20240525 + Up way too early in the am and Hazel and I ran out to get breakfast. Home and ate and getting organized for the next couple of days and then headed in to the office to clean it out.


20240525 - Up late and got myself around and headed out. First stop was a haircut, then on to the carwash to get L's car cleaned up. I called L to get the Mother's Day code from the carwash gift card we got her and she couldn't find it... so spent time in the carwash office trying to recover it from the confirmation number I received when ordering it... no luck... Got her car washed, dried and vacd. On to Cartridge World to get new ink for the printer... the store no longer exists... on to Giant Eagle to get a prescription and ribs for this weekend... Giant Eagle for the first time had laterally only 2 little rack of ribs... they usually have loads of meat. So I looked for brisket = none, pork butt = none, pork loin = none. I was shocked. Across the road to try to cancel a checking account at Wright Pat Credit Union I opened when I thought I would use them for the loan on L's new car... they were closed... On to Kroger to see if they had any meat, they did! SO I loaded up, they were having a sale on brisket, so got one of those. Sale on ribs, so I got 1 each of baby back, St Lous and spareribs. Sale on pork shoulders and loins, so got 1 each of those. While I was waiting for the guy to find my St. Louis style ribs I wandered around the meat counter and ended up getting a whole salmon filet and a pound of cooked shrimp and cocktail sauce... Finally done shopping... Home and unloaded the meat... Got the salmon started and L&I headed out for a couple errands. We swung by the car lot to get her memorandum title and chatted with the guys a bit, our old neighbor Jim was there two days in a row looking at a car exactly like L's but 5 years newer. We then headed to a little nursery place so L could get flowers to put around her now exposed lamppost. Home and L planted her flowers while I got the lights on the back porch restrung. I then headed out front and installed 3 new exterior lights while L continued to move rocks. Got that done and hung the new flag, put up some signs in the garage and replaced the batteries in the front door lock. The salmon was almost done so L&I sat on the back patio with our pound of shrimp and sauce for an appetizer. When the salmon was done I pulled it right out of the smoker and on to a foil pan where we took our forks and dug in. J appeared and took a huge chuck and came back for seconds. It is SO GOOD fresh. Cleaned up and head in, L&I watched a scarry movie, Monster. I then started another and L headed to bed. I headed in and watched a couple more episodes of Narcos while scrolling through Alibaba until too late.


 20240522 - Headed to a 'Fieldhouse' building meeting at the district's central office. I got there 30 min early... The other folks showed up and we discussed the building and concluded there would be no fair way to divide the financial responsibilities and the project has been changed to a long term Booster lead fundraiser. While this is disappointing, it means that baseball will now build their own building over the batting cages. I don't suspect G will every get use of it... 


20240516 - Up in the am and in to the Worthington office. At the desk getting things done.

20240515 - J pre-B-Day

20240515 - Up in the am and to the desk. Shipped an ebay item and helped Erin with a data issue and then on calls pretty solid. Took Hazel on a walk, L home and Gma&paW came down with presents for J. J opened some of his gifts and then we went to Mr. Sushi for dinner, it was ok. Home and J opened the rest of his gifts and then L&I watched Survivor and Amazing Race. i was up late on my phone.

20240514 - Too Much Butter

20240514 - Up in the am and to the desk. Helped Erin with a tax problem and after 2 hours decided I was just going to call the IRS and see what they really wanted. I talked to the guy for about 5 min, answered his questions and resolved the issue over the phone... Got more stuff done, shipped some ebay items, had the weekly IT call and took Hazel on a walk. Back to the desk to finish some stuff up and L home and cooked dinner. I finished the day and threw hazel's ball a bit. We ate and then headed to the theater to see 'Fall Guy', super cute movie. L had to leave the theater right at the end of the movie because she had too much butter on her popcorn and her stomach was going to burst... Swung by the post office on the way home and L up late not feeling well. G had a hitting lesson tonight.

20240513 - My View

20240513 - Up in the am and to the office in Worthington. CB here, but spent the weekend in the hospital with more kidney stones, and left early. Brian, Cory and I to lunch. We decided to eat outside for the first time this year and got dusted by the road work... Back to the office to clean up email, get some things done and headed out early to get to the round 1 tournament game. Home, got my stuff and headed to the field. It was a busy night up in the press box and the stands were loaded. It was a tournament game so I couldn't do all my usual sounds, had to remain neutral... The boys played a good game and won round 1! After the game I headed to Bible Bangers and hung out with the guys a bit. Home and up late watching YouTube videos on the Apocryphal book of Baruch.

