20210118 - Up in the am and everyone home today. L making cinnamon roles and cookies and everyone else sleeping. I got my morning things done in the living room and then moved to the office for the day.

20210117 - A New LIght

20210117 + Up in the am and and J at work. I got some morning stuff done and then J went to work and G&I started working on installing a light in J's closet. We had to do some pretty extensive exploring in the walls. G left and went to Trent's to watch the Brown's game. I kept going and had to use two different circuits to make J's light work. I got things working and buttoned up after 3 hours... I took Hazel on a walk, ran in to the Barnetts and we caught up for a bit. I then ordered a pizza via text and called Jason about the 8th grade baseball team, still trying to make that work... Home and Hazel and I ran to Jet's to pick up our pizza. Home and L&I had dinner while we watched the end of the Browns game. I then started to cleaning out 2020 files and preparing for taxes. Hazel & I ran to pick G up at Trent's and trent came home with us to spend the night. We played Trouble and then the boys headed up. L&I sorted some more stuff and then headed to bed after a busy weekend.

20210116 - Memorial & Security

20210116 - Up late and G at basketball practice and L cleaning. J&I up late, I got some things on a list I want to get done this weekend. J came down and we put a security sign up by the back gate and then worked on the garage door keypad. We all then took a break to head back to Jefferson to pay our respects to a boy J&G knew that passed away a couple weeks ago. The procession had some police cars, his parents in a firetruck, a Ford Mustang (his favorite car) and the middle school cross country team running along side the ashes of there friend. Very nice to see the community turn out for the support, but so very very sad. 

After the memorial we headed back tot he house and I started to install a one-sided deadbolt, I had never done one before. But it was only a half install as I was adding a SimpliSafe digital lock to it which added an entire layer of complications. The install was a Nest Hello digital doorbell. Well so you know doorbell wires become a bit brittle after 50 years... and sometimes breakoff in the wall that requires extensive digging and manipulation outside in the cold... After a couple of hours of precise calculations and attempts the new doorbell and lock are installed. D stopped by with some friends during all this and J went and came back from work. I stayed up late trying to configure all the new digital stuff in the house so it just works and L doesn't need to think about it.

20210115 + New Swing

20210115 + Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and headed downtown to the attorney's office. I met with Chris and we discussed the plan and headed over to the courthouse. We filed the papers for the Civil Protection Order, and the Magistrate was nice enough to see us before he went to lunch. It was a stressful event, reviewing all of the crazy things the neighbor has done. After some discussion he granted me a CPO. Chris and I discussed next steps and I headed home. I got a bit of work done and then made some copies of the CPO and headed to Gahanna Police department to give them a copy and request certified copies of police reports for next door. I had a call with the HS Baseball coach about 8th grade to see if anything could be done to save their season, it doesn't look good... Home and drafted an email to send to the neighbors, Mayor, Police Chief, Superintendent, School Board and Principal of the school behind our house. I finished the day doing some work. L made dinner. G&I went to his hitting lessons and he got to try his new bat for the first time. I got on a call about 8th grade baseball, still doesn't look good. Back in to check on G's hitting and he loves the bat and is hitting the crap out of the ball with it. Home and L asleep in her chair, J&G upstairs on the Xbox, I played with Hazel a bit before heading to bed after a pretty stressful day.

20210114 - Cooker

20210114 - Up in the am L at work and J&G home today. I had a busy day getting some things done. L&I headed to G's game. G started but soon was out for the majority of the game as they we up by 30 within minutes... It was a quick game and they won by a huge margin. Home and J had cooked us some fancy burgers for dinner. Home and we all ate together, they were delicious. After dinner Chris over and we reviewed a plan to file a Civil Protection Order against the neighbor tomorrow. Watched some TV to finish the night.

20210113 - Bus Missed

20210113 - Up in the am and J off to school first, then G missed his bus so L had to take him and when G got out of the car he took the car fob with him so L made it to school, but G has the keys for the car... I got online and got my morning things done. I moved in to the office and before long Hazel and I had to fire up the whistling white car and take the extra set of keys to L at her school. L came out when she heard/saw us and let us know she found the keys. Hazel and I went to the gas station and then headed home where I got glued to the desk/phone for the rest of the day. L home and started cleaning, J home and took a nap before heading to work and G home playing with hazel and then L took G and Owen to basketball practice. I organized things to get done the rest of the evening and tomorrow and headed out of the office. I got a couple of things done before I had to join my Landscape Board meeting via Zoom. After the call I hung out with L for the night.

