20190917 - up in the am and a bit different today, I dropped G off at school early so he could go to Bible Study. That got me in to the office early and on the run getting things done.


20190916 - Up in the am, J running slow but got him to school and in to work. Grabbed a handful of files and headed up to start the last day of Open Enrollment with the HR team.

Showed new neighbor how to use our riding mower
had dinner with G
Headed out to Booster meeting
Scouts after boosters
doc to bible bangers
up to 2:30 working on booster stuff for the choirs


20190915 - Up in the am and L ran to pick G up from his overnight bday party, he didn't want to go to the paintball event.
J&I up and around and washed the floor and then acid washed it.
L was out running errands all day.
J took off with JGF3
I mopped the garage one more time and sat down at the PC to figure up insurance for next year and then enter money for the next 2 weeks.
Gma&paW over for a cook out
L ran G to basketball.
J&JGF3 up in his room painting something
I finished signing up for our 2020 health insurance and then ran to get G.
Home and L&I on our PCs in the living room getting things done.
We checked in with D, he seems to be doing good.
Got everyone to bed.


20190914 - Grant double header
guys over to help with garage

20190913 +

20190913 + Up slow in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Joined up with the HR team and entered data ALL DAY.
J with JGF3
G wanted to stay home and play on Xbox
L&I to post office and then Greek place for dinner
Home Depot brushes L added plants
We swung through Cane's to get G dinner but too busy so got him Wendy's
Home and Tom & Landon here
I put a skim coat on the garage floor
Took the rest of the night


20190912 - Up slow in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Joined up with the HR team and entered data ALL DAY.

Went through the drive-tru on the way home to restock the Natty

G had baseball practice
I got home and cleaned out the garage and applied more filler to the floor
Bill & Brady stopped over to hangout

20190911 +

20190911 + Up dragging in the am and in to work. Reviewed the changes of my overnight efforts with the HR team and they love it. Chained to the desk getting updated on all fronts. Lonie ran out and got me some lunch. Still at the desk...

To high schol for Baseball
Was introduced as the opening act and went through Team App with folks
Mike agreed to let 7&8 come to HS practices

Mike called later rethinking his 7&8th grade at practice, we are still going.



Head down all day. One of the changes i made broke our financial radar tool so spent the day fixing it.

Home and got laptop out, working on updates to the HR tool.

Scout Board of Review, no kids showed up...
J home late, was with JGF3
Still no sign of J's laptop...
Upstairs at midnight had to tell G to put away his markers and get some sleep and J was trying on homecoming clothes... exactly why we want you home at a descent hour, so you can do normal life things and not get so far behind.

home and up working on tool until 3:45am...


20190909 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and I got gas before getting on the road.
G stayed home from school 'sick' today...
Home and had a couple beers with Tom in the garage admiring my concrete work, he brought me more supplies.
Scouts with J, G home sick...

Bible Bnagers, Doc VERY SLOW and disoriented

Up until 3am working on tool for work


J home from friends and doing chores around the house
L dress shopping

D home to make a bat, rushed through it, ruined the billet...

D ran to pick G up from his campout.

G home and unpacking, had a great time

20190907 +

20190907 +


L&I headed to OSU
Met Dave and some old school friends for a short visit
Walked over to game
Good seats
Good game
Home good time
naps on back porch

J home from XC meet he ran a new PR
J announced he can't find his school laptop...
J to friends to spend the night

L&I ran to Arby's late to get dinner, had to swing through Wendy's to get her a baked potato

G called L with stomach pains... We are 400 miles away...

20190906 +

20190906 + Up in the am and dropped J off for school. The map was red so I headed to 270 the back way and when I got to the entrance of 270 it was blocked off by police cars and the highway was shut down due to an accident, so I took back roads to the office. Once at work I went straight into the HR dept to help them get the final pieces in place so they could send out insurance enrollment info.

J ran home after school, got his stuff and went straight back to school to get the bus to head for an overnight trip to Mason for his favorite XC meet of the year.

Headed home a bit early to swing by Ink My Graphics to chat with the owner about setting up a webstore.

I ran G to the church and dropped him off with the scouts. They are heading up to the Farm tonight and then on to Put-In-Bay for the weekend.

The McClains swung by and picked L&I up and we headed to the Clippers game downtown.