20211129 - Up in the am and L at school and J&G doing school from home today for whatever reason. I got a couple things done and took Hazel on a walk as L pulled in with groceries. Back to the desk for the afternoon.


20211128 - Up late and worked on the light in my office and cleaned out the closet a bit. L got out the Christmas tree and started setting it up. I headed out and put some lights on the bushes, G helped a bit. We left the lights on the house all year and miraculously they all worked! Gma&paW stopped by for a quick visit. I headed out to the shed and worked on the Christmas lights on the playset with Hazel's help and threw the ball a million times. L made some hamburgers and I grilled them. In a LJG&I had dinner. Then the boys put some ornaments on the tree before J left and G went up to his Xbox. I got on my PC and tested the mic that Lonie got me and then spent the rest of the evening looking at auctions and setting up a crypto meeting for Wednesday. Up too late, mind racing.


20211127 - Up in the am and got a couple things done on the PC while L made some goodies to take to the party and snack trays for G, Trent and Luke that are watching the OSU game here. L&I headed out and got to the Pettit’s just in time for kickoff. D was at the game in Ann Arbor and we were nervous for him. We settled in to watch the game and catch up with folks. It was not a good game and the Buckeyes lost… home and G’s buddies headed out and G headed up and L&I headed to the basement to watch more football for the rest of the evening. We called GmaW to wish her a happy bday. 


20211126 - Up in the am and JGF6 came to the Farm to pick J up early… I eventually got up, had some bfast and then we headed down to the Farmhouse to do a couple things to clean up, put picnic table and some old doors off the wood house away. We headed home and the traffic wasn’t too bad, but we were surprised to see snow on the ground when we got home. Home and unpacked and rested a while. I’m the evening G&I headed out to get gas and pick up Chinese for dinner. After a while Trent showed up and then Luke, Jason came in and chatted a bit. The boys headed upstairs and to make noise, L&I watched TV until she headed to bed. I stayed up until J got home and chatted with him a bit and offered help…


20211125 - Up early and L, Hazel and I headed out. We swung by the mailbox to see if some stuff I shipped was stuck in the chute, it wasn’t. We swung through McDs and headed to the Farm. It was an easy drive up and we got there in good time. L helped GmaW get things set up and I took Hazel up to Gma&paW’s. The boys showed up and I headed down and more and more folks showed up. It was nice to be back in the old Farmhouse with all the family after missing last year with the lockdown. It was nice to catch-up with folks. Roger prayed and we we had a very nice meal. After our food settled a bit I went up and got Hazel and a group of us headed to the Falls.  We walked all the way up and L&I’s first house was gone, so was Oneida lodge, but my bridges still are there. The trail down to the falls is in really bad shape and treterous. We went down to the falls and then back up, not out and around to the pines as the trail was not passable. We made our way back to the Farmhouse and hung out some more. LD&G worked on crafts, J vanished to Gma&paW’s while we were on out falls walk. We caught up some more and folks started heading out. D stayed to help clean up and Them he headed out. He is driving to Ann Arbor MI for the OSU game tomorrow… We got some things cleaned up and headed up. JG&I played some euchre with GmaW and then J headed back to the bedroom. G&I stayed up and played 3 way solitaire with GmaW, a new game for G. Everyone to bed and G&I stayed up with Gpaw showing him how to use the TV and review his health. J up late having a rough night.  


20211124 - Up in the am and LJ&G all home. I got on the pc and started my day. It was a fast busy day trying to cram 3 days worth of work in to 2… after work L&I headed to Groveport to pick up an auction win / Christmas present. It was pretty much chaos at the huge auction house, good experience for L… we then took backroads to Pickerington to pick up a couple more things from a different auction. We then stopped at an empty TGI Fridays for dinner that was not so good. Home and G joined us in the basement to watch the new ‘Black Widow’. I stayed up late and waited for J to get home. 


20211123 - Ip in the am and LJ&G at school. I got to the desk and dove in getting things done. Hazel and I took a quick cold walk around the block. Back to the desk for a couple meetings and to finish the day and then headed out back with Hazel and a beer to throw her ball a bit. Between throws I got the riding mower started and park behind the shed. In for dinner and then J headed out and G upstairs, L&I watched some TV. I stayed up late doing some online shopping. 


20211122 - Up in the am and on the phone right away. Cory is back from his active duty stint and I spent the morning on the phone with him getting him up to speed. We then did some screen sharing to get him familiar with our new HR system. L home and couldn't get either mower started and wasn't happy about it. I left the desk with people on calls to try and get her running.  I then dug in and got a couple things done out of my email list. Did some data processing for a bit while I was on a late afternoon call. L ran G out to play basketball, guess his ankle is better... I got out of the office and there wasn't much light left so I threw the ball to hazel a bit before heading in to eat. J headed out to a concert and L followed not long after and I picked up the laptop to try and keep up.


20211121 - Up late in the am and to the desk to do some stuff. D showed up and L&I hung out and watched the Browns game with him. It was a nice visit. After the game D left and I headed back to the desk. L pulled me away to go check out the progress on the Mallon's kitchen remodel. They got their cabinets in and it looks really good. Home and back to the desk for a bit. I reached a stopping point so headed out and watched some TV with L until she fell asleep. I headed back in to the office and was up way o late getting things done.


20211120 + Up in the am and L cleaning. D texting us from the OSU pregame, he was on TV behind the ‘Gameday’ show. I did a couple things at the desk and then Hazel and I headed out to run some errands. We took the eBay shipment to the post office and then had to run back home because I left me wallet at home. Next stop the pet store. Had to turn around halfway there because I for the leash. We finally made it to the pet store, everyone there loves her. We got a bunch of stuff for Hazel and swung by Jet’s to pick up our pizza on the way home. Home for the OSU game and parked in front of the tv. At halftime L ot the blower out and worked on some leaves and I replace a couple towel bars and threw the ball to hazel a bit. Back to the TV to watch the second half.


20211119 + Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got to the desk and started knocking things out. At the desk all day, L home and I finished my day. I went out to throw the ball with Hazel a bit but it was too cold so that didn’t last long. L&I we’re hanging out waiting to go pick G up from his basketball game at Hannah Park with some buddies and they called needing a ride 45 min early as it was too cold and too dark. We picked up 4 boys and delivered them all home. We dropped G off at the house and then went out to Nazareth for dinner and got there as the fire truck arrived… false alarm. We ate and then swung by a couple stores on the way home. Home and I had to run G out to a friends to spend the night and pick Trent up on the way. Home and L and I watched a couple movies. 


20211118 - UP in the am and for the first time in a week LJ&G all at school! I jumped on a call and got my day rolling.