20220525 - Up in the am and to the desk. L already doing party prep stuff. G and Trent up eventually and I got them started mowing the neighbors yard while L headed out for supplies. Back to the desk and G having all kinds of problems with mowing... I helped him get things running. Hazel heard a siren and we heard her howl for the first time today hahahaha! Back to the desk, L home and painted the threshold and walked around touching things up. J home for a minute before heading to work.

20220524 + New Threshold

20220524 + Up in the am and G at his last day of of his freshman year. I got thing rolling and had my weekly call with the IT team. Lonie joined the call, he’s doing much better today. L out getting supplies for the graduation party.  When she got home Hazel and I got her to take a walk with us. Back to the desk and finished out the day. Out of the office and took the front storm door off and started working on fixing up the threshold. 5 hours later and several modifications and corrections later we have a new threshold and everything back together. G’s buddy Trent came over to spend the night. L&I tired and headed to bed early.


20220523 - Up in the am and G at school and I jumped on an early call. I then packed things up and headed in to the office as J was getting up to return his Chromebook and L was cooking stuff for the upcoming graduation party. Stopped Home Depot to return the left over materials from this weekend's projects. Made it to the office and went over my CB list and unpacked the monitors, auction stuff and ladder. Gathered up some mail, checked in with Cory and headed home. Home and getting a couple of things done at the desk. Lonie called and they are letting him out of the hospital early, so I jumped in the car and headed to Lancaster. Picked Lonie up, took him to his car and then followed him home and made sure he didn't need anything. Headed home, swung through the carwash on the way. Home and made some left over Chinese and got settled at the computer for the rest of the day. L ran G to baseball practice. After work I started taking the front door threshold apart and figuring out how to clean it up. Then I did a bit of repair work on Shelly’s arm and nose. L&G home and we ate. Gary and Marlene stopped by to drop off a table, check out my car and chat for a bit. L&I then headed to Home Depot and searched for the stuff to fix up the threshold. We got a conglomeration of stuff I think I can make work and headed home. 


20220522 - Up in the am and updated the plan. I jumped in the car and return Bluetooth device to the UPS store. Home and got the cars out of the garage and L started cleaning it. We got G up and I bribed him to climb the ladder to trim the side of the house. His legs were shaking :-) We got the trimmings cleaned up and the D and DGF13 got here. DG&I did some prep work on our driveway. We got Doc to move his car and got his driveway prepped too. L ran to get us some lunch and pick up more stuff at the Home Depot. We got everything ready and then got ours and Doc's driveways resurfaced. CB called me in the middle of the job, Lonie called him and was in the hospital for his heart racing. I called and checked on Lonie. The drives look great! Stood out at the road and talked with Doc a bit, D ran to pick up dinner at Golden China, the neighbors came over with their baby to chat and Chris Pettit stopped by too. Boys home with dinner so I helped get Doc back in the house and then headed over for dinner. We ate on the 


20220521 - Up and got a game plan for the day. Headed out and held the ladder for L as she cleaned the dormers out front. I got a second coat on the back facia. Got G up and he helped L&I put new shutters on the front of the house, and then spread a bag of bug stuff around the house right before it started pouring. L&I got cleaned up and took stuff to Goodwill, ran to Home Depot and got order, L got more flowers and  ran through Wendy's to pick G up some food. Home and unloaded car and gave G his food. Got the Mercedes and picked up the Mallonns and we headed to Forty Deuce for dinner. A really neat place that has a hidden speakeasy in it. The food was really good and we'll be back to go to the hidden section. We walked around Restoration Hardware a bit and looked at all the overpriced stuff. I took some pick of some kids there to get prom pictures. We stopped at the Mallonn's for a couple drinks and to chat some more. Home not to late but really tired and to bed early.


20220520 + Up in the am and working from home. 
L&I to the play 'Legally Blond' at the high school tonight. The kids did great and it was a cute play. We got out of there late and headed home to watch a bit of TV on the back porch before G got home and we headed in to bed.


20220519 - Up in the am and L&I took some pics of J before he headed to his last day of high school. About mid-day J came home and announced he passed and would graduate! AMEN! I found his picture from his 1st day of kindergarten and superimposed it on the pic we took this morning. Same cute kid with weird hair, just a lot bigger. I headed out and walked Hazel. The mulch showed up. J home and upstairs turning missing assignment... I finished work and then painted the rest of the back facia while L spread 50 bags of mulch! In and exhausted, we sat in the living room tv on surfing on our phones. J headed to Larson's for the night, has one more test tomorrow am and needs to turn in his Chromebook, then he, and some friends are heading up to JGF6's family lake house on Middle Bass Island.


20220518 - Up in the am and L at school cleaning out her room, J&G at school. I headed to work and stopped to get ga$. In to work through  some spitting rain and got the day rolling.


20220517 - Up in the am and  LJ&G at school. I got around and had the morning internal IT call. I got a delivery and got some new wheel center covers on the Mercedes, grabbed some lunch and Hazel and I took a walk, saw guys climbing all over the Barnette's house working on the roof. Back to the desk for a call exploring new phone systems for the business and then our external IT call. L home, it was her last day of school. I got a couple of ebay things shipped and had to run to the shipping place for one of them, a big old heavy metal crimping tool, so they could ship it for me. It was right next to the new gyro place so I put an order in and tried to call L to let her know she wouldn't have to cook tonight. By the time I got her to answer the phone the order was placed and she had started cooking hamburgers on the grill... Home and we ate. The gyros are not near as good as the ones at Nazareth. After dinner Lori, Hazel and I took walk, Stopped to look at Barnette's new roof, to chat with Penn along the road, met a new neighbor, Banja and his wife Sara, and walked through the car lot guy peeing behind the building. Home and settled in for the night. J in and out studding for finals.


20220509- Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and headed in to the Worthington office.


20220508 - Up in the am and L ran and picked up G from his buddy's. L&I got ready and went to church, the first time I have been back since COVID hit. It was nice to go back and see folks. Home and G&I headed out to the store, he drove. We got enough food to feed an army and headed home. G&I started cutting up steak, chicken, ham and veggies. J showed up and then the 3 of us made 234,812 shish kabobs. I got the kitchen cleaned up and hung out on the back porch with L&J a bit and then J&I started cooking. The kabobs covered every inch of the grill. D showed up and Gma&paW came down for a nice dinner. We hung out and the played some cornhole and had a good time. Folks headed home and L&I got things cleaned up. L&I watched American Idol and she was happy to have all her boys here 2 Sundays in a row.


20220507 + Up in the am and L dropped G off at baseball practice and then headed to Deleware to see her mom and GgmaK. I got around and got a couple things done and G called ready to be picked up from baseball. I got G and had him help me with a couple jobs. First I had him put the battery in the mower. Second we dumped out 2 bags of sand on the patio and swept it in to the cracks, Third we put a new roof on the playset right before it started raining. Everything looks great and he was a big help from 11 to 3pm! In and had to clean Hazel's feet off in the bathtub. G made himself some food and I installed logo shadow lights in the Mercedes, they are SO COOL! In and L home and she planted some of the flower she got last night. I updated our pre-graduation todo list and then ran to pick up some pizzas our buddy makes the are SO GOOD! Home and we ate and watched a good scary movie 'Night House' and then had something else on in the background while we were both on our phones. Boys out for the night. We made sure they got where they were going and headed to bed.