20240512 - Back Together

20240512 - Up late and L giving Hazel a trim. The backup camera arrived overnight so I got that put in and all the trim and things put back together. This concluded the work on her car (except new rim center caps that will arrive later this week and a driver’s seat cushion). I got L’s phone and got it synced up with her car and then showed her all the stuff that was done. She really didn’t care… we loaded Hazel up and went to the dog store to get her some food and a toy, stopped by the gas station and then home. Home and put some ski thingys on Doc’s new walker and chatted with him a bit as he tried it out. Called GmaW and wished her a happy Mother’s Day. L and I hung out in the backyard relaxing before another busy week. We made one more trip out to Target to get a couple more chairs for the backyard. home and watched American idol before bed.

2010 Mercedes GLK 350 interior, Before & After new screen install. Add ons: Blind spot mirror. Backup camera and smoked license plate cover with Mercedes screw covers.

Cargo net & Trunk liner. Apple CarPlay, new center console trim, replaced Command spinner shaft, center console tray, replaced cigarette lighter with powered usb plug, sunglasses clips, weather tech floor liners, cd slot phone holder, white key cover. 

20240511 + Torn Apart

20240511 + Up and it was raining, JVA game cancelled. I dug in to L’s car and installed all the wiring and tested out a backup camera install. I had 2 cameras, but neither of them fit quite right so I got on Amazon and found one I think will do the trick. I finished running the wires and then put everything back together inside so all I have to do tomorrow is install the camera. D and DGF13 over and we got J&G and took L to Olive Garden for a nice pre-Mother’s Day dinner. Back home and L cut D’s hair and then we watched a movie.

20240510 + Late Deconstruction

20240510 + Up in the am and to the desk. i got some work eBay things shipped, cleaned out some of my old stock and loaded L's car with stuff to take to Goodwill and ship. I headed out and dropped things off at Goodwill, swung by Kroger to get concession stand supplies, then to the high school to clean out their concession stand of stuff for the baseball stand. Back to the house and worked a bit more. L had a school picnic after class and had a good time seeing all of her students, past and present. She ran home for a bit and then back to school to clean up her room for the weekend. When she got home we loaded up the car and headed to the ball field for our last regular season game. G had a bad night, but they still won. Home and L decided to mow, so I decided to start working on her car installing the new 12.3: Android screen with Apple CarPlay. I took out piece after piece and then worked on all the impossible connections to get as far as I could. I stopped at 2am and then researched backup camera installs until 3am...

20240509 - Lesson on Saving

20240509 - Up in the am and headed over to the Worthington office. Got some work done, they brought in pizzas for lunch. Raining here but cleared up in early afternoon. Headed out a bit early to get to the game. It was a close game. G went 0-3 tonight, but they still won. Home and relaxing, G wanted to signup for some Xbox subscription for $17/mo, not without a job he isn’t… I thought I knew a trick, so looked it up and was able to convert my lesser annual subscription to the new thing he wanted by adding some gift cards to my current account. I spent $144 on the gift cards, he loaded them, and then we converted and got what he was looking for through April of 2026. So showed him how reading your emails and spending $144, rather than $425 on a monthly subscription, pays off… Watched some tv with L before heading to bed.

20240508 - Sr. Night

20240508 - Up in the am and to the desk for a call with a provider. I wasn't happy with their product so got us a $100/mo discount! Got some email and other things done and then took Hazel on a walk. Finished up my day, L home and we headed to the ballfield for Sr. Night. L got stuff set up with Mel and I got the press box stuff ready. I ran the music and Randi did the Sr. announcements. it was a very nice ceremony and the boys almost lost the game. Bottom of 6 in a tie and G was first up. he broke his dry spell and got a single and then worked his way around the bases to put us up by 1. They held them in the top of 7 and pulled off the W! what a great ending to Sr. night! We got things cleaned up and then headed home. L&I walked down to Signatures and joined some of the Sr. families for dinner. It was a good night.