dinner and chatted and they opened the gifts from Gma&paB. After a bit G&I headed out in the snow for a hitting lesson to get him ready for tomorrow. It was a good lesson for him and got his focus back on baseball. We headed out and it snowed an inch or so while we were in there. The roads were worse on the way home but we made it. Home and finished cleaning out the hanging files for 2021 and then headed to bed and got organized for tomorrow.

20220115 - High Heel Chair

20220115 - Up early and L had ran G to the baseball clinic at the high school, where for the first time he was teaching and not a camper. I got the list of campers pulled from online and ran them up to Cathi, Coach Shade’s wife, and we blah blahed a bit. On to McD’s to get sausage McMuffins for the week. Swung by the gas station to get a new lotto ticket and coffees for L&I. Home and we had bfast and then headed to Newark to meet Gma&paB to exchange Christmas gifts. Home and I ran to pick G up. One for a minute and then G&I headed to his pitching lesson. Grant got loosened up and had a good session. Home and I took hazel on a big walk way down and around Creekside. Home and watching some football. Trent came over to spend the night with G and he beat me at Trouble and tested out the high heel chair.

20220114 - Both Asleep

20220114 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got on the PC and knocked things off the list throughout the day. L home and ran to pick G up from school and then back again for baseball. I ended the day with a bourbon on a video call with Derek & Kevin to congratulate Derek on his new job. L home and we ran to Jimmy Johns to pick up subs for dinner and settled in front of the TV for a couple episodes of Yellowstone until L was asleep and then I tried to watch The last episode of Station Eleven but fell asleep… J’s spending the night at Larson’s and G’s upstairs screaming at his friends on the Xbox. 

20220113 - Let Me Know

20220113 - Up late from a very sleepless night. LJ&G at school. I got on the PC and got my day rolling. J home in the middle of the day making a ton of noise while I was on a call. Hazel and I took a quick walk before I got on more calls. I finished my day and L cooked some dinner. After dinner L&I headed to the Mallonn’s to see their new kitchen. We stopped at the gas station on the way so I could get my monthly lotto ticket and the lady there wasn’t able to figure out how to get my ticket… on to check out the kitchen. It was beautiful and had all the latest gadgets and gizmos and places for them. We chatted for a bit and then headed home. Home and a coworker called me to let me know he was resigning tomorrow. We chatted for a bit and I congratulated him and wished him luck. 

20220112 + Sworn In Again

20220112 + Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got to the PC and started moving things forward. It was an ok day with some progress. L took Hazel on a big walk and then took G to the Athletic Trainer to see if he is cleared for baseball conditioning, he's good to go, so she ran him home to get his baseball stuff and dropped him off at the high school. I finished my day, ripped the KVM out of my office, it isn't working after really trying it for 3 days... I grabbed my things and headed out to City Hall. I was sworn in for another 3 year term on the Landscape Board by the Mayor and then we had our first meeting of the year. After the meeting I waited in the parking lot for G to finish up conditioning and carry him home. Home and got some dinner and L&I watched a couple episodes of Yellowstone.

We got a nice letter from one of G's teachers today:

Hello Coach Shade & Mr. and Mrs. Winger, 

We wanted to reach out to let you know that Grant has become a true leader in our English class and a great role model to all peers, but specifically his baseball teammates.  He started working in a small book club group today with some of his fellow teammates and another student.  He was organized, made sure everyone's voice was heard, and kept the group together while we were circulating the room and hallways. We were very impressed! 

Take care, 

Jessica R
English Instructor

20220111 - Braces OFF!

20220111 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and had a busy day, busier than I like. I did take a little break in the freezing weather to walk Hazel. Headed to the high school in the afternoon and waited below the bank for G to get out of school G showed up and we headed to New Albany to the orthodontist and they took his braces off! I had them grind the ridges on his teeth down a bit and his smile looks great! Home and I finished up my day and sent L&G out to pick up dinner at the Raising Cane's Booster fundraiser. They called for my Wendy's order as the line for Cane's was wrapped around the building and out to the street... L&G home, I finished up and we ate. D&DGF13 stopped by and had some dinner and L had a bunch of food for D to take home with him. They stayed and chatted a while and then took off. L&I watched some Yellowstone.

20220110 - Go Georgia!

20220110 - Up in the am and LJ&G all at school. I got to the desk and held people accountable. Got some things done. Pretty cold out but Hazel and I took a walk. Everyone home and had some dinner. L&I headed to the basement and watched the College Football Championship game. It was a great game between Alabama and Georgia. G joined us at the end and stayed up to watch the exciting finish where Georgia beat Alabama!

20220109 - Keep Baby Busy

20220109 - Up late in the am and L ran to school to do some things. Hazel and I got bundled up and walked to L's school, she got home about the time we got to the school. J went to JGF's L met us back at the park and we walked over to the golf course and back. Home and we watched some football and relaxed. In the evening we had some dinner and then I jumped on the PC to get stuff done and watch some Yellowstone.

20220108 - KVM & KFC

20220108 - Up in the am early and Hazel and I dropped off camper info at the high school. We then went to McD's and got bfast for everyone. One last stop at the UPS store to return some amazon stuff. Home and ripped my office apart trying to get a new KVM switch set up. Out of the office and Hazel and I got bundle up and headed to the dog park for a bit. we then headed across town and picked up dinner at KFC. Home and L&I headed to the basement to binge watch some Yellowstone until late.

