080329 - Super Slider

080329 - Up and dropped off the Rodeo for new tires. L to CPR training all day. G&I hung out at the house. L home, we picked up the car. I had to then go hand deliver a lease termination letter. Home played in the backyard w/ G and talked to the neighbor. THEN THE NOISE! Grant stood screaming at the door when he saw his brothers. Yes the boys came home with bags & bags of stuff... After a bit of unpacking we talked the girls into going to a buffet. We had a nice dinner and then home to play w/ the new stuff. Got everyone off to bed and stayed up to watch an old movie.
080328 - Up and pretty slow for a Friday, but got a lot done. Ran to pick up a check and get some food w/ L&G. Then home for play and some movies in our quiet house...
080327 - Up and Gma & pa W here to get the boys. Off they went for a couple days... I finished my day up and then off to one of the rentals. Walked through it and it needs work... Home and played w/ L&G. The house is very quiet tonight...

080326 - Spring Bubbles;

080326 - Up and at the PC all day. Had a mexican dinner then outside w/ the boys to play.

080325 -

080325 - Up and off to Fort Rapids waterpark! It was fun & loud! It took G a while to figure out what was going on, but then he liked it. The boys had a blast! Home for a brief rest. Then GmwB over to watch kids and L&I ran to Max & Erma's then downtown to see Stomp at the Ohio Theater.
080324 - Typical Monday. Too fast to remember: work, dinner, karate, Doc computer lesson, coffee w/ the guys...
080323 - Up at some completely unnatural time to go eat pancakes and go to church. Took a big walk w/ the boys through downtown Newcomerstown. Home had an easter egg hunt and a big meal. Hung out a bit more and headed home. Played the Wii.
080322 - Up & around off to run some errands and Newcomerstown. Got there and hung out watched movies, colored easter eggs and played.

080321 - Insanity

080321 - Well I was wide awake at 3am. So I headed into the office and worked on stuff until 7am. then I took a nap till 9. Then worked til 5... Nicole dropped Sam off today, his first day here. He was a very good baby. After work we piled into the car and headed out to the Kreagers for dinner. There were a couple gaggles of Rosers there too. The kids had lots of fun and the conversation was good. Home w/ Star Wars being watched in the car. Howdy read part of a book to me. Everyone tired and off to bed early.

080319 - Birds?

080319 - Up slowly... Hit the day and it was over b4 I knew it. In the middle of my day I heard all sorts of giggling and laughing. I went out to investigate and the boys were watching our birds, or squirrels... Ther wer 5 of them fighting over the sunflower seeds. Fast dinner then to karate w/ the boys. Playing Wii b4 bed and then over to Doc's for his next computer lesson.
080318 - Had some friends over for pizza and there were 6 kids: crazy night. I vegd out w/ the Wii til 4am, when Lori came down and yelled at me to come to bed...
080317 -Normal monday... I took Dylan to karate, Lpicked him up & went to an 'Art' open house at his school. JG&I finished up karate and then ran a couple errands. Off to Tim Hortons for the weekly bible/real estate meeting w/ doc & the guys.
080316 - LD&J to church, G&I on our own this morning. After lunch Howdy & I played Clue. Then over to Nicole & Rich's for dinner. Back home gettin everyone to bed.

080315 - more...

080315 - Everyone home from the parties. L & G took a nap and the boys and I watched old army movies. Then L, D & J headed out for another b-day party... G&I at home playing a making a HUGE mess. We had quite a mixture for dinner...

080315 - Races

080315 - Up way to early, considering I went to bed at 5... To the church for Howdy to race his car. Here he is waiting for his car to come zooming by. Well all the hours didn't pay off so well. We lost every race... I figure I have another 12 or so years to got this perfect it... :-) Home and the big boys getting ready for b-day parties.
080314 - Up early to meet w/ a real estate guy about a class w/ Mr.G. home and horribly far behind now & disheveled. Finished the day then to the church to test Howdy's pinewood race car and a meeting. Home worked on Howdy's car to get it to be exactly 5oz for an hour or so. Then on the PC looking up real estate software. Bed @ 5am.

