20200707 - Up in the am and D out early to stand in line at the BMV and get license plates. L&J to the dentist, J got a filling. I got G and Luke up and Luke's dad stopped by to get him. I had calls and email all morning. L&D headed to Old Navy and J headed out to make t-shirts with friends.

20200706 - Too Hot

20200706 + Up in the am and J took G to cross country and then on to a 4 mile run for himself. L took Lilly on a walk and I got the PC fired up. I headed downtown to meet with the ocularist and get my eye cleaned, first time in 9 years. He said everything looked good... Home and got on the PC and started working. G had his buddy Luke come over in the afternoon and J headed out with some friends. After work LG, Luke and I headed to Dublin to watch D play some baseball. D did ok and seems to like being on the field and hanging out with the guys. He got a nice hit and played the whole game. After the game we headed home, swung through Popeye's to get spicy chicken sandwiches and go home and eat. G and Luke tried to sleep out in the shed but it was too hot so they came in. J home late, was playing poker. I stayed up and got some work done on the PC.

20200705 - He Can Still Paly

20200705 - Up in the am and LG&I headed to Dayton to watch D play some baseball. D's old team called him last night and needed a second baseman, so he got up early, worked and then went straight to Dayton. We got there and it was HOT. Russ & Nancy and cousin Lori came to hang out and chat and watch D play. It was a great afternoon but very hot. D's team lost but D played second well, made a great barehanded double play, and connected during one of his at bats. D took G home and L&I headed home. Home and DG&I headed to the Mallonn's to work on the pergola. we got the roof on and L came over to check it out. J stopped over after he got off work. We got everything on and tightened down and it looks great! Home, cleaned up exhausted.

20200704 + Knee High!

20200704 + Up in the am and LDG&I headed to Newcomerstown for the day. GpaB cooked a huge plate of shish kabobs and GmaB&L had a hundred plates of sides we passed around and stuffed ourselves. After the feast we looked at all of GpaB's guns and watched the Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest. G&I walked back to look at the ball fields, they are all grown up from not being used. We hung out and chatted and stayed out of the heat. It was a very nice visit. Home and L spent a long time cleaning up the mess D's friends made in the basement while D took off to spend the night with some friends. G hung out and played on the Xbox. J got home late and told us all about his adventures in Myrtle Beach. L was shaking like a leaf due to all the fireworks being shot off. Because there were no city sponsored fireworks this year everyone up and down the road and you could hear them all over town.

20200703 + HOT Build

20200703 + Up in the am and D took G to baseball practice. I swung by practice and then on to Meijer to get some things. Home and then D&I headed over to the Mallonn's where we helped get the base to their pergola built. It was about 93 degrees out and we were soaked, but it looks great. Home and took a cold shower to bring my body temp down and hung out on the back porch for a bit. D went out with some of his friends and eventually came home with them late, one of them had too much to drink...

20200702 + Watchful Eye

20200702 + Up in the am to D's broken phone alarm at 6am. The phone is so badly damaged we couldn't get the alarm to stop or shut the phone off so I put it in a drawer in the garage and tried to get some more rest. Up after a bit, my rash a bit better, and I ran to LapCorp to have blood drawn for my Dr. appointment next week. Back home and L and Lilly out watering flowers and I got on the PC for the day. Took an IT call for the Boosters that lasted way too long, but got they problem fixed. L had G mow the front and then he was out on the town on his bike all day and made arrangements to spend the night with Luke Amos. L&I took him over and hung out talking with Jason and Susanne until late.

20200701 - HOME RUN!!!

