20190816 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and headed to work through the new construction on 270. I thought I would take a chance and see how the new bridges and roads look. Traffic moved a long quicker than I expected and the construction looks great. I think they are opening up one of the new sections that will bypass a couple exits this weekend. On in the work and hit the ground running, knocking things out.

20190815 - 1st day of 10th

20190815 - Up in the am and J down with seconds to spare to get to his first day as a sophomore. We got a pic outside and zoomed to school. This got me in to work early and off to a good start. D got his eyes checked today and made a bat for someone in just a couple hours. I ran out of gas towards the end of the day... Home and everyone in the living room chatting and getting along. We sat down for dinner and everyone told about there day, new teachers and classes and who was in their study hall and what their friends did over the summer... I then headed downtown to Signatures and met a couple of the Booster Board members there for a meeting and a couple beers. It was a good meeting and I got home about 9:30. Sat with folks in the living room and chatted. All to bed in good time. I stayed up too late working on Booster stuff for Wilmington College and Gahanna... YAWN

20190814 - 1st day of 7th

20190814 - Up in the am and 1st day of School for G! He looks ready! I went a not normal way to work so I could follow and bug him as he walked to the bus stop and decided I would go drive until I saw traffic and then turn whatever direction I was farther from work. 

This took me into the depths of below 161, East of 270 no man's land. Thought I was back in Mexico City a couple of times or the Middle East, bad idea... In the the office and got folks stirred up a bit before getting some things done, having a call, running to the Scout Store and then home to go to the Dr. w/ L.  Home and L&D out school shopping. J home and discussed the coming year with him and then he bailed to ride around town with friends. L&I headed out to the Dr. and only learned that his guy is an idiot: it was clear he hadn't reviewed L's file before walking in the room, he didn't have any of the paperwork from the hospital or blood test results, didn't ask L how she felt, didn't do any of the common test that every Dr did while we were in the hospital for strength, he even said he didn't know what some of the blood tests that were ordered were and he would be able to read the results, and the kicker, his diagnosis "I don't know what's wrong with you. You're going to have to go to a specialist to figure this out". SERIOUSLY?! I suggested shingles, he said she doesn't have a rash. I asked if an antiviral pill would hurt her, he said no, do you want to try that? YES! at least it is something. We got out of there and L was LIVID. L called the neurologist on the way home and more great news... the Dr we saw in the hospital doesn't even have a file in his office on L, they had no idea who she was... Home and I got a bit of work done before we ran to pick up her prescription and then swing by MSE to get G from XC. I talked to the coaches a bit and then we headed home, G blabbering the entire way home about his new teachers, what friends he has in class... Pulled in the drive way, sat down to do some more work and J called needing picked up from XC... Ran to pick J up. Back home and heated up some leftovers, ate quick and then to City Hall for a Landscape Board meeting. The meeting was short and I ran through a drive through on the way home to pick up some Natty Light. Home and cousin Jennifer was there chatting with L. I sat down and we all chatted for a bit before Tom and Bill showed up to get the 2020 baseball season kicked off. We hung out on the back porch and got things cleaned up and ready to go. In and watched a bit of TV with L&G and then worked on Booster Programs until way too late again.

20190813 - $15 Clucker?

20190813 - Up slow in the am, Monday's wear me out... In to the office and a very busy morning. Today was Keith's bday and he just got a new house so I brought him a starter set of plastic fruit as both a bday and house warming gift.  L&G went to see the new Lion King today. G ran in XC this afternoon. L couldn't find J and had to take D with her to drive around. His 'phone was dead'... not fond of the kid he was with... Got a bunch done today and headed home. L made ribs for dinner and they were really good. D was at work and I got a notification he paid $15 for a chicken sandwich to be delivered to him from Chick Filet, $15 for a chicken sandwich, DOES HE NOT HAVE A BRAIN? OMG!!! I headed out to the Broad of review and we had 2 boys for rank advancement tonight. Hung around and chatted with the guys a bit about some potential changes in the Troop that need to be made (online payments, financial transparency...) Home and watched some America's Got Talent with L&G. D home, asked if his chicken sandwich was the best he had ever had... Headed to bed and up late doing Booster stuff.

