20200116 - Wrong Kind of Shingles

20200116 - Up in the am and called the Dr. I hadn't been there in 5 years so they told me to come in early to get the new patient paperwork done... I got myself together and took a call from the house and did some email before heading to the Dr. Diagnosis = Shingles... That explains the soar back Monday and the pain spreading to my armpit Tuesday and to my chest Wednesday... After the Dr. I headed in to work and fought a couple fights. Finished up the day and headed home.

20200115 - No Dr. Please

20200115 - UP in the am and in to work slow. prepping for a big meeting. had a busy day, started feeling worse towards the end of the day. Home and had dinner with LJ&G. hung out in the living room with L while the boys played on their Xboxes. L&I chatted before bed and I showed her the rash I was getting. She thinks they are shingles and demands I go to the Dr. tomorrow. To bed and worked on processing some of our pictures.

20200114 - Busy Night

20200114 - Up in the am and in to work. Spent a lot of time on the phone working a big project. Finished the day helping Victoria with spreadsheets. Home and L at G's basketball game, J in the garage working and practicing on his skateboard. I ran in and renamed some pics before heading to a Scout meeting. Scout meeting was good, still not a lot of progress on things we really need to move forward with. Had 3 kids show up for the Board of review. Home and worked on some more pics and updating blog while watching TV until late.

20200113 - Messy

20200113 - Up in the am and walked into to a mess at work. Had a super stressful day and headed home a bit late. Home and L made me a sandwich before I ran G to basketball and she cut J's hair. I ran to Scouts to check in. Home and worked on pictures. Ran to pick G up and we stopped at the gas station. Skipping Bible Bangers tonight to  stay home and we watched the NCAA National Football Championship.

20200112 + EOY Processing

20200112 + Up in the am and ran G to baseball practice. I stopped for a haircut and quick stop at the gym on the way home. At the desk and got a couple things done. L headed out shopping and I ran to pick G up. When I got G we went to the post office, CVS and the bank. Home and I worked on the PC and download pics from my phone and then went through the hanging files and all the receipts for 2019. J went to work and they had too many people so he came home early. Ended up in the living room watching TV with L&G while they played cards and I organized all of L's medical bills from last August.  D called us, he was skiing with some friends. Ended the evening watching some football and playing cards with J&G.

20200111 + J Hoops It Up

20200111 + Up in the am and L ran G to basketball practice. I ran to the high school to help with the baseball clinic online checkins. Home and did a couple things at the desk and then L&I went to the high school to watch J and some of his friends play basketball in the Gahannathon ,a charity event. It was a hoot, J and his friends weren't that good but put on a good show against the girls soccer team. The announcers were hilarious, ie. J took a shoot and it was an air ball and the kid said 'Jack shoot and.... it hits nothing!'. G showed up about halfway through the game. J's team lost but they had a lot of fun. Home and did some things around the house. J to work, LG&I to Cane's for dinner and then to see Knives Out movie, it was really good. Home and J was home. J&G played Xbox until late

20200110 - Pizza w/ Fam

20200110- Up and in to work .It was a busy crazy day getting IT things sorted out and locked down. Headed home and got LJ&G and we went to MOD Pizza for dinner. Back home and J took off to a hockey game and then spent the night at a friends. LG&I watched Lost in Space and G&I stayed up way to late playing cards and having fun.

20200109 + Game Time

20200109 + Up in the am and in to work. Had a couple meetings as I walked in the door. At the desk getting things done. Hd a pretty stressful day, had to let a guy go, one of the worse ones I have ever done... Finished the day and swung by the house to pick L up and go to G's basketball game. I ended up doing the book for the game so L sat by herself. G had a really good game and played a lot, they won.  After G's game L&I had dinner at Taco Bell. I ran L home and then went to meet Bill & Tom at D-Bats for a baseball meeting. Home and hung out in the living room, G doing homework and L working on her school stuff. J home late from work. To bed in good time.

20200108 - Demo

20200108 - Up in the am and in to work. Had an office full of people and doing new things all morning. That means I am not getting to the things that were on my agenda... That trend continued throughout the day and I accomplished lots of things but nothing on my lists... Home for only a second to grab a hard drive and head to City Hall for the Landscape Board meeting. It was short and sweet, they should probably get rid of this board... On to the GLHS Performing Arts Boosters meeting. Penn & I gave a presentation of Team App to them. We also stayed for some of the meeting to help them with a website discussion... it took FOREVER... These Boosters are nothing like the Athletic Boosters; they like to talk in depth about everything and make sure everyone's feelings are accounted for. We got out of there and headed to Bob Evan's for a bite to eat. Finally home and hung out in front of the TV waiting for J to come home from work and then chatted with him a bit.

20200107 - Delicacy

20200107 - Up in the am and in to work. Took me a half an hour to get to my desk and then did an all morning training session. Back at the desk for the remainder of the day. Headed out a bit early and spent an hour and a half with my insurance agent looking at policies before I hit 50... Headed to Gahanna and to City Hall for a Civil Service Board meeting. It was a good meeting and got to congratulate both the new Mayor and City Attorney. Home and had some cereal. D upstairs and J downstairs, didn't see either of them... L home from G's game, G's team won 67-7. L&I got caught up on the day and then I ran to pick G up. Home and finished out the night. I shared one of my haystacks from aunt Mary with L, a very treasured delicacy 

20200106 - Back to Busy

20200106 - Up in the am and in to work. I had an offsite meeting all morning. L had her first day back to school. D got G to basketball practice. I finished the day and headed home. All the boys home doing things in their rooms, L cooking dinner. We caught up on her first day back and then the boys came down for dinner. JG&I ran to Scouts. I checked in, got my stuff done and headed home. Hung out with L watching TV. Boys home and D&I headed to Bible Bangers, no Doc, he went to bed early. Hung out at McD's with the Bible Bangers for a bit and then headed home and to bed.

20200105 + Puzzled

20200105 + Up in the am and L&I went to church. Home and got the boys up and G went with L&I to McD's for bfast and then on the a home show at the fairgrounds. We walked around and got ideas and then headed home. We hung out for the afternoon watching football and L&I worked on a puzzle. J went skateboarding with some friends and then came home with JGF3. We all went for a nice dinner at Bellacino's. Home and watched some TV and did some Booster stuff. J&I went out to Waffle House late for a snack and to catch up and get aligned.