20180621 - Up in the am and swung by the gas station on the way in to work.

20180620 +

20180620 + Up in the am and in to work. Got a ton of stuff done today and graphically represented for ease of explanation. Headed home through horrible rains and bad traffic to get L&G to head back out across town to Upper Arlington. We got to the field and somehow the clouds split and we had rain to the North and South of us and we got the game in. G did ok, not following through with his swing and grumpy about it... The boys had a great game overall and won 13-4. We stopped at Tee Jaye's for some steak and eggs on the way home, it was nice to sit with L&G and just relax. On the way home we swung through Wendy's to get some food for D&J. Home and we sat at the table with D&J as they ate. D worked at the pool today, through the rain, and had a good conversation with his college baseball coach. J skipped running in the morning and didn't do much all day... everyone cleaned up and to bed.


20180619 - Up in the am and in to work. Dug into a program called Confluence today and it seems to be an amazing tool. Picked my head up out of the screen and the day was over... Headed to Upper Arlington for G's baseball game. It rained like crazy, stopped, the guys worked to get the field ready and then it rained again... So no game tonight... L&J followed G&I as we headed to the movie theater by where I work. Got there and the place was PACKED. So we left and headed to the theater by our house and got right in to watch 'Incredibles 2'. It was a cute show. After the movie J&I hit Arby's to pick up some dinner. Home and we all ate. L got the supply closet at work cleaned out, D didn't work today... J ran with the XC team this morning.


20180618 - Up in the am and in to work. L was getting J around to tack to running as I left. In to the office and getting things rolling. Had a good day and headed home through light traffic and got home in time to eat with LJ&G before heading out to a Booster meeting. Meeting was ok, I did a presentation of Team App after the meeting and quite a few people stayed to learn more about the app. Talked with Penn after the meeting about the Scouts and their vacation to Alaska. Ran home and quick chat with D about his first day lifeguarding, no one drowned so I call that a success! Got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers. McD's was closed so we diverted to Burger King for a short meeting. Home and up too late watching pickers, searching auctions and listening to J and his buddy that is spending the night play on the Xboxes.


20180617 - Up in the am and getting ready for the day. L has house all nice for a cookout later today, D left early with DGF7 for her games today, J still asleep from being out too late last night and G in the basement on the Xbox. G&I headed to Academy Park for his game a bit early to get things set up. It was blasted HOT, but we got some tents set up and extra water for everyone and got down to playing baseball. G did ok today, went 1-3 and had 1E. The boys won in 4 innings 14-0 and we packed up quickly and headed home for some AC and shade. Home and Gma&paB, Gma&paW, the Coles and Tom and Landon came over for a Father's day cookout. L had the house looking nice and had a good meal planned and everyone got plenty to eat and good conversation. In the evening L&G went to Gma&paB's hotel to swim with Sam and Lena. I hung out with J. D to a friends for the night, J&G playing Xbox until late.

20180616 -

20180616 - Up in the am and had J clean his fingernail clipping off my desk... L on back porch, D attempting to get something done before noon, J&G on the Xboxes. I am trying to whittle away at the stack of things that build up on the desk over the week. D headed out to his game at Otterbein, J activated his debit card and hung out at the house and LG&I wrapped things up and headed to D's game. D played 2nd and they won their first game before the skies opened up and poured. G left with Nicole and L&I hung out for D's second game. D caught the entire second game and was doing ok when L&I left in the 3rd to pick up G, head home to pick up J and then on to the Troop 98 75th anniversary dinner. We were late getting there and there was hardly any food left, this group of dysfunctionals has about pushed me to the point of giving up on the BSA... Home and dropped off J&G and L&I ran to the store. J&G headed to the Jazz & Blues Festival with the McClains and it POURED and lightninged all around us. D got home and ate and about 10pm everyone, except J came to the back porch to hang out a bit. J got home 30 min late... Wrapped up the evening.

20180615 +

20180615 + Up in the am and in to work. Met with Jason in the am and had a good discussion, I am doing the right things 😃  Watched some videos on inventory and financial management and interviewed some more folks. Around lunch time I got shorts on and met the guys to head to The Susan Mosure Golf4Autism event. We had a nice lunch and my boss bought me some golfing shoes so I wouldn't 'embarrass' him, so I put them on, but left the tags on just to embarrass him ;-) We played a 4 man scramble and it was realy fun. I actually did really good for only my 4th time ever playing golf. We started at 1:30 and wrapped up about 7 and they had a dinner for us, a presentation and a silent auction. I won som Clippers tickets in the auction and headed home. D had a game today and they won and he was with DGF7 the rest of the day. J had XCountry this morning and then hung out with his friends at the Gahanna Jazz & Blues Festival in the evening. G had a game but it was cancelled because of no umps available and he went tot he festival with some friends. L got groceries today and I met up with her on the back porch about 8:30 and we hung out the rest of the night.


