20190220 - Up slow in the am as boys and L did not have school. Drove in to work and roads were ok until hit Worthington and they were a mess. In to work and not many in today, getting things done in the quiet office.


20190219 - Up in the am and dropped J at school on the way in to the office. Got caught up on mail and ready for a day of calls and meetings. Hand incredibly full day of meetings and calls and headed out a bit late. Home and ate with the fam and then we tried to play an Oregon Trail card game.. that didn't work very well, too complicated... We then played some Rumikub and I lost horribly, couldn't play until the last round. We watched some of the Wilmington NCAA Tournament basketball game that D was at, they lost. We watched a bit more TV and I fell asleep a couple of times.


20190218 - Up in the am slowly as LJ&G were home with the day off from school. I got ready and headed in to work L went out to meet some of her friends for bfast. I had a busy morning with meetings and getting things ready for the week. Had a Monday and headed home... Home and had dinner with the fam and then found out the Booster meeting I prepared for is not tonight, but next week... so I went to the Boy Scout TLC meeting with J and hung out a bit. After the Scout meeting I got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers for a good discussion. Home and up till 3am getting things ready for taxes.


20190217 + Up in the am and LJG&I to church. Home and I rushed G out to baseball practice, some were annoyed we were late, my response, God before baseball... they will get over it... I stayed there and talked with folks until practice was over and then headed home. I got stuff out to work on and the boys played on the Xboxes as I did things for G's baseball team and the boosters all afternoon. In the evening L ran the boys to youth group at church and brought us dinner home. I had to run and take G and Brady to the laser place as there were not enough seats in the church vehicles to take everyone. A lot of J&G's friends were at the laser place and they had a blast. I headed home and Chris and Vinnie stopped over to watch The Walking Dead. L ran to pick up J&G and after the show we all headed to bed. I woke up with the TV on and was a wake doing things on the PC until late.


20190216 - Up in the am and at the desk doing biweekly money stuff. Got a bunch of other things organized and then had J drive me around on errands, he was a bit more aggressive in the car this time... Home and got L&G and we headed to Delaware for G's basketball game. G did really well and the boys played hard but they lost, this marks the end of the season. Gma&paW came down to watch the game and we were going to do something with them afterwards but J had contacted me and let me know D was coming home. So I worked it out with Gma&paW that we would eat in Gahanna, so we could meet up with D, but it was a bit too much driving so LGI headed home, picked J up on the way and then on to MOD Pizza. We were standing in line and D walked in and surprised L and she hugged him so tight and so long he turned blue. He had brought a new girl with him and we all had a nice dinner and conversation. After dinner L went with D & DGF9 to Kroger to get him some groceries and gas. Home and we all played UNO for a bit before D had to get on the road to get DGF9 home. Everyone to bed in good time, I stayed up and made sure D got DGF9 home and himself, to bed late. Great to see my boy.


20190215 + Up in the am and L beat me out the door as J&G don't have school today. Rolled in to work and had a pretty frustrating morning. Cleared the decks in the afternoon to get things lined up for a productive weekend and start of next week. Home and picked up LJ&G and dropped J&G off at a Scout merit badge overnighter. L&I then headed the back-way across town to try a new place, the Thai Mango. We got the front door and L would not go in.... So we walked next door and ate at Fitzy's Old Fashion Diner. It was really good and since we were next to a theater with no kids we decided to a movie. We saw the Upside, it was a cute movie. During the movie J called, multiple times, until I stepped out and took the call; J&G decided they didn't want to stay all night because the guy they were to meet with the next day was sick and not going to be there... So we headed home and picked J&G up and brought them home... I was up late working at the desk.


20190214 - Up in the am and got to take my time getting ready and in to work today as L is taking J&G to the dentist 1st thing this am and they didn't have to go in to school In to work and a busy morning of ideas and building things. Headed home a bit late and we had left overs for dinner, my steak was still fantastic on day 2. I ran to pick G up from baseball and dropped him off at basketball. Home and did some work until time to get G, ran to pick him up and then did more work watching TV with L&G until bed time. J had a buddy over to play video games all night.


20190213 + Up in the am and J running late, got him to school and to work through thick traffic. Getting things done in good order this morning. Day went pretty fast and I got a lot of things done, minus the last boring 2hr con call. Headed home, got L, she is all dressed up and very pretty, and we headed to the Ocean Club at Easton. We had a FANTASTIC meal and it was nice and relaxing. We picked up some Cinnabon cinnamon rolls on the way out for bfast tomorrow. Home and watched some TV with G, J hiding in his room until bed time. Stayed up doing a couple of things but not terribly late.


20190212 + Up in the am, G home from school sick today, dropped J off at school in the pouring rain. Normal path to work was blocked so tried an alternative, it was blocked as well so 3rd option worked and got to work 15 min late. At the desk getting things ready for a busy day. Had one of those days where things came in faster than could be done... Finished up the day and headed home. L made some good chicken noodle soup for G and we all had a good dinner. I headed out to Scouts for a board of review and we didn't have any scouts show up but had a good leader meeting. Home and got boys to bed and worked on booster stuff until late along with J and his phantom phone that is keeping him too late...


20190211 - Up in the am and G staying home from school sick today, I dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Hit the ground running with a huge list of things to get done today. List moving slower than normal by mid-day. Had a couple of calls in the afternoon and got more done. Headed home and G still feverish, J home, no practice due to the rain. We had a good dinner and then J&I went to Scouts where I had a little guy help me alphabetize the merit badge books. Home and I got Doc and we went to Bible Bangers. Home not too late, but up late on PC.


20190210 + Up in the am and J (a HORRIBLE BEAR this morning...) & G got ready for Scout Sunday. We barely got to church on time (J) and J&G helped with the service, passing out bulletins, collecting offering etc. We survived church and headed home where G did a quick change and I ran him to baseball practice. Home for just a minute talking to crazy Dave on way, got some stuff and headed back to pick G up. G&I went to the bank to get $ for D out and then hit the gas station. Home for a bit, J sleeping... and G hit the Xbox instead of sleeping, L doing laundry and I got a bunch done at the desk and cleaned out the NFL stuff out of ebay. In the afternoon we got J up (still a BEAR) and headed out through the thick snow to drop things off at Goodwill and on to G game in Reynoldsburg through some pretty heavy snow. G fell asleep. It was slow going but we got there and played some ball.The boys played great to start and almost lost it in the end. They pulled out a W and we headed back out into the snow. We stopped at the Winking Lizard for a light dinner and then on home, J&G fell asleep...  Home and I did some work on the scout merit badge books until Chris and Vinny showed up to watch The Walking Dead, it was a good show tonight. After the guys left, I stayed up late watching the 100 and finishing up the merit badge book review.


20190209 - Up in the am and got ebay stuff shipped. G&I then ran out to get our hair cut. Home and J&I went out on some errands, bank, and back roads to Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction wins. We swung by Harbor Freight to pick up a grinder on the way home and J took the highway back :-o  Home just in time to get L&G and head to Grove City for a basketball double header for G, G fell asleep on the way... Boys were asleep for the first game and lost it and then woke up and won the 2nd game. D called us as we walked to the car and filled us in. Home and we picked up some pizzas on the way and the Amos and Moros families came over and hung out for a while.