20190626 + Decaffeinated

20190626 + Up in the am and in to work. I had to get a different coffee mug this morning as I forgot my normal mug at work last night. The guys were nice enough to send me a pic of it... So I got ready and headed to work and when I got there L was nice enough to send me a pic of the coffee I left on the counter this morning... UGH!

20190625 + Improvising

20190625 + Up in the am and L on a walk, D heading out to work and I headed out too. Sat in the car for 15 on the phone when I got to work on a call. In to the office and CB was in the big office this morning. At the desk getting things cleaned up. Had a many faceted day and headed out a bit late. Home and G has a friend over. Not home for but a minute and then LG, G's friend and I headed to D's baseball game here in Gahanna, J stayed home to practice his Xbox skills... D had a great game, lots of hits and some good plays at short. Austin, D's friend, yelled over to me for some help as the team was out of water and he couldn't figure out how to get them more. We headed into the bathroom and improvised... After the game we headed home and had some subs. D helped me in the garge rearrange the Google Wifi so the mesh access points could be hard wired for better coverage. We got that done and a bit of cabling and all is good. I tied off with D&J on a couple of things and headed to bed to watch Game of Thrones with G and his buddy Jeremy playing downstairs on the Xboxes.

20190624 - Leadership Position?

20190624 - Up in the am and L had quite a time getting J out the door for XC... They returned before I left, they went to the wrong location so J had to go run around the neighborhood on his own, L and Lilly headed out for a walk and I headed to work. To work and had a fill day of getting caught up and moving projects forward. Headed out a bit late. D worked at the lawyers today, J got some thing posted on ebay and G painted some fence and helped L in the yard. Home and J had cooked dinner and LJ&I ate, D&G home from Dbat a bit later and joined us. J drove G&I to Scouts, D had to run some awards I left on the desk over and he stayed a bit to talk to folks. Good meeting, got a lot done, J running for Senior Patrol Leader... After the meeting we headed home and finished watching game 1 of the College World Series. To bed, watching Game of Thrones and looking for things on Amazon until too late.

20190623 - Runnerups

20190623 - Up way too early and drove back to CMH and straight to D's game, they did good and won. Home and checked in with J. I worked on getting the garage cleaned out a bit. D and Mason, a boy from his team stopped by and Gma&paW stopped too. GpaW got a part for the Shopsmith fixed and I tested it out, it will fit. Worked in the garage until it was time to go back to watch D's team in the Columbus Braves Classic Championship game. They played a HUGE team, the Cleveland Blue Sox, and got beat 9-1, D scoring the only run, and they came in 2nd place. It was the first time in the 7 years of the tournament the Braves made it to the Championship game. After the game Gma&paW took us to Arby's for dinner. GpaW is losing his marbles... Home and we all settled in a bit to get ready for the week. We watched a new funny show 'Holey Moley' about mini-golf that was hilarious. All to bed and I was out like a light.

20190622 - Unpleasant Day

20190622 - Up in the am and headed over to the fields with G, L vanished and went with Tiff... Got to the fields and the team we played was REALLY good. The boys hung on and got closer than anyone else they played so far, but still got beat. After the game we headed back to the hotel. G&I hung out in the room and made our subs, L gone... Headed over the fields for our first bracket play game, not exactly sure how they seeded us... we got stuck playing a team of GIANTS, you can see G next to one of their 6'3" 12 yr old players... We got CRUSHED and tournament over, just like that...
After getting destroyed twice in one day we headed to the mini-golf to try and have some fun with the boys, but the place was rented out for a private event (the Ghost Busters were there) so we did some bowling. Apparently something happened with G and Amaya and when asked to apologize, rather than just doing it G lost his mind in front of everyone and L&I excused our selves and took our completely out of control child to the car and left. A very unpleasant car ride back to the hotel and everyone straight to bed.

20190621 - Extravaganza

20190621 - Up in the am and Bryce's Mom got J home and D ran him over for his last day of Driver's Ed, he passed the test, only missed 1 question! Now he needs to schedule his in car driving. LG&I headed to the ball field for a good day + 2 Ws. G got a triple during one of his at bats. After the games we didn't want to hang out in the hotel so we grabbed Owen and headed out for some mini-golf, Owen somehow beat us all despite my 4 hole in ones! We then got some ice cream and swung by a yard art extravaganza on the way back to the hotel where the team got to swim and hang out while the adults hung out in the lobby.

