20200924 - Up in the am and L at work and I got J up and G was already online. I headed out and stopped at the post office, Scout store and then the office. We had a meeting with an IT company today, Chatted with CB a bit and drove the IT guys to do a bit more cleaning. Lonie and I headed to MicroCenter where he got a new microphone and I got a new PC for the home office. I chatted with dad on the way home and then J helped me carry in stuff from the car and Amazon deliveries. unpacked and delivered the new alarm clock to J&G and then sat down at the dest to get online for the first time today.

Grant 13 13:03

Sam 44 17:43

20200923 - Busy Doing Little

 20200923 - Up in the am and L at work and J&G online for school. I got some work done and got things lined up. Did some Booster stuff and then L home. J headed out with friends and LG&I had dinner. G vanished to his room and L&I took Lilly on a walk. L left us at Bob & Tina's corner and Lily and I took the shorter way home. Back tot he house and finished up Booster stuff. D had his frist day at Amazon today, said it went well. Talked to dad and he's frustrated with a heart monitor he has to wear for 30 days, watched some TV with L and read a book about publishing a blog to an actual book until bed time. Couldn't fall asleep again...

20200922 + Final Cleanup

20200922 + Up in the am and L at work and J on the PC for school. I ran G to his orthodontist appointment in New Albany where he got some new braces added to a couple of teeth and things tightened up. We swung through McD's ont he way home for some sausage mc'mufffins and then swapped cares with L at her school. Home and I dropped G off and headed in to work with a couple stops to deliver things on the way. In to the office and Lonie and I ran to the computer and hardware stores to get supplies. On our trip Lonie told me that the parrot that was his mothers had died over the weekend and he was very upset about it. It was the last thing he had of his mother's...  Back to the office to finish up as much cleaning as we could do in the IT room. Looks pretty darn good now!  Home and got on the PC for the first time today and got some things done. L ran G to and from XC practice and J was at work. D stopped by for a visit with one of his buddies and we had a nice chat with them. Headed to bed when j got home and slept good. 


20200921 - Up in the am and L at work and J&G sleeping because they don't have class again today for whatever reason... I got things done around the house and online for work and L texted me, apparently G does have school today and missed all morning... This is a mess!

20200920 + Proof of Light

20200920 + Up in the am and L and a couple of her friends here cackling in the kitchen. J at work and G making plans with friends. I got myself around, shipped some ebay things and then headed up to the Farm. Got there and Dad, Mom and I headed out to do a couple jobs. We moved Curly's water and then worked on the spring in the orchard to get the flow a bit better. Got things dug up* and cleaned up a bit and flowing. On to the next job at the Farmhouse, working on the lamppost. I took apart all the wires leading to the switch in the dining room and out to the lamppost, making sure they were taped off and labeled. We then removed the old top and put a solar top on the post. I was very skeptical that enough light would hit it to make it light up... Done with our outside jobs we headed in and worked on how email works, the stroke erased the email process from dad's brain and it is one of the few things he is going to have to retrain himself to do. He seemed to get it and I left some papers for him to help. We then took a long stroll down to the Barn and over to the wood house, farmhouse and chatted about possibilities and dreams. Some of ours line up and some are a bit off but very close. But I let him know it doesn't matter if we are aligned at all, he has worked his entire life there and whatever he wants to do is fine and I will help him do it.

It was getting later in the day so I headed home. Home and L&G just finished dinner so I grabbed a plate and caught up with L and what all her and her girlfriends got done today and G had 4 boys at the house all day. J was doing some things with friends and got home a bit later. L&I watching some football. Got a text from dad that the solar light WORKED! AMAZING!

* Spring in Orchard Notes: there are two plastic tub covers. The one further up the hill is dead, don’t waste time on it. The one downhill is a sump pump basin with no bottom and holes drilled in the sides to let groundwater in. This one is active and connected to the hoses

20200919 + Hanging Out

20200919 + Up in the am just in time to get to G to baseball practice, I helped where I could... G did good in the field today and hit really well. Home and L was in a cleaning frenzy... I dis mantled the Hyundai fan for the second week in a row and removed leaves and nuts from the cabin fan. I took the filter out this time and it is obvious something chewed through it... I called the auto parts store to see if they had a filter in stock and Dawn, the lady i had to evict years ago and stuck me for a couple grand, was working the desk and she confirmed she had what I needed, so I ran there and she had my options ready for me. I got the filter and ran home and replaced it. Next was L's headlights that weren't working... I looked in the fuse box and after I got all the peanut shells vacuumed out all the fuses looked good. I removed the bulbs and both headlights were burnt out; back to the auto part store. Dawn wasn't there this time so I had to find the bulbs on my own... Back home and got the bulbs in and all good. L was now hanging out of the upstairs window and cleaning the siding... G showed up, didn't know he was gone, with 5 kids in the backyard and jumped on the trampoline and played wiffle ball. I finished up all my jobs and settled in on the back porch. L joined me eventually. We sat on the porch and watched college football until it got too cold for us and we went in and finished the night.