080313 - Toy Time

080313 - Up and fast full day. L heading out for dinner w/ the girls. Us boys ate and ran straight to the toy store. We all got something we would love. Home played with our stuff.
080312 - Long day got a bunch done. Rushed through dinner, dropped Howdy off @ karate. Got a call on a couple houses. Ran home to get J&G & dropped J off at Karate. G & I dropped off movies & hit the library. G like books & pulling them off shelves. Ran back to pick the boys up. Put Howdy & G in the car, ran back in to get J, then Howdy was there standing beside me... He left G in the car. ALONE. I ran out to find the car on, AND ALL THE DOORS LOCKED!!! Called Lori and she ran the extra keys down... Went house hunting tonight w/ Jeff.
080310 - Crazy fast day. Had dinner and played a bit, then off to Home buying confernce tonight.

080310 - Graduation

080310 - Pretty lazy day at work. Got the important stuff done. No school for the kids so the all headed out to Marlene's to play. When the got home the neighbor boy came doen to play for a bit. After work Jack & I headed to his graduation. Here he is kicking right through a board. WAY TO GO JACKY!

080309 - 41.6 degrees

080309 - Up and everyone about. No church or anything else going on today. After lunch L & the big boys went out. They added to their forts and started a snowman.

080308 - Snow Battle

080308 - Up & we had 13 inches of snow overnight! had one of the nut-job neighbors walking around this morning and stopped by. Other than that everything is shut down tight. Checked on Mr. Smalley, then headed out to build some forts and have snow ball fights. Good, Cold Fun!
080307 - Last night we stayed in playing the Wii and waiting for the storm. I stayed up and watched 'Michael Clayton'. no snow as of 2am...

080307 - Snow!

080307 - Up and about. Went to pick Jack up at school, he was glad to c me. Ran and picked up a chasiers check from the slow pay renter. Home finished the day. Had dinner, then Howdy went out to help Doc shovel some snow. Too cold for me out there!

080306 - Pumping

080306 - Up things moving along. Nic & Sam over, my boys outside playing. Jack learned how to swing by himself today, here he is happy & pumping his legs.
080305 - We'll more bad news on the rentals: still no funds for the one, and the other definately needs a new roof and one whole bedroom redone & a bathroom! UGH!!!! Really fast day, boys had karate tonight. I stayed up late and watched 'Beowulf'.
080304 - Called the renter w/ the mold & got a mold pro out to look at the rental. The other renters Feb check still isn't funded... UGH!!!! Ran to the store and got the fan for the furnace. Home, couldn't get the old motor out... Ran to the store to get a gear puller. Got the motor out, new one in lickity split. Saved $400! Got cleaned up befor our dinner guests were to show up. We waited and waited... They had cancalled through e-mail, not so handy. But we had LOTS of pizza for ourselves and are still eating it. Stay up and watched the original 'Planet of the Apes' w/ the boys.
080303 - Crazy day. Jeff & I went to visit the attorney for our business. Home and the furnace guy shows up. I told him how I got it to work over night and the guy says 'if u did all that, I aint gonna charge u $500 to replace it. Go to Graineger, tell em u need this motor and do it us self for $90.' That advice cost me $80.... Took Howdy to Cub Scouts. Then to Tim's for coffe & rental biz discussions. Joe had inspected one of my properties and found horrible mold in one of the rooms....
080302 - In the afternoon L&D went to Howdy's closing cerimonies for basketball. J,G&I took a rest. When L&D came home they woke us all up and there was a strange humming noise and the smell of an electical fire... Our furnace motor was stuck and over heating. I was able to take it apart and oil it to make it through the night.

080302 - Walk

080302 - L went to church early this morning. The boys & I were on our own, we had a blast. Mom home and walked uptown to see the new Creekside that has been under construction all last year. It is very nice. We stopped at the local cafe and had to wait too long, but it was good. We then headed home the long way down by the creek.

080301 - Bye Old Friends

080301 - Well, for 13 years they have been good friends. They have moved with us, stood by us through good times and bad, and given us great joy. Their health recently has prevented them from doing much of anything. The last couple of days it has been very clear that things for them would not improve. So today we sadley said goodbye to our two dear friends, Sparky & Bear. We love you and will miss you. Thanks for all the great memories.

080301 - Last game

080301 - Everyone up way too early and headed to Howdy's last bb game.