20200403 - Up in the am and getting in to work. D drug test J skateboarding friend's bday G shed L making masks tacos for dinner helpd D with cube watched some of See on Apple TV Con call with Bourbon & Bonfire

20200402 - Overdue Trim

20200402 - Up late, couldn't sleep most of the night. Got myself around and then dove in. L cleaned off the back porch today< D helped int he yard a bit, had to pry J out of bed and force him to do school work, G worked at the counter for hours doing his school work. I worked past 5, we all got together to clean out the fridge for dinner. L gave J a haircut, D&G ran to their electronics, I cleaned up the dishes and then tried to get caught up on personal stuff. L had a FaceTime call with her girlfriends and then joined G&I watching Police Academy 3. After the movie L went to bed and G&I settled in to watch Police Academy 4.

20200401 + L Bday

20200401 + Up in the am and wished L a happy bday! We had coffee together and she opened he slippers. I headed in to the office and got my day underway. The boys came down and I took a break to watch L open her presents and arranged the boys to run and get Cane's for lunch. Back into the office and then back out to have lunch. Back into the office on the PC and calls the rest of the day. Out and ordered dinner from City BBQ and we had a feast for L's bday dinner. We then gathered int he basement to watch the new 'Dr. Dolittle' it was super cute. Then the boys vanished upstairs and L&I watched a magic show and headed to bed. I worked a bit more and then called it a night.

20200331 - Applying Himself

20200331 - Up in the am and had bfast with L and did email. L getting boys up, I headed in to the office to host a call with my team and then do some programming. Spent the day in the office. Had  run and pick up a prescription for me. and he and G worked on his pong table some more. We had dinner together and then I watched D fill out his job application, he is going to work for the company I work for in the field division as a surveyor. G&I watched Police Academy 2 before heading to bed.

20200330 + Home Bound Day

20200330 + Up in the am and L buzzing around. I made some coffee and started with email in the living room. L got G&J up to start their school work and I headed n to the office for a couple calls that gave me work through 5pm. D worked on his pong table a bit and J was grumpy today, G hung out in the shed until dinner time. Out for dinner and we all ate together. After dinner JG&I got on Zoom for a meeting with the scouts. After our virtual scout meeting G&I played a couple hands of rummy, then the boys headed to electronics and I had a quick FaceTime with the Bible Bangers. L&I shut things down early tonight as everyone apparently is exhausted from the weekend.

20200329 - Getting Things Done

20200329 - Up late and L made bfast for everyone. We ate and then watched our church on YouTube, it was ok, a bit long. L headed out for a walk with Lilly, D&J headed next door and cut down the grasses on the neighbor's side, G headed out for a run. After the grasses J headed out to ride his skateboard and D&I fixed Doc's address sign in his front yard. Doc has a brand new Mercedes SUV :-o In and gathering data on the movies and series we have watched so far http://Bit.ly/WingerMovies and catching up on the Blog. I hung out in front of the TV and watched 'Citizen Kane' which is on many lists as the best movie of all time. I guess I am a movie idiot because I hove NO IDEA why anyone would claim that is one of the best movies of all time??? D ran to Home Depot to buy wood for a beer pong table and came home and worked on that most of the day. J returned soaking wet, he crashed in to the water at Creekside, but that didn't stop him from trying the unicycle. G played in the she and helped D with his project. L made hot sandwiches and soup for us so we ate and then hung out for a bit. The big boys headed upstairs and G&I stayed up and watched 'Police Academy'

20200328 - Triple Movie Night

20200328 - Up late and headed outside to trim the grape arbor. G in the shed screaming at the xbox. J&G in their room. L fluttering around doing this and that, making a dessert, sweeping, on and on... It rained and I took shelter in G's shed fort and looked for leaks. It is SO LOUD in there with the rain on the metal roof and G's screaming. I went out when the rain let up a bit and finished up the grapes and trimmed along the flowerbeds. Took the grapevines and made a wreath. In and got cleaned up. Sent D&J out to pick up Panda Express for dinner.  When the boys returned we all ate and then headed downstairs to watch 1917. We LOVED it. D&J headed up to get on their electronics, G&I settled in the living room and watched 'Airplane' and 'Naked Gun'. G was laughing through both of them.

20200327 + Whip It

20200327 + Up in the am and got some bfast while L did her exercises. G up around 10 and I headed in to the office to take some calls. Worked a full day, L is pretty bored she whipped ingredients for 10 minutes to make whipped coffee and made homemade pizzas for dinner. We all ate together and then the boys played on their electronics. L and I watched the Tiger King a bit and then headed to bed. G up, couldn't sleep so I sat him down and made him watch 'Usual Suspects'.

20200326 - Grasses Down

20200326 - Up in the am and on the PC and texting and calling with a lot of folks. L out for a long walk and G up around 12 and headed out to the shed and then in to make mac-n-cheese. D&J up around 1. D&J helped L cut down the grasses along the fence. I texted a ton of people to check on them and some of them called me back, good to talk to folks I haven't heard from in a while and I walked around the back yard while chatting with them for some exercise. Finished up my day and we all had dinner together. After dinner we watched American Ultra, it was a good action movie. L&I decided to do an experiment tonight to leave the internet on and see what time the boys stopped playing on their xboxes... At 1:30 I shit everything off as G was still playing and yelling at the xbox...

20200325 - Roof Repairs & Stuffed Burgers

20200325 - Up in the am and on the PC doing some work. L all over the place looking for things to do. Eventually the boys got up and I forced them out in to this beautiful day. D&G headed up to the roof of the shed to apply some rubberized tape to the seams to seal it up a bit. J headed to a skate park to practice a bit. I took a couple calls and did some more email as J got home and started cooking dinner. J cooked u s a good dinner, stuffed burgers and fresh cut french fries. We headed in and D&I watched a great movie, Platform. After that he retreated upstairs with J to get on the Xbox. I went out to tell G to come in from his shed fort and he was heading in so I hid in the shadows and scared the crap out of him. In and watched the French movie Delicatessen. Headed to bed in good time.

20200324 + Lori's Class on Marco Polo

20200324 + Up in the am and got a couple emails done. In to the office and had a call with my team. L recorded some books on the backporch to send to her kids on the Marco Polo app. Check it out --> https://onmarcopolo.com/groups/bFeC80uxNfCX/loris-group   I heard a couple of the boys up and about. Eventually the boys worked on their lists the L left for them and then got on their electronics. We all got together for dinner and then a short break before we gathered in the basement to watch 'The Big Green' a cute show about some kids in texas that learn to play soccer. Boys back on their electronics for a bit before bed.

20200323 - Bear Hunt

20200323 - Up in the am and working in the living room with the news on and L cleaning everything in site... The boys sleeping in. G up first, got some of his school work done and headed out to the shed to play the Xbox with friends. D&J up eventually. I read a post where people in our neighborhood are putting bears in their windows so all the kids talking walks can go on a 'Bear Hunt' so I grabbed Teddy and put him in my office window. Lori was a loud mess today as she discovered FaceTiming with her friends... I headed out to check on G and he had his hangout in the shed setup and playing with his friends. I cooked brats and hot dogs on the grill and we had dinner. We played a card game and then G&I watched 'Solver' a cute mytery movie in the basement. We took a break to get ice cream and then I had a FaceTime with the Bible Bangers for a bit. We finished up our movie and headed to bed.