20180719 - Up in the am and in to work. Started off researching some new software to see if it would be useful to the team.

20180718 +

20180718 + Up in the am and in to work. Got a good start, had a very full day of meetings and getting things done and the day was over before I knew it. Home in good time tonight and got the car loaded up with Eagles and 76ers stuff to deliver. L&I headed out to Reynoldsburg for our 1st delivery at DuJuan's house and then on to Groveport area to deliver stuff to Laci's. We then stopped at the Texas Roadhouse for an awesome dinner. Home and L watched some TV while I got caught up on Booster stuff. To bed and then back up and into the office to get caught up on eBay stuff. Up late looking at auctions.

20180717 -

20180717 - Up in the am and in to work. Got a couple things done right away and then called AT&T back to make sure the order last night was right, it wasn't so got that cleared up... Had a busy day at work making some good progress. Headed home and it only took 45 minutes tonight... Home and checked in with Doc and then L and GmaB showed me the new chairs they purchased today. I headed to the back porch and Tom and Bill showed up to discuss next season and have a couple beers. headed in when the bugs got to bad, watched some TV with the girls and then went to schedule our vacation and one of the places I had picked was taken and L didn't like the other so I started all over again. Knowing it had to be done I picked a place by 2am...

20180716 -

20180716 - Up in the am and in to work. Dug right into evaluating the system to prepare for a meeting with the vendor. Had a good meeting and then worked through lunch and then had a big concept meeting for most of the remainder of the day. Called AT&T and that call lasted until the drive home. Drive home was a mess, 270 parking lot so went the same alternate route everyone else took... I took 1.45 min to get home... Still on the phone with AT&T ordering new phones for everyone in the house... Home talked to L for 15 min and saw all the crap she is throwing away after cleaning the boy's rooms out today :-o  Headed to the Booster meeting at the high school and had to find away in again. Had the meeting, it was pretty good but low attendance. Stayed and talked to a lady about using Team App and then Andy. Home and started shipping things, had 12 orders to get out, L helped. To bed and we looked for vacation rentals until way too late...

20180715 +

20180715 + Up early and boys got everything packed into the white car. We all headed over to the school behind the house to check in with the Troop and then DG&I headed off to get gas and snacks. Back to the school and picked up L&J and we headed to Scout camp. We got to the Dalton Dari-ette and had lunch with the Troop. Back on the road for another hour to arrive at camp. Boys got unloaded, pictures taken, health forms reviewed and ready to hike back to camp in good quick fashion. G stuck pretty tight to D and when D left to go do some adult things he stuck to J. He got himself a nice new tent with mosquito netting, got changed and headed to the waterfront. G was the smallest in his group, but was the 2nd to be done and pass the BSA Swim Test. L&I said goodbye to J&G (D already off doing other things) and we headed back to the car. We swung by the Scout Store to get a couple slushies to cool the blistering heat. Back on the road and we stopped at the Farm and went to Applebee's for a nice dinner and to catch up a bit. Back on the road and home to a sad dog. I got the boys devices backed up and cleaned up and to bed in good time. A lot of time on the road today and sort of sad to take and leave G at camp.

20180714 -

20180714 - Up in the am and we all piled into the car and headed to Dublin to watch D play baseball. J&I dropped L&G off and headed back to McD's to get some bfast. Back to the game and it was not the prettiest game. The boys ended up losing the game which knocked them out of the tournament and was the last game for the season. It was the last game ever for 4 of the boys and I am guessing the last Summer game for D as well. After the game we headed North to Delaware State Park with a stop to gas up D's car. We got to the park and met up with L's extended family for a late 4th of July picnic. It was good to see folks, catch up, try once again to fly a kite. We stayed for a bit and then D&J headed home. J met with his merit badge counselor and finally finished his cooking merit badge! LG&I headed out shortly after. LG&I headed to Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction wins and look around the store. We then headed to the Government Surplus store to look for a hammock, failed, so we hit Meijer and got D a backpack for school, a hammock for G for camp and some snacks for the campers. We got home and unpacked, and then had the boys pack their packs and double check everything to make sure they were ready for camp, J suddenly has no shoes... D&DGF7 ran and got us pizzas. Hung out on the back porch until I couldn't take the bugs anymore.

