2023119 - Up late and L been busy all morning. I got to the desk and tried to get Quicken working. L ran and got Christmas lights. I met with J&G on emails they need to pay attention to. L home and J helped her get the lights up on the front of the house. J&I got the downspout reattached. I worked on my license plate cover and then worked on the lights on the shed. In and had boiling hot soup with L while we watched some football. I ran to Kroger to get chocolate cake. Home had some cake and then got a call from prison, Kathy, an old friend I met while working in Wilmington NC. She’s in a bit of trouble and wants to see if I can help…


20231115 + Up in am, everyone gone and to the desk. D showed up, he FINALLY went to gett his expired tags from 2021 renewed. They didn’t let him renew them, he had to pay a fine and buy new plates. Hopefully he learned a lesson. G took the morning off to recover from his computer repair experiment last night… he heading to school, D did some laundry and then headed out. Hazel and I took a walk and then I hit the desk for the rest of the day. L home and we headed to Signatures for Bingo. A couple of her friends joined us G came to get food and Chris P stopped by for a round. Had a good time and headed home to ck on boys and head to bed. 

20231114 - E Key

20231114 - In bed heard running upstairs and heaving. Ran upstairs to find G hanging over the toilet heaving and gasping. I got him to calm down a bit and he said ‘I swallowed a key!’, and proceeded to try to make himself throw up the key. I yelled for L and she came, got weak in the knees and was not help. G eventually swallowed the ‘E’ key from his school Chromebook… Good thing we got the tech protection plan…


20231005 - Had an endodontics appointment, there is nothging wrong with my teeth... so will have to work my way up to figure this out. In to the office and got some things done. We all went to lunch, it was fun. Back tot he office and stayed for a late call. Home and L exhausted, we had leftovers and watched the Golden Bachelor 


20231004 - L&I went to Grove City in the afternoon for Mindy Leapley's calling hours. Very sad, she died at 45. Good to see Kevin and his boys and lots of other folks I used to work with at D1. Home and headed out to the baseball field for a parent meeting, it went good. Home and picked up L and we went to Signatures for Bingo. The Buerger fam showed up and the Shades. We had a great pizza and lots of fun bingo. Home and crashed.


20230924 - D & DFG13 stopped over so L could do D's laundry. We took a hike downtown to the Gahanna Flea Market and explored all the stuff. We popped in to Signatures for lunch and then headed home.


20230923 - Baseball, home G ready and took my car to pick up his date Madeline (GGF2). L&I headed to Inisswood Gradens and met up with some parent adn then kids showed up. We walked all over and got pick of the kids, so cute! After pics the kids took off and L&I headed to the Rusty Bucket for dinner. While we were eating a group of 6 young girls came in without dates and sat down to eat. L&I bought their dinners. It was a fun day and evening.


20230913 - 

Had a meeting at the school district office with Coach Shade about the building
Got car washed
Worked out 
Home and finished the day at the desk


20230912 - Grant had an interview at Hot Chicken Takeover today


20230905 - Up in the am, L had her first day of school, only had 1 cryer today! J went to work and G stayed home sick. I was at the desk all day. Took a noon walk with Hazel and then back to the desk. Everyone home. I was out back with the neighbor and his daughter throwing the ball and Hazel had a seizure. Got her settled and in, watched some tv.


20230829 - Worked from home. L had her second day of meet the kids. Jeff picked me up and we took the freezer to the high school and cleaned out the concession stand. Home and worked on documenting the stand process.