20200219 - Up in the am and slow to get in to the office. Started the day with meeting, interview, meeting.


20200218 - Up early and dropped G off for a Bible study at school on the way to work.  Got to work and realized I left my badge at home. Got in to the building and got started. Had a full day of denying things to folks :-)  Headed home, sat for a min and then had a quick dinner with LJ&G. I headed out to the high school for a Booster meeting. Everyone was glad to see me back. We got a lot done but I was wore out.  Home and sat for a min with LJG watching TV and then headed in to the office and worked on Taxes until 1am.

20200217 - Offloading

20200217 - Up in the am and in to work to kick off a big IT project. The meeting took a couple hours. I got the guys lunch and they seemed to live through it. Finished the day in email and various other topics. Headed home, L cooking dinner, J at a skate park, G at hitting practice. I gathered up a bit of sap from the buckets and then L had me cook some steaks on the grill. J home and LJ&I had dinner together. After dinner I relaxed for a bit and then headed to Scouts to check in. J showed up eventually. I headed home and relaxed and watched some TV with L. G got home and had dinner. J home from Scouts. I tried to get a hold of Doc but he didn't answer so I headed to Bible Bangers solo.

20200216 + Tap Time

20200216 + Up in the am and dropped G off at baseball practice. L&I headed to church. Home and got a couple things done around the house. Eventually G got home and J got up. I had the boys tap a couple maple trees, did it pretty much on their own this year, no D. I headed out to a lunch meeting in the afternoon and was gone a couple hours. Home and G made plans with a buddy to spend the night at his place so I ran him out while L got interviewed by D for a paper he is doing on the history of education.

20200215 - Shopping

20200215 - Up in the am and L&I watched Bohemian Rhapsody, it was really good. G showed up eventually and L&I got ourselves around and got some more stuff done. We headed out to some stores that had bathroom makeover supplies and G was thrilled to be with us. We ended up at a new restaurant that clearly wasn't ready for business so we walked across the parking lot to good old Applebee's for a good dinner. Home and watched some TV. 

20200214 ‡ OCC Champs

20200214  Up in the am and had bfast with L. Headed in to work, stopped at post office and gas station on the way. Had a good day at work and got a lot done. Headed home and LG&I picked up Owen and went to Firehouse Subs for dinner before walking over to the basketball high school basketball game. It was s the first high school game we have ever gone to and it was fantastic. They won the OCC title and caught up with some Booster folks I haven't seen in a while. As we walked back to the car we stumbled upon a guy laying along the road who had just been hit by a car... Emergency services showed up and we got Owen home and then ran G out to a friends to spend the night. Home and L&I watched Rocket man.

20200213 + Too Much $

20200213 + Up slow in the am and headed in to work on crappy roads. Got in to the office at 9, helped people on the way to my office and got to my desk at 10. Had a very busy day trying to get ahead of things. Had lunch with CB. finished the day strong. Home and pretty tired. Watched some TV with L as she finished her puzzle. L cooked dinner for G&I and after dinner we had a bathroom guy show up for a quote. He went through his sales pitch and brought in samples and designed a bath for us and in the 3 hours he was there provided us with a quote for $20k! HOLY CRAP, NO THANKS! J worked tonight, came home for only a minute and then headed to a friends for the night.

20200212 - Drain Snaking

20200212 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a full house at the office and got a lot of things done with Lonie and Cory today. We took a break for lunch and to run to the Scout store. Called the Dr. to get more pain meds for the shingles and he called in a new prescription but apparently insurance won't release the meds until 1/18... Headed home through some thick snow. Got home and hung out working on the puzzle and then watching a cute wrestling movie with LJ&G. Went to the bathroom during the movie and the toilet wouldn't flush... Finished the movie and then J helped me take a part the bathroom sink and snake down into the main drain. We got the blockage to move and I got things cleaned up and headed to bed late. Not a great night of sleeping. Hit AFIB once for about 30 seconds.

20200211 - Too Much Today

20200211 - Up in the am and in to work. Call the Dr. to see if I could get a refill on the pain meds for the shingles, these things SUCK! Had a pretty busy day in the office and stayed too late. Home for only a minute before I had to go to a Scout Committee meeting and Board of Review. Meetings are frustrating and I wasn't feeling great. Made it through the meeting and headed home, checking in with L and went straight to bed. No word from Dr. so out of shingles pain meds.

20200210 - Balancing Act

20200210 - Up in the am and did some things around the house and swung by the barber to get my hair cut on the way in. Had a very busy day but not getting the things on my list done... Headed home and swung by the house to pick up and go straight to a middle school baseball meeting. The meeting was short and sweet and saw a lot of folks we know.  Home and G changed and I ran him to Scouts and checked in with the leaders. Back home and L&I watched some of our show and worked on her puzzle. L heard of the broom challenge... and she tried it... J&G eventually got home after Scouts and a stop at DQ. I headed off to Bible Bangers, no Doc, he's to tired. We met for about an hour and came up with a plan for future meetings. Home and got to bed in good time.

20200209 + Making Bread

20200209 - Up at 3am, tried to go back to sleep but that didn't work... Made up a place in the couch and dug in to YouTube to see how to remove a cast iron bathtub and install a zero entry shower.  L up and got around and got G up and we had some bfast. I ran him to baseball and then home to get caught up on some things. Went and Got G and drove another boy home. Home and JG&I went into the crawl space to see if there was a leak somewhere. I couldn't even find a trace of water in the soffit. We closed it up and headed down. Cousin Jen showed up up to check on me and to get caught up. L&I hung out and started watching a new show and started a new puzzle. Gma&paW down at a travel show and stopped by for a visit and dinner at Moe's. Home and we hung out the rest of the night. I made some bread today!

20200208 - Getting Ideas

20200208 - Up in the am and L&I ran Gs friend home, G went with us. We swung by the house to drop of G and ship some ebay stuff. L&I then ran to the post office and up to Ikea to look at shower ideas. They didn't have much to look at and it had me on my feet for too long... We got out of there and headed to an Applebee's for lunch. We had a nice lunch and then headed to a bath showroom in Hilliard and it was too much to take in and VERY expensive. We headed home and found the new XFL football games on TV and settled in to watch, better than NFL I think. J got home, changed and headed in to work. G woke up and LG&I headed to Waffle House for dinner. Home and watched some TV until Late, L&G headed to bed and I waited up for J to get off work.