20220821 - Up in the am and got around and a couple things done. Took Hazel for a walk as it started thunder. LJ&I finished packing up the last couple things and headed up to Kent. We had to drive through some of the hardest rain I have ever driven through on the way. We made good time, parked, walked, met up with some of J's friends and made it to the dorm and got him checked in. L&J got a cart and I brought our car to the dorm, we unloaded everything and J and his roommate Hayden took up a load, L guarded the stuff we sat on the curb and I went to get J's car. I got back with J's car and L&I unloaded it. I took J's car back to the parking spot and then walked back to the dorm. They had everything in the room by the time I got back. Perfect timing! L was trying to arrange all of J's stuff, he wasn't having that, but did allow her to make his bed. We met his other roommates and JGF6 showed up with her new friends, they are all jealous of J's BIG room. LJ&I met Hayden's dad, we met his mom during orientation, and exchanged phone numbers. LJ&I headed to the ballroom where J had to go through a short orientation and L&I just hung out for a bit. We offered to take J, Hayden and JGF6 to dinner, but they were already making plans with their new friends. So L&I headed to Mike's Place for dinner and I had arranged to meet Jim & Carrie Long there as they were dropping daughter off at Kent today too. We had a really nice dinner with them. It was great to catch up and the food was amazing! Back on the road and we swung by the Farm to pick up some Bday presents Gma&paW had for D's bday. It was a quick stop and we were back on the road. Home and got things settled and headed to bed after a long day,