20220621 - L woke me up incredibly early, like 5:30am, to get up to head to Kent State. We all got up, got around and headed North. We took the Mercedes, her first road trip, and it was a great fast ride. We got there, got checked in and in to a huge ballroom where we spent hours listening to orientation speeches. J had met a friend online the night before, Hayden from Canton, and they hung out together all day. Scary how much J & Hayden are alike.. We took a break for lunch and everyone ate in the dining hall. J&I tried a little bit of everything. In the afternoon we walked across campus to the building where the graphic arts classes would be and toured that building. Back to the ball room for some more lectures and then back to the dining hall for dinner. I got a pork chop and we sat with the boys while they ate and then L&I headed out. We ran to the hotel and got checked in and then went to downtown Kent to Ray's for dinner. We had a nice dinner and then walked and drove around the downtown a bit. Back to the room and watched a bit of TV before crashing. Too much listening and sitting in this day for me. D headed to the house to stay with G and hazel overnight.