20180713 +

20180713 + Up in the am and in to work. Had to take an alternate route as traffic was at a standstill on 270 this morning. In and started off writing policies and procedures right out of the gate. Worked all day and headed out a couple min early to get to the high school down the road to watch D play for a bit. The boys won and D headed home and L&I headed into Worthington to meet up with Courtland and Missy so we could see her new car and get a tour of the new building. Lori loved the building and it was good to see CB and Missy again, it has been a long time. We got a tour and ride in Missy's new Range Rover, super nice and then L&I headed to the Old Bag of Nails for a good dinner. Home and tried to get the boys a little organized for upcoming camp.


20180712 - Up in the am and in to work. Back into the conference room to keep digging in to the issues. Worked all day on policies and procedures. Took a break for lunch to go watch some of D's baseball game that was close and sit with L for a minute. Headed back and finished the day. Home and Doc called me over to program his garage door opener. I had a beer with him and J and a whole gaggle of his friends showed up and littered the front yard with bikes. I hung out with L on the back porch and D&G played wiffle ball and J and his buddies took off to terrorize the town. Got changed and headed to Granville for bourbon and bonfire night. Hung out with the guys, tried some new bourbons and chatted until late. Home, locked out, got in and straight to bed.

20180711 -

20180711 - Up in the am and in to work. Started off changing more things right out of the gate. We had an all day meeting in the big conference room focusing on our biggest problem. After that I headed home, got changed and G&I headed to Academy Park for night 2 of tryouts. There were more kids there tonight and it went pretty good. After tryouts we headed home and a couple of G's buddies came with us. The dad's came too and headed to the back porch to chat about the team while I changed the back brakes on L's car. I wrapped things up, they all left and I headed inside to start on Booster emails until very late.

20180710 +

20180710 + Up in the am and in to work. Started with a call from Jason and publishing the summary findings from an internal survey and a product demo. Had a good day sitting with some of the guys on the floor learning what they do. Finished off the day and headed to the baseball field through heavy rain and on the back roads due to a big accident on 270. I got to the field and the rain cleared up. D&G showed up and we had tryouts for the Gahanna 12U baseball teams. The weather held off and there were a lot of kids there, only 3 new ones. After tryouts DG&I headed to Wendy's for dinner and a couple of G's buddies met us there. After dinner we headed home and joined L watching a documentary on how they got the 12 kids out of the cave in Taiwan while i sent out emails for the boosters until way too late.


20180709 - Up in the am and in to work. Outlining things for the next couple weeks to plan the rest of our Summer and make sure it all lines up with work. Had a very busy day and got a lot of things in order for a productive week. Finished up the day and headed home. Home and L was cooking dinner, D was lifeguarding, J was at the pool and G was playing the Xbox. I listed a couple of things, J got home, L served us dinner. After dinner the boys got ready and I loaded up the car with some Eagles stuff to deliver. JG&I then headed to Scouts. J worked with his merit badge counselors and got 1 of the 2 required merit badges done... (my head exploding here...). D showed up at Scouts to check in with his camp bunk-mate and make plans. After Scouts I dropped J off and G&I ran to the gas station where he got chocolate milk and then on to a friends house to drop off the Eagles stuff. Home and I joined L on the back porch and worked on some Booster stuff. It got to buggy so we headed inside to watch 'The Proposal' where a guy I used to hang out with was on the show. He only made it to the second round before being eliminated, but it was super fun to watch. All boys to bed and I was up late working on Booster stuff.

20180708 +

20180708 + Up late after a good nights sleep and into the garage. D helped a little before running of to his game. I worked a bit more until we left to watch him. J&G were forced off the Xbox and to go to the game with us, not pleasant getting them out of the house and in the car, but for the most part after we started rolling and the Xbox was no longer an option things went pretty smooth. We got to D's game and they were down 7-0. We watched as the boys tried to catch up but they just couldn't. D had a couple hits, one dribbler and one really nice hit over short that was caught by an amazing dive bu the left fielder. The boys lost and we headed home. Home and J&G took some of my cash and disappeared to Creekside to play Pokemon. D home and helped me in the garage getting things sorted and loaded and moved about, trying to make sense of it all and listing the big ticket items when we ran across them. DGF7 showed up and they took Lilly for a walk to Creekside. J&G home, they stopped and picked up our Subway order on the way and we had dinner still sorting things. L came out and broke down some boxes and helped pack some stuff up. Amazing that by 10pm L&D's cars are packed to the brim with things to donate, the garage is clean enough to pull the car in and the items are sorted by the 4 Philadelphia sport team. In, cleaned up and to bed exhausted.