20190812 + Hawaiian Toast

20190812 + Up and L reported that her left side was 'burning' the outside of her arm and leg, but not the inside... so weird.  I got around and headed in to the office to prepare for an early call. Had a busy day. Headed home and got D&G and we headed to Kroger to get stuff for dinner. Home and we made Hawaiian Toast and mashed potatoes. Was a pretty good meal. After dinner All the boys ran to Scouts where I dropped things off and got things squared away. Home for a bit and then back to pick up J&G, D had to run in to work. Home and got Doc and headed to a short Bible Bangers tonight, good to see everyone. Home and finished watching Pitch Perfect with L&G. To bed and up until 3am doing Booster stuff.

20190811 - Getting Things Done

20190811 - Up late in the am, apparently G was up until 5:30am with his buddies. Hung out in the back yard with L as she did various things, still feeling numb but all over the place. She gave J a haircut that enraged him... I listed some ebay things until it was time to run J to his XC pics at the high school. Home and listed more, D down and cleaned up his gun and we worked on his new site a bit WingerBats.com that I set up for him as a bday present, but wanted to work on it with him while he is home.

Took another break to run and spend a gagillion dollars on a pare of running shoes for G... Home and listed more stuff. after a bit I had to run G to open gym at his school for basketball... Back home and finished listing things and worked in ebay a bit and helped L get some of the sap off my car. Ran to pick G up and he did good and had fun at basketball. We relaxed and watched some gymnastics with L until J's friends came to spend the night. D&G watched a movie in the living room and L&I headed to bed.

20190810 - Around Town Day

20190810 - Happy bday to GpaW! Up in the am and ran J to XC over by Easton. I drove through the Land Rover and Mercedes dealerships on the way home for fun. Home and rested a bit until time to go back and get J. Got J and headed home, he ran 8.5 miles this am. Home and J shipping ebay stuff and I got some stuff done on the PC. Went driving with J to the post office, gas station, picked up a couple more bat billets for D's bday, on to the auction house in Reynoldsburg and finally to the bank. J id really good driving. Home and hung out until some of G's buddies showed up to spend the night. I played cornhole with them and beat the pants off of them in Trouble before they retired to the basement for the night. L&I watched a movie and headed to bed.

20190809 - Visitors and Early Bday

20190809 - Up in the am and completely exhausted straight out of bed... D headed out to work and L&GmaB getting G to XC, he has a pool party today. I headed out a bit late, got about to 270 and turned around to go back home and get my phone and then back on the road to work... In to the office and caught up with CB & Lonie. Got things lined up and knocking them out this am. On the PC hard all day getting tons of things caught up. Home a bit late and GpaB ere to get GmaB. We all ran to Moe's for dinner. After dinner Gma&paB took off and we headed home. After a bit Gma&paW stopped by so we could give him his bday present and chat a bit. After everyone left D headed out to spend the night at a friends and the rest of us watched Alita Battle Angel, it was a great movie. Up late getting pics added to the blog.

20190808 - Family Dinner

20190808 - Up in the am and dropped J off at XC on the way in to work. In to the office and catching up with folks and open items. Put some advertising items on some folks cars today and found an ad fro some new doughnuts I want to try... Pretty busy day but sorta quiet, good for getting things in order. Chatted with a lot of folks today getting back up to speed. Power was out at our house from 9am to 12 today as the power company was cleaning up limbs on our line today. Headed out a bit late and got home. D just got home from PA, he got stuck in some bad traffic. L&GmaB went to pick up some groceries and then the boys helped carry them in. D helped grill brats for dinner and all of us sat down to eat together for the first time in weeks. It was a good meal and everyone shared what they have been doing.  After dinner I ran J to his buddies for the night and I locked myself into the computer working on Booster Program sales for the rest of the night until late.