20210112 + J Cookin G Dribblin

20210112 + Up in the am and L at work and both boys up. G&I headed out and got his braces adjusted. Home and on the PC for a couple calls, Hazel hanging out with me. L home and made everyone lunch. D stopped over and we got his fees paid with Columbus State and he made contact with the financial aid people. L ran G and Owen to the bus for their basketball game. L home and I finished up my day and we headed to Lancaster to watch G's game, J stayed at home with Hazel. Our drive was dark, long and winding, we didn't like it, but got there in good time. We checked in on J and Hazel and J had everything we own out in the kitchen cooking something... We got to our seats and I got a text asking if I was going to join the Civil Service meeting that I completely forgot about. I stepped out of the game and joined the call long enough to nominate others for duties :-)  Back in to the game and it was a mess. The refs were terrible, one called traveling and the other across the floor called a shooting foul AT THE SAME TIME. Our boys had 17 fouls vs their 4... Anyway we lost by 3 and just wanted to get out of there. On the road, sticking to larger roads this time. We came across a Rax and I zipped in to get us dinner. It took FOREVER to get our food. Lancaster just doesn't want us around tonight so we got out of there. Home, Hazel was happy to see us and we tasted J's meal he made, it was really good. G got cleaned up and we got ready for tomorrow and all to bed in good time. GmaW got her COVID Vaccine today!

20210111 - Figuring Things Out

20210111 - Up in the am and L at school and G online, the school called and J missed his first 2 classes... I got him up and checked his grades and he has some work to do. I got online and got my day rolling. G came down and took Hazel out to run a bit for lunch. L home and I was at the desk getting caught up and moving things forward all day. I headed out at the end oft he day to the post office, the high school to pick up the free COVID food and then met with the GLHS Baseball Booster Reps for a quick meeting to make sure we are all aligned for the upcoming season. Seems like they are going to try to have a season this year but it will look very different... I swung by Jet's to pick up a pizza on the way home. Home and Hazel figured out how to get her toys we keep putting up on the picnic table... We all settled in the basement to watch Ohio State in the championship. They played ok at first and then Alabama just took control, they are an amazing football team. Buck lost and we all headed to bed happy we made it tot he game but disappointed we lost.

20210110 - Browns Win!

20210110 - Up late, G to a friends house to hang out. J got up minutes before he had to go to work. L&I hung out and discussed further home security and watched some TV. We then picked up G, he went home to watch the dog L&I to Home Depot ton other side of town to get a look they only had there. Then we went to the Lowe's D works at to look at storm doors. We were looking and D found us. We chatted a bit and he showed us where he worked and then we headed home. I headed over to Penn's to help install his new Nest thermostat, it was a bit challenging. Home and D and his friends stopped over to get some desk pieces and borrow the drill. LG&I headed to the basement to watch the Browns vs Steelers game. J home from work and joined us for a bit. It was a good game and the Browns won! This is historic as they have never won anything in my lifetime...

20210109 - Brake Fix

the auto parts store where he picked out what brakes he wanted. Home and we jacked his car up and replaced his brakes. I walked him through the first one, the one making the grinding noise, and then he did the second one all by himself. Luck for him it was probably the easiest brake job I have ever done... J took off for work and I looked for whatever was in the tire of the Hyundai that has making it loose pressure and found a screw! I backed the car in and the little silver car showed up next door that causes all the problems and lit up in the driveway, filling the car with smoke. I called the cops and they had a nice long talk with them... I got the screw out of the tire and got a plug in, let's hope that solves the tire issue. As I was finishing up Penn stopped over. He hadn't heard the shooter story so I got him up to speed and then showed him the new alarm. Penn took off and L&I had some dinner, G joined us for a minute and then we watched football the rest of the night. 

20210108 - Not Much

20210108 - Up in the am and everyone at school. Hazel and I had bfast and got our morning things done before moving in to the office. The day went fast as it was another day full of escalations... After work L, Hazel and I ran and got Jimmy John's for dinner. J stayed with a friend tonight, G was up on his Xbox and L&I watched a good movie on Netflix and searched for things I need to get this weekend for the security install.


20210107 - First Win

20210107 - Up in the am L at school and I got J&G up after I got my morning things done. At the desk getting things done. L home and took Hazel to the vet for a puppy checkup. J 'cleaned his room' and headed out to see some friends. G home, changed and L dropped him off at the school. I finished up the day and L&I headed to the school to see G's basketball game. It was a home game and the boys played much better in game 2. G played almost the whole game and had many good assists. The boys won big! Home and took a call on 8th grade baseball... L made dinner for us and LG&I had dinner and chatted about the game. J home, played with Hazel for a minute and then headed upstairs. L&I hung out in the living room watching TV a bit and then she headed to bed. I called Gma&paW to see how things were going. G had Hazel all fired up and I stayed up with her a bit watching Battel Bots until too late.