20190620 - Crafty

20190620 - I worked from home today, J went to XC this morning after some convincing... Had a couple calls and got on the road about 12. went to the Post Office, Gas Station, Bank and McD's on the way out of town. Long drive over to Westfield IN where we got settled in to the hotel and then headed out for dinner. We went to Bub's Burgers and Ice Cream, G&I went there a couple years ago, and got the HUGE burger and hot dog! We had a feast and a good time and then completely out of the blue G melted down in the restaurant...  We made a quick exit and discovered there was a lot of teasing going on through texts with his teammates.... On the Kroger and we got things to make subs and snack on for the next couple days. We then headed back to the hotel where G got to go swimming for a bit. Late at night I got notifications from our cameras the D&J were busy doing crafty things in the kitchen.

20190619 - Rained Out

20190619 - Up in the am, L checked on D to make sure he was up and getting the McClain kids up ready and out, J getting ready for driving school. I headed in to the office not realizing I am only working half day tomorrow as we have baseball in Indiana all weekend so lots to get done today... Headed home through pouring rain and picked L&G up to head to G's baseball game. The boys were a little slow and and we called the game an inning early due to lightning and they took a L for the evening.

20190618 - Shoot'em Up

20190618 - Up in the am, D to work and J to driver's ed and I headed in to the office with a stack of stuff to get through. Busy day. didn't get through the stack... but got a lot done... Headed home and stuck in really bad traffic on way home. Missed Andy Reed dropping of a 30 pack of Natty for me, he left it outside garage. Home and got the beer put away, D home from dropping Amaya off at pool, G&Brady playing in backyard & Xbox. I cooked some burgers and dogs and turned the Xbox off so G&Brady would join us for dinner. After dinner the boys shot BB guns for a bit, then D headed to McClain's with Brady and G&I head to Scout Board of Review, L&J played UNO, Jack was a dancing mess. G got his Second Class rank so he is all good to go for summer camp. Headed home and LJG&I watched some TV before heading to bed. Up late watching Game of Thrones. NOt sure why I watch it, horrible things happen...

20190617 - Runday

20190617 - Up in the am and dropped J off at driver's ed on the way in to work. In to work and going through stack of stuff making progress on many fronts. Headed out a bit late. Home and ate quick with all. Then we all split up again... I headed to the Booster meeting and J&G headed to Scouts. Booster meeting was good and short so I headed to Scouts to get J&G. Home and I got Doc and headed to to Bible Bangers, our friend Scott's son left for the Marines for 5 year today. Home and watched some Game of Thrones.

20190616 + Father's Day

20190616 + Up in the am slow, no baseball today, rained too much last night so everything local cancelled. D still had his game in MI but that was 5 hrs away... Got up and around and G&I ran to Kroger to get some cookout supplies and cash. Headed home, ate our Reese's reward on the way, Got stuff put away and then LJG&I headed to Creekside for the Jazz & Blues Fest. We walked around, listened to some music, we knew one of the guys playing and chatted with them after their set for a bit. We headed over to the rides section of the event and the boys didn't want to ride anything, too much 'stuff for little kids', but we did get a funnel cake and huge lemonade. We meandered back through town and stopped at a couple tents and ran in to some more people we knew and then headed home (reminder to self, not worth the $40). Hung out on the back porch for a bit and then G&I had a corn hole tournament. After that J&G attempted to play spike ball, it was a disaster and G went in screaming and crying... Gma&paW showed up and we had a nice cookout. J&GpaW worked on the Shopsmith and then JG,GmaW&I played a couple rounds of corn hole. After Gma&psW left it wan't long before  and his teammates showed up from their butt whooping and 5hr drive. Some of the boys left and D& Javen helped me get the lathe re-positioned and started creating a bat. Everyone gone and boys ready for bed. up late watching Game of Thrones.

20190615 - Shed Work

20190615 - Up early in the am to see D and his teammates off as they head to MI for some games this weekend, they are taking L's big car. We got J's friends picked up and then LG&I headed to the baseball fields for a game. It was a good game and they barely pulled it off but got the W. After the game we headed to BWs for lunch with the team. Home and J had the basement and his room nice and clean. LJG&I then headed to the shed to do our annual clean out. It was sprinkling a bit but we are pretty good at it now so we got it all cleaned up before the heavy rains came. We hung out at home and watched a movie.