20190807 - Waiting, Meeting, Home

20190807 - Up in the am and dropped J off at XC on the way in to the hospital. Got to L's room and the Dr. was in the room checking L out when I got there running her through the routine stroke tests. She had a good night and we chatted a bit before the Neurologist came in and ran her through some more test. He order the 2nd MRI on her neck and some blood work. We waited... nurse came in took 13 vials of blood, we waited... L helped me sort receipts from vacation... GmaB is with the Boys today and they went out to lunch and got some school supplies for the boys. Eventually a guy came up and took L down for 2nd MRI. I got set up and online and started going through work email. L back to the room and we waited and waited... GmaB picked J up from XC and got him home in time for his 1st in car with the driving school and he did really well.

I eventually got through all of my work emails and then some Booster stuff. Dr back in and he didn’t see anything in the 2nd MRI and let us know that some of the results from the blood-work wouldn't be back for a week... he said we could go home but come back if symptoms get worse... We waited... GmaB showed up as they were getting L checked out and I bailed and went straight to the high school auditorium to give a quick speech about Team App to all of the coaches and then a second meeting in the library with just the high school coaches. Meetings over and I ran to McDs on the way home and bought 2 bags of misc food and headed home. L home and we ate a bit. J&G back from the pool, J brought some of his friends with him. Sitting around relaxing and everyone to bed nice and early tonight. D called and reported his team lost again today so they have been knocked out of the tournament and will be home tomorrow. Exhausted...

20190806 - Squad Run

20190806 - Up in the am and L got J up and out to school to register for classes. I got around and headed in to work and started making noise and getting things rolling to get caught up. About 10:30 Lori called me and said her left side was numb. She went over to the neighbors and was going to have them take her to the Dr. Thinking about it I called her back and told her to call the squad, they could get her there faster and may have medicine she would need. I raced home and pulled in with the squad there as they were loading her up.

The squad took her to the hospital and I got the boys organized, they had just got home from XC as everything was going on... I gave them instructions and then headed to the hospital. By the time I found L's room in the ER she was gone, she was getting a CT scan. L got back to the room and we chatted a bit as Dr.s and nurses came and went. Nicole showed up and we all sat around waiting and waiting... eventually L was rolled out to get an MRI. When L got back to the room we waited and waited... They wanted to admit her overnight to observe her and moved her up to a room on the stroke floor. GmaB showed up and took care of the boys. We still didn't have many answers... eventually the nurses on the floor gave us what news they could, that the CT and MRI came back normal and there would be no new activity until tomorrow as they are still not sure why she is numb from the left eyebrow all the way down to her knee... GmaB brought G and some supplies in for L.  I wrapped things up at the hospital and headed home. Home and J went to his XC parent meeting tonight, he caught a ride with a friend and got new shoes.  I got J&G squared away with the plan for tomorrow morning and headed to bed.

20190805 - AAABA World Series

20190805 - Up early ate at hotel surrounded by Marines. We got on the road and drove and drove to get to Lilly PA in the middle of nowhere, to watch D play baseball in the All American Amateur Baseball Association World Series. We got there just as the game started and a guy sang the 3rd verse of the Nation Anthem, never heard that one before... D had a great game, laid down an awesome bunt his first at bat, got a single up the middle for his second, Struck out his 3rd, got walked and then picked off for his 4th. His defense was great at short and he made some awesome plays. 

I walked around a bit during the game and visited the huge monument dedicated to the first commercial coal miners in the US.

The game was over in 8 as they were run ruled... We hung out after the game, gave him his sweet tea and snacks and then got back on the road. We made one more quick stop at a monument for the townspeople that stood up to the KKK and stopped their Northward advancement! On the road forever.... Home about 7:30 and got the car unloaded, house straightened up and things put away. Boys on their Xboxes and L&I sitting in the living room getting boys registered for school and their fees paid while watching a movie. Got everyone to bed in good time for a busy day tomorrow. I talked to J&G before heading to bed and they said they had a good time on vacation. A bit too much driving for me at the end, but made some great memories and had a lot of fun on this vacation.