20220107 - Short Order Cook

20220107 - Up in the am and at the desk. Had a pretty productive Friday. In the evening L grilled burgers and Hazel and I took a very short very cold walk. We came back in to the yard from the back entrance and threw the ball for a bit. In and L has been the short order cook for the 2 quarantine boys and she's done pretty good with their orders. We ate and then L&I figured out how to subscribe to peacock and then started watching Yellowstone until too late.

20220106 ‡ Blog Caught Up

20220106 ‡ Up n the am and LJ&G home again today for quarantine day 3... I got on the PC and had a pretty productive morning. L is running up and down the stair all day carrying food to the prisoners and cleaning everything multiple times. I bundled up and Hazel and I took a quick cold walk in the 20 degree windy day. Back to the desk and a good afternoon. I headed out to Kroger and City Barbeque to pick up a couple of supplies and dinner. It snowed today and everyone forgets how to drive in the snow every year... Home and we had dinner and watched many episodes of 'Yellowstone' and I worked on some Booster social media blasts. Up late updating last Dec in the blog

20220105 + Lorene Kraft is 100!

20220105 + Up slow in the am, everyone home quarantining... I got around to the desk and got my day rolling. Worked on several tings and L Hazel and I took a quick walk. It was pretty cold but the walk away from the house was way better than walking in to the wind to get home and we froze. Home and I finished off the day. L ran food up to the boys for dinner and we had some leftovers. We watched some 'Yellowstone' and played with hazel. L got an update on her Gma Lorene Kraft that turned 100 today!!!  She is doing fine and visited by all her girls today. I have never known anyone that has lived so long. And I stayed up too late updating last Nov in the blog.

20220104 - 2 Positive

20210114 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got on the pc and got my day started. L called and said G texted her from school, thinks he has a fever. I texted him and told him to tough it out if he could, but go to the clinic if he couldn't. A couple hrs later I had to run and get him from school, he had a fever of 102.3  Hazel and I got him home, medicated and to bed. I got some more work done and took hazel on a walk. Back to the desk. J home, L home and gave G a COVID test and he tested positive... We had some leftovers for dinner and then L&I headed to the basement to watch Yellowstone while L looked for testing locations for the rest of us. J got a test from JGF6 and he tested positive.. L searching for test sites like crazy and I texted some friends and found a test. hazel and I jumped in the car and drove to Worthington with a stop to get gas and drop off a package at the post office before swinging by CBs to pick up the test. home and L took the test and it was negative... I headed in to the basement to watch a movie and update the blog with pics in aug, sept and oct of last yr...

20220103 - Slow Monday

20220103 - Up in the am, L at school, J&G home for one more day of vacation. I got on the PC and trying a nice slow start today. L home and doing some things. I took Hazel on a late afternoon walk. When I got home John Christian stopped by with stuff for us from the Winger Christmas party we missed yesterday and stayed a chatted a while. Back to the desk and got the things I wanted to get done today. Out of the office and D&DGF13 stopped by for dinner and so he get his gifts from the Farm. We chatted for a bit and then they left. L&I watched some Yellowstone until the Browns Steelers came on and I stayed up an watched Ben Roethlisberger's last game as a Steeler and they won. Pretty cool after 18yrs. I stayed up and did some blog catching up.

20220102 - 1st Drive

20220102 - Up in the am, L feeling a bit better and JG&I gave up waiting on D to sow up to go to the Farm with us. We were already leaving late with J's primping. We stopped at Goodwill to drop some stuff off and we broke the glass in GpaW's gift.. Back home to swap out the glass and it wasn't broken, so on the road at last... JG&I headed up. It was s good trip and I pulled in where the old school house used to be and made G drive. he was very nervous... G did ok driving and we made it to the Farm and GmaW had a bunch of food ready for us. We ate and got GmaW's new Google Hub set up and the pics started rolling across it. We headed in to the living room and opened our gifts. Everyone got some good stuff and GpaW liked the 1869 map we got him of Mifflin Township. We packed up L&Ds gifts and J drove us home. Home and unpacked everything and L and Hazel got back from their walk and L opened her stuff and liked all of it. J&G gave a report to L of the visit and gifts they got. Boys headed up and L&I watched some football and relaxed missing the Winger Christmas party at John and Mary's :-(  Lonie was in the area and he stopped by to pick up his presents from GmaW. J lost something for his Xbox which somehow led to me in the basement sorting through our tub of Nerf guns. L&I watched football and whatever else was on TV while we got other little things done here and there. To bed not to late, but up to late on the PC.

20220101 + Rose Bowl Win

20220101 + Up late in the am and L took a COVID test and it was negative, but she still feels like crap. I got around and Hazel & I went to pick G up and chatted with Terrill a bit. I told him L's symptoms and he said oh yeah she has COVID, those home tests are crap. Home and G got cleaned up, L boiled potatoes and I trimmed and seasoned some steaks. D showed up and I got he steaks on the grill. J home and we all had a nice New Year's Day lunch together. L&I gave D some $... He stuck around and watched some college football with us before he took off. L, Hazel and I took a walk in the rain. Back home and we settled in the basement to watch OSU at the Rose Bowl. The Buckeyes really didn't play much in the first quarter, but started things up in the second. G&I ran to pic up some Chinese food for dinner and we feasted as we watched the Buckeyes take control of the game and win! G headed back upstairs and L&I watched some more football and then headed to bed. J home late, clanging around making food and waking us up. Got to sleep late.