20210803 - Up in the am and to the desk. G had XC, J at work and L cleaning everything. I jumped on calls and in to work. L removed Hazel's bandages today and her foot is all good.

20210802 - Bloody Foot

20210802 - Up in the am and straight away on calls. G went to XC this morning and J is heading in to the school to get his schedule worked out, L is looking for spots where we might be able to squeeze a vacation in... J headed out with some friends to Goodwill before going to pick up his schedule and get his Sr. pictures taken... God hope he doesn't buy/wear something awful...L helped find a place in WV for a couple days of vacation next week and I got that booked for us.  L cut one of Hazel's toenails to short so she's walking around the house with a black sock on... I finished up my day and G Hazel and I ran to one of Ed's auction to pick up a bunch of stuff. Home and carried things in and had dinner. Hazel's foot still bleeding so L ran to the pet store and got stuff to help clot the blood and I kept Hazel occupied until L got back and then we got her fixed up. We headed in to settle for the evening and watch some of the Olympics.

20210801 - Out of Time

20210801 - Up in the am and did a bit around the house. L ran and picked up G and J showed up eventually. I hosted the Performing Arts Boosters on the back porch to teach them about Team App and how we run the Athletic Boosters. One of the guys here for the meeting saw the horse in the backyard and told us a story of when he was in 1st grade and kissed his best friend's girlfriend on the top of that horse. He got his picture taken with it and was going to forward to his friend. IT started pouring so we moved indoors. D stopped over and hung out for a while and had some lunch with us. Then LJ&I headed to Home Depot to get supplies for the next phase of the bathroom remodel. In the afternoon more changes to the baseball team and we went down to 4 players and then Ed got some commits and suddenly we were up to 10 commits. I scrambled around getting the offer letters put together and sending them out. As well as a practice notification for this Tuesday. L&I then sat on the back porch and tried to figure out how to squeeze a vacation in this year... Its not looking good with schedule pickups for J&G next week and XC and baseball practices and team meetings... We all headed to bed disappointed.

20210731 + Dave's 50th

 20210731 + Up in the am and got some things done around the house. L gave me a haircut and then I rinsed off and Hazel and I headed out. We swung by the post office and Goodwill on our way to the dog park for a short visit. We then drove through Wendy's but J was working back on the grill so we didn't get to see him. Home and I dropped Hazel off and went to the grocery to pick up some stuff and Benadryl for L/s bee sting. Home and got some things done for work while watching the Olympics and throwing the ball to Hazel. D called a couple of times, his move was going good and they are in the new place already. J home from work and is going to spend a night with a friend. G called from the pool and is going to spend the night with a friend. L&I got ready and headed up to Mansfield for Dave's surprise 50th bday party. It was a nice crowd and some old faces I haven't seen for years were there. It was great to catch up folks and celebrate with Dave. We hung out a little while and then wanted to head home before dark. Home and got Hazel out of the cage and finished up work email.

20210730 - BAD DOG!

20210730 - Up late and L ran to Nicole's for the day. I got to the desk, had a couple calls, paid bills and got things ready for next week. G headed to the pool and J headed out. D called looking for the white car to move to his new apartment. I was chained to the desk. D showed up and got the white car and L home shortly after. L made some chocolate chip rice crispy treats for D and his buddies, set them on the counter to cool and headed outside to mow. I was in the office and heard some strange noises and then a loud thud! I went out to the kitchen and Hazel had helped herself to the treats! G had some friends come over to spend the night and L&I just hung out in the living room watching the Olympics for the evening.

20210729 + Another Try

20210729 + Up in the am and in to the office for a couple all day meetings. Got a lot done in the meetings and headed home in good time. Got G and we headed to a tryout with the team he wants to play for. Not a lot of folks there, but a couple good ones we'd like to get. D was there and helped with the tryout, it was a really nice place. Home and relaxed and watched some of the Olympics with L in her newly rearranged living room.

20210728 - Creekside Fun

20210728 - Up in the am and G at XC and his buddies are asleep upstairs. I got on the PC and calls and got the day rolling. G and his friends up making noise so I shut myself in to finish the day. At the end of the day the McClains showed up and we walked down to Creekside to have dinner and listen to some music at the park. It was a good time and we finished the night off with a game around the table. 

20210727 - SKUNKED!

20210727 - Well I let Hazel out at 3am and she found 2 skunks in our backyard... and yup, she got sprayed...  L&I didn't let her in and gave her a bathing outside. L had a good plan and got her pretty clean after 1 try... Up in the am exhausted from the all night skunkipade with Hazel... Got to the desk and made the most of the day. Moved a bunch of things forward so that was good. J at work, G at the pool all day, Gma&paB stopped by and then went to lunch at Wendy's to see J. L got herself ready and went to a selling party with one of her girlfriends. I worked late and then Hazel and I were alone so we warmed up some leftovers and headed out to the porch to eat, watch the Olympics, do some email and throw the ball a million times. G's buddy Trent showed up and we hung out watching TV until G and his other friend Jack showed up. I played the boys in Trouble and they beat me in the first game, and then headed upstairs to set up their xboxes. L home and we hung out watching more Olympics until late.

20210726 - Destruction Crew

20210726- Up in the am and ran to get blood drawn. Home and J at work, L ran to get G from his buddy's house and then she started doing the next step on her bathroom project and I got on the PC. G headed to the pool and had a normal day. At the end of the day Ed, G's coach for next year showed up and we went to the OEB tryout so he could see some of the kids. G didn't go so it was a bit awkward... We didn't stay long, Ed met Bill and Chris and we watched a bit and headed home. Home and hung out with L watching Olympics.

20210725 - Picnic

20210725 - Up in the am and J headed to work and LG Hazel and I headed to Delaware to meet up with L's family for a picnic. IT was a nice time and really good to see folks and catch up. It was really hot and I was feeling pretty tired so we didn't stay to late. Home and L ran G out to a friend's to spend the night. D stopped over to get supplies to clean up the house he's living in before he moves in to the new one. L and I sat around watching the Olympics. J home after a long day and watched some of the skateboarding with us before heading upstairs. L&I watched some gymnastics and swimming before heading to bed. I was up late.

20210724 + Leak In A Tire

20210724 + Up in the am, J at work and L made G&I some bfast. I gave L directions for the next step of the bathroom demolition and G&I headed out to the garage to fix D's tire that has been going flat for a while. We got it off, found the leak, went to he auto parts store to pick up a repair kit. Home and taught G how to fix D's tire and get it put back on. G got the rest of D's tires inflated to the right pressure and then helped me fix the back porch swing for L. Ed, G's baseball coach for next year showed up and hung out on the back porch for a bit talking baseball. It's amazing the folks Ed knows, Butch Reynolds (one time Olympic gold metal winner and 400m world record holder) that he is going to have teach the boys how to run, Pete Rose that he's going to try to get and come talk to the boys... The list goes on and on... D home and hung out with us on the back porch for a bit. Ed left, D left and L came out to hang on the porch with me and G headed up to the Xbox. L&I hung out while I got caught up on some things from a really crazy week...

20210723 - Demo Day

20210723 - Up early and in to the office. A guy that was a key player in the meeting and supposed to be there texted and said he wouldn't make it, so I called and fired him. Meeting happened and took all day. Good progress, finding lots of things that need fixed... Home in good time and hung out with L for a bit, and she showed me her demo work for the day before we ran to pick up pizza for dinner. Home and ate and D showed up. One of the tires on his car has been losing air for a month, so he's going to take our car to Massilon for softball tomorrow. D hung out and ate, chatted with us and watched some of the Olympic opening ceremonies. G home from the pool and ate and hung out too. J home from work, D took off and G headed upstairs. I woke L up so she could se the USA folks march in and the final pieces of the opening before heading to bed.