20200810 - Up in the am and L at work and I got on the PC in the living room to approve time and get the week started.

20200809 + Slippery Pick

20200809 + Up nice and late and got set up on the back porch. L out shopping with Nicole and Lena. I got the boys up and D helped me get the big old white car started, J vanished, G fixed the tarp roof on the playset before heading out with his friends. I spent a lot of time on the details of G's baseball options and made many calls to future and past coaches and the other dads. L came home and we chatted for a bit and then crazy Dave showed up and we hung out on the back porch for a couple hours catching up. D brought the gun he made out to show him and then he headed over to a friends new apartment to help them put some furniture together. G and his buddies showed up with soap from the dollar store and made another slip and slide, they are fun to watch while chatting and sipping beers. Dave left and I continued my eval process to pick a baseball team for G. L&I got some feedback from him and went ahead and signed him up with the Arsenal USA Ohio team. It is a bit out of the way and may not have all the bells and whistles we were looking for, but he will be playing with a group of about 5 friends that all have great families, so it should be good. In for the night and watched a bit of TV with L until J&D got home and headed to bed.

20200808 + Visit and Light

20200808 + Up in the am and L made chicken and rice for Lilly as she hasn't been eating... I hung out on the back porch a bit and planned the weekend. G got an offer from the tryout last night so now we have to decide where we are going... L ran to the store, D helped me start the generator and sliced his fingernail pretty bad.  When L returned she patched D up and I headed over to Penn' and we re-evaluated the pergola and wiring job. We headed to Home Depot, He got a stack of stuff and I got a stack of stuff for our projects. We headed back to his house, with a stop to pic up my prescription, and had some lunch. Gma&paW called, they were at Creekside with Russ & Nancy so I headed home and LDJG&I walked to meet up with them. We hung out at the Barrel & Boar for a bit and then walked over to Cold Stone. It was a nice visit and not to terrible hot. Took some teaxts and a call about G's baseball for next year. Russ & Nancy headed home and Gma&paW stopped by the house to have me look at a PC issue. Got that fixed and they headed out. LD&I headed over to Mallonn's and got to work on the electrical project. Some of the steps were harder than expected, but we stuck with it and got everything connected. When we flipped the breaker it didn't trip and we were in business. We had dinner there and hung out admiring the new lights a bit before heading home. More calls and texts about G's baseball to finish out the day.

20200807 + 4th Tryout

20200807 + Up in the am and L&D at work. I took my PC on the back porch with Lilly this morning and did some things and had a call with Jason, Rob and Lonie. It was a meeting to tell Lonie that he won the 'DataField Quarterly Outstanding Associate Award'!!! He was very surprised and honored. We chatted for a bit and then I headed in and got J&G up and then on to more work. I spent the day on the back porch getting things done and then G and 3 of his friends showed up. They wanted to get out tarps and soap and make a slip and slide, so they did. I watched from the porch as the boys set the tarps up, knew they way they were doing it wouldn't work, but let them try it and when the first boy slid and went under the second tarp they quickly made the adjustment and were off slipping and sliding. They had a blast and it was fun to watch. J took off to be with friends, L got home, D got home, I finished my day and then G&I headed downtown to Berliner for another baseball tryout. G did great in the field and ok hitting. I sat with Chris Bowman and we chatted the whole time about how everything went down and future possibilities. G&I headed home, stopped at Wendy's to get some dinner, saw one of J's buddies working there. Home and ate and then L&I watched a show before heading to bed. J got home from poker and told us of his winnings.

