20180527 - Graduation Party!

20180420 -

20180420 - Up in the am and into the office. Got my morning things done and then in for a 4 hr call.

20180419 -

20180419 - Up in the am and in to the office. Lined stuff up and knocked it out today. I even got to spend some time on the floor doing some hands on work, which I like...  D's game was cancelled today and he had practice and then went to DGF7's for dinner. Home and got things together and headed back to G's game. L went to J's track meet and watched J's 1st race and then came to G's game. I scored the game tonight and played music for the first time this year and it all worked good.  G had an ok game, a little rusty, but being the first warm game of the year we have to work the kinks out. He played short and had 3 errors in the field, but got his first hit of the season which you could see boosted him. G's game waas short as the boys overall played well and won easily to a team that had beaten the crap out of 2 other teams so far this year. After G's game LG&I headed to J's track meet and met up with Gma&paW. It was VERY COLD. We all watched J run his second race and then Gma&paW headed home. LG&I stayed for the last event J runs in to watch. J ran like crazy and did his job in the relay and they came in 3rd, but they boys won the overall meet!  After the meet LJG&I hit DQ for dinner.  Home and caught up with D and settled in for the night. up late doing Booster stuff.

20180418 - 70 Bags

20180418 - Up in the am and no coffee so swung through McD's for some and a McMuffin. In to the office and prepping for the day. Day went pretty smooth.  Home and pulled up to the 70 bags of mulch that were delivered. Not a lot on the schedule tonight so hung out at home and watched a movie with L&G.

20180417 -

20180417 - Up in the am and in to work admiring the blooming cherry and magnolia trees through the snow and 33 degree wind! WHAT IS GOING ON? I am SO DONE with WINTER! In to the office and in to the conference room for a day of calls and catching up. I got a lot of things done and lined up to knocked out. Had a pretty frustrating call on the way to pick up G from baseball. Got G, said hi to the guys and headed home. Home and L had dinner ready for all of us + DGF7. We ate and then LJG&I headed to the basement to watch the new Maze Runner movie. It was looong... Show over, boys to bed, work till 3 on booster stuff.

20180416 -

20180416 - Up in the am and in to work. Had an interesting meeting in the morning and plowed through the rest of the day. Home through blowing SNOW! Got home and L had cooked us dinner and we all were there and sat down and ate together. G waas home from school again today with a fever and L got J out of school early and took G&J to the dentist to get their teeth cleaned and di$cu$$ brace$... D had a short practice outside today and they all decided to stop practicing when they couldn't see the ball they were throwing from the snow. After dinner D worked on scholarships and then dropped J&G off at Scouts while I headed to a Booster meeting and left L at home. Booster meeting went well and I stayed after to help some folks get set up on the Team App. I then ran to Scouts to pick up J&G and walked in just in time to see J giving G his neckerchief. G looks so big in his Scout uniform. Home and dropped off the boys and picked up Doc and headed to Bible Bangers for a nice night. Home and watched some Lost in Space on Netflix while I did some Booster IT stuff.

20180415 +

20180415 + Up in the am and waiting around to see if G had baseball = NO due to all the rain. So we packed everything up and headed down to Farmhouse and did couple final things, said goodbye to Gma&paW and headed home. D drove my car, passed up halfway home. Home and unloaded and settled in to get some things done. D vanished with DGF7, J&G fought over the Xbox, L did laundry and I dug into the PC. G&I ran to get his baseball pics taken and picked up dinner for J&G and then L&I left them to fend for themselves and we went out to dinner. Home and watched a little American Idol with L&G before J&I headed to the Basement to watch the Walking Dead, D home and couple of the guys over to watch with us.

20180412 - J's Track Wins!

20180412 - Up in the am, L doesn't like anything she owns and D has another late start day. In to work and into the conference room for the morning. G home from school sick today... Finished the day and rushed home, checked on G and then headed to the ball field to score G's game while he rested at home. D stopped by the game after his practice. L at J's track meet where they won! Home and checked on G and settled in for the night.

20180411 + Headed to Wilmington!

Image result for wilmington college logo20180411 + Up in the am and in to work. Got a couple of things done and the network and email is dragging and there are people all over the office again with nowhere to go to take a call so I headed home. I passed D on the corner as he was waiting to cross the street for school on the way. Home and got things set up and rolling. G home and started his homework, L home and one of her toenails fell off :-o I finished my day and headed to D's baseball game, he did not play... Gma&paW met us at the field. I checked in with the Booster guys and then headed to the Landscape Board meeting. Meeting was good and headed home after. Gma&paW and G swung by Panda Express on the way home and picked up some dinner. L ran to get J from track. D&DGF7 showed up after DGF7 received he National Honor Society award and we all got something to eat. After dinner and folks headed out D&I headed to Starbucks to discuss college. Looks like we are going to give Wilmington a shot! Home and to bed.

20180410 - Cold Loss

20180410 - Up in the am and in to work. Worked with Justin and MikeL a bit and then had a call. The office was incredibly crowded today and I couldn't find a place to take my conf calls so I pushed them all out until tomorrow hoping space would be available then. Finished up the day and headed to D's baseball game. Went to the pressbox which was a bit warmer and took over scoring on the Team App, it was running horribly slow today. D did not play at all... The boys lost 13-0 in only 5 innings.., Home and walked in just as G was getting back from baseball practice. Soon L&J home from his track meet, his relay came in 1st! We hung out and L did her exercising until D got home and we all caught up. Up late filling out financial aid info for D to go to school.