20201023 - Up late and L at work, she left her phone on the counter and J&G at school. I got on the PC and had calls and texts coming in from everywhere this morning.

20201022 + Good Dr. Day

20201022 + Up in the am and L home from work waiting on her COVID test results. I headed to the Endocrinologist for a visit and all my numbers are good and or headed in the right direction! Home and got the PC fired up and watched some of the Supreme Court nomination process with L and got notes from the Dr. visit recorded. L got a message from her COVID test that she is NEGATIVE! I headed to the desk and was there the rest of the day. After work LG&I ran to Steinmart as the store is closing to check it out, J was at work. I got some stuff I could resell and we swung through Arby's on the way home to pickup dinner. Home and we ate and then G hit the Xbox, L recovered a footstool and I did some things on the PC. We watched the debate which was much better than the first one but so deceiving from both candidates... hard to pick... I worked on a app until 4:18am...


20201021 - Up in the am and straight on a call. L home again today and has a COVID test scheduled this afternoon, and J&G are online for school. J ran out for lunch and I got on more calls. I headed out after lunch to pick and order new glasses. $750 later they are ordered and will take 3-4 weeks to get... On to the storage units for work to take inventory. Back home and finished off the day. L made us dinner and LJG&I ate together before J headed out to go thrifting and G hit the Xbox in the shed. L&I watched TV and I got a couple more things done. J came home with a manikin arm from his shopping spree... G in and we did logic puzzles while we watched the World Series and then headed to bed.


20201020 - Up in the am and started my day. Lori home today, she had a low grade fever and stayed home from school, J&G online for school. I spent the entire day in the office on calls and updating an app. With L down J cooked a very nice meal for us and it was delicious. J&G got on their electronics, I did a bit of work in the garage and then got on the PC and watched some TV. Chris stopped over and discussed some legal things with me. G in from playing the Xbox in the shed and we watched game 1 of the World Series. I stayed up to late watching TV and doing nothing.

20201019 - Brace Repairs

20201019 - Up in the am and L at work and J&G on their PCs. The teacher strike is over but I am guessing the re-start up is going to be a mess for the next couple days. I got things rolling and had to take G to the orthodontist at 11 to get his braces fixed. Home and I got back to the desk and worked the rest of the day. L wasn't feeling well, but made us dinner and J&G joined us at the table for a nice dinner. After dinner I spent a bit of time cleaning up the hot dog steamer and then Andy showed up and we hosted a Booster meeting from the garage. After the meeting I got things cleaned up and then watched some TV with L and then stayed up way too late.

20201018 - NO COVID

20201018 - Up in the am and L ran to get G and J home from his friends. I got around and G&I headed to Raising A Hitter in Westerville to meet a couple of kids and dads from his team to practice hitting. Home and got organized for the day and coming week. L got notified that one of the teachers from school tested positive for COVID and freaked out. She was a mess and G&I finally convinced her to go get tested so she headed out. D stopped over and we got his 401k stuff set up as we watched the Browns get the crap kicked out of them by the Steelers. D left, L home, she tested negative. L&I headed out for a couple errands and hit Home Depot and Meijer to get some supplies. Home and I helped GpaW with an impossible logic puzzle while L cooked dinner. We ate and then L ran G to basketball. We then watched some of our scary Netflix series, L was too afraid to pick G up but I sent her out anyway so I could keep working on the PC. L&G home, Chris Pettit over to watch the Beyond zombie shoe, but the TV wasn't working so we just hung out and chatted a bit. Chris left, J home from work, I stayed up too late updating ads for the Boosters

20201017 + Garage Work

20201017 + Up in the am got organized and then I cleaned out the garage and brought party supplies up and got things organized for the OSU Party next weekend. D home for a bit to get some things and the heater for his icebox of a room hes renting. J home from work for a bit before heading out to spend the night at a buddy's L ran G to a friends house for the night. I finished up and L&I had a left over pizza dinner on the back porch watching football with our fire table. Too chilly so we moved inside and watched some football until we fell asleep in the living room. Moved to the bedroom and then I couldn't sleep... up too late doing logic puzzles.

20201016 + G's 14!

20201016 - Up early to get blood drawn and get things rolling for a busy day. One of G's braces fell off yesterday so called the orthodontist but they can't see him until Monday. L at work, G up and we measured him, he grew 4.5 inches this last year and falls right between D&J when they were 14. G&I then headed to the AT&T store where he got a new iPhone 11 for his bday, he was very excited. We then went to Easton and got him a nice case and screen protector. We got some Cinnabon cinnamon rolls as we headed out. We stopped at an eye glass place quick to see if they had the magnetic sunglasses I love, no luck. home and I got to work and G hung out. L home and GmaB and Nicole stopped over. G's friends started showing  up early. I finished my day and J ran with me to the high school to pick up the hot dog steamer and we had to cross the picket lines of striking teachers. The protesters lined both sides of Hamilton Rd. and it was like nothing I've ever seen around here before. 

We got the steamer and headed home. L&I set up some games in the backyard and the rest of G's buddies showed up and played outside. J went with me to get the pizzas and we came home and ate, had an ice cream cake L made for G and he opened his presents. The boys went back outside and we kept them out there as long as possible before the enormous sound had to enter the house and take over the basement and then the room over the garage. I think they were up all night...

20201015 - Smithereens!

20201015 - Up in the am and L at school and J&G in bed with teacher still on strike... I joined a call and then got morning things done and then headed in to my office. G up and dealing with his phone that is smashed to smithereens...  unrepairable... We hit a post office and AT&T on the way home and are trying to decide what to do about his phone. Home and finished off the day and G&I had dinner with L, J is at work. G&I ran to his hitting lesson and and then home to watch some TV. J home late with burgers for everyone. G&I stayed up late doing logic puzzles and watching baseball.

20201014 + Tree Tunnel

20201014 + Up in the am and L at work and teachers still on strike... Got things rolling and G up seeing if he has any homework. I was at the desk all day getting things on many fronts pushed forward. With nothing to do both J&G eventually took off to go to friends. L home, I finished out my day and we headed to GFS the back way through one of our favorite tree tunnel roads to get a couple things for the party, but much less than in past years. We ran through McD's on the way home to pick up dinner. G home and LG&I eat together. G took off to the Xbox and L&I watched some TV and relaxed.

20201013 - ON STRIKE!? SERIOUSLY???

20201013 - Up in the am and weird day... L at a work day for school on Zoom training, J&G still in bed because our teacher thought it would be a good idea for the first day of school to GO ON STRIKE!? WHAT? SERIOUSLY??? The first day of a return to normal and this happens?! UGH! I worked all day and G had loud friends over. L home around lunch. Lonie and I joined a call about how the stock market reacts to presidential elections, J headed out for work at 5. I headed to the high school to pick up some programs to ship out and swing by the post office. Home and had some dinner and then headed out to the garage to clean up for the 10/24 OSU party and then ended up getting out the welder to fix up G's baseball net and then clean up. In and settled in front of the TV with L to finish out the night.

20201012 - Bad Dog!

20201012 - Up in the am and L at work and the boys still resting as they don't have school today. I got my Monday morning things done while I chatted with D, he is working for DataField today and it doesn't seem very organized... L home in the afternoon but couldn't get out of the car as one of the neighbor's pit bulls was on our front porch... I had to call to police, the dog ran off and L ran in. J lost his mind for some reason and left and G hanging out with some friends. I finished my day and then had some dinner with L. We then watched some football on TV and G came down to watch after screaming on the Xbox. Unable to sleep tonight...