20121210 - Up slow in the am and in to work. Probably should have stayed home... Did get a couple of thigns done.

20191209 - Sick

20191209 - Up slow in the am, feel like I have been hit by a bus... In to work and slowly getting a couple things done. Finished the day off and headed home. J had another concert tonight and L ran G to and from basketball. I pretty much sat in the living room in a vegetated state for the evening. to bed and couldn't sleep...

20191208 - Singing!

20191208 + Up LATE and got myself together. J was already to the high school for this concert and Gma&paW apparently stopped by but I missed the whole thing... Helped D with his bat a bit and got a couple of things done at the desk. L ran G to basketball practice and then L&I went to J's Christmas concert at the school. The concert was awesome. After the concert we went to McD's for dinner and then home, dropped off L and ran to get G. Home and chatted with J about the concert a bit and then headed off to bed for a sleepless night.

20191207 - Bat Maker

20191207 - Up in the am and L ran G to basketball and J off to Saturday school for being tardy too many times.I got a bunch of stuff organized while watching some football. D home, L&I forced him out to the garage to start on his bat order, he only did half the bat. J home from Saturday school and went over to the Mallonn's to help make candy and spend the night. We got G from practice and then headed to the McClain's to watch the Big 10 Championship game. It was a pretty crappy first half, but then the Buckeyes came out to play in the second half and sealed the win! Good time tonight, headed home and crashed.

20191206 - Trouble

20191206 - Up in the am and in to work. Spent the morning get caught up on stuff. Had a busy day and headed home. Home and had dinner with G&L, J was at work until late. G had his buddy Trent over and I played Trouble with them and then they played the on their Xboxes. L&I watched 'Angel has Fallen'. J home and we chatted for a bit before heading to bed.

20191205 - Front Man

20191205 - Up in the am and swung by the post office to drop off shipments, got a haircut and hit Planet Fitness quick. In to the office and solved 3 things in the first 10 min. Off and running the rest of the day. Headed home, L at G's basketball game in Grove City, they lost. I stopped at Wendy's on the way home for dinner and J was working the front counter. It was his first time doing it and people were lined up out the door. But he was slow and steady asking for help when he needed it and didn't get flustered. I ordered, sat down and ate and he kept the line moving. J came out as I was finishing up as his break started and we chatted a bit and then I headed home. L arrived home and then I ran to get G when he got back in town. We watched some Christmas shows and I stayed up to make sure J got home from work. J home and we looked at his phone a bit. i stayed up working on his phone until too late.


20191204 - Up slow in the am and in to work. At the desk monkeying around. Finished the day late and headed home. Had dinner with L&G and then hung out in the living room on the PC for the evening. J worked until late.

20191203 - G's Court

20191203 - Up in the am and dropped G off at school for Bible study on the way in to work. At the desk getting things done all day in lots of different areas. Headed to G's school to see his first official basketball game of the season and met L there. G did AMAZING and played almost the entire game. He had great steals, passes and made 8pts. Had several parents stop us, 8th grade parents and some with no kids playing, to say they came early or just came to see G play. Don't know how he does it... Home and ate with L and then hung out in front on the TV, did some Boosters stuff until way too late.


20191202 - Up and in to work. Slow start and slow day. Got some things done and lined up for tomorrow. Home and had dinner with L&J. L ran and picked G up from basketball practice, dropped G off and went to the grocery. G ate quick and then G&I ran to Scouts. I checked in with the guys and headed out. J eventually showed up... Home and L&I went through the Christmas list making use of Cyber Monday. Boys back from Scouts, I picked Doc up and we had a good short Bible Bangers meeting. Home and finished up a bunch more shopping.


20191201 - L up and running errands. JG&I up slow. L putting up Christmas decorations and I made a little list of things to get done today and put receipts in the PC

J&G helped me with some things around the house:
TV off back porch, battery out of lawn mower, Christmas lights up

Mallonns stopped by with some calzones we got from a softball fundraiser

G had basketball practice

Up to late preparing for Cyber Monday purchases


20191130 + Up slow and got around. G&I headed over to the Pettit's to watch the OSU vs Michigan game. G&I set up some gambling squares for Karen and G ended up wining the first quarter. It was a great game and OSU won! We then watched a double overtime for the Purdue game and then headed home. Home and L had the Christmas tree up :-o

Watched more football

Played anew UNO game with LDJ&G

Watched more football



L&I had a late lunch at O'Charley's

Back to Farm, loaded up, got G and Lilly and headed home.

J at work left work and didn't come home...
I ran to UDF to get a couple things for the party tomorrow