20200701 - Up in the am and got on calls and had a busy day in the office. D took G back to the school and pitched to him for about an hour. Boys back home for a minute and then headed up to Westerville for G's baseball game. We played the Cobras and somehow by the grace of God the last time we played them they won. Well our boys weren't having any more of that. The boys played very well and G went 2 for 3, 1 nice deep shot to center that was caught, another for a single and a bomb for a home run! his second ever. G's home run put the game out of touch for the Cobras and we run ruled them after 5. After the game we headed to Coach's to eat and celebrate Bi'll bday. It was a good time. D brought G and the other players from the team back to our house to play wiffle ball and called shortly after to let me know his recently repaired phone screen got smashed... L&I chatted with Tom Sr. and his wife and heard some amazing stories of his life. The best being 'convinced' to drive to Wytheville VA and get married at 18. Guy has had an amazing life. Home and got another old phone out of the safe for D and he took off with his friends. The other parents stopped and got their kids and we headed to bed.

20200630 - Baseball Brothers

20200630 - Up in the am and started itching from the mystery spots. Hanging out on calls in the office until time to head to the Dr. L up early and took walk with Lilly, D home from friends. Had calls right up to the time I left for the Dr. Dr. said the bumps looked like folliculitis and it should go away, but come back if it gets worse... That was helpful... Home and L reported that J face-timed her and was having a great time in Myrtle Beach. Roger Wright stopped by the house on his daily walk. Back to the desk to finish the day. D&G headed to the ball field and L&I shortly after. I showed my spots to Terrill the team Dr. and he said that's no folliculitis, looks like bug bite, but not sure... G went 1 for 2 on the night getting a nice single to center and then stole the other 3 bases to score, hit by pitch and a ground out. We were playing a team from Plain City and both Landon and Colton hit huge home runs. The game was over in 5 innings and we headed home. The McClains and Tom & Landon stopped by for some pizza and beers. Hung out and chatted a bit. Everyone left in good time and off to bed.

20200629 - Decorative Door

20200629 - Up in the am and have a strange rash on my legs and torso... Called and made a Dr. appointment for tomorrow. L doesn't have it so no idea what is going on. D headed out to work and DGF10 headed home. I got on the PC and started working. Had a busy day and got a lot done. After work L&I headed over to the Varney's for a nice dinner and great conversation. They are amazing people and we love spending time with them. Home late, D at a friends for the night and G slept in the basement.

20200628 - Four Amigos

20200628 + Up in the am and D at work, L watering plants. I got in a text string about my disappointment in the short notice game... helped G set up the pitching machine and he hit those then wanted to go to Dbat so we went there, got him some batting gloves and he hit a bit. Home and G changed and LG&I headed to the baseball field. The boys played the Columbus Cobras, a team we should never lose to, and the boys played well, but every hit they got was right to someone or was fielded well and we got beat. Home and the McClains, Tom and Landon and Terrill and Andrew came over for a bit to have some pizza and beers on the back porch. D and DGF10 were here. We played some cornhole and just relaxed. Everyone left and we cleaned up and watched soem TV with D and DGF10. J swung by the house with his friends and we got him some cash, told him to be careful and hugged him goodbye as he heads out to Myrtle Beach with his friends. To bed in good time. J called he dropped his phone... So J back home, I got an old phone out and charged up and switched the SIM card and got service set up. Back to bed.

20200627 + Sloppy L

20200627 + Up late and D at work and L doing yard stuff. Rained really hard for a short time and I thought it might be fun to get a cabin in Hocking Hills but L was worried it was going to ran the rest of the day.  J up and headed out for national skateboard day with his friends. Penn stopped by for a chat and the McClains called said they were going to Coach’s so L&I walked up to join them for a bit. D home from work and Bill went him some $ to take food to his kids. We had a good time. Home and checked out D’s desk he’s got all set up. Watched a bit of TV and to bed not too late. 

20200626 - Bad Game

20200626 - Up and in to the office. Had a very busy day and got a lot done. D worked today and J worked all night. G had a baseball game. They won but G had a bad game. Gma&paW came down and came back to the house for dinner. GpaW&I ran to get Chinese. We had a good meal, D ate with us too. L&I settles in and watched Fire Saga a funny Will Ferrel movie before heading to bed.