20190420 - Up late
J's friends left
Boys watching cartoons, L ran out for some errands, I got some things done in the office


20190419 - In to work late. Hit the new office first and got things lined up
In to the big office next and caught up on a lot of things with a bunch of folks
Everyone loves the new metrics tool
Home and got the fam and we went to Max & Erma's for a nice dinner.
We swung by the video store on the way home.
Home and J had a couple buddies come over to spend the night and LDG&I watched a couple movies until late


20190418 - In to work
G had game, LG and Trent picked me up at the new office and we headed to Magnetic Springs for a very windy baseball game. Boys won, G got up to bat twice, got one hit and popped out. He closed the game and got , struck one out, one hit, an amazing diving catch of a pop up 2 feet in front of home plate and an easy ground out to close the game for the W. We stopped at a nice local place for some good food on the way home. Home and up late cleaning the new metrics app up until late.


20190417 - Worked in new office
Stopped and got gas on way


20190416 - Up in the am early to get J to school for his test

Swung by house and got L

Jack track meet where he use to play flag football
He ran great 1st lap passed by almost everyone in the 2nd lap

drove him through KFC on way home

Home and G home from practice

Up very late working on metrics tool


20190415 - Up slow in the am as J is walking to school later today. Got in to the office and got the week rolling.

Athletic Boosters meeting

Got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers


20190414 + Up in the am and had some bfast. Got the car loaded up, said our goodbyes to Gma&paW and hit the road. Quiet ride home. Home and got everything unloaded. J drove L's big white car to get gas and then back home and he plugged in to the Xbox. G got home, walked upstairs and face-planted in his bed, he woke up about 4pm and then I helped him get his Xbox working. L and I got our things done around the house and then settled in to the living room and watched 'The Rain' and then started 'The haunting of Hill House'. Everyone down for a bite to eat at different times, but all down for American Idol. We watched the show together and then all headed to bed for a good nights sleep.


20190412 - L took J to school again today as I am staying home with G so L can do her parent teacher conferences. G&I headed out and swung by the post office on the way to CVS where we loaded up on supplies for the weekend. Back home and G asleep on the couch and I headed in to the office and had a couple calls and worked on things so weekend will be clear. Spent the majority of the day working on reporting and not getting done what I needed to... Finished up the day and had enough done that we were on our way by 4pm and got to the farm by 5ish. We helped with a couple jobs and then we all agreed we were as ready as we could be for tomorrow. We loaded up and all headed to Chinatown where my buddy 'Uncle Dave' met us and told the boys horrific stories of our youth hat made them laugh until they cried. It was a fantastic meal as expected and we were all full. Home and the Scouts had arrived. We went and checked on them, they are all good. J&G hung out with them for a bit, G up with me about 11pm (learned the next day J came up about 4am) not up too late so we can get up for tomorrow's activities.


20190411 + L took J to school today as I am staying home with G so L can do her parent teacher conferences. Up late and got ready for the day, G asleep on the couch. In to the office and on calls and getting things done. L stopped home for lunch and to check on G. Still more calls and a busy day. Finished up the day and came out of the office. Nothing on the calendar for tonight so we hung out, boys on Xboxes and L&I doing things in the living room. Nice quiet evening and all to bed in good time.


20190410 - Up in the am a bit early as J has state testing this week and got him to school early. In to the new office today and spent a bunch of time reviewing processes with the accounting team this morning. Spent the day cleaning things up and moving forward. Had a new fire-drill introduced this afternoon that will bend my brain. Home and got a bite to eat and then headed to the City Landscape Board meeting. It was a long meeting tonight reviewing things and discussing the future of the Board... Home and on the couch with G watching some movies and working on the brain bender utill 3am.


20190409 - Up in the am and no J, he has big tests today and doesn't have to be to school until 11. I took my first call of the day from home and then hit the gas station and headed in to work. Got a bunch of stuff done today. Got a call from L in the middle of the day that she was on her way to D's game at Otterbein and got a call to pick up G sick from school... I finished my day and tried to get a scoring replacement for G's game tonight but that didn't work out so home and got baseball stuff, checked on G shivering and barfing and headed to the field, J was still at track. Got to the field and it was a pretty sloppy game. L&G went to urgent care to get him checked out. G's team barely won and I swung through Arby's to pick up dinner for J&I on the way home. Home and ate, relaxed a bit in the living room falling asleep sitting up. In to bed, awake a bit so got a couple of things done. G joined me in the middle of the night and we watched some TV. I woke up at 5am with TV still on, G gone. Tried to get some more sleep.