Cut apple tree down


20230426 -Introducing GGF1


20230319 - So we had steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. The steaks came off the grill just as Jack got home from his NYC trip. He told us about his trip for a minute and then went up to take a shower. When he came back down his steak was GONE! We found video evidence of Hazel sneaking out to the kitchen and stealthily standing up at the counter and taking Jack’s steak!


20230312 - Up late, the time change killed me last night. Got around, got some things done, D&DGF13 stopped by. G&I ran to the high school for picture day, it was chaos. I ran to the grocery for L on the home. Home and ate, then Hazel and I took a big cold walk. Back in and getting ready for a busy week. 


20230307 - FINALLY got the grill I ordered in October from Alibaba. Looks amazing!


20230304 - Up LATE, last time I looked at the clock was 6:05am… G helping with a baseball camp. I got cleaned up my desk cleaned off. D&DGF13 came over and we went to Bellacino’s for dinner and then walked through the Dollar Store. Home and the kids took off. L&I watched We Have a Ghost, while she scrolled on her ph and I read a book about smoking meat. Headed to bed and J called, he locked his keys in his car, so Hazel and I ran his spare set to him. To bed and did some more reading


20230305 - Up late and got around, L cleaning everything in sight and sewing her chair covers. G up and listed some things on eBay while I did a couple thing at the desk, and then we finished shipping the things he sold this weekend. L, Hazel and I headed out in a big walk down to Creekside and up to the drive-tru to get some beer and home. Hazel and I hung out in the backyard with the ball. 


20230223 - 
L&I headed to my work to drop off a laptop. We ran in to Missy, CB's wife in the parking lot and chatted and gave her the laptop. We then walked to the Old Bag of Nails in Worthington for a nice lunch. Home and L got G and I finished my day, which was reading an 89 page contract. 

J ran G&I to Riverside, we had to stop and get gas and an extra stop at Target so J could return some device for the iPad GmaW just gave him. On the hospital where we checked in on GpaW, he's doing much better now. We left him there for the night and J&G drove home and I drove GmaW home. 


20230203 - Worked at home today. L&I headed up to the high school at 4:30 to work the concession stand. We got home at 10pm


20230131 - Took Hazel to vet today, she shook like a leaf. Go her Wendy's on the way home.


20230112 - in to work, had Occularist appointment likes my eye mods, swung by to pick up some auction wins. Dropped off some pizza boxes I won at auction to my buddy that is starting a pizza business. Home finished the day, had dinner with L. Penn picked me up and we went to Take Flight Ohio and did a simulation in a 737 flying from Seattle to Portland. It was amazing!


20230111 - Up in the am, L to school and J&G in bed. I was at the desk and had some pretty good movement on some of my projects. Made couple trip upstairs throughout the day to feed pill to J&G. Finished up my day and headed to city hall for the first Landscape Board meeting of the year. I was elected secretary again… after the meeting I headed to Signatures to meet L and Jennifer. We had some dinner, won some bingo and chatted, a nice evening. Home and L made soups for the boys and then sat down to watch the last episode of Only Murders in the Building before calling it a night.