20190424 - up in the am and dropped J off at school and headed to the big office today. At the desk getting all sorts of things caught up.


20190423 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to the new office. In the conf room all day again looking over charts. We did take a nice break for lunch at Old Bag of Nails in downtown Worthington. At the end of the day I headed to New Albany for G's baseball game. L&G met me there and then L ran over to the high school to watch J run, but he wasn't running until later so L came back. The game was HORRIBLE. Probably the worse I have ever seen our team play. G had one play where he attempted to get the runner out at 3rd and got scolded for it... and his at bat was an atrocious strike out. We lost 18-1 in 4 innings... L headed to J's track meet where she got to watch him run and he got a new persona record time. G&I home, both very frustrated with the game. L&J home, J on a terror trying to defend his grades... it did not go well for him. got J settled and he came up with a plan. We watched TV for a bit but all to bed in good time. I did a couple of things on the computer but got some good sleep.


20190422 - Up in the am from a good nights rest and dropped J off for school and got gas and headed in to the big office to start the day. Spent the morning documenting the process for the new metrics tool. Had meetings all day until 8:30 pm and headed home, long, not so fun day. Got home and everyone home from practice and Scouts, J argumentative about the caving trip this weekend. We watched some American Idol. Bible Bangers cancelled due to my long day.


20190421 - Everyone up early and a pretty stressful getting to the car experience... we drove to Gma&paB's and headed to their church for Easter Service. We then all headed back to their house for a huge yummy meal. After the meal DJ, GpaB &I took a nap and G played with Sam and Lena. We chatted for a bit and then took off. Home and Lilly was outside all day, we forgot her... and she dug up a couple huge holes along the back of the house to let us know... D headed back to school and J&G helped me get the mower running with the supplies L&I got yesterday. J then helped me get the pump installed in the backyard and he headed in to get on the Xbox with G. I hung out on the back porch until L was done mowing and we headed in to watch a bit of American Idol before heading to bed.


20190420 + Up late, J's friends left, Boys watching cartoons, L ran out for some errands, I got some things done in the office. When L got home J drove D&G to D-bats for some hitting practice and J&I went to Planet Fitness where we did the 30 min workout. We then swung through Kroger to get fruit and nuts for me to take to work and J found L's check card in his wallet, she's going to KILL him as she has been looking for it all morning... J drove to D-bat to pick up D&G and we headed home. D&J brought the TV up and D helped me install it on the back porch and then J vanished to roam around town with his friends. D helped me push the mower up to the back porch and I worked on it making a list of parts that were needed. D&G played some wiffleball int he backyard and L&I headed to Harbor Freight to get new tires = FAIL. We then found a TSC and went there to get the parts we needed. Discovered at TSC I didn't have my check card... Got our stuff, loaded it in the car, called Max & Erma's, they had my check card. Called pizza place and ordered dinner. Ran to Max & Erma's to get my check card and then to the pizza place to pick up dinner. Home and watched Instant Family with everyone and head dinner. Not up too late as we have an early start tomorrow.


20190419 - In to work late. Hit the new office first and got things lined up. In to the big office next and caught up on a lot of things with a bunch of folks. Everyone loves the new metrics tool. Home and got the fam and we went to Max & Erma's for a nice dinner. We swung by the video store on the way home. Home and J had a couple buddies come over to spend the night and LDG&I watched a couple movies until late.


20190418 - In to work
G had game, LG and Trent picked me up at the new office and we headed to Magnetic Springs for a very windy baseball game. Boys won, G got up to bat twice, got one hit and popped out. He closed the game and got , struck one out, one hit, an amazing diving catch of a pop up 2 feet in front of home plate and an easy ground out to close the game for the W. We stopped at a nice local place for some good food on the way home. Home and up late cleaning the new metrics app up until late.


20190417 - Worked in new office
Stopped and got gas on way


20190416 - Up in the am early to get J to school for his test

Swung by house and got L

Jack track meet where he use to play flag football
He ran great 1st lap passed by almost everyone in the 2nd lap

drove him through KFC on way home

Home and G home from practice

Up very late working on metrics tool


20190415 - Up slow in the am as J is walking to school later today. Got in to the office and got the week rolling.

Athletic Boosters meeting

Got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers


20190414 + Up in the am and had some bfast. Got the car loaded up, said our goodbyes to Gma&paW and hit the road. Quiet ride home. Home and got everything unloaded. J drove L's big white car to get gas and then back home and he plugged in to the Xbox. G got home, walked upstairs and face-planted in his bed, he woke up about 4pm and then I helped him get his Xbox working. L and I got our things done around the house and then settled in to the living room and watched 'The Rain' and then started 'The haunting of Hill House'. Everyone down for a bite to eat at different times, but all down for American Idol. We watched the show together and then all headed to bed for a good nights sleep.