20200806 + 3rd Tryout

20200806 + Up in the am and L headed to work for meetings and a trip to the dentist to get her broken tooth looked at, she is getting a crown on 8/21. I got on some calls and did email. J headed out to skateboard with some friends and I got D&G up at noon. G got an offer from the TNT tryout last night... Spent the rest of the day at the desk. L came home and told me of her schools plans to start up and it is sounds like it is going to be a challenge... D&G went hitting a bit int he afternoon and when I got done G&I headed to Big Walnut HS for his tryout with the Arsenal. Jason, Clint and Cory were there with their boys and a they brought a couple other kids to and the Gahanna boys dominated the tryout for the second night in a row. The guy that runs that Arsenal program told G 'I haven't seen anyone at any age play short like that for a long time.' The 15U coach asked G if he wanted to play up and the 14U coach said 'Your son is an an amazing short stop. We were all just watching him and everyone was like look how smooth his hands are, and I was like forget his hands look at his feet and how he just glides to the base.' All the boys got offers before we left. We headed home and swung through Cane's to get G some dinner and then home to eat. My phone went crazy with folks texting about the tryout and we think we're all going to the Arsenal, but G has one more tryout tomorrow. L&I stayed up and watched 'White House Down' before heading to bed.

20200805 + 2nd Tryout

20200805 + Up slow and L busy doing things. I did some email in the living room and then got the boys up and headed to the office. D&G went to pick up Luke for some hitting practice. J hung out around the house until he left to hang out with some friends. Finished my day up and G&I ran out to the Gahanna varsity baseball field for a tryout with TNT. G was happy a bunch of his buddies were there and he did really well tonight. I hung out with the dads and we are formulating a plan to try and keep the 4-6 boys together. Would be a good group of kids and all nice parents. After tryouts Jason and Luke came to our house and we chatted about possibilities and had some pizza on the back porch. Jason also talked to D about helping with his 17U team next year.

20200804 + 1st Tryout

20200804 + Up in the morning and D went in to my work for some training today, L got a strange call from the G's Principle, prompted by the Superintendent, about a TikTok video G and some of his friends posted... L&I got things cleaned up and the account deleted and G wrote a little report today about the subject so he knew why it was not a good choice... I headed to the lab to have blood drawn and then at the desk the rest of the day. Finished up my day and G&I headed downtown to Berliner for a baseball tryout. G was one of the smallest kids out there. He did great fielding but not good at bat so he did not get an offer... Home and hung out with L working on Booster stuff and then took a bunch of calls and texts trying to arrange baseball tryouts and a team for G next year.

20200803 + 1st Boosters Zoom

20200803 + Up slow in the am not wanting to go back to work. L up and out on a walk, cleaned up and picking up groceries while I get caught up on email. It was a long day of catching up for us while we get back in to the groove of working and being at home with things we have to get done. As the day ended everyone but D gathered at the table for dinner and we had a good meal. After dinner Andy showed up and we got the Zoom meeting set up on the back porch. Tom & Bill swung by for a beer and to chat until the meeting started. We have 30 folks join us online for the first ever Boosters Zoom meeting, it went very well. After the meeting Andy hung around and we chatted about baseball and how crazy all this is. In and wrapped up for the night and to bed late.

20200802 - Cleaning Up

20200802 - Up late and L was cleaning everything. She cut my hair and then I got started putting things away and cleaning things up from the trip. D is feeling good today, J headed to a friends to workout and G had a couple buddies over to go on a bike ride and hang out around town. I got a ton done and D ran G to a friend's house for the night and swung by and pick up dinner on the way home. J home for a bit and LDJ&I ate together and caught up a bit, it was nice. After we ate D headed to his room and J headed to a friends for the night. L&I watched some TV together and I finished up a couple more things. Got a late call about baseball, things are still in flux...

20200801 + Rushing Home

20200801 + Up early and got the car, rack on the back and loaded up. We headed out without a trip to the beach and got up the road. We got D on the phone. And he sounds much better today and is up and out getting his prescriptions filled. We stopped at the giant strawberry for an ice cream treat and some peaches.

Back on the road, L drove some so I could arrange some baseball tryouts for G. I got quite a few things lined up and took over driving just as we crossed the VA state line, and yes I missed the 'Welcome to Virginia' picture, which gave L great pleasure and reinforced her 'it is not as easy as you think' comments for years... We drove and drove only stopping 1 or 2 more times and pulled in tot he hose right at 9:00 PM. I checked on D, helped get things unloaded, and then got on the phone about baseball. About 11:00 PM all the calls were over and L finished up cleaning and D was OK and everyone, except Lilly, is home and safe. Hit the bed and crashed hard.

20200731 + Relax Then STRESS!

20200731 + Up in the am and L down to the beach. I hung back and checked on D, he had a minute clinic appointment and they said strep throat or mono... but not enough to of the symptoms a to test for COVID-19. I woke the boys up, had a margarita for bfast and headed down to the beach to sit in the surf with L and cover myself with sand. We checked back in with D and he hasn’t got his prescription yet. The boys showed up about 1 and got a little wet but didn’t stay long. G&I stayed out and caught a couple more waves before heading up to the pool to swim for a bit. L brought the rest of the stuff up from the beach and G&I helped her get it to the room. We got cleaned up and then JG Larson and I walked 1.3 miles down through the heart of MB to get to Mount Atlanticus, a huge putt putt place. We played all 36 holes.

While we were playing I got a call from L that D had gotten worse and couldn’t swallow at all, hadn’t eaten and was planning to go to the ER... I scrambled and got ahold of my buddy Terrill the ER Dr. and made arrangements for D to meet up with him at baseball tryouts. The boys and I finished our game, D and Terrill met up and Terrill sent D to the hospital that he works at. We walked back and got to the room about the time D got to the hospital. Terrill had called ahead, had a room, IVs and test waiting for D. D walked in, was taken to his room and hooked up with no wait. Took a couple baseball calls and seems G’s team is defiantly done and no chance of putting together another Gahanna team... checked in with D and he’s been stuck and tested and getting filled with fluids for a couple hrs. L&I put in an order at Scatori’s, a cute yummy Italian place we found last year and ran out to pick it up. Back to the room for a feast and reviewed the statistics from the week of putt putt: 8 courses, 144 holes, 35 hole in ones and I hung on to my title!. Had a couple more baseball calls come in. Checked back with D, he came back negative for strep and mono so it is just tonsillitis, Terrill said it could be any of a dozen things causing it. We got D tested for COVID while he was there, he didn’t like that. After 2 bags of fluid, steroids and a bad of antibiotics D drove himself home. I stayed with him until he got home and made himself some food and headed to bed. I relaxed a bit from what started out as a relaxing day and ended in an incredible ball of stress. Got myself to bed late.

20200730 + Crab Legs & Fireworks

20200730 + Woke up for some reason at 6:15... the weather app said sunrise was at 6:21 and L for whatever reason was awake too so we went out on the balcony and watched the sunrise. I went back to bed for a couple hours. Up and the cleaning lady here an hour early so I had to rush the boys around and get them up to clean up their mess. I headed to the beach and met L under the umbrella and got some things done on the phone.

The boys showed up eventually and didn’t do much before heading back up. I caught a couple waves on the board and then then got some sand in my eye so L&I carried everything back up. J and Larson walked down to the main part of Myrtle Beach and hung out a bit. The boys got back and we headed to North Myrtle Beach to Boardwalk Billy’s for a good meal on the patio. We took a walk and looked at all the boats in the harbor and all had crab legs! On to 36 holes at my favorite putt putt, Mayday Golf. I won the first round and J won the second, L waited in the car. On to Barefoot Landing so I could get beef jerky and the boys went through a ton of shops. Back to our home and we walked to Ben & Jerry’s for a late night treat. Back to the room and LG&I watched Gemini Man. We had to stop the movie a couple times to go out on the balcony and watch the fireworks some guys were setting off right outside out balcony. They came up to the 8th floor and exploded right in front of us, so cool. I had a couple calls about baseball next year trying to arrange a spot for G.