20180614 - Up in the am and in to work. Watching some videos on a tool we are going to be using before meetings start. D had games today and L&G went to his first game and his team won, L said D played well. Had a couple good meetings today and finished the day and sat in horrible traffic for 45 minutes trying to get home to G's game. Got to the game and scored it and played music. Doc came back to watch and set next to me and enjoyed it very much. D&DGF7 showed up, D's team lost their second game, but D said he had 3 amazing plays. G's team played well and G was brought in to close as pitcher and shut them down for the W. Back to the house and Tom and the McClains stopped by quick and then I headed to Granville for 'Bourbon and Bonfire' night with the guys. tried a couple new ones and had some good conversation. Headed home and got things wrapped up and laid out for tomorrow.


20180613 - Up in the am and L up getting ready to take J to XCountry for his first day of conditioning with them in case soccer doesn't work out. Headed in to work and L had to call me to find out which end the stadium was the North end, I thought J was a Boy Scout... Dug into the day. and had a good meeting with our software provider. It was a great meeting and I learned a lot about what we have available. After the meeting he took us to an Indian restaurant. I was nervous but he ordered for us and the food was really good. After lunch we headed back to the office and I had a couple more informal meeting with some folks. I headed out a bit early to get to G's game and got soaked on the way to the car walking through sheets of rain. Not 10 minutes from work and the game was cancelled... Changed my plan and went and got a hair cut and some groceries on the way home. Home and LDG&I ate and then L&G ran some things to J so he could spend the night at his friends. When they got home we headed tot he basement and watched the new Tomb Raider. It was a great movie. I was beat so I headed to bed before anyone else.

20180612 +

20180612 + Up early and in to work. Fast start setting up meetings and digging into an issue. L took G to the Dr for a well check today, D worked at Panera and J hung out and worked on Scout stuff. I had a very productive day and headed home on time. Home and headed back to fields for G's game. The boys did not show up today and lost in the first three innings as they didn't start playing until the fourth as is becoming their pattern... and they lost to a team they should have easily beat... Home and grilled some chicken on the grill and we all ate on the back porch. D headed to a friends, J&G played the Xbox and L&I hung out on the back porch. In and to bed.


20180611 - Up way to early and in to work. On the way into the building a feather presented itself to me... I got the box installed and Keith (a woodworker friend we judge each others work) came in to inspect it. He said it was 'OK' hahahaha  Got caught up from the weekend and then started meetings. The IT guys took me over to the new building to have a look and then we went back to the main office. Finished the day with some more research and inputting of notes. Home in good time today and it was a stressful evening getting the J&G to Scouts and discussing income with D... Got J&G to Scouts and they walked to Wendy's and back from the high school to practice the walk to the camp site for summer camp, I hung out talking to some of the leaders about how things are going in the Troop... not happy with the direction it is heading... Home and Doc has an early Dr appointment tomorrow so he didn't go to Bible Bangers with me. Everyone else was there and we caught up for the couple of weeks we missed and got some studying done too. Good to talk to the guys. Home and watched the last episode of of Supernatural.

20180610 +

20180610 + Up in the am and J's buddy got picked up. I made lists for the day and didn't have much I had to do so I made a couple easy lists for D&J and headed to Hammersville OH to watch G's team in the USSSA State Tournament. It was a 2 hour drive and they started early so I got there in the 4th and the other team had tied it up and then went up one. G came in to pitch and shut them down and somehow we pulled off the win with some good hits, G drove in the insurance run for the W. That made the trip worth it. There was a short lull and then the championship game that was awful, the wheels didn't fall off, they all spun off in all different directions and the errors destroyed us right out of the gate. Lost the championship 10-0 in 4 innings... Even with the loss it was a state championship tournament and our boys walked away with some huge gem encrusted rings and the #2 spot, pretty nice. This lands them at #18 in USSSA for Elite teams in OH and #10 in Nations Elite State rankings... Pretty sweet place to be. We headed home and stopped for food with the McClains at a local place. Then LG&I stopped off in Wilmington to show G where D will be going to school and play baseball, he thought it was cool. We drove the rest of the way home and D&J did get the bushes trimmed, J got the box painted and D looked for work. DGF7 was there and D and her ran to D-Bats to hit while J ran to a bible study with his buddy Patrick. G got cleaned up and L and I just hung out on the back porch, no TV, just chatting about what we did over the last 4 days, it was nice. In and everyone home, cleaned up and too bed.