20200918 - Lilly is 12!

20200918 - Up in the am had a couple of calls and got the day rolling. L at school and J&G no school today... not sure how that happens after 6 months off??? I was on the phone on and off. all day and deep in to building an app. Finished the day and LG&I ran to Jimmy John's to get subs for dinner. Home and ate and Lilly got a couple cupcakes for her 12th bday and then L&I took her on a big walk. Back to the house and hung out the rest of the night.

20200917 - Yummy

20200917 - Up in the am from a sleepless night. L at school and J&G on their PCs for school. I jumped on a couple calls and then headed in to the desk to get the day rolling. J ran out for lunch and shipped some stuff for me and G practiced his swing during his break. I finished the day at the desk and headed over to the Mallonn's to meet up with Jason and Penn for a Maker's Mark bourbon online tasting. It was interesting and then the wives joined us after for some pizza and chatting. A nice relaxing afternoon and evening. Home and checked in with the boys and headed to bed not too late.

20200916 + Bigger Walk

20200916 + Up in the am and L at work and J&G online for school. I got around and jumped on a call and kept the day rolling. Finished the day in the back yard. and L made us dinner. L&I took Lilly on a bigger walk today and she did ok. Home and hung out in front of the TV the rest of the night.

20200915 - Wind In Her Face

20200915 - Up late with the good long nights sleep I needed and got some stuff done before my first call. Got the team rolling and attacked my todo list. J ran out for lunch and back, L home and I moved my office to the back porch and got a bunch done. After a bit Lilly and I had to run G to the school to catch a bus to his XC meet and L&J went to get their eyes checked. I got home and D was there. He put air in the tires of the big white car and then drove me to get our eyes checked. Nobody’s eyes really changed that much. But I wanted new glasses as my near vision changed a bit but they didn’t have what I wanted so I’ll have to find them someplace else. D ran me past the high school to meet Andy and pick up programs to mail out. Home and D took off, J was at work and I headed back out to the porch. L home soon and let me know that G came in 2nd! and then she sent me to pick him up from the bus. Home and we ate and then L took off on a speed walk while I finished up my stuff on the PC and then L&I took a stroll and invited L to come along as long as she didn't try to make us go fast... After the walk we watched some TV and got everyone to bed in good time.

20200914 - NO CRIERS

20200914 - Well I didn't sleep AT ALL last night. I did fall asleep shortly after Ls alarm to get up went off and she got in the shower...  After about 3 hrs sleep I was up late, got myself together and dug in to the world of catching up. L at her first day of school with kids for the year, J&G on their PCs for school. Dad called this am and something was wrong with my phone and he couldn't hear me, hope it didn't confuse him more... L home an NO CRIERS, first time ever! Boys done with school and G's friends started showing up as I was on the porch still working through email catch up. L made us some dinner and LJ&I ate on the porch while G continued to play. After dinner L took a walk and I finished up on email and then took Lilly on a walk, apparently we walk too slow for L... after the walk L&I hung out in the living room and reviewed old videos. G came down and we watched some Ninja Warrior before we all headed to bed and I crashed right away.

20200913 + Straight Rows

20200913 + Up in the am and got a couple things done around the house. J had left with some friends for an all day bday event on a lake and G not home from his bday party. I headed to the post office and grocery and when I started my car it made the weirdest nose... something was wrong with my cabin fan motor. I messed with the dial a bit but the noise didn't go away, unless I turned the fan off. I was going to head up to the Farm but knew the noise would drive me crazy so I swung back around to the house and took the fan out of the dash. leaves, rocks and seeds were in the fan housing. Removed them and silent again. Everything put back together and I headed north. I got tot he Farm as mom and dad were getting ready for lunch so I joined them. We chatted a bit and dad's speech seemed a bit better and less confused, he was able to express himself better than in days past. I then received very detailed and specific instructions on how to mow the grass around each of the buildings... so the part of his brain that thinks every detail of a task needs explained is still intact (can we trade that for improved expression?). But I listened and then got to mowing. A couple hours later and everything was mowed. I checked back in and they had nothing else they needed done so we chatted a bit more and I hit the road. Home and L&I took Lilly on a walk and ran in to a couple sets of neighbors and chatted a while. Home and I ate and caught up with L. We watched TV the rest of the evening and J got home and told us of his day on the lake. All to bed in good time. I need to get caught up this week.