20190319 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Not getting things done this morning as my office seems to have a revolving door on it this morning...


20190318 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Nice quiet morning, getting things lined up for the day and week. Had a busy day of all sorts of stuff, ran to Scout store and ended with 3 hours of meetings... Home and L made us dinner and we ate together. I then split off to go to a Booster meeting and L took J&G to Scouts where she stayed to see the boys get their merit badges I got at the store today, that they didn't even pass out, sigh... Booster meeting was good and I ran to pick boys up from Scouts and chatted with some of the guys for a bit. Home for a minute and then got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers, we had someone join us at the table tonight for our discussion, that's what its all about... Doc was very weak and tired, but he went. Home and up til 3 putting in Booster minutes and doing actions from the meeting.


20190317 + Up VERY LATE, but it felt great! To the desk and chained there most of the day getting things caught up and ready for a very busy Spring. Took a break to pick G up from his Scout campout, he survived and had a lot to say about it. L made a nice lunch and after lunch J&G vanished to the world of Xbox. L ran to get us KFC for dinner and I wrapped up in the office in time for Chris, J&I to watch The Walking Dead. All boys to bed, G out like a light, I hit the desk again until 3am.


20180316 - UP way to early for a Saturday... J&I followed out normal routine, but this time I went into the school with him for the annual Tag Day. J had found a ride so I got to hang out in the library and help collect and process the $ coming in. We started at 7:30 and by 12:30 the Coach, 140 parent drivers and 500 student athletes had collected over $22,000! our best year ever! After the event closed down and cleaned up I headed home, pretty exhausted. L ran to her school to get some things done, J was on Xbox and I hit the couch to rest a bit, after I get the notes from Tag Day entered into a Lessons Learned sheet. I was still entering things = no rest, by the time L got home and she wanted to run down to see the baseball game at Wilmington. So we jumped in the car and L drove so I could get some more things done, I worked until we go to the field...  Out to watch D's game and IT WAS FREEZING & WINDY!!! D didn't play and the boys got beat. We headed out to one restaurant but didn't want to wait 45min-1hr so ended up at BurgerKing for dinner. I drove home, pretty tired and we swung by the McClains to hang out and relax a bit. Home not too late and stayed up a bit longer to get a survey pushed out to the Tag Day drivers. before collapsing.


20190315 - Up in the am and J is going to try school today so dropped him off on the way in to work. Forgot my badge this morning... In to the desk a lot going on this morning. Got morning tasks done about noon. Had a couple unexpected meetings pop up that ate up the afternoon.  Home and got G and ran him to Scouts for a camp out this weekend. Home and picked up L&J and we headed to Moe's for dinner. Home and J&I started watching The Shining and D showed up with DGF9 for a quick visit, he ran home to see his buddy Drew home from Navy basic training. L joined J&I as we finished The Shining, she was a jerky scared mess and then she refused to join us for the final movie of the night, The Exorcist... D swung back past the house on his way out of town, good to see him, even if only for a moment. J&I up late finishing our movie. J liked them both, getting him caught up on the horror classics!


20190314 - up in the am and J home from school for day 4... In to the new office and spent the morning testing some speed issues and then reviewing the tool I have been working on with the finance team that does forecasting, they love it ;-) Got a bunch done through out the day and then met with the ELT team from about 4-6. Reviewed my projects and confirmed directions. Home through a blinding downpour and grabbed G and took him to baseball practice, helped Tom get the boys pant sizes and then home to get something to eat and rested on the couch for the rest of the evening. J doing better.


20190313 - Up in the am and took a work call from home as J is home again from school, but much better. Finished what I could from home and headed in to the office to get things done. Day went way too fast... Headed home and had a quick dinner with the fam. J feeling a bit better, but still looks sick. J&G headed up to play on the Xboxes and L&I settled in the living room. I worked on a proposal. Night wound down, G to bed, J on the couch, I headed ot the office and worked on the new estimator until 3:50am :-o


20190312 + Up slow in the am J still very sick. Got him up and on the couch and he started watching the Walking Dead from episode 1 and headed into work.Met with managers this am and hashed out loaded labor rate stuff, then heads down to catch up. Didn't get everything done I wanted to... Headed home, ate with L quick, J in bed and G @ hatting. Ran to the high school for a Booster meeting, prepping for the big fundraiser this weekend. Left there and headed tot he church for a Scout meeting and teach another guy the advancement process. Home and all boys were in bed. Hung out with L for a while and then went into the office. Feel asleep in the chair, got up and got in bed but now wide awake so back to the desk until 3...


20190311 - Up later in the am as J is staying home from school sick, has fever and horrible cough, L taking him to the Dr. In to work, to the new building first to get some questions answered. On to my office where I met with Jeff on all the things I built over the weekend and how we are going to get folks comfortable with it... Busy the rest of the day and headed out a bit late. J had a dramatic day at the Dr., he has influenza A and L had to take his culture to Children's Hospital... She had to go to Westerville to get a prescription (2 pills $165). Home and J flat in bed... L home with his meds. I was on the phone from 5:30 to 8:30 with Microsoft dealing with my Microsoft account that got hacked... No Bible Bangers tonight. Doc IS HOME! Up till 3:30 working on tool.


20190310 - UP slow in the am and ran G & Brady to baseball practice. Home and had a cinnamon roll with L while she looked through the paper with an old black and white movie playing. In to the office to get some things done. L ran to get J, he is SICK and went to bed for the entire day. G home and he hung out, no electronic today, L wen to the 'Lion King' in Johnstown with her friend Marlene, who's son was in the play. she loved it and had a great time. Everyone back home, J came down for a bit and G&I ran to post office, bank and Cane's to get dinner. We ate together and then hung out in the living room watching TV and working on the PC until time for The Walking Dead. Chris came over and we headed to the basement to watch the show. I was up till 2 working on the new tool.


20190309 + Up in the am and ran G to baseball camp at the high school. Checked in with all the coaches and ran into a bunch of folks I know. Home, got L, said goodbye to J and L&I headed SE to Ohio University to watch D play baseball. D didn't play the first game and didn't start the 2nd, but he got in in the 3rd inning and did his job. I have to leave shortly after he got put in to go pick up pizzas as another family and us were feeding the team after the game. I got the pizzas and brought them back to the field and L and Gina met me in the parking lot and we stuffed bags with granola bars, chips, apples/oranges and I put a potato in one of the bags in place of fruit ;-) When we finished we went back to watch the rest of the game. When the 2nd game ended we rushed out of the stadium to find the bus and set up. We got there just in time, the boys showed up and filed past to pick up their pizzas, bag and drink and get on the big charter bus to head to VA for a couple days and a couple more games. They were appreciative but down as they lost both games today... L&I headed to the Union Diner and had a nice dinner. We came out and it was pouring which made for a hard to see stressful 1.5 hour drive home. Once back in town we swung by the McClains to pick up G & Brady for a sleep over. Home, Exhausted, L ran J to a friends for a sleep over.


20190308 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and in to work at the big office. Trying to get many things organized and prioritized. Had a busy day, didn't get done all I wanted as day ended with 3hr meeting. Home and G there by himself, L&GmaB went to J's big choir concert in Worthington. G&I headed out and went to O'Charley's for a nice dinner. Home and eventually everyone back, I was dead asleep on the couch. L told me all about the concert and it sounded pretty cool. J's choir received the highest marks! Woken back up I watched some TV and got some things done.