20180921 - Up in the am tired and dropped J off at school on the way to work. Chained to the desk for the day with only a couple meetings to get things organized.


20180920 - Up in the am and dropped J off on the way to work. In to the office and then in to the conference room all day for some more good but slower conversations.  Home and hung out on the back porch until I ran to pick G up at practice and we dropped his buddy Trent off on the way home. L&I went tot he gym and then home and fell asleep in the chair. Up late getting the OSU Football party invite out.


20180919 - UP in the am and dropped J off at school and in to the office to get a bunch done before my guest showed up. We headed into the conference room for a fast and busy day of discussions with many guest assistants. L ran G all over town to get him a viola... I headed home and L had a bad day at school, some little kids keeps hitting other kids and L... After dinner I ran to the Home Depot, renewed some videos, got some beer and then Tom stopped over to get the baseball books in order. Inside and got everyone to bed. I stayed up and installed some cameras.

20180918 +

20180918 + Up in the am and J&I dropped G off at school early for Bible study and then I dropped J at school on the way in to work. Busy morning preparing for a visitor from India week. Spent the day with Bala and we made fantastic progress, but it was exhausting. Home and hung out for a bit before running to pick G up from baseball. Home and L&I went to the gym. Home and shipped some ebay things. To bed in good time.


20180917 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and in to the office preparing for a T-R visitor, so a very busy day. Home and ate quick and then relaxed for a couple of minutes before headed to the Booster meeting that I hosted. The meeting went well but took longer than expected. Home and got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers for a bit.

20180916 +

20180916 + Up in the am and got J and his buddies up. L&I having coffee and reading the paper on the porch. Gma&paW delivered G's buddy Luke to his house and then brought G home and stayed for a visit and then L went with them to a craft show. J&G veged out on the Xbox for a bit while I trimmed the ivy around the West windows and worked in the office. Around 3 I ran J&G over to help a Scout with his Eagle Project and I hit the desk again making a Team App for D's college baseball team. L&Gma&paW got home and we visited for a bit until L&GmaW went to pick up the boys. Boys home and hung out for a bit before I ran G to basketball practice and then picked up some Chinese for dinner. Ran and got G and then home to watch a movie with the boys before bed.


20180915 - Up in the am and L had already dropped J off to catch the buss for XC at 6:30... I got around and LG, Luke & I headed to Westerville to watch J run. J fell on the first lap, got kicked in the face and still managed to get a person best time of 19:50! After the race we left J there and headed North to transfer G & Luke to Gma&paW so they could go up and watch the Indians game today. L&I headed home, too late in the day to swing down and D's scrimmage, so we swung by the gym for a work out and then to Kroger to get some groceries. Home and J has the house full of boys, G called while we were eating lunch to tell me he got an MLB ball already during batting practice. L did some cleaning and I got into the office. I eventually finished up in the office after getting LOADS done and L&I headed out leaving J and his 2 friends at the house. We swung by the post office, gas station and the Gigler's to drop off a jersey and chat for a minute before getting to the McClain's to watch the first half of the OSU game. We had fun there and headed home at halftime arriving home to find J attempting to make a fire on the brick patio with no fire ring... OMG... Got J and his friends under control and L&I watched the rest of a super exciting football game, with only one interruption of L spilling a drink all over the kitchen, what a Win against a ranked team. To bed late.


20180914 - I did NOT want to get up today, neither did the sun... Up and drove J to school through thick fog and it was foggy all the way to work. In and at the desk trying to prep for the upcoming visit next week. TOok a break mid day to take a couple of the guys over to the new building and check out the progress. After work I headed home and hung out for a bit. G got picked up by a buddy to go to the high school football game and LJ&I headed out to. We dropped J off at his XC dinner and L&I went on to eat at Nazareth. After dinner we swung by and picked up J, headed to the movie store and then on to the Varney's to see about an Apple Watch, but couldn't get it to work. We hung out there for a while and laughed our heads off! Home and G and his buddy Luke here for the night, up late playing on the Xbox and I watched 'Winchester' a scary movie based on the Winchester Mansion.

20180913 + Turd Grade

20180913 + Up late in the am as J is sick and not going to school. In to the conference room all morning to make headway on the internal website, then got my butt kicked at shuffleboard again... Finished the day strong and headed home. J was still miserable and G was dressed for baseball practice, L&I headed to Reynoldsburg to pick up auction items. on the way L told stories of her day and that today one of her tiny students left a turd on the floor for her :-o hahahaha! Makes my days sound pretty good. We picked up the fantastic purchases and and headed home swinging through Arby's to pick up dinner. Home and ate with J and then rushed to the baseball field only to be 30 min early to pick G up which gave me plenty of time to frustrate Tom & Bill. Got G and home to settle in for the night watching some game shows until bed.


20180912 - J&I up and moving very slow today. Dropped him off at the BP at the last possible moment. In to work through some heavy traffic and trying to get rolling... Had a pretty good day, but participated in a shuffleboard tournament and got beat in the first round... Home and G doing homework before heading to the Xbox, J at XC and then wanted to go running around with friends again but we made him stay home and mow the yard. L&I headed to the gym and I met with a trainer that told me what I already knew... Home and then watched some TV with the fam until we all headed to bed.

20180911 + Special Track Help

20180911 + Up in the am and dropped J at school and headed in to work. VERY quiet morning in the office and I got a lot lined up and ready to tackle when folks get in. Day was pretty productive, but not as fruitful as I had hoped. Looks like the project I am working on is going to be 2-4x the original anticipated cost. Home and teaching L how to ship ebay stuff... she's doing pretty good. L cooked some dinner and I ran to pick J up at the DQ after his extended practice where the XC team helped some local kids train for the Special Olympics. 

Home and J&I joined L&G at their in progress fish dinner that was pretty yummy. Immediately after dinner J had some friends pick him up and he went to a Bible study. G headed to the basement for a Fortnite coma and L&I headed to the gym to work out. It was a nice workout and we grabbed some dried fruit and nuts for my lunches at Kroger after and got some gas. Home and J home and we turned off electronics and headed to bed.


20180910 - Up in  the am and dropped J at school. I headed on in to work and went around starting things as planed from over the weekend, going to be a busy day... It was a busy day and I got a ton done. Headed out a couple min behind but traffic not as bad as expected so home in good time. Hung out at home shipping some ebay stuff, ran to pick J up and then L had us sit down for dinner. JG&L told of their days and it was nice. After dinner L gave J&G haircuts and looked up their grades, so far, so good... The boys got cleaned up and played the Xbox for a bit and then we all watched the season finale of American Ninja Warrior. No Bible Bangers tonight so I got to hang out. Boys to bed and I was up late doing work